An Old Man’s Words Ch. 01

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The man was handsome, you could tell that in his younger days he had been very good looking. He sat on the bench looking out over the lake and occasionally fed the ducks. She was a volunteer. They could call it ‘A Retirement Village’ as they did, but no matter what it was called, it was an old folks home, a warehouse for storing those who were too old to be useful, and too stubborn to die and get out of the way. About to turn 30, it made her feel good to come here and help with those who were lonely. She had not noticed the man before, but there was something about him that drew her to him.

“Hello,” she said, “want some company?”

“I would love your company,” he replied in a deep voice. His eyes were a brown the color of coffee. Warm, sensual, romantic. She liked his face, strong, well shaven, some of the older men here didn’t shave often. She sat beside him, and he asked her to sit across, so he could see her better. She complied. Somehow she was glad she had dressed well today. Sometimes she came in just slacks, sweaters and flats, but today she had worn a grey wool skirt and a white silk top and heels. “Is this better?” she asked. Settling onto a lawn chair across from him. “Much better, I can see you easily, and you are a sight for old eyes.”

“Flatterer,” she laughed back, “I’ll give you just 3 days to stop.”

“No,” he said, “flattery implies you are not attractive, and I would be just saying that. You are a beautiful casino siteleri woman.”

She blushed and touched her hair. “Oh, nice enough looking, maybe, but certainly not beautiful.”

“To me you are beautiful,” he said, and his eyes locked on hers. His voice had an almost hypnotic quality. It resonated in her mind. She liked it. She liked this strange old man.

“You are quite good looking, yourself,” she told him.

“Thank you.” He replied quietly, never taking his gaze from her eyes.

God, she felt herself being turned on, attracted to this man sexually. She had never felt that way about anyone she had met here before, no really sexually attracted to anyone since the breakup with Ted. And that was almost a year ago. She felt his eyes caress her breasts, and he didn’t do it slyly, he was bold about it. My God, she thought, I can almost feel his touch.

“Would you like me to tell you all the things I find attractive about you?” he asked.

“Surely we can find something more interesting to talk about,” she said, trying to brush his attention aside.

“To me there is nothing else in the world more attractive or interesting to talk about but you, Susan.”

“How did you know my name?” she gasped.

“I was attracted to you when I saw you here before, and made it my business to find out your name. Are you angry?”

“No, no, of course not. That’s very flattering that you would canlı casino find me so attractive you took the trouble to find out about me.”

“I find you extremely attractive. Your face is beautiful, your lips were made for kisses, your breasts were made to be shaped by a man’s hands, your hips are so shapely, they invite caresses. I have not seen them, but I would bet your legs are beautiful also.”

His words penetrated her in some way that she had never felt before. She felt her sex begin to become wet, just from her thoughts and his words.

“I would give anything to make love to you,” he continued. “Please do not be offended.”

“I’m not offended,” she said. And she wasn’t. She was somehow strangely turned on, she had not felt this sexually aroused by any of the men she had gone out with since the breakup.

“May I continue then?” he asked.

“Of course,” she managed to mutter.

“I would love to undress you, one item of clothing at a time, kissing your sweet flesh as I went, until you were naked before me. Then those lovely, lovely breasts, to kiss and lick and suck them. Do you like to have your breasts kissed, Susan?”

“Yes,” she managed. It came out as a whisper.

“I would leave a trail of kisses down your body, from your breasts to your very womanhood. Then, the kissing would really begin. I would love to taste your juices, part your nether lips with my tongue, and find your most kaçak casino secret spots.” She felt herself leaning back in her chair, her legs parting unbidden. She was sopping wet, and hot with desire. His face swam before her, somehow seeming to move in and out, close one minute, at a distance the next.

“Yes, Susan, part your legs for me, let me see the object of my desire.” She did as he suggested, she knew he could see up her skirt, see her wet panties, and yet she was not ashamed, not embarrassed, somehow this old man made it seem right.

“You know what you do to me Susan,” he asked, “don’t you?”

She was beyond words, she couldn’t answer, she managed to shake her head.

“Touch yourself, Susan. It’s allright, no one can see. I selected this spot because it is secluded.”

Her hand stole down, and she slipped her fingers inside the crotch of her wet panties. She was soaked.

Suddenly she saw he had his cock out, it was hard, strong, standing sticking out of his hand. Not an old man’s flaccid cock, but strong, hard. He was stroking it, and it was getting even harder.

“See what you do to me Susan?” he whispered. “You make my cock hard, I am jacking it for you, and you are touching yourself for me.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” she whispered. Her voice was tiny, hoarse with desire.

“Come here, Susan, take my cock in your hand.”

She did without hesitation. She loved the feel, so hot, so hard. She was lost in the moment. She didn’t know what was to come next, but she didn’t care. She wanted this man, this cock. She wanted to taste him, to be filled with him, to sit in his lap astride and take all of him inside her.

To be continued

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