Boat Ho Ch. 18

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Skyler had been in San Diego for about a day. He couldn’t get on base, but Alex had promised to once she got off restriction. He found an RV park not far from base. He parked it there and tried to relax. He didn’t have any drugs in the vehicle anymore. He didn’t want to risk it. He didn’t try and meet his new neighbors. He felt that they’d be a bit more transient and not as permanent. He spent most of his time masturbating to the porn he’d brought along. It was a mix of gay and straight. He was having a hard time coming to terms with his sexuality. He liked men, but he also liked women. More importantly he liked one woman, his sister. He had been building up his load. He knew he’d have sex with Alex again, tonight.

Alex found the park without any problems. Skyler met her at the entrance and led her to his RV. They hugged when they got inside.

“Good seeing you again,” she smiled as she sat on the couch.

“You too,” he said as she walked to the kitchen.

“You still with Joel,” she asked.

“What,” he said in a strange tone as he walked back to the living room with a bottle of water.

“Are you,” she smiled as she pulled of her socks and shoes.

“No,” he replied.

“Why not,” Alex asked.

“He was cheating on me,” he replied.

“Figures,” Alex laughed.

“Yeah,” he smiled, “he was fag.”

“Ha,” Alex let out.

“Yeah,” he smiled.

“You should meet my friend Huff,” Alex laughed.


“He’s gay and he’s fucking hot,” she laughed.

“Oh,” he replied as he plopped down on the couch with her.

“So when are we going back,” Skyler asked.

“We’re not,” Alex replied.

“What,” he casino siteleri said in a low tone.

“Something changed,” she said, “I’m not getting kicked out.”

“No way,” he said.

“My old Commanding Office helped me out.”

“So now what,” he asked.

“If you want to stay let me know,” she replied, “My enlistment got cut short too. I’m out in three years as opposed to four.”

“Did you want that,” he asked.

“Yes,” she replied, “I can’t handle this shit much longer.”

“I bet,” he laughed, “what day is it?”

“Friday,” she smiled.

“Planned it right,” he replied.

“I know,” she started, “oh if you want to stay in San Diego, Huff and I are getting an apartment right off base.”

“Really,” he asked, “how can you afford it?”

“I came across some money,” she smiled.


“Don’t want to talk about it.”

“Okay,” he smiled, “I may have to sell the RV.”

“It’s cool,” she replied, “had a few good memories in here.”

“Indeed,” he laughed, “want to make one more memory?”

“Yes,” she smiled before standing up.

He watched her as she stood up and walked to him. She kissed him on the mouth quickly and pulled back. He grabbed her hips and looked her in the eyes.

“I love you,” he smiled.

“I bet,” she laughed as she pulled her shirt off.

“I’m sorry about the way me and dad acted at Christmas,” he said as he pulled his pants off.

“It’s cool,” she laughed, “you let yourself go. I think you both needed it.”

“Needed what,” he asked.

“To have sex,” she laughed.

“Yeah,” he laughed as he walked up to her and kissed her.

He quickly stripped canlı casino of his clothes as Alex watch him do it. He had a full erection. Alex knew he wanted her.

“Wow,” Alex laughed as she reached forward and grabbed his penis.

“Thanks,” he smiled as she pulled on it.

She reached forwards and slowly sucked on his penis. She looked up at him and their eyes met. He smiled down at her and she continued to suck. She sucked for nearly five minutes before taking her mouth off of it. She stood up and kissed him.

“How does your dick taste,” she asked as she pulled away.

“Fucking great,” he laughed.

She grabbed his hand and took him to the bedroom. She shut the door and quickly undressed. She jumped on the bed and Skyler looked over her. He stepped closer to her as she spread her legs and slowly wrapped them around him. She sat up and kissed him quickly.

“Don’t fuck me in the ass,” she said sternly.

“I won’t,” he replied as he grabbed her breasts.

“Thanks,” she said as he slowly worked his way down her body.

“You should get your tits pierced,” he laughed.

“Maybe when I get out,” she replied.

He worked his way down to her pussy and insterted his tongue into it. Alex let out a moan as he began to slide his fingers into her. He worked over her pussy for a few minutes before working his way to her ass. He quickly slid his tongue into her ass.

“The fuck,” she said sternly.

“Sorry,” he replied.

“You can play with it,” she laughed, “not fuck it!”

“Cool,” he replied.

He licked her ass a few more times but soon gave up since he wouldn’t be able to fuck it.

“What do these kaçak casino words mean,” he asked as he pulled away from her pussy.

“Slave,” she smiled as she gripped his hair, “in Greek, Latin, and Russian.”

“Interesting,” he said as he ran his tongue on her pussy.

“I love it,” she smiled as she let go of him, “I love being treated like property.”

“Nice,” he replied as he plunged a finger in her.

“I wish we could get married,” he laughed, “then you’d be my property.”

“I all ready am,” she laughed.

“My slave sister,” he smiled as he lightly slapped her face.

He quickly worked his penis into her and began to fuck her. He went slow at first but soon quickened the pace. He went faster and faster. Alex realized he wanted to fuck and get it over with. She propped her legs on his shoulders and he began to thrust into her deeper and deeper.

“I love you,” he smiled as sweat dripped down his face.

“I love you too,” she smirked as he continued to fuck her.

She saw him begin to break down a little she could tell he was going to cum.

“I want to taste you,” Alex said as he thrust into her again.

Skyler pulled out of her quickly and gripped his penis. He quickly worked it to her mouth and let go. His bitter sperm flew into her mouth. She let a bit spill out. But she swallowed most of it. She didn’t want to let her brother down and felt that swallowing most of it was good for her brother to see. He smiled as she forced herself to swallow it.

“So when do I get to meet Huff,” he asked.

“Whenever you want,” she smiled.

She slumped back in the bed with him and fell asleep. They slept for nearly an hour. Alex put her clothes back on and woke her brother up. It took her a while to do that. He got dressed and they took the trolley downtown. They ate at T.G.I. Fridays and saw a movie. They made out for most of the movie.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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