Brothers and Mothers Pt. 02

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There will be homosexual material involved in the following story. If that is not your preferred story line, please abandon now.


After a few hours of us boys swimming and mom sun bathing, darkness replaced the sunlight and we decided to go inside to watch a movie.

Mom went to go shower while Aaron and I went down to the family room still in our swimming trunks with towels wrapped around our shoulders.

“Want to play a quick game of pool?” he asked grabbing a pool stick in his hand.

“Sure” I replied “but you never win.”

He smiled back at me. His dark brown hair spiky from the water. I admired his body, he wasn’t quite as muscular as me, but he had great tone and his skin was tan. His broad cheekbones and chin bore a 5 o’clock shadow.

Resting the pool stick back into the rack he gave in and said “You’re right. I have a better idea, come with me.”

I followed suit, back up the stairs into the kitchen and Aaron walked over to where his smartphone was tethered to the wall charging.

He unhooked it and looked devilishly at me. “Follow me, but be fuckin’ quiet!”

We walked to the other end of the kitchen down a dimly lit, narrow and carpeted hallway. Mom’s door was closed on the left but we crept into the spare bedroom that was next to her room.

“Mom has a Jack and Jill bathroom remember?” Aaron whispered to me slightly closing the bedroom door behind us.

I suddenly became aware of what he was doing. The door that connects the spare bedroom to our moms bathroom was open about a foot. It was dark enough in the spare room that she couldn’t see Aaron and I looking in on her in her stand up tile shower.

I gasped. She was so hot. Her back was to us and her hair was pinned up in a ponytail. She had one leg up on a shower stool running soap over her casino siteleri wet smooth legs. Her hands were gliding with ease all over her tight athletic body in a slow, delicate motion. Her tight perfect ass glistening.

I felt my cock getting rock hard, and rising fast.

Aaron was kneeling in front of me looking in and I was standing right behind. I was worried he would knock back into me and feel my erection, but I could only assume that since this was his idea, his dick was just as hard.

He raised his camera up to record our sexy mother lather herself in soap.

We watched as she turned toward us. Her bare supple breasts, firm and intact, fake but perfect, stared back at us, teasingly. Her nipples were small but I could tell they were hard as rocks.

She had her head tilted back letting water run down her chest. I followed the waterfall down to her pussy where she had just a small blonde landing strip of hair.

I looked down to see if Aaron was still recording and he was. I also noticed his right arm was moving in a slow jerking motion.

“Dude” I exclaimed through a whisper.

“What man, look at her!” He stated, and he had a point. “Just try it bro, it feels awesome.” He looked up at me, biting his lower lip.

I gave in.

I reached down the front of my swim trunk and began caressing my cock watching as our mom showered herself. Her big, wet fake tits, her blonde hair, her skinny and tight fit body. I couldn’t believe how lucky we were to have such a hottie mother.

My jerking began to get faster. I couldn’t keep my cock in my shorts any longer so I pulled it out, still standing a few inches behind Aaron.

I remembered thinking that if he were turn around his face would have been right in my dick and oddly that thought suddenly turned me on even canlı casino more.

The thought of my brother sucking my hard cock while I watched our mother shower was enough to get me close to an orgasm.

I imagined his head bobbing up and down on my dick, his hands cupping my ass with a strong grip, one of my hands holding his head, the other pinching my nipple.

“Mmm yeah” I moaned quietly, feeling pre-cum drip onto my fist while I jerked it watching mommy’s tits shine under the water and bright bathroom lights. I wanted to cum. I wanted to shoot my load down my brothers throat.

Just as I was thinking that, I heard the door we where peering through knock and I realized that Aaron had elbowed it while jerking off.

I looked up in shock to see our mom look in our direction. The room was dark enough though that I don’t think she saw us, but we thought better of it and put our meats away and headed back to the family room, cocks still hard.

“How much of that did you get man?” I excitedly Aaron.

“All of it.” He said trembling looking into the LCD on his phone. “We’ll have to watch it on the big screen tomorrow when she’s at work.”

I laughed and grabbed his strong shoulders following down the hallway.

We separated in the kitchen and I went back up to my room to grab a tank top and a different pair of shorts before we started watching a movie.

My thoughts were still on that scene of my mom naked in the shower before me, but my thoughts were also thinking about what it would have been like to have Aaron’s mouth around my dick while I watched mom shower.

We’ve never been sexual with one another. Sure we’ve seen each others naked bodies on many occasions, and have even had a few jack off sessions together back in the day, but none of them ever ended up with kaçak casino us touching one another.

It was a strange thought to desire, but one I knew I had to put out of my head because both him and I were straight. Right?

By the time I made it back down to the family room, Aaron had changed into something as well. Also a tank top and shorts.

Mom was sitting at the end of the 3 person recliner couch with her feet up under her, re-painting her nails on the arm rest.

She obviously had no idea it was us that knocked on her bathroom door spying on her.

She was wearing a thin white sleeveless shirt with the words “Bitch” in pink graffiti over the chest and Scooby-Doo printed boxer shorts.

Aaron was going through the DVD rack trying to decide what movie we should watch.

I sat down at the other end of the couch.

“It’s so good to have you boys home.” Mom said “It get’s so lonely here without you.” She continued.

“We miss you too mom” I said back to her looking over at her. One ass cheek was visible as she painted, sitting on her knees.

She looked over at me. I’m not sure if she caught me looking but I tried to break contact with her ass and look at her eyes when I felt her glance over. She kissed her lips at me and went back to painting.

“How about Batman Begins?” Asked Aaron.

“I’m cool with that.” I said.

Mom just shrugged and said “Whatever you guys want.”

Aaron popped in the movie and dimmed the lights and sat down between us and played around on the remote until the movie started.

About 30 minutes into the movie moms phone rang and she got up and left the room. She popped her head back in 15 minutes later and asked us to pause the movie.

“I’m sorry guys but Riley asked me to come see her for a while, her boyfriend is being an ass, do you mind? I shouldn’t be too long.”

Aaron and I both looked at each other and back at her and shook our heads. “Go ahead Ma.” I said smiling. She smiled back, blew us both a kiss and disappeared.

Now the fun began.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20