An Old Grade School Crush

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I had a crush on Linda when I was like seven. Honest! I was a runt of a kid and I remember her being tall with long brown hair. Knowing how shy I used to be, I probably just stood and stared at her, unable to speak.

Since she found me on Facebook, we’ve been trying to figure out how we lost touch, went our separate ways, etc. I remember she lost her home to foreclosure and then she moved to another section of town. Then she met an older guy in high school who she later married…

The first thing people notice about me is how open and honest I am. I don’t really have a filter once I trust someone. Had I ever thought I would eventually end up with Linda, I never would have shared so much personal stuff with her on Facebook chat. Her partner was having ‘intimacy problems’ so I told her about my experience with ED medication. I had nothing to hide. She lived 75 miles away, she had a guy and besides–I’m no homewrecker.

I had no ‘act’ to put on.

After a couple months of e-mailing and chatting on Facebook, she decided to come visit me. Other than our 20th high school reunion–when I saw her but didn’t say hi because I was courting the woman who would later become my ex-wife–I truthfully had not spoken to Linda since I was maybe 12 or 13 years old.

She came up in early April and we both felt incredibly comfortable. She was no longer tall. She was adorable and 5’2. She brought up grade school pictures–in “the old days” classes were so small that an entire class and their teacher was on one 5 x 7 glossy sheet–and we laughed about what life used to be like.

She was incredibly easy to talk to. We went out and got Filet-o-Fishes at McDonalds because she loves them like I do–plus I had the actual fish that sings in the commercial in my den.

It sucked that she was someone’s girl but it was what it was. She did allow me to give her a foot rub near the end of the visit.

As she drove away I cursed my bad luck. “Great, the one woman I’m truly casino oyna comfortable with and she’s spoken for. Figures.”

She called me on Thursday to tell me that she told her live-in that she was moving out. She explained it wasn’t because of me, that they had been on the outs for a while, there were some ‘kid issues’, etc.

I was stunned. She would return to me two weeks and a day from her first visit.

When she came up on a holiday Monday I knew what I had to do. I had to plant one on her. I just wanted a “do-over”. I had never kissed her when we were kids. I knew she found me attractive as an adult and I never hid how attracted I was to her.

So she came in and I gave her our first REAL hug. She sat down in the vibrating recliner and I brought her the Sobe life water she told me she liked.

She was sitting in the recliner for maybe twenty minutes when I just couldn’t take it anymore. “I’m sorry”, I said as I crouched down next to the recliner and gave her a soft 1950’s movie-kiss (no tongue.)

It was electric. Later I had her stand up and gave her a kiss we both could be proud of.

With her now unattached we ended up in the bedroom. I told myself that not a stitch of my clothing was coming off and that I was there to please her. Like me, she loved kissing and was really good at it. As I made my way down her gorgeous 47 year old body, I felt her pussy and it was sopping wet. Usually I do a semi-69 position when I go down on a woman. I like the angle better plus I can comfortably place my fingers inside. But as my clothes were not off, I lay at the foot of the bed, legs dangling off the bed. She was completely shaven. And she was delicious. I can tell within 30 seconds if I’ve found a woman’s “button” and I found Linda’s button. She went nuts.

I must have gone down on her for close to twenty minutes when she burst into orgasm. She began whimpering and shivering right afterwards so I held her close, kissed her face and whispered “Good girl, canlı casino good girl” in her ear.

Before she left I gave her another earth-shattering orgasm. I had taken a Viagra before I went down on her but I was extremely nervous. Plus I just wanted to please her.

As she drove off that night I knew that I had pleased her but was concerned that Roscoe hadn’t come to life to “salute her”.

The next two weeks were a roller coaster as some signals got crossed, texts were misinterpreted and I honestly didn’t know whether I would see Linda again. In this time I found that Levitra had come out with a 20 mg tablet. As the Viagra 100’s had been sketchy –not just with Linda but with another girl before that– I needed some insurance.

Linda came up May 1st. I was very happy. Linda had suggested in some of her texts that she wanted “the full package” when she saw me this time. Texts which had been innocent started to turn sexual. I was nervous as hell. I have always had confidence in my foreplay ability but “The Main Event” had always been a crapshoot.

This time we made out right from the get-go and I immediately took her by the hand into the bedroom. I had taken a Viagra 30 minutes before she arrived. Plus I hadn’t eaten anything all day besides an English muffin so I was expecting great things below the belt.

We began making out next to the bed. I find her body incredibly sexy and I kind of lost it. I reached around and slapped her ass as hard as I could and then squeezed it like a loaf of bread. Her legs buckled and she fell into my arms. (She later told me that the spanking got her extremely excited.)

I rolled her onto the bed and this time I went down on her with me on top. My underwear was off but I didn’t have my cock near her face. I was ravenous for her pussy. I started jamming multiple fingers inside her pussy as I licked and sucked on her clit. I swung my body over her head and she took my cock in her mouth.

Within 10 minutes I gave kaçak casino Linda the most earth-shattering orgasm I had ever given a woman. She screamed–muffled by my cock in her mouth–and she dug her nails DEEP into my back and butt.

She was practically weeping as I moved up to her face. I just held her and told her what a good girl she was. She was literally shaking.

But Roscoe had again failed to salute. We whispered postgame sweet nothings on the pillow and I told her I must be really scared. There was no logical reason why I wasn’t at full staff.

“I’m very selfish T__ and I am completely satisfied.”

Maybe that took the pressure off.

She did not know about the Viagra I had taken earlier so I got up and walked around to my bureau and said “Maybe these new pills will work.”

[Yes, of course I was worried that the Viagra and the Levitra might ‘clash’ but I had a buck-naked, willing beautiful woman in my bed so I had to do something.]

I lay back down with Linda and within 3 minutes I felt a heat and a swelling in my cock. “Get on top of me” I ordered.

She rode me. And rode me. I love woman-on-top and I was using it for two reasons. One, I love seeing a woman’s face as she works my cock and two, it makes me last longer.

When it appeared she had run out of gas, I got up and told her to flip over and I entered her doggie style. I was kind of off balance and was doing it on one knee but it felt good to me.

Finally I went in for the kill. I had Linda lay on her tummy with her legs closed. After “missing” the first time, I got my cock into her tight pussy. Once I was sure I was in, I brought my knees as far up the side of her legs as I could. Then I leaned forward, lightly bit her neck and lurched forward. Slowly.

The feeling for me was indescribable. This only went on for two minutes tops before I grunted, groaned and came what felt like a pint of cum into her pussy.

I lay there completely drained and completely satisfied.

Since this amazing lovemaking session, Linda and I are beginning to talk of a future together. She is everything I ever wanted in a woman and I will do ANYTHING to please her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20