Anhgel 7

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Angel 7
©This is a fantasy; any resemblance to real people or places is coincidental.
Angel soaked her feet in a warm pool. She sat naked in the waning warm sunlight of an afternoon. For the last two days, she had not seen anything but woodland creatures. The Sparrows, as usual, shadowed her every move.

The changes to her body seemed to be largely complete. Her legs were slim and curvy, they lead to lush womanly inviting hips Angel’s stomach was flat and rippled. Her, tits stuck out proudly, the conical beauties were tipped jutting pink nipples centered in pink areoles. All in all, she was a sailors dream with flowing dark hair and compelling dark eyes. Best of all was a strong chin under a sweet smile and a pert nose.

The flagstone path was entering a gloomy part of the forest. Late afternoon shadows crept darkly across the grassy areas along the path. Luckily, for Angel one of the many free hostels, along this path, stood near the bridge. The hostels were small peaked roofed buildings with four sleeping rooms plus a common area with a fireplace.

Angel ran her fingers through her hair. “Almost dry” She thought, then picked up her folded dress, slipped it on, then picked up her backpack, and shoes, then headed to the hostel.

As usual, the place was clean and neat. The forest Gnomes kept the hostels spotless. None of the little men was in sight. Angel thought they must have returned to the forest by now. Angel picked a room and returned to the common room to have dinner on the baskets of fruit set on shelves near the fireplace. A few minutes after she began eating, another slut came in the front door.

“I beg your pardon.” The girl said by way of greeting. “I didn’t mean to disturb you.”

“Not at all.” Angel answered. “It’ll be nice to have someone to talk to. I’m Angel, who are you?” The girl curtseyed, smiled showing dimples. “Everybody calls me Red.” She said taking her hooded red cloak off, revealing a red dress much like the green one Angel wore. “Glad to meet you.” Angel nodded. “Help yourself to some fruit. There’s a lot in the baskets.”

“Would you like a sandwich?” The girl asked. “Grandmother always gives me too many. I have roast beast, ham, ostrich, and chicken.” Red pulled the wrapped sandwiches out of large pockets in her cloak. “Grandmother cuts them in two. You may have two halves if you like.”

“Thank you.” Angel said. “Could I have roast beast and a chicken?”

The girls ate in silence for a while. Then Angel asked. “Do you visit your Grandmother often?” Red smiled then shook her blonde curls. “I live with gram. I’m on my way to see my mother.”

Angel was a little surprised “Is your mother sick?” She paused then added. “Sorry I didn’t mean to pry.”
“No problem.” Red said. “I live with gram because Mom is working for the Pink Duchess.” Angel raised an eyebrow. “Who is the Pink Duchess? I never heard of her.”

“It’s a new holding in a small valley not far from here. They have no buildings just tents for now.” Red paused and took a bite of her sandwich. After she swallowed, she finished. “The Brown Goos haven’t finished the palace yet.” She shrugged. “So I have to live with Grandmother until they finish.”

Angle shuttered. “Brown Goos?” She exclaimed. “Are they anything like Blue Goos?”

Red chuckled. “I see you’ve met the Blues.’ She smirked “Five of them jumped gram and I two weeks ago. If the wood cutters and the wolves hadn’t run them off, I think they would have fucked us to death.”

Red and Angel looked at each other and smiled. Then they broke into giggles. “How many?” Red asked.
“I lost count after ten or eleven.” Angel sighed. “It was frightening and fun at the same time. I’d rather casino siteleri not do it again…at least not for a while.” She shuttered. “How many types of Goos are there?”

“Several grams told me.” Read said. “I’ve only seen four Blue, Brown, Green and Black. The Greens tend orchards. A small group of them were pruning grams peach trees when I left her place.” After talking for a while, Red asked Angel if she would like to meet the Duchess. Angel thought it would be good idea.

In the morning after breakfast, Red and Angel set out early. They took a short cut that Red said was scary but safe. The side path ran though an ever thickening grove of large oaks. Soon the trees stood so close to the edge of the path the branches intertwined over the flagstone path itself. It created a creepy shadowed corridor stretching into the unknown.

“This does give me the creeps.” Angel said, laughing. “Are you sure this is the right way?”

“It gives me the creeps too, but I’ve never had any problems.” Red remarked looking around suspiciously. Then the blonde girl trembled. “Did you hear that?” She gasped. Then a man carrying an axe walked out of the trees. A large black wolf was close behind him. “Hello Red.” He smiled. The wolf wagged its tail. “Hello Steve!” Red exclaimed giving him a hug. “What are you doing here?”

“I got a job with the Duchess. She‘s hiring wood cutters to clear trees from the fields.” He said smiling through his short beard. “Your Grandmother asked me to walk with you.” His blue eyes took in every curve of Angel’s body. “Who’s your friend?”

“Steve this is Angel. We stayed in the hostel last night.” Red groped Steve’s crotch. “To bad you weren’t there.”
Steve laughed. “I swear you’re twice as horny as your gram. How about you Angel?” He grinned. “You want to fuck, don’t you?”

Angel blushed. She couldn’t help staring at the bulge in his pants. “Maybe.” She said looking down. “Maybe not.”
”Howler wants to fuck.” Steve grinned. “Give Angel a kiss Howler.” He said to the wolf.

The wolf stuck his nose under Angel’s dress and licked her pussy. “Oh!” She gasped as he lapped her snatch again. Angel lifted her dress to give him better access. “Oh! Oh!” She gasped as his tongue reached deeper into her with each swipe of his hot tongue. “Oooo! It’s so good!” Angel sighed, rubbing her tits and pinching her hard nipples.

Red kissed Steve then giggled. “Howler’s tongue is so much better than yours Steve. Doesn’t that make you jealous?” Steve slipped his big thumb in Red’s pussy, then a finger in her ass. “Not at all.” he grinned. “He can’t do this.”

“You bastard!” Red groaned flashing her blue eyes. She gripped his muscular arm desperately humping his hand. “Oh, fuck that feels good!”

“Get on your hands and knees Angel. Howler want’s to fuck you.” Steve ordered. “I don’t know.” Answered Angel, thinking this was not a good idea. “I never thought of fucking a wolf!”

“You’ll love it!” Red panted, still humping Steve’s hand. She stopped long enough to jerk her dress off. “He’s better than Al and you fucked him!” Red grinned. Then she got to her knees and hurriedly pulled Steve’s cock out. “Fuck my mouth Steve, I want your cum!” She demanded, licking his dick.
* * *
Almost with out realizing it Angel took her dress off then got to her hands and knees. She offered her pussy to the panting wolf. He licked her cunt again reaching in as far as he could. Angel whimpered little mewls of pleasure each time he licked her. She enjoyed deep doggy kisses in her hot pussy. It was so good! It felt as if his tongue was reaching all the way to her cervix “Oh, God! It’s so good!” She cried, canlı casino thrusting her cunt back to the hot tongue. “Fuck me! You big bad wolf! Fuck me!”

Angel’s mind was in turmoil. Every time before she had given at least token resistance to what was happening. This was different. She wanted it!

As he licked the hapless female, Howler would have grinned if he could. The bitch was his! He liked mating with these soft almost helpless bitches. Unlike female wolves, they were usually ready all the time.

Red took Steve’s cock in her mouth with relish. She so loved the taste of cock and cum. If things went right, Steve would fuck her then maybe Howler. “Wolves had such wonderful cocks and oodles of hot cum to fill a girl’s pussy. I love being a slut.” She thought.

Angel was almost incoherent with lust as Howler slurped her cunt. She had already rattled through one orgasm with another on the way. “Yes! Yessss!” She hissed. Then to her dismay, the tongue stopped. The wolf’s furry upper body slid up her sweaty flushed back. Its mighty forelegs clamped around her belly holding her hips still. Angel felt a moment of terror, and then gave herself to whatever happened next.

Howler’s hot slick cock left a trail of cum through her cunt fuzz and up her trembling stomach. Then he tried again and hit the mark. Angel shrieked in surprise when he buried most of his thick slick cock in her body with one savage thrust. Howler tightened his grip. Then he began savagely slamming in her pussy. “Oh… Shit! My God! He’s fucking me! Oooo! Not so fast!” She cried. “Oh, oh!”

Howler’s knot began to swell, from golf ball size to baseball. Then it was the size of a small fist. It battered at her cunt lips pushing them wider and wider. “Aaaaah! She screamed. “It hurts!” Angel tried in vain to escape. Howler was too strong. Then with a mighty thrust his knot disappeared in her pussy. “Ahhhh!” She screamed again.

Quickly the knot expanded to full size. Howler felt triumph the bitch was his! With a few thrusts, his hairy balls touched her pussy lips. His canine approach to fucking all but overwhelmed Angel. Howler continued to pummel her ravaged cunt, Angel felt more and more of his hot cum shot deep in her pussy. Expanded to full size wolf’s knot was big enough to tie them together. His cum pumped in her cunt filling her completely.

Angel sobbed in despair when she realized the wolf was stuck inside her. “Oh, help!” She sobbed, sinking to her elbows. “It won’t come out! What I’m I going to do?”
* * *
Red felt a little sorry for her new friend, just not sorry enough to stop sucking Steve’s cock. She could tell he was about to blow a load of cum in her mouth. That was more important than explaining to Angel about the knot that canines have on their wonderful cocks.

It took about six minutes for Howlers knot to go down. When the knot was small enough to come out, there was an audible pop from when the seal broke. Angel collapsed to her stomach dazed. Howler dutifully cleaned his dick first then licked Angel’s face.

Angel pushed the wolf’s head away. Then cupped her cunt and moaned. “How much more of this do I have to take?” She sobbed. “Does every thing here want to fuck me? I want to go home!” Then Angel shook herself calming down. “Really Red.” She asked. “Is it always this way?”

“Pretty much girl.” She licked Steve’s cum from her lips and fingers. “That’s what Sluts are for. “ Red answered. “I like dog and wolf cum. If you like I’ll clean your pussy out.” She finished with an eager smile. Red looked at the woodcutter. “Give it to me in the ass while I eat her out Steve…please.”

Steve grinned. “If Angel sucks kaçak casino me hard first.” He said, waving his limp dick in Angel’s face. When she held his wet cock, it started getting hard again. It only took seconds for Steve’s cock to spring back to life.

Angel smiled then took the bulbous cock head into her smiling mouth. “Mmmm! Tasty!” she breathed around the rapidly growing dick. “Fuck my mouth! Shove it down my throat!” In no more than a minute Steve’s cock was ready again. “Mmmm!” She moaned as the hard dick slid down her throat. She pressed her chin against his balls for and instant then pulled back panting. Angel wiped the long string of saliva from her lips and rubbed on Steve’s hard saliva covered cock.

“I’m hot as fire Red.” Angel said laying back and spreading her legs. “Show me how good you are at eating pussy!” Angel rubbed her clit and spread her cunt lips inviting Red’s muff dive. Red immediately shoved her face and tongue in to Angel’s cunt.
* * *
Steve turned her head, coughed; they slipped a blue pill in his mouth. He got to his knees behind Red and rubbed his cock up and down her ass crack. “Don’t tease me you bastard…fuck me!” Red wiggled her hips and pushed back trying to capture his dick in her ass.

Steve held her hips still, spit on Red’s asshole, and then pressed his cock to her eager ass. “Not to fast.” She mumbled, pressing back. “Give it to me nice and slow.” His cock pressed slowly past her sphincter, then slipped deeper in her ass.

“Oooo!” Cooed Red as Steve’s almost ten inch dick slid in her bowels. He stopped when he was in her to his balls. “Fuck me Steve! Fuck me!” Red gasped. Steve pulled his dick out, grunted, and then slammed his thick cock, to the balls in Red’s ass.

“Ouch! Not so hard you bastard!” She whined. “I wanted you to go slow.” “Shut the fuck up Slut!” Steve snarled. “You’ll take it the way I want! Go back to eating that pussy!” The woodcutter fucked her unmercifully, as hard as he could. The sound of his hips slapping her ass echoed in the trees. Red with tears in her eyes looked at him reproachfully then dived back into Angel’s cunt.

“What an ass!” Steve shouted sweat running down his red face. He slapped Red‘s ass hard leaving a hand print. “You’ll have a new asshole when I’m finished slut!” Steve occasionally enjoyed making sluts cry. It didn’t matter how he abused them they were always ready to fuck again. It was the nature of the world. So, who gave a shit?

Red hated it when Steve was an ass, but he had a really nice big cock. He was hurting her now. It would be different the next time. She concentrated on licking delicious wolf cum out of Angel’s pussy. She wanted a load of Steve’s cum in her ass. Afterward Howler would lick her pussy and ass clean.

The pill worked its magic again. Steve felt a massive load of cum building in his balls. This one felt to be the best ever. “Well…Red you nasty fucking slut…here it comes!” He shuttered as his cum, almost painfully, boiled out of his balls and squirted deep in her asshole.

“Oh, yes!” mumbled Red with her face still in Angel’s wet snatch. His cum felt hot like a wolf, as jet after jet filled her ass.

Finished, Steve staggered to his feet, stumbled off to the side, and plopped down on the side of the path. “That’s it ladies.” He panted, “There ain’t anything left in my pecker.”

“That suits me.” Red said standing. “If you want any more ass you can go fuck yourself. I’m not taking anymore of your shit!” She sniffed. “Come on Angel lets take Howler and go.”

They walked off with the wolf trotting along behind. Steve sneered at their backs at first as they disappeared down the path. Then he realized he was caught in the same web as the sluts were. He would stop being a shit…for a while anyway. He picked up his axe and hurried after them.


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