Bad Day

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After a full day of running errands for home improvement projects, you walk into our home to find me cooking dinner for the two of us. From the hair escaping from my up-do and the dejected posture, you can immediately tell that my day was hectic. Quietly, you place the items you are carrying in an out of the way spot then come up behind me to wrap me in your arms. Burying your head in my neck and kissing me there gently.

As I sink into your embrace, you ask “How long until dinner?” continuing to kiss and nibble at my neck.

Moaning softly, I reply “About 10 minutes. I need to finish up the rice and take the enchiladas out of the oven.”

“Perfect!” you say, “I’m going to hop in the shower and wash up quickly.” You kiss me again and head to the bathroom where I hear the water come on. When you come back to the kitchen you are clean and bare chested — just a pair of sleep pants on. The sight makes me smile and lick my lips.

Carrying our now loaded plates to the table, I set yours in front of you as you join me. We both dig into our meal of shredded beef enchiladas, Spanish rice, guacamole, queso and chips. We discuss our days with each other, the highs and lows; you discovering my stressful work day and failed dessert; me uncovering your excitement for your coming project. When I stand to start putting food away, you wordlessly help, gathering dishes and stacking them in the sink. Wondering what is going on, I look at you strangely but you just smile and continue to help. When all the food is put away I turn to the sink but you grab my hand.

“Leave those for now, they will keep. Come with me.” as you lead me down the hall.

We get to the bedroom and you push open the door. Inside I see a flogger on the bed and the lights have been dimmed. I look at you with a question in my eyes, but you instead reach for me and begin to gently remove my clothing. Kissing each bit of skin as you reveal it, you also run your hands soothingly along my flesh. Once I am naked, you stand back and look at me intently from head to toe, a pleased hum coming from you.

Gazing into my eyes, you speak up “I know you have had a hard day and I want to help you relax. Turn and face the wall, ass out and your head bent with your hands clasped behind your neck. You may rest your casino siteleri head against the wall.” I turn and do as instructed; making sure my hair is out my face but off my back and neck.

Walking up behind me until I can feel the heat of your body just before you kiss my shoulder and whisper “This is for you, to relax you and let you free from the tension of your day.” Feeling your body heat retreating, I take a long deep breath and close my eyes. Soon, I feel the tails of the flogger running over my shoulders and across my back. Soft and almost ticklish, I shiver due to the sensations. Suddenly they move away and I feel the air behind me move just before the first thud lands on my right ass cheek. This is quickly followed by another on the left as you establish a rhythm. A figure eight across my bottom twice before moving up to my shoulders for a single pattern then back down. Keeping the thudding pattern going in an almost hypnotizing massage, you avoid letting the tails of the flogger get anywhere near a stinging sensation, but keep the soft thud you know I enjoy.

Watching closely, you can tell when I have finally relaxed as you see my knees giving and reach to catch me before I hit the floor. Holding me close, you take me to the bathroom and turn on the water in the tub. Dazed I just stare, totally relaxed and riding the endorphin high from the flogging. As the tub fills, you help me step in and sit down, then tilt my head back. Making sure my eyes are closed, you grab a large cup you had hidden earlier, scooping up water and wetting my hair, then proceed to wash it, massaging my scalp as you do so. When you are satisfied, you again grab the cup and pour water over my head rinsing off the shampoo until the water runs clear, repeating the process with conditioner.

By now the tub is almost full so you turn the water off, adding some lavender oil to the water before turning back to me. You help me lean back to rest my head on the edge of the tub, sinking deep into the warm water. My eyes still closed, I moan softly when I feel your hand on my ankle. Lifting it up out of the water, you run a soft, soapy cloth over my foot and between my toes. Continuing up my leg you wash it all; then reach for the other leg once the first is back in the water. You wash all of me canlı casino before leaving me drifting and relaxed in the cooling water.

I am not sure how long you are gone, but I am more aware as you come back into the bathroom leaning down to the plug on the tub and help me stand. Lifting me out of the tub, you wrap a towel around my body then another around my hair as you start patting it dry. Grabbing a comb, you carefully comb out all the tangles and shape my hair around my face. Once you are satisfied with my hair, you hang that towel to dry and switch your attention to the towel around my body. Loosening it from around me, you take it into your hands and start at my feet, patting and rubbing me dry. Reaching my neck and shoulders you pat them with the towel before sneaking in a kiss then turn to hang up the towel.

When I try to sneak a kiss at the same time, you grin, knowing I am ready for more. Pulling me into your arms you softly kiss at my lips, then while I am distracted by responding; you slowly back me out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. Suddenly releasing me and spinning me in your arms you lift me and lay me face down on the bed, climbing up next to me. I notice you have folded back the blankets and sheets. I hear something clink on the nightstand but before I can turn my head to look I feel your hands descend on my ass. Tenderness flares where you flogged me, then eases into a relaxed state as you massage what must be arnica into my flesh to prevent any bruising and promote healing. Tears come to my eyes at how much tenderness and care you are generously giving to me tonight.

After massaging all of my back and ass, you put the container away then roll me over to face you. Seeming to continue your massage, you reach for my breasts, rubbing them and stroking them gently but firmly. As I close my eyes and relax, you pinch one of my nipples causing my eyes to fly open and a gasp to come from my mouth. Grinning gleefully, you pinch the other and pull on them both causing me to moan. Releasing my nipples your hands move further down my body, caressing and stroking, before reaching the apex of my thighs. Leaning down to capture a nipple in your mouth, you slide your hands between my legs, separating them to make room for yourself.

Lowering yourself kaçak casino between my legs, you softly blow air across my pelvis and pubic mound then slide your hands up to frame my pussy between them. Sliding your thumbs up and down where my thighs meet my pelvis, you stroke me, making me very aware of where you are as I also feel your breath move across me. As you stroke, you start pulling my pussy lips apart, the evidence of my arousal is right there for you to see. Seeing the wetness, you move your thumbs to the inside of my lips and hold me open before bending your head to drag your tongue from the entrance to my depths to the top of my clit. More juices flow from this stimulation and you dip your tongue down to catch it. Repeating the movement over and over, swirling your tongue and dragging it through my folds, I begin to moan and gasp. As you start to move your tongue faster over me and pausing to suck and nibble at my clit, more fluid flows and I begin to squirm. Holding me down, you begin to lash at my clit firmly, sucking it into your mouth hard causing it to swell and become more sensitive. Releasing it you flick it with your tongue again then set your teeth on it and nibble gently. I scream softly and fluids spill from my body as my back arches off the bed and I orgasm hard.

Quickly getting to your knees, you slide your cock into me, gliding deep while feeling my pussy walls clenching at you. Bringing your face to mine, you kiss me, letting me taste myself on your tongue. Thrusting in and out slowly but firmly, you extend my orgasm letting it squeeze you as you move, as if trying to keep you inside me. One hand comes up to cup my face as you kiss me, my arms around your neck with one hand running through your hair. You continue your thrusts, speeding up as you feel my contractions slowing down. Kissing me with more passion, you move faster, my hips rising to meet yours, my fingers clenching in your hair as I try to pull you further into me. Our movements become more rapid and almost desperate as we both tumble towards orgasm. You swallow my scream seconds before giving me yours as we climax together.

Briefly letting me go, you reach down for the blankets and pull them up over us, then reach to turn out the bedside light. Taking me back into your arms, you roll to your side, keeping your cock in me and entwining our legs and arms around each other. You kiss me softly, whispering of your love and lay your head against mine. We drift to sleep still in that position, satisfied and exhausted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20