An Interesting Turn of Events

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Disclaimer: All characters are 18+ years of age.

“You ready to go?” I asked Audrey?

“Ready” she replied as she climbed on her 4-wheeler.

Audrey and I were out on a piece of property owned by a friend of mine and were 4-wheeling. We often did things like this. Audrey had been my friend since I was nine, about ten years. She was a bit of a tomboy and liked to do outdoor stuff like camping or hiking or, like now, 4-wheeling. She wasn’t gay, that much I knew after a decade of knowing her and being her friend, but she certainly wasn’t chasing after guys or going on dates.

This didn’t mean that the opposite didn’t happen though. She was constantly being hit on by dozens of guys. Why? Because she was downright gorgeous. She didn’t wear skimpy clothes that often but when she did, it was a treat. She was about 5’2 with long, straight brown hair which hung loosely down her back. She was in great shape from all the hiking and other physical stuff her and I did and her body showed it. Her breasts weren’t huge, but they were about a D-cup and big enough that they bothered her whenever we went running together. Her slim waist widened out at the hips to form her amazingly ass. It was perfectly round and firm and attracted the attention of dozens whenever she wore yoga pants or a bikini or even jeans. I had known her for so long and she was one of my best friends, so I didn’t really think of her romantically. However, I could recognize a beautiful woman and I envied the lucky man that would one day attract her interest.

“Well then,” she yelled over the sound of her 4-wheeler’s engine, “what are you waiting for? Let’s go!”

With that, she took off over the field. I started up my machine and followed behind her, racing over the tall grass. We rode around the giant field for over an hour, racing and trying to jump our 4-wheelers over little mounds of dirt, and just messing around like any other dumb 19 year olds would do. We found a dirt path leading into the tree line at the far end of the field so we decided to take it and see where it would lead. We spent about a half an hour driving down the path, crunching fallen branches under our tires and scaring the occasional squirrel away before, after about two or three miles on the trail, it opened up into a small clearing.

“You want to eat here?” I shouted to Audrey as I pulled up alongside her.

“This place is as good as any.” She yelled back.

We turned off our 4-wheelers and I got out the food that we had packed. We spread ourselves out on the soft, mossy ground and ate our sandwiches, listening to the chorus of birds chirping and talking about animals and things we had spotted during the day thus far.

“Ugh I am so sore.” Audrey complained, straightening her back and stretching out.

“Well that’s what happens when you let eight guys run a train on you the night before you go 4-wheeling.” I said, jokingly.

I knew it wasn’t true. As far as I knew, she was still a virgin but I still loved to irritate her.

“Ha ha, very funny. Next time I’ll invite you too.” She said dryly.

I loved messing with her like that, making sexual jokes and such because I knew she got uncomfortable when talking about sex. She would always blush cutely and try to change the subject. We finished up our sandwiches and debated about what to do next. It was about two in the afternoon so we knew that we would have only a couple more hours until we needed to start heading back to my truck and load up the ATV’s. We decided to keep heading down the path which had simply run through the clearing and started back into the trees on the other side. We packed up and hopped on our 4-wheelers and started them up.

I began toward the path and paused at the entrance to the trail, waiting for Audrey to follow. I sat there for a few minutes, watching a squirrel dig around beneath a tree, no doubt searching for an acorn or walnut that the dumbass had buried and forgotten where it was. After about five minutes of waiting, I impatiently turned back around and drove over to where Audrey was fiddling around with her ATV.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, shutting of my ATV.

“I don’t know. The engine runs fine and it is shifting into gear, but it I felt something pop and now it won’t move. You’re the engines guy, can’t you figure it out?”

“Let me have a look.” I said.

I looked up and down the 4-wheeler and found the issue pretty quickly.

“Chain snapped.” I told Audrey, holding up the busted chain for her to see.

“Do you think you can fix it?” she asked.

“I can definitely fix it, but not here with this chain. It is definitely going to need a new chain before it’s going anywhere so we are going to have to buy one first.”

“Well what do we do with the thing until then?” she asked.

“Just help me move it out of the clear and into that thick brush over casino oyna there.”

I shifted it into neutral and, with Audrey’s help, pushed it into a thick, bushy area where it would be hidden until we got back with the new part. That just left one more problem. How were we both going to get back on my 4-wheeler, which like Audrey’s was a one seater. After some wiggling and moving around, we both managed to get on the seat. Audrey was small so she was able to sit in front of me, half in my lap, and half in the seat while I reached around her to grab the handlebars.

We started off down the trail as Audrey settled back into me. We had no issues at first, but as Murphy said, what can go wrong will go wrong. The trail was bumpy and two people on the one person ATV was giving the suspension a workout and making the bumps were much more noticeable. Bumpiness normally wouldn’t be an issue for me except for one issue. Audrey. As she was jostled by the bumps in the road, her perfect ass rubbed up and down my crotch. I started getting hard which, in jeans, is a BAD idea, especially when those jeans are stretched tightly against your crotch as you straddle the seat of a 4-wheeler. After a minute or two, I was rock hard and my jeans were crushing my now erect penis. I endured the pain for a few dozen meters or so before I had to pull over. I gently pushed Audrey off of me and climbed off the ATV.

“What’s wrong?” she asked me, confused as to why we had stopped.

I unzipped my jeans and pulled them halfway down, freeing my trapped cock and showing off my striped boxers to Audrey.

“What are you doing?!” Audrey exclaimed, bewildered as to why I had pulled my pants down.

“Just umm….got a guy issue going on downstairs and jeans are not very flexible.” I explained.

It took her a few seconds for her to register what I meant by that. She blushed and rolled her eyes before leaning against the seat. After a few minutes, I was calmed down and pulled my jeans back up.

“Okay ready to go.” I said as I climbed back on the seat and Audrey climbed back on in front of me.

We made it another few hundred meters before the stimulation of her ass sliding around on my junk got the better of me and I was once against rock hard. I pulled over and repeated the process from before and within a few minutes was good again. And so this is how progress went. We would drive for a little while before the pressure on my dick got too painful and then we had to stop a few minutes before we could keep moving only to stop again a little ways down the trail. After about the fifth or sixth stop, Audrey was getting annoyed.

“This is ridiculous”” She exclaimed. “We are never going to get anywhere like this!”

“Well what do you want me to do? I literally have little to no control over what my penis does.” I replied, already pulling down my jeans.

“I don’t know. Can’t you just, you know…” She made hand gestures in the air representing masturbation. “Just whack one off real quick.” She suggested, blushing.

“No I can’t just ‘whack one off’. It doesn’t work that way. I just need a few minutes to….calm down.” I replied.

She sighed and looked stood there pouting.

“We are literally not going to get anywhere with this.” She complained. “Let me help.”

Before I could comprehend what she had said, she was hesitantly reaching into my boxers and had grabbed the thick shaft of my penis. Whatever flaccidity I had managed to get instantly was erased as her soft hand grabbed me and made me rock hard.

“Audrey….” I started.

“Just shut up and hurry up!” She said as she began stroking me beneath my boxers.

I pulled down my pants and boxers and let out a moan as her soft, small hand ran up and down my thick hard shaft over and over. The feeling was great but I knew there was no way I was going to cum with just a dry, inexperienced handjob. Still, I didn’t want to pressure her into anything so I stayed quiet, or, as quiet as I could while she jacked me off. After about fifteen minutes with no progress, she was getting more impatient.

“What’s wrong? Are you close yet?” She asked.

“Sorry Audrey, but there is no way I can…finish like this.” I admitted. “I just didn’t want to tell you and make you feel pressured into something else.”

“Well….what else do you need?” She asked hesitantly.

I didn’t answer but awkwardly stood there with my pants around my ankles, not wanting to say anything. She sighed and dropped to her knees in front of me. I was in shock. There was no way this was going to happen. No way is this gorgeous girl going to….! My thoughts were cut short as I felt a wet, warm sensation around the head of my cock. I squeezed my eyes tight and let out another moan as the incredible feeling of relief swept through my penis and through the rest of my body. I opened my eyes and dared to look slot oyna down. Audrey was on her knees in front of me, her right had wrapped around the base of my penis and her left hand resting on my thigh. Her full, pretty lips were stretched around my shaft, and I was about an inch or two in her. I could clearly look down her t-shirt and had a great view of her cleavage.

As she began to feel a bit less shy and more confident, she sped up a bit and began to take me a bit deeper each time. After she got about three or four inches deep, she hit the entrance to her throat and gagged a bit. She looked incredible with half my cock in her mouth and her eyes watering a bit from the gagging. She continued to move up and down on my shaft, occasionally hitting her throat and gagging but keeping a steady rhythm and coming up every minute or so for a breath.

After about ten minutes, I could tell her neck was getting tired. She started slowing down and rolling her head around, stretching her neck whenever she took a break. Wanting to help her, I put my hands on either side of her head, holding her in place and began to gently slide in and out of her mouth. I would go in halfway and hit her throat, making her gag before pulling back and then repeating. Every so often, she would tap my thigh and I would let her off for a breath before she would wrap her lips around my dick once again and I would continue. We got into a rhythm together and kept going for another ten minutes or so. After a while, while she was taking a breather sat back on her haunches and looked up at me.

“This is still taking way too long and my jaw is starting to ache a bit. Is there anything else we can do to speed this up?” She asked me.

I thought for a minute before I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her to her feet and gently bent her over the seat of the ATV. I unbuttoned her jeans and slowly peeled them down her wide hips and over her beautiful ass.

“Whoa whoa whoa!” she exclaimed as I pulled her jeans all the way down, leaving them bunched at her ankles. “What are you doing?”

“You asked me if we could speed it up, so….I’m speeding it up.” I explained as I continued by pulling her red panties over her ass and down to her ankles. “Are you a virgin? Wait…forget I asked that. You don’t need to tell me that.” I told her even though I would soon find out for myself whether or not she was.

“Well….no I’m not but I have only had sex one time and you are significantly larger than he was, both in length and girth.” She said anyways. “It’s just….be gentle John.”

“Shhhh. Trust me.” I whispered to her.

I rubbed the head of my penis along her pussy making Audrey moan. I began to slide my saliva slick cock slowly into her. I could feel her tensing up beneath me as she slowly stretched to accommodate me. She groaned and sighed as I continued to impale her on my length. She was incredibly tight and it felt amazing. I knew the idea was to get done faster so we could get back to my truck, but I wanted this to last as long as possible. After I got about six inches in, I suddenly slammed the final two inches into her, bottoming out in her pussy and making her yelp. I began to slide my shaft in and out of her, going slowly at first, but picking up speed after each thrust. I continued to go faster and faster until after a few minutes, I was slamming in and out of her tight pussy while she moaned and yelped beneath me.

“John please *moan* be *shriek* gentle *groan*…..” she gasped out as I hammered her from behind.

I couldn’t stop now. I felt too good and I was not slowing down any time soon. Her warm walls clenched on me and she cried out as she came around my pumping penis. I continued to slide in and out of her, slowing down, as she quivered and shook from her orgasm. As she finished, I pulled out of her slick pussy and was met by the cool air of the outdoors. She was so exhausted, that she didn’t even notice I had stopped fucking her pussy. She didn’t notice me step up onto the side rail of the 4-wheeler to get a better angle and she didn’t notice me place the tip of my penis against her tight, virgin asshole. She did notice, however, as soon as I began to push into her. She yelped and tried to stand up but I placed my hands on her back and pushed her back down.

“John no! Not my ass please!” she pleaded as I continued to apply pressure behind my cock. “I’ve never been fucked there bef…AIIEEEE!”

She stopped talking and let out a scream as my cock head finally popped into her virgin asshole. I grabbed my belt from my jeans and put it in her mouth and fastened in behind her head, effectively gagging her. I continued to put pressure behind my cock as I slowly slide into her ass. Inch after inch disappeared until I was finally balls deep, all eight inches buried in her asshole. It was so tight, it was almost painful. I pulled back and began to fuck her canlı casino siteleri slowly, ever so slowly to get her ass accustomed to my thick cock. She screamed and groaned into the make-shift gag as I slowly stretched out her ass to accommodate me. I eventually began to make progress. Her ass began to stretch a bit and I began to pick up speed.

I thrust in and out of her over and over, getting faster and faster with each thrust until, once again, I was hammering her full speed. It was the most incredible feeling, having her ass stretched around my cock as I fucked her. She held on for dear life, simply biting down on the leather belt and suppressing screams. After a few minutes of me slamming her ass full force, she let out a scream so loud, that all the birds flew away as she came for the second time. She whimpered and gasped and shook from the powerful sensations as the orgasm ripped through her body. I continued fucking her all the way through it, further enhancing the feeling for her until finally it was finished and she collapsed, head slumped in exhaustion. I slowly pulled my cock from her tight asshole and retracted from her completely.

Audrey was absolutely spent having orgasmed incredibly hard twice now. However, I hadn’t come yet and there was no chance in hell that I wasn’t going to finish now. I pulled her off the ATV and gently lowered her to her knees in front of me. I took her head in my hands and poked her lips with my cockhead. She opened up for me and allowed me to gain entrance to her sweet, warm mouth. I began to pump in and out of her mouth at a high speed, hitting the entrance to her throat and then withdrawing. She gagged and choked every time I struck her throat and it felt great. I pulled out and allowed her a few seconds to catch her breath before pushing back in. I pushed in, hitting the entrance to hear throat again but this time, I didn’t stop there. I kept pushing into her mouth and slowly her throat, like her ass and pussy, stretched to accommodate my thick cock. Her eyes widened at the sudden intrusion and she weakly tried to push me off as she choked on my cock. Determined, I continued to push my way in until finally I bottomed out in her throat.

The sight was beautiful. Audrey beautiful green eyes were pleading up at me wide and watery. Her full, red lips were stretch around the base of my cock and I could see her neck bulging as all eight inches of my penis occupied her mouth and throat. I stayed buried in her for a few seconds, enjoying the purely blissful feelings of her choking and her throat contracting around my shaft before finally pulling back out, allowing Audrey to gasp in air. I let her breathe for a few seconds before pushing back in her mouth and began to facefuck her, pulling all the way out on each thrust, leaving just the head of my penis in her mouth before pushing all the way back in and burying my cock in her throat.

I knew I was close so I allowed Audrey one last breath before pushing back in for the big finale. I gave her mouth a few quick thrusts before pushing balls deep and releasing all the built up pressure. It was without a doubt the most incredible sensations I had ever felt. My orgasm flowed into her, sending wave after wave of cum shooting down her throat. I came buckets of cum, gallons of cum as she gagged and choked on me, her throat muscles contracting and milking my cock for everything it was worth. After a solid thirty seconds of heaven, I finally finished cumming and slowly slid my now soft penis out of her throat and mouth.

Audrey was so utterly spent from the intense sex, that all she could do was to sit back on her haunches, leaning against the 4-wheeler and gasp in air. I picked her up and pulled her panties and jeans back up and put my own jeans and boxers back on. I placed her on the ATV in front of me, this time facing me so she wouldn’t fall as easily and she hugged me close before promptly passing out. I kissed her forehead and drove the rest of the way to the truck, one hand on the handlebars to steer and one arm wrapped around Audrey, pulling her small form tightly against my chest.

It was dark when I finally got back to the truck. I picked up Audrey and carried her from the ATV to the pickup’s cab. She briefly woke up when I began walking with her in my arms and looked around wondering where she was but once she saw it was just me, she just wrapped her arms around my chest and snuggled close to me, falling back asleep. I put her in the passenger seat, still sleeping and loaded my 4-wheeler onto the trailer, securing it with the straps before climbing into the driver’s seat. I watched Audrey sleeping peacefully for a few seconds before starting the truck and driving away. I knew there was going to be an interesting conversation tomorrow.



Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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