After Rebecca I was ready for both my moms (part 3)_(2)

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hen Kate suggested that she shared me with Olivia, I was genuinely shocked because I knew Kate never kid. Here is the background story. Mom Kate was the provider of stability and discipline in our young lives, Jane and I. Mom Olivia was the “fun Mom” with whom we shared our weekends and holidays. Dad chose Kate to be his second wife, after he divorced Olivia, so as to provide a condusive environment for his growing young children. His first and only real love was money. He needed and wanted a mature and self-disciplined partner and a “good” mother for his children. Mom Olivia was stunningly beautiful, vivacious, impetuous and passionate to a fault. She did not quite fit Brian’s bill. I think I should let Mom Kate tell the rest of the story in her own words.

“Olivia and I went all the way back to our college days. I was totally into sports while Kate was into “sports” with guys. Kate even accepted my challenge to experiment a little with lesbian sex. To her it was just another “kinky” thing she tried for fun. But I, in my own way, actually loved her. After college I wanted to become a professional tennis player but couldn’t quite cut it. The next thing for me naturally was to have a husband and a family. It was devastating to find out after two years of marriage that I could not be pregnant. The marriage was an empty shell. Meanwhile Olivia married your Dad. Then unfortunately, the same old, same old story was played out between Brian and Olivia. Brian was obsessed with making more money and more or less neglected Olivia. There was even rumour that he had a lover in the City. It did not take much more to make Olivia sexually restless again. She was caught sleeping with one of Brian’s friends. Divorce was the only outcome of all this. I was happy that your father chose me as a successor to dear Olivia. With Brian I could have a ready made family and a stable, luxurious lifestyle. Furthermore you all were Olivia’s children and I love Olivia. Prior to her heterosexual extramarrital affair with Brian’s friend, I had sucessfully persuaded Olivia to try lesbian sex with me again, on the side of coaching Olivia in tennis. And this continued on and off through the rest of her first marriage, her divorce and her second marriage to Willie. Everytime she came here for a holiday I never missed a chance to have sex with her.” Oh my God! My goddess had a double life. That was the first thought that came into my mind.

Mom Kate was on the couch in her night gown fingering herself when she droped this bombshell on me. My cock was getting hard. I took off my pants and Mom Kate immediately went on hands and knees on the rug. I knelt down behind her and my cock was on the level with her pussy. I took off my T-shirt and placed it on the rug between her thighs to collect our juices because I meant this to be a long and continuous fuck. I probed the first two inches of her lovely camel toe with my cock until illegal bahis she started to push back. At this point I shoved it all the way in and hit her G spot on the first plunge. She moaned. That meant no foreplay was needed. I just hit her G spot again and again. This was the most comfortable position for both of us. Sometimes I pushed and pulled with my buttocks and at other times I used both my hands to push or pull her arse away or towards my pube. Kate had gotten used to having such unbroken long fuck with me. This time it took just twenty minutes to give Kate two orgasm and one big one for me. Between her two orgasm I slowed down my fucking action but my hard meatty joy-stick never left her warm, tight and slippery cock canal. My T-shirt got wet. We sat back down on the couch.

“What do you think of my suggestion now. I think it will be a new interesting experience for you both. I know you do have some psychological barrier to cross. Afterall Olivia is your birth mom. I can arrange it so that if either one of you can’t go through with it at the last minute it will not be too ambarassing for both the mom and the son.” I thought it was worth a try. Two days later Mom Olivia arrived alone. My half sister Judy could not come because school term was still on. Uncle Willie could not get away from his job. Dad and Jane were in the City. Mom Kate shared her bedroom with Mom Olivia. During the next two days Mom Kate told Mom Olivia about our love affair and Jane’s incest with her Dad. She also showed her the videos of our love making Mom Olivia still have some reservations, saying that I might find her “matronly” body not attractive enough.

“Olivia dear, you have forgotten that he has half your gene. Need I say more ? He has enough libido for both of us. You can see that I am no “spring chicken” myself. He may be watching football at the time but when I flash him my bush his cock would get big and hard in no time at all.” .

On the third night we had a take out dinner from a restaurant and some really good and expensive wine. Then we talked and laughed over some sex jokes. After about an hour, right on cue Olivia said she was tired and a little woosy, and would like to call it a night. Kate and I helped her to her bedroom. I stood a few feet inside the door while Kate helped Olivia out of all her clothes and she lay down to rest on the big bed. All this while, Olivia pretended to be unaware of my presense in the room. Kate left and shut the door behind her. I looked at this “new” Mom Olivia. I had never seen her naked before. She was still beautiful. She was overweight and voluptuous but certainly not a plus size woman. I could still walk out of there even though my cock was already hard in my boxer shorts. Instead I walked over to the bed and kissed Mom Olivia softly on her bee-stung lips. She could still open her eyes and tell me to stop and get out of the room. Instead she opened her eyes, smiled illegal bahis siteleri and held my head in her palms for a long passionate kiss.

“Sweet Heart. Mummy had not spent enough quality time with you while you were growing up. Now mummy is going to make up for it.” I took off my shorts and shirt and lay down next to her. We french kissed while I slowly massaged her large soft breasts. When her nipples got hard I took them one by one in my mouth and carassed them with my tongue. Then I kissed all the way down to her deep belly button and dug my tongue into it. I twirled my tongue in it and Mom said she could feel a sensation in her pussy. She had a fleshy tommy. Love it. After that I moved down to her big pussy and thick black bush. I pried open her vagina and licked her clit, labias and then down to her anus. She was moaning and was getting really wet. I pushed my cock in and started stroking. Mom Olivia’s vagina was loose compared to those of Rebecca and Kate. However, all the way through the entire fucking she was able to contract and relax her vagina muscles to produce a kind of “ripple” effect on my cock. After ten or fifteen minutes she had an orgasm with now much stronger vagina contractions. I continued pumping for a few minutes more and shot my load deep inside her. We were both tired and we went to sleep without saying anything more to each other.

Next morning when I opened my eyes I saw her standing at the window naked. The sun was on her body. Her breasts were very white and her nipples and aerolaes were pink in the sunlight. She did not like wearing low cut dress like some other women and so her chest was also very white in the sun. Her slightly protuding abdomen looked very sexy to me. Her backside was in the shadow facing me. Hers was the biggest pear-shape bottom I had seen in my life. Her butt-cheeks were twice the size of Rebecca’s. In spite of showing some wrinkles it was still awfully sexy. I went up to her, kissed her in the mouth and stooped down to lick her pussy. She had just taken a pee. I sucked at her pussy and got even a taste of her urine, my semen and her vagina juice. I noticed something that I missed last night, her long, fat clit. I took it between my lips and let my tongue moved over it very softly. Olivia was completely in flame. She moaned loudly and her juice almost drip outt. At the same time I rubbed and squeezed her butt hard. She had seen my big hard cock moments ago and she knew what I was craving for. She moved over to the bed and put her hands on it, getting her awesome butt ready for me. As she was shorter I moved my legs further apart to lower my cock to the level of her anus. I pumped my cock in her vagina a few minutes to get the lubrication and then pushed it against her anus. She must have felt this manoevre many times before and knew what to do. She relaxed her anal phincters and allowed the crown of my cock in. I made a few shallow canlı bahis siteleri plunges to get her used to my size before I pushed it all the way in. Her anal canal was tighter than her pussy and her anal phincters squeezed my cock a lot more powerfully. I slowly fucked her, savouring her huge awesome behind and the squeezes of her anus. I did not forget about her pleasure either. I inserted my thumb into her other hole to softy rub her big clit and also ran my thumb up and down her long labias. She errupted first, with both vaginal and anal contractions. I soon followed. We rested on the bed.

“Mom, I know everyone can control his or her anal phincter but when did you learn to manipulate your vaginal muscles at will. I don’t think every woman can do that. Those vaginal contractions are supposed to be involuntary and may only accompany the orgasm?”

“You can see I do have a big vagina to go with my big butt. Even before the three child births my vagina was already too loose for some guys. It was not a guy’s problem, really. Big cock or small they will get their orgasm. I, however, need a tighter fit to get my orgasm. I just tried and finally found a way to do it.” At that point, we heard Mom Kate calling us to go down for breakfast. We sat at the table. All dressed up, of course.

“It is a good morning, isn’t it?” Mom kate smiled knowingly at us.

“Sure is, ma’am. A real good morning.” I chuckled and Mom Olivia giggled.

“How many orgasm you guys had had already? This afternoon Olivia and I will be swimming naked. And Jason, don’t you be worried. Olivia and I won’t be just “milking” you all the time. We plan to do some fucking with each other. Of course we love to have you joined in.” Mom kate then shook her bum vigorously at me, grinning.

That afternoon by the pool were the two most beautiful women in the world. They walked into the pool gracefully and started frollicking. The surprising thing was this. Mom Kate was the more boisterous and Mom Olivia was more subdued. They hugged and kissed and their hands went under the water and played with the other’s pussy and arses. Then they came up and Mom Olivia lay on the thick, hard rubber mat while Mom Kate sat on the lounger. Mon Kate beckoned me to come over. I had expected to see more lesbian sex before I join in. Not so. I was to take over after their foreplay. I got on top of Mom Olivia and fucked her hard while Mom Kate watched intensely and fingering herself. Mom olivia came after about ten minutes and got up. Mom Kate took her place on the mat.

“Jason, fuck me as hard as you can. I need to cum badly.” Mom Kate was more “crazy” than she ever had in all our previous fucking. She rocked her arse slightly to the right and left, bending my cock left and right. She shifted her arse up and down on the mat. My cock hit every side of her vagina. Near the very end Kate lifted her upper body off the mat and dug her finger nails into my back. She came with loud grunt and moan as if she was in pain. I came seconds after her. She collapsed onto the mat and shut her eyes in heasy breathing.

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