An Unexpected “Senior Moment”

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Sometimes I can be quite lonely and need human companionship, especially when I am away from home for a lengthy period. I’m not talking about being at a conference for a few days and having a one-night stand or “doing” the company secretary who is also at the same hotel. I never did that. No, I mean work assignments that take you to another state or country for several months.

Take, for instance, in 1999 when I was working in London for 3 months. One afternoon I was standing on the Earl’s Court tube platform on my way to Kew. Now, I’m an “older ” guy – lots of gray and white hair, but I like to think I’m quite fit and certainly quite able to be turned on.

Well, this one older woman, maybe near my age, approached me to ask for directions. Perhaps she felt I was a fellow “older” person and would likely be trusted to give accurate directions. She was very attractive and stylishly dressed, had a nice figure, gray hair, lovely smile. I gave her the directions and, as she was going away to wait for her train, I had this instant inspiration, perhaps arising from a desire to relate more closely to someone, and said,

“Are you in a hurry? Perhaps we could have some tea or coffee?” Damn, if she didn’t accept! I was excited.

So, off we went and we found a tea shop a couple of streets away and had some scones and clotted cream and tea. We had a very pleasant time. She asked what I was doing in London. I told her that I was on a research study leave at Imperial College. I have a PhD maths degree. She asked, “Are you American or Canadian?”

I replied, “Yes, an American.”

Then she asked, “What do you like about London? What have you seen in your free time?” And so the conversation went.

Of course, I was interested in her and so, noticing that she had a small briefcase and was dressed in a professional manner, I asked, “Are you a professional?” I asked.


“What profession?” casino oyna

“I am a university administrator with a doctorate in archaeology from Edinburgh.”

“Do you still do archaelogical digs?”

“Yes, every summer, I join a group of Edinburgh students for some work out on the isle of Lewis in the Hebrides.”

“Wonderful! I love Lewis, and Harris, too. The stone circles are exquisite.”

“That’s where we do the work, at the Calliunish stones.”

This is marvelous, I thought, a person I can relate to.

I found out that she is married, but her husband, a petroleum engineer, is abroad for weeks at a time in the Middle East and Indonesia. So, I told her,

“Me? Well, married, but my wife is in America, working.”

So, I’m alone. This very attractive English woman with the Scottish degree, is also alone. Well, as we hit it off so nicely and respectfully with no overt hint of trying for something more from either of us, there was a tension in the air.. like I’m thinking, “Hmmm, I wonder if I can connect with her again.. and maybe she’s thinking the same.”

Well, she took the initiative and blurted out, “Are you free Friday night?”


“Well I have a ticket to the London Symphony performance, and if you’d like to accompany me, it would be nice, and I can arrange to get another ticket by exchanging mine, and getting two together.”

Hmm.. intriguing.

“Sure, I’d like that. Thanks.”


Remember, she is atractive – in her 50’s.. I’d place her in her late fifties. I’m over 60. I met her on Friday for dinner and then the symphony and more engaging conversation. We are hitting it off. We seem to be giving intellectual delight to one another. But there is the tension as our eyes met at various times and examining her face and she was obviously checking me out, too, and I am delighting in her smile and the twinkle in her eyes. I could canlı casino feel myself wondering what else would happen that evening.

After the performance, she asked if I’d like to see her flat and have a drink, and besides, she’d like the male escort.


So, we take the tube to Kensington, actually not far from my office, and then the short walk to her flat.

She has a beautiful flat with 2 bedrooms, a beautiful kitchen, dining room and living room. There is more conversation, more relaxation, more nightcap, more defenses down (if they were ever up. She got up to put some things away and then she came behind me and bent over to kiss me on the top of my head. I turned and her lips met mine. And, thanks to her nimbleness and agility, she leaned over the sofa and tumbled down to my lap. We kissed again. She said she misses her husband terribly when he is away for such extended periods of time, and, of course, I was feeling very much the same way. There are more kisses.

Feeling bold, I put my hand up her shirt and up her back. She’s doing the same and then she begins to unbutton my shirt. I unbutton her blouse. It is obvious where this will go. Here we are, two older people and we are in the beginnings of foreplay, sighs, moans, and touches. Her breasts are small, but not tiny. I am kissing them, licking them. By this time she has my belt undone and my zipper down and she is now grabbing my cock. We stand, we help each other disrobe, and then she takes my hand and leads me to her guestroom. Then she leads me to the bed, sits and climbs in, drawing me in with her. There are more kisses. And then I lower myself to kiss her breasts and waist and the tops of her legs, all the way down to her knees, ankles, feet. And then I repeat the kissing and licking until I am back up to her inviting and wet pussy.

We move about and she kisses me all over, ending with kissing my cock and balls, kaçak casino licking and sucking briefly. Then she whispered, “I want you inside of me.. I want you to make love to me… I want you.” AT our age, there is no worry about birth control and so intercourse is a complete and spontaneous pleasure. She guided me in and it felt like velvet and it was tight, as though she were a much younger woman. We were one, united in this ilicit, but so right, love.

Releasing my love to her, pumping my sperm into her as she tightened and came and drew me in as though I were her true lover, I heard her sweet soft moan, which blended with mine. We lay there in the bed together holding each other, not bothering to clean up or anything like that, and spent from our ecstasy, we fell asleep. We awakened around 6 and had sex again and then we cleaned up, showered, and off we went to our separate appointments.

We hooked up many times over the next two months before her husband came home. He was home only for a month and then he was off again. So, we carried on quite regularly for another month. We stayed togeher the last two weeks before my leave was finished and I had to return home to Boston.

This affair of 3 months inspired me and opened my emotions. Yes, I fell in love with her and, as she told me, quoting “Annie’s Song” by John Denver, “You fill all my senses. I love you and will never forget you.” The inspiration was total. My research was stimulated and I got two research papers published out of it. That woman was superb! Is superb.

We e-mailed occasionally and then less and less. We still e-mail every few months. But, I miss that affair. It wasn’t just physical; it was also mental. She was happy and fulfilled, and so was I. We remain so.

Illicit? Sinful? In the minds of some, yes. But for her and for me, this was life-changing, life-affirming, inspiring. We love.

I will be at a conference in Manchester next summer and I hope to connect with her when I am in London for a few days. Maybe a week? I look forward to tea with her again. And in another year I will have another study leave. Who knows what will develop?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20