Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 27

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Richard was nervous his mum had called another meeting of the Boy Scout mothers group to discuss plans to lease some government land for a scout’s camp. “We will need twenty thousand for the legals and first annual payment,” she told the assembled mothers as they sipped their morning teas.

She looked around the assembled mothers wondering how many of them were visited on a regular and private basis by Richard when their husbands were not home. Oh well she thought they all look happy he must be doing something right. She clapped her hands to get attention. “I know you will think we have enough money. But that’s not true. Now that have we added new products, Richard’s cake and cookie run covers the day to day running of the group with a little over for maintenance but we need to try something new to raise an additional fifty thousand dollars.”

“Has anyone thought of a concert,” Jennifer called when the room had rejected every other idea put forward. Long legged Jennifer was one of Richards’s favorite mothers. When he first met her she had been timid and shy. Because of her fears and uncertainties it had been weeks before she let him make love to her now she was not only a confident woman in public but a highly inventive and cheeky lover in private.

“What do you mean by a concert?” Jackie asked as they all sat up and listened. Richards heart skipped a beat when Jennifer walked out to the front so they all could see and hear her. She was so beautiful he could not stop a gasp of admiration escaping from his lips. His mother frowned at him and whispered, “Leave the room if you can’t behave,” as Jennifer started to speak.

“Most of you will remember the turn of the century theatre in the old school of arts; it was popular as a venue for movies as well as ballroom dancing plays and concerts. Today its part of that multiplex theatre and movie complex. When the Macintyre’s applied for planning permission for all those movie theatres and restaurants they agree to not only keep the concert hall but restore it to its former glory.”

“They did a good job. It still has those private boxes on the first floor looking down on to the stage.” “Oh I remember them,” Darlene cried. “They were great places for making out in private when your parents would only allow you to go down town on Saturday night.”

“All right behave,” Richards’s mother called as a number of mothers started to speak. “Its all right to talk about the fun you had there but how do we use it to make fifty thousand.” She looked over at Jennifer, “have you any further suggestions.”

Richard marveled at Jennifer’s poise as she again took the floor. “We have a young local band that has just won one of those competitions on TV. We have the local drama society and dance studios. Our schools have dance and drama groups that are always looking for places to strut their stuff. If the Macintyre’s will let us have the theater for free we can ask those groups if they will perform for free. We can then ask our husbands to be sponsors and make it a celebration of our home grown talent.”

She paused to look around at the doubting faces. “We probably won’t make fifty thousand but I’d reckon we could make thirty.” Before anyone could speak she continued, “If we ran a major art union in conjunction with the event with the prizes sponsored and drawn on the night we could possibly make it. To make it popular and ensure local support we can propose that it be an annual charity event with other groups sharing the benefits in future years.”

After a long discussion the idea was adopted. Everyone was given jobs and asked to report back to another meeting in a week’s time. Within days his mother told him that they were finding it difficult to contact Mr. Macintyre. “Those who know the family reckon she wears the pants. So I have asked Jackie and Darlene to see what they can find out about her.” She looked at him sternly, “Keep your wandering hands off Jennifer and go and help those two to check out Mrs. Macintyre.”

Jackie and Darlene were more than pleased when his mother told them she had ordered Richard to help. Jackie giggled down the phone; “send him up to Darlene’s this afternoon we both need a lot of help.” Richard thought he knew what to expect when he walked in the door but he was still surprised to be greeted just inside the door by both Jackie and Darlene completely nude teetering on very long red stilettos. “We have had a few too many drinks and shaved while we waited,” Darlene said as she led him over to the settee her fingers running slowly up and down the cheeks of his arse.

Jackie had wobbled ahead to wait on the couch. Licking her lips as she looked up at him and giggled, “Come here sweetie, I am going to suck you while you eat Darlene’s pussy.” Without another word they took over stripping him off and positioned his body so they both could use it for their pleasure. Richard did not argue. He knew that these two pampered ladies would more than satisfy him while they satisfied themselves. He was not wrong.

Hours casino oyna later when they had swapped positions many times they commenced competing to see who could make him come the fastest. Then when he stood with his cock shriveled and used they told him they both wanted his cock in their pussies once more before he left. Richard tried to tell them he was buggered but they just laughed taking turns to play with his cock and balls before tossing a coin to see who would go first.

Jackie won the toss and was riding his cock her hands stretching around Darlene’s body to hold her tits while Darlene lowered her pussy on to his face when the phone rang. Darlene leaned over her knees closing on his ears to retrieve the phone before handing it to him, “it’s your mother.”

Looking back at Jackie she smiled, “This could be interesting; she doesn’t know her son’s cocks in your pussy and she doesn’t know my pussies in his face.” “Hi mum what’s up?” Richard asked as he watched Darlene sit back on his chest and let Jackie who was staked out on his cock play with her large brown breasts.”

For a minute he thought they would keep quiet and still while he was talking to his mother. He should have known better. Darlene winked at him as she slid her body back up his chest until her pussy was touching the phone in his hand. He struggled to push back but she held him with her legs while she rubbed her finger round and round on her clit and worked the muscles of her pussy under his nose causing some of their combined secretions to ooze out onto his chin.

Richard was breathing heavy his nostrils full of the steamy aroma of Darlene’s pussy when his mother asked, “What are you doing?” Trying to hide the giggles from Jackie and Darlene he groaned, “This connection is real bad.” “No its not,” Jackie cried, “Our connection is very good.” As if to prove it she started to move faster on his cock her body jolting up and down making him grunt.

“What was that?” his mother asked. “Oh just Jackie mucking around in the background,” he groaned as his body started to respond to Jackie’s vigorous pounding. “Well,” his mother said, “I just rang to tell you that Angelique has found out that Mrs. Macintyre meets with a small group of women each week for tennis. They play on the indoor court at her home and party on playing bridge afterwards.”

“I don’t think I have met her. I don’t even know her first name. Angelique says she prefers to be called Mrs. Macintyre and doesn’t go out much. Angelique thinks it should be you that approaches her.” When Richards reply was muffled by Darlene’s pussy she groaned, “You’re right this line is bad. I think I’ll let you get on with what you’re doing and talk to you when you get home.”

At home his mother looked him over, “clean yourself up and come back down I want you to come with me to talk to Felicity Goldberg. They tell me she knows Mrs. Macintyre. I think we should ask Felicity to help.” She smiled, “maybe her pig of a husband will help us again.”

Richard could not take his eyes off Felicity Goldberg happily studying her body while his mother explained what they were after. He remembered their first angry fuck in her husbands wash room and how Jackie and Darlene had hid him in a closet when Arnold nearly caught them screwing on her bedroom floor. He licked his lips as he recalled her luscious pussy. He had been neglecting her lately but promised himself he would remedy that as soon as possible.

“It will be a pleasure to help,” Felicity said as they prepared to leave. “Richard can drop over tomorrow and I’ll make an appointment to see Arnold, then if that works I will try to arrange for him to meet Mrs. Macintyre.” Felicity was more than happy to help. No matter how hard she tried she had found it hard to find time to spend with Richard. Her inability to find an excuse that would satisfy her domineering husband had virtually made it impossible for them to meet regularly. To her delight Richard’s mother was offering a ready made excuse.

Felicity was dressed and ready to go when Richard arrived. “You look very lovely,” he whispered as he escorted to his jeep. “Behave,” she growled. “Arnold has his spies watching me all the time.” Once they were away from the house she relaxed. “We have two hours before we can see Arnold. He has meetings this morning take me somewhere private.”

For a few minutes Richard could not think, his mind went blank as he tried to think of somewhere private, then he remembered shifting some new gymnasium mats into the cubs den and headed there. “Where are we going?” she asked. “Down to the cubs den. It will be cold in there but we will have to take your clothes off so we don’t crush them or get them dirty.”

She laughed anxiously, “that’s a new approach my horny young friend but are you sure it’s safe;” Richard realised she was worried about Arnold finding out, “don’t worry I’ll lock the door from the inside and anyway I have been given the only key because I’m moving in the new mats.”

Inside the den they were all canlı casino hands as they stripped each others clothes away kissing and feeling each others body in the process. Richard stepped back when he removed her bra leaving her standing in her garter belt and stockings. “My god that’s one sexy woman,” he growled. “I should have brought my camera so I can have something to look at when I play with myself while thinking of you.” He shook his head and grinned, “Maybe it was providence that I forgot the camera, now I’ll just have to kiss you all over so I can remember every sweet little bit of you.”

Felicity loved the way this young man treated her. She had never thought she would have a lover who was young enough to go to school with her son; Instead of being concerned at his age she gloried in it, loving the athleticism of this lovemaking.

She smiled as she recalled how she had freaked out the first time his cock remained hard and continued to plough into her well after they both had come. But it was the way he looked at her and the way he spoke to her that made her heart beat faster and made her take silly risks to be with him. He made her feel beautiful, made her feel wanted.

She laughed as he stood totally nude and told her he loved her body. His cock standing out from his thick brown legs seemed to be waving and nodding in agreement. “I’m glad all of you agrees,” she whispered as she sank down on to a pile of mats. “Come here my lover boy; let’s not waste any more time talking.”

No one would have known when they walked into reception in her husband’s office that they had spent the last hour and a half locked together on the floor of the local cub den. Richard had not let her clean her pussy up before dressing. He licked her as clean as possible with his tongue then told her not to wear her bra and panties.

When she started to speak he stopped her words with his tongue holding her underclothes up for her to see before he stuffed them in his pocket. “Just think how hot you’ll feel when you sit in your husband’s office and I look at you and smile. He won’t know why I’m smiling but we will.” Later as they waited to be shown into Arnold’s office he whispered, “Is it wet?” She blushed, “yes very.”

Arnold was his usual grumpy self. He sat them down complaining that he didn’t have much time and ordered Richard to, “Get on with it.” Richard had come prepared. He had rehearsed and changed his spiel after Felicity had told him that Arnold was seeking to make his name more known with the ultimate aim of a political career.

It didn’t take long to convince Arnold of the benefits of adding his name and influence to an annual charity gala weekend where the community honored those who had made a name for themselves in the world of the theatre, music, art and culture.

Arnold immediately saw the opportunity for him to promote himself in the media as a community leader supporting the people who needed local charities or participated in the various performing arts societies. “We could add Sport and Business and just about anything that will bring money or audiences to the various events,” he said as he took over the idea as his own.

Felicity sat back and watched Richard work. She felt a little wicked as she watched his long legs move as he strolled back and forth making his presentation. Her mouth was dry as she recalled how this morning she had ran her hands up and down those legs while she sucked his young cock eventually forcing him to come in her mouth.

The memory created a minor surge in her body forcing her to squeeze her legs tight together when her pussy lips leaked come on her leg. Surely they can smell it, she thought as the scent of her arousal reached her nostrils.

When no one seemed to notice she relaxed recalling how Richard had rode her doggy fashion on the den floor until her legs collapsed under the battering and her face ended up buried in the mat. It had been so fabulous that even now her pussy was starting to weep just from thinking about it. She was planning to go to the restroom to clean up when Arnold spoke her name. I’m depraved she thought as she sat up like a dutiful wife and looked at Arnold her mind still reliving the mornings thrilling episodes with Richard.

Arnold was speaking when her thoughts returned to the present. “My wife Felicity knows Mrs. Macintyre she will help you. He looked over at her, “I want you to help this boy. I will work on Lachlan Macintyre it will be the boy’s job with your help to butter up Mrs. Macintyre. We will need her help if we are to secure the theatre for free.”

Bonnie Macintyre was a tall austere scotch woman. She made it her business to know everything that was going on in her business. Her family had a proud Scottish history and money tons of money. She was rich when she married Lachlan and was disappointed when he turned out to be a wimp both in business and in bed. They had no children because she couldn’t stomach the idea of breeding another wimp.

She ran the business with kaçak casino an iron hand brooking no interference from Lachlan. She had laid down the rules early in their marriage. “You can be the public face and attend the meetings but I’ll make the decisions in this family. I want to be known as Mrs. Macintyre. I will not use my maiden name or my first name, I am Mrs. Macintyre.” Lachlan had meekly agreed.

Felicity took a week to arrange for Richard to meet Mrs. Macintyre in the meantime to her delight she was able to arrange to meet Richard at least once daily and sometimes when she had a new urge twice daily.

Mrs. Macintyre had heard of Richard. Her indoor tennis group had speculated about him after they saw him leave the Governors ball with the Governor’s wife. One or two of her clubs members had joined the scout’s mothers group when their boys joined the scouts. For some time after they joined the cookie club they seemed to lack concentration making a series of unforced errors in their tennis. Punctual women started to arrive late explaining that they had to wait for a cookie collection and Richard had held them up. They all spoke extremely well of Richard stirring her interest.

Felicity had the well flushed look of a woman in heat when she called to ask her to meet Richard. Mrs. Macintyre also noticed many small changes in Mrs. Goldberg’s normally impeccable appearance that gave her the impression that Felicity had dressed rather hurriedly. My god she thought as she studied Felicity, she reeks of sex. She nearly dropped her cup of tea when she realised that all the evidence pointed to Felicity having been with a man before she joined her for morning tea.

“Is that young man outside in your car?” she asked as she tried to come to grips with this new thought? “Yes, yes,” Felicity stuttered, “he drove me over.” That’s not all the young buggers done Mrs. Macintyre though as she eyed the now nervous Felicity. She was right, Richard had pushed Felicity’s tits up out of her bra sucked her nipples and fingered her pussy in the car before she came inside.

She rang for the maid. “There is a young man out in the car ask him to join us.”

“So this is the young man that you have been telling me about,” Mrs. Macintyre said when Richard joined them. “I’ve heard a lot about you from the ladies in my tennis group and Felicity has been singing your praises all morning. Maybe I should get to know a little more about you before we do business. Lets start today, I am having lunch with my husband would you like to join us.”

Richard had been studying her as she spoke. Her Scottish accent intrigued him as did the plaid Scottish wool skirt and the white blouse. It was hard to judge while she was sitting but she would have to be over six foot tall. As far as he could see she had small hard tits a broad pair of hips and long legs. She wore dark glasses hiding her eyes. He decided her most striking feature was her curly red hair and her freckles. He spied freckles through her makeup and on her neck and arms wondering if they were all over her body smiling when he thought I have never seen a pussy with freckles.

Felicity couldn’t join them for lunch. “I’ll take the jeep and you can travel into town with Mrs. Macintyre. Have a good time,” she said as she reluctantly left.

The driver held the door of the black limo for Mrs. Macintyre and Richard settling them in before closing the panel between the front and back seats. “Its dark in here,” he stammered when his body slid down on the cool leather seat close to hers. She took off her dark glasses, “Yes I keep it dark. I have a problem with the sun, I have very white skin and I burn easily.” She laughed, “I would turn in to one big freckle if I wasn’t careful.” Richard reached out and touched her arm running his hand lightly over her freckled forearm before holding her hand. “You have lovely soft skin,” he said. “Thank you,” she replied leaving her hand in his.

Richard enjoyed the feel of her soft white skin. He stroked her wrist and hand waiting for Bonnie to stop him. When she did nothing he raised her hand to his lips and kissed it. “It’s so beautiful and soft,” he whispered.

“You are a wicked young man,” she whispered squeezing his hand, “did you seduce Arnold’s wife.” He returned the pressure squeezing her hand. “If I did,” he whispered “it was because she needed some real loving,” he looked down at her body and groaned, “like you she was made for loving.” He was pleased when she sighed, “That’s true, we all need loving.” Nothing more was said as they sat together holding hands deep in thought.

Bonnie could not believe that she was holding hands with Richard on the way in to meet her husband. My god we’ve just met and I would have let him kiss me if he had tried, she thought as she studied his young hard body.

Lachlan had run to fat from too much of the good life. Their sex was rare and awkward it always left her dissatisfied. She knew he had a policy of hiring girls to work in their cinemas who gave good head. She had been told of the few staff that visited his office each week before pay day. She was aware that some girls were given bonuses if they made him hard and he stayed hard. She was aware and she didn’t care.

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