Away at the Conference

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It was the party after the big conference. She had been drinking and had had just a little too much. I on the other hand knew when to stop and switch to cola. The coaches arrived to return us to the hotel. I helped her on with her coat and walked her to the waiting transport. We settled down in our seats and she rested her head on my shoulder, drifting off to sleep on the journey. Not for the first time I thought how pretty she was, but she was someone else’s girl.

The coach pulled up and I shook her awake.

“C’mon princess, we’re here.” Groggily she came round, and once again I helped her, my arm around her. We were the last to get our keys and stumbled into the last empty lift.

“Can you help me to my room?” She asked. “I don’t think my legs know the way.” Outside her door she fumbled with her key until I gently took it from her and opened it for her. She stumbled in, dropping her coat on the floor, revealing again the delicious little black dress, and then sitting on the end of her bed and lying back. “Have you got a double bed too?” She asked as I picked up her coat and hung it up. I nodded, and then watched with amusement as she tried to undo her shoes.

“Let me.” I said. “But this is the last thing I can do for you.” I slipped her feet from her shoes and casino oyna looked up into her face, where a wicked grin was forming. “NO!” I said hoarsely.

“But yes.” She said softly, taking my head in her hands and kissing me. Momentarily I tried to pull away, but I gave in and kissed her in return. Still holding my head she leant back onto the bed, pulling me with her. I looked into her eyes. “Yes.” She repeated softly. “Please.” I kissed her again. Then I gave in completely and rained kisses on her face and neck. Her hands moved to my clothes, pulling my shirt loose, slipping my jacket from my shoulders. I sat up, kneeling astride her body; her hands now ran over my chest and began to unbuckle my trousers. Changing her mind, she rolled over and sat on my chest, leaning down to kiss me again. I slipped my hands up her thighs, rucking the LBD up, and then up her body to her sweet tits. She reached behind her head and unclipped the halter-top, letting the dress fall around her waist. My hands went back to her tits, cupping them, rolling the nipples between thumb and forefinger. She let out a moan. She lifted herself off me and let the dress fall to the floor, standing in just her silken thong until she slipped that off too. She removed my trousers and boxers, pushing me back down as I canlı casino rose to my elbows. Crawling back up the bed, she stopped as she reached my now rampant dick and licked at the head, tasting the pre-cum, before engulfing it with her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down my shaft for a while before she stopped and squatted above me, my knob at the entrance to her cunt, and then she impaled herself on it. She rode me for a while until I decided to take a more active role. Rolling back so I was above her again I put her legs onto my shoulders and began to pump. “Yes, YES, YES!!!” She cried.

“I think I’m gonna cum.” I said.

“In my mouth, I want to be your slut.” Obligingly I moved up to her head, slowly wanking. As I put my dick to her lips I came, the thick white stream splashing across her features, the second and subsequent spurts going down her throat.

She wiped the cum from her face, licking her fingers clean.

“I want you to take my anal cherry.” She said.

“Are you sure?” I asked. “It might hurt.”

“I told you, I want to be your slut. Fuck my ass.”

Her talking dirty had made my cock stiffen again, so I flipped her over onto her knees and positioned myself behind her.

“Are you sure about this?” I asked again.

“Just do it. kaçak casino I’m your slut and I want it up my ass.”

After slicking her asshole with the cunt dribbling from her cunt I put my semi-erect dick against her virgin starfish and slowly pushed in. She moaned in lust. I stopped to let her get used to the intruder and could feel her ass muscles clenching. Playfully I slapped her butt.

“Just relax and let it in.” She grunted and I pushed the now raging boner deeper in until my balls were up against her ass cheeks.

“It hurts so good.” She breathed. Slowly and carefully I began to fuck her butt, my hands on her hips pulling her on and off me. Soon she got the rhythm and I let her go, spanking her as I thrust in and out. She was so tight that I was soon on the point of cumming again. I pulled out of her now welcoming ass and plunged back into her slick pussy, riding her to another orgasm, but stopping before I came again. “NOO!” She cried. “Come in me. Come in your little slut’s virgin ass.” That was enough for me; I took her in the butt again. Within moments I had come, filling her bowels with spunk. I pulled out, streaks of cum still on my dick.

She began to suck me again, but tiredness and the alcohol caught up with her and she fell asleep. I pulled myself clear of her and dressed. Looking down at her naked sweet young form for one last time I covered her with the duvet. As I left her room I wondered how much she’d remember in the morning. It was something I’d never forget.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20