BabySitter Flirt

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I’ve found babysitting is a good way to earn some extra money. If you’re honest and reliable and the kids like you, you’ve got it made. You play with the kids for a while, tuck them into bed and the rest of the night is your own. You can watch TV, play music and, alas, study uninterrupted.

I’m eighteen now and won’t be doing sitting much longer. I’ll have my degree and will be out in the workforce with a proper job. But until then my sitting career flourishes and keeps me in pocket money.

On the night that the incident happened I was sitting for the Jacksons. That’s Andy and Natalie Jackson. They have two sweet little girls, ages two and three. Natalie is easy to get on with and Andy is a real honey. An outrageous flirt, but I don’t mind. I flirt right back. Natalie is always around so it’s not as if anything could get out of hand.

I have to admit that Andy is also a toucher. I’m not saying he gropes people, but I have known his hands to accidentally brush my boobs and bottom on more than one occasion, and once he even brushed against my pussy. I was wearing yoga-pants that time, and they were a little tight. After that I always made sure I wore jeans or a loose skirt when I went around there. No use tempting him too much.

This particular occasion I was wearing a loose skirt and a t-shirt. The Jacksons had gone, the kids were in bed, my homework was up to date and all I had to do was lie back and watch TV until they arrived home. I managed this feat with incredible ease.

Andy and Nat arrived home about eleven and they had a couple of friends with them. They were introduced to me as Carly and Bob, while I was simply Kath to them. A totally informal sort of thing. Nat asked if I’d like a cup of coffee before I headed out and I said why not? Shortly after that we were all sitting around the kitchen table drinking coffee and chatting about a lot of nothing.

Then a hand landed on my knee and started moving up my leg. Under my skirt, please note. It was Andy mucking casino oyna around, of course. He had wound up sitting next to me at the table and he was taking advantage of the fact to tease me. I tried to surreptitiously push his hand away, but he was having none of it. The next thing I know he’s stroking me through my panties.

I was going to scratch his hand and make him move, but what the hell. It wasn’t as though it was hurting anyone and it actually felt quite nice. Naughty but nice, you might say. So I pretended it wasn’t happening.

I assume that Andy would just tease me a little and then let the whole thing go, pretending it had never happened. He didn’t. I was quite shocked when he slipped a finger under my panties and was actually touching me. And it got worse.

Andy slid his hand up to the waist band of my panties, not that it was anywhere near my waist, and just slid his hand inside them and down, forcing the panties down a little so he had easier access. I had my hand on his wrist, trying to pull his hand away, but I couldn’t do it without making a real effort and letting the others know what Andy was doing.

Now I liked being touched like that. I’ll admit it. It was, quite frankly, arousing me, but I had no intention of letting it go on, let alone go further. Andy, it turned out, had other ideas. He hooked a foot around my ankle and tugged at it, wanting me to open my legs a little more.

Now I knew I shouldn’t, but after all, I was the one being touched and if I wasn’t complaining why should anyone else? I let my legs drift further apart. Andy somehow or other managed to push my panties to the side of my pussy, leaving it exposed, and he was doing all sorts of things. Why no-one else noticed is beyond me. Probably because you just don’t see what you know couldn’t possibly be happening.

Would you believe Andy actually pushed his fingers inside me? I was breathing harder and concentrating on my coffee, not paying any attention to the conversation. Andy, the canlı casino rotten sod, had got me completely aroused and wet, and he was still touching me. I damn near dropped the coffee cup when he brushed against my clitoris.

Nat was saying something to me and I’m damned if I could understand a word she was saying. My attention lay elsewhere and would probably remain so until Andy stopped his nonsense. Nat was smiling and she must have repeated what she said, and she finished up with an “OK?”

That bit I got and I nodded OK, without the faintest idea of what I was agreeing to. Then she threw me a life line. She gestured with her hands, indicating I should rise, saying, “Come on. Up you get.” I was happy to do so, feeling Andy’s hands drop away.

“Just rest your hands on the table, Kath,” Nat told me, and I did, thankful for the extra support if truth be known.

I was about to ask what was going on when I found out. I’d noticed Andy was rising at the same time as I did but hadn’t thought anything about it. The reason for his rising swiftly became plain. He lifted my dress and pulled down my panties. Right there, at the table, Nat and his friends watching. My eyes opened wide with shock.

I was about to say something along the lines of, “What the hell?” when I found out what the hell. Andy parted my lips and pushed his cock home. I mean, he did. He really did. One hand spread my lips and then his cock was sliding into me, neat as you please.

I was already worked up, as you may have guessed, and I was able to put up exactly zero resistance to this cock taking me over. One moment I’m standing there, the next I’ve been shafted and this cock started to get real busy.

Andy didn’t just stick me and take it out. Oh, no. Once he was in he got right to work, pumping in and out, casually fucking me in front of his wife and friends. I was too stunned to do anything but gasp and make funny noises.

Well, loathe though I am to admit it, there was one other thing I kaçak casino was able to do. I started fucking right back at Andy. My pussy was pushing to meet him from the first stroke. One of the reasons he slipped into me so easily was because I’d been pushing back to accept him before I even knew what was going on.

I had no idea what Nat and the others thought of this little episode and I was too engrossed in participating to even wonder. As far as I was concerned it was happening, it was happening now, and I wanted it and I was taking it.

At one point I found my t-shirt and bra being pushed up and my breasts were on display, but then Andy’s hands came around and covered them, so that was alright.

Andy just get banging into me, seeming to get faster and harder as he went along. I was gasping and making funny noises as we went, none of them sounds of protest I’m sorry to day.

The whole thing was ridiculous. I was being thoroughly fucked by Andy in front of other people and I was enjoying it and doing my best to contribute. If I’d ever had fantasies about sex with Andy, they sure hadn’t envisaged this.

Andy seemed to speed up even more, really driving into me. Things were getting fuzzy around the edges for me, and then that was it. I was just plain gone, climaxing and wailing, while I could feel Andy busy pumping into me, relieving his pent up energy.

When I finally got myself together again I was sitting at the table with Nat opposite me. Andy and the other two had gone.

“Enjoy yourself,” asked Nat, smiling. “You and Andy have been flirting for so long I thought I’d let you have a taste. It does a man good to have a change of partners occasionally.”

I just blinked. What could I say? Nothing, so that’s what I said.

Jan was still smiling as she let me have a gentle warning.

“This was just a one-off, you know. Don’t think he’ll be available every time you come to baby-sit.”

Every time? I hadn’t even expected this time. I didn’t think she’d need to worry about future baby-sitting from me.

“By the way,” she continued, “Carly and Bob were quite enthralled in your dedication to your job. I’ve given them your number. They may give you a call.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20