Call Girl Changed My Life Pt. 05

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The next day, Friday, was much like the previous day. Except I was wearing this ridiculously snug small swimsuit, just a little bigger than a speedo. Now, I have a pretty tight body, no belly roll or flab at my hips, but this thing was tight, tight enough so that everyone knew I could be Jewish. And Beth’s new suit wasn’t helping things at all. A black micro bikini that was little more than a few postage stamps. I wouldn’t have minded if I was wearing longer trunks, but in this stretchy rubber band I had on it was hard to keep my cock down when I looked at her.

She saw me fidgeting around, trying to keep some sense of modesty. “Having some trouble, big fella?” Beth chuckled.

“You did this to me on purpose” I said with mock outrage. “You knew what you were doing when you bought us these suits. I feel like a salami hanging in a kosher deli.”

Beth howled with laughter at both my joke and my predicament. “Poor baby. You’re going to give all the ladies, and a few guys, a show! Maybe they’ll stuff dollar bills down your suit!”

“You have a sick sense of humor, lady, you know that? Your suit, if you can call it that, leaves almost nothing to the imagination either, you know. Those patches look like postage stamps. I could mail you the way you’re barely dressed.”

“Yeah, but I’m used to being ogled. Come on, lets go swimming in the ocean. Maybe I can help you with your problem.”

Sex in the ocean. I never even had considered that. I had to run with Beth to the water before anyone else could see my obvious tent pole straining against the snug material.

We leaped into a wave, then another, swimming and frolicking, splashing each other like kids. I grabbed her as she shrieked and tossed her through a wave but not letting go. We laughed heartily and then looked at each other adoringly as we held each other in the crashing waves.

“This is a lot of fun, honey. A lot. Thank you for suggesting it and for treating me. You’re beautiful, you’re kind and you’re generous.” I said each point punctuated with a kiss. “Oh, and you’re so loving as well. I should never forget that.”

“You’re all those things and more, baby. So much more.” Beth kissed me and then dragged me deeper until we were standing at about where the water came up to just above our belly buttons. Beth kissed me slowly as I felt her hand stroking my over my restraining swimsuit. I groaned as her knowing hand kept moving back and forth along the shaft of my cock. Every so often she paused as her hand came over the head and she used her fingertips to press firmly along the glans, that supersensitive area on the underside of the head. “Feels good?” Beth asked with a shit eating grin.

“You know it does. You know how to make me feel like a king. Oh, honey, that feels so nice. Just keep touching me there.” I reached down to touch her as well, but Beth moved her lower body away from me while maintaining her own pressure on my engorged cock.

“No touchy. You enjoy yourself. You can make it up to me later. Right now, this is about you. Don’t worry, baby, I’m having a lot of fun here.” She kissed me, never stopping her movements on my dick. I was getting close between the touch of her elegant fingers and the swirling of the water around us.

“Beth, I’m going to cum…”

“Then cum, baby. Think about how much better you’ll feel after. And just remember how much I love you.”

“I love you too” I moaned as I shot off into my constricting trunks. It seemed to last a very long time as my cock twitched with each blast of semen. Soon I was empty, and my body sagged with the release. I held onto Beth to get myself together, kissing her softly many times. “I really do love you, my darling. With all my heart.”

“I love hearing you say that, baby. You make me feel like a queen, to your king. Or your prince, when I’m in charge” she smiled and laughed. “Let’s make sure you’re cleaned out so you won’t be embarrassed sitting by the pool.” She pulled my suit away from my body and we let the water washed away any remnants of my orgasm. When we were done, we made our way back to our towels and soaked up a little more sun before we decided we’d had enough of the Sun for the day. We gathered our things and headed back to the room and started the shower.

In the stall, we lathered each other from head to toe, both enjoying the sensuality of our mutual touching. I traced my fingertips over her nipples, the soap making the motion very easy. Beth closed her eyes and just savored the sensation as I kissed her neck and shoulder.

“Eric, that’s so sexy. It feels even better than usual with the hot water. Just keep doing what you’re doing to me, baby.”

“Anything you want, my love. This is all about you this time. And you’re right, it is a lot of fun.” I kissed her as softly as she had kissed me in the water. Then I turned her around and pushed her gently so her breasts were pressed into the tiles of the shower.

“Oh, my big, strong man is in control, just how I love it” Beth moaned. I reached casino oyna around with one hand and found the button of her clit. I started making quick little circles around it and Beth was trembling. “Eric, that’s so hot…don’t ever fucking stop, baby.” I kept kissing her neck and shoulder, which I knew drove her crazy and she kept letting out these little cries of pleasure.

“I love doing this for you, honey” I whispered in her ear. Her perfect ass was grinding in circles in response to my fingers circling her clit. Then I pressed hard directly on her pleasure center as I bit softly on her neck and Beth cried out as she came, her fingers grasping at the smooth tiles on the wall. I wrapped my arms around her waist and held her close.

Beth turned around with a big smile, her eyes half closed. She kissed me and stroked my chest. “I love how you make me feel, baby. So sexy and so loved. I adore you.”

“A big ugly dork like me?” I teased.

“Don’t say that! Even kidding around, don’t ever say that about yourself! There is nothing ugly or dorky about you!” She reached over and shut the water.

“Honey, I was only kidding. I promise.”

“I just don’t want you talking that way about yourself. You’re doing so much better and I don’t want you even possibly slipping back into thinking like that.” She was upset and we were dripping water. “You’re beautiful, Eric. In every way.”

I felt very bad, upsetting Beth like that. I just held onto her, my hand sliding up and down her back, still in the shower stall. “I promise, my love, I didn’t mean it the way it came out. I do feel better about myself thanks to you and your love. I really am sorry I upset you.”

“It’s ok, baby. Maybe I overreacted a little. Let’s get dried off; I’m getting chilly just standing here, even in your warm arms.”

We got out and dried off. I went in the room to let Beth take care of her hair, still feeling like a shit for saying something so stupid. The fact was I really was much better, much more comfortable in my own skin than I had been in the last 15 years, and it was all thanks to Beth. She made a world of difference in my outlook on life.

Beth came into the room 20 minutes later and we just cuddled on the bed for a couple of hours, napping a little, not paying attention to a talk show, until we got dressed to go out. I agreed to go to dinner and then take her dancing. Thing was, I has no idea how to dance. I’d never done it before, not even at a family wedding or Bar Mitzvah when Max would try to get me to dance with her. Not slow dancing, not fast.

As we dressed I said to Beth “Honey, are you really sure you want to go dancing? I haven’t a clue what to do. I’m going to make a fool of myself.”

“Nonsense. You can keep a beat, right? You have a sense of rhythm? Then you can dance. It’s just letting your body move to the sounds you hear. Besides, I love dancing. You’ll be doing it for me, and I’ll help. And it will be so dark in the club, no one will be looking at you. Besides me, that is.”

“Ok, if you insist.”

“I do.” Beth kissed me, just in her green satin bra and panty set. I was tempted to skip the night out and just order dinner in and have sex all night, but she really wanted to go out and I couldn’t deny her. And when she got into a dark green tight satin dress that matched her underthings, I thought she looked too good to keep to myself.

Dinner was nice, a local Italian place. We had wine with dinner, and Beth turned more than a few eyes. She had that power, especially all dressed to kill like she was. I think a few men got in trouble later that night for staring at her a little too much. Maybe she also inspired some enthusiastic lovemaking.

We went for a drink before heading to a club we heard about from the desk clerk at our hotel. Beth told me those places didn’t get going until around 11, sometimes even later. We got on a line to get in at 10:30. It moved reasonably quickly as the guys at the door checked everyone’s ID, even if it was obvious a person was 40 or so. No ID, no entry. No chance.

We got in and the place was very dark with flashing red, blue, green, purple and other colored lights all around. The music was LOUD, tunes I wasn’t really familiar with (I’m mostly a rock and roll type), but it didn’t matter. Beth pulled me right onto the floor, and was moving gracefully to the music, her arms up and her hips and legs sliding smoothly. I tried to do as she had said, just tried to let the music move my body. It was hard at first not to be self conscious, not about my looks, but about looking like an idiot. Beth took my hands and had me move with her, gradually finding my own moves with the beat of the music. I was actually having a great time, and Beth was thrilled. Something slower, sexier came over the sound system and Beth guided me in how to dance very close together. It was incredibly arousing.

After about an hour, we needed a break and something to drink. We found a bar table and Beth sat while I got us a couple of canlı casino drinks. It took a while since the place was crowded but I did get our drinks and headed over to the table. I regretted leaving Beth alone, as I saw three guys gathered around her. She was doing her best to ignore them, but they were being obnoxious, saying things I couldn’t hear.

I got to the table and handed Beth her drink and said the the guys “Hey, thanks for keeping my fiance company. Can I buy you guys a drink for your trouble?” Beth looked surprised but pleased. The three young men, less so.

“She’s your fiance?” the leader said. “What, is she hard up or something?” They all thought that was hilarious and laughed hard. I could smell beer strong on his breath.

“Ok, you’ve had your fun. I even offered to buy you a round of drinks. But now you’re being rude. The lady is with me, so please excuse us.”

“Listen, Frankenstein” the leader said, and I seized up. Beth looked into my eyes, worried and just took my hand while telling me with her look to just let it go. “You have a 12 inch dick or something? You filthy rich? ‘Cause there’s no other way a fine piece of ass like this would be with an fucking ugly slob like you instead of real men like us. Maybe she wants to do all three of us. She looks like she could handle it.”

I was enraged and emasculated at the same time. Even if I was the type to fight, and I wasn’t, I wasn’t about to even try to take on three others. I’d have to be Bruce Lee to survive that. Beth held my hand tighter and she whispered “Ignore them, honey. They’re drunk and they’re fools.”

Then one of them put his hand on her thigh and that sent me over the top. I leapt off my stool and looked the one who put his hand on Beth right in his eye, rage in my heart. Just when I thought I was going to have to fight and take a beating, a couple of bouncers came over and ended things. They took the three problems and threw them out while a manager came over, apologized and offered to buy us drinks. I just sat down glumly and Beth said no thanks, we just wanted to be left alone.

Beth knew our evening was over. We just sat for a few minutes while I calmed down. She knew also to just let me be and didn’t say anything. She was incredibly intuitive like that. After she saw I was calmed, she said “Come on, baby, lets get out of here.”

I didn’t say anything; I just let her lead me out and to the car. She took the keys and got behind the wheel without me even holding the door for her, the first time I hadn’t done that. We drove silently back to our hotel, about 20 minutes away, and while I was calm, I was stewing. Again, Beth just let me be, knowing there was nothing she could say at that moment to make things better.

When we got to the hotel, instead of going to our room, Beth said “Walk with me, Eric. Let’s go to the beach.”

“Honey, I’m really not in the mood for a romantic walk right now.”

“Good. You’re not going to get one. We’re going to sit and talk. You’ve had enough time to get over your anger.”

I went along with her to the sand, where she took off her heels and walked barefoot beside me. We walked about 20 yards down and we sat on the sand, no blanket or towels.

I didn’t know what to say or how to say what was on my mind, so Beth started. “Baby, I want to tell you, I am so proud of the way you tried to deal with that situation.”

I was surprised. “What are you talking about? I was humiliated and you were almost assaulted. The insults were bad enough, but he put his fucking hand on you” I seethed. “And what could I do about it? I was just going to sit there and take it. Until he touched you.”

“Yeah, and you did the right thing. I know that was hard for you; it would be hard for any man. You tried to be nice, buy them a drink, but they kept pressing. And I hurt for you so bad when he said that horrible name, which I won’t repeat. He didn’t even get it right; that name was the scientist. His creation was something else. A tortured, soulless creature. Does that sound like you? Soulless? Tortured? Because it doesn’t sound like the man I’m in love with at all. And before you say anything, you did everything you could to avoid a fight you couldn’t win. I don’t want to see you fight. I don’t want to see you hurt, physically or emotionally, any more than you want those things to happen to me.”

“But I felt so…impotent!” I shouted. “Like I couldn’t even protect the woman I love.”

“Eric” she said softly, “how many men out there do you think could take on three men by themselves? Honestly.”

“I know, but it was just so humiliating. All I wanted was to protect you, and then he put his hand on you, and I just wanted to kill him.”

“I’m very glad you didn’t, baby. I would have lost you forever. And you know what? As bad as you must have felt about the things they said about you, your first concern now is how it affected me, like my main concern is how this affected you. I love you so much. And I’m proud that you didn’t strike kaçak casino out. That would have hurt me more than anything those idiots could have said about us. Listen to me, please. You showed incredible strength of character. You didn’t make it all about your ego, though I know it’s bruised. You wanted to protect me. You can’t imagine how attractive that is.”

I looked over at Beth for the first time since we sat down. Her eyes were wide and bright, her expression was earnest and honest. The anger was slowly melting away, and the love I felt for her was taking over again. I leaned over and kissed her, a soft, gentle kiss. I tried to break away but Beth wrapped her arms around my neck and held me for a long kiss. When she finally let me loose, she said “You need to take me to bed, baby. If we had a blanket, we could do it right here, but sand in the vagina is a very unpleasant thing.”

“Are you certain you want to tonight? We don’t have to.”

“Oh yes we do. This is the last night of our trip. We definitely ‘have to’. No holding out on me.”

I helped Beth to her feet and we walked back, my arm around her back and hers around mine. When we were inside, she had me sit down on the edge of the bed. “Stay there, baby” Beth said as she kissed me. “You were my hero tonight. You were so brave. You’re everything I want most in a man. Smart, caring and brave. And very handsome. And such a demon in bed.” She stood back and turned away before pulling down the zipper of her dress. She looked over her shoulder at me as she let her dress fall from her shoulders. I could see the straps of her green bra as the dress fell to her hips. She was seducing me and doing a hell of a job of it. She knew the power she had over men, me specifically. Whatever doubts I had about myself as a man were just fading away. Maybe Beth was restoring my ego, but she was doing it out of love for me.

“Honey, you’re magnificent” I whispered as her dress fell to the floor. Beth was still facing away from me, and her ass was perfectly contained in those green satin panties. Her legs, long to begin with, were sculpted with great curves in her heels.

“Am I? Come here and show me what you think for real.” Flirty, teasing me.

I walked up behind her and went to undo her bra. “One hand only” Beth said lustily. “Lets see if you can do it.”

“I can, don’t you worry, Dirty Girl. I’ll have it off in no time.” It took me a little longer than no time, but I did it in less than 15 seconds, not bad, I thought, for someone who had limited experience removing bras.

“Not bad” Beth said, echoing my thoughts. “But could use improvement. We’ll work on it” as she turned around and slipped into my arms. “My very sexy Naughty Boy. You know how much I love you?” Beth asked as her arms went around my back.

“I have a pretty good idea.” We kissed warmly, with a large hint of the desire we both felt. “Hopefully as much as I love you.” I cupped the cheeks of her soft ass in my hands. “Thank you, honey. You made me feel so much better.”

“Not nearly as good as I’m going to make you feel. My hero.” More wonderful kisses. “But somethings wrong here. I’m almost naked here and you’re still fully dressed.” She took my shirt in her hands and pulled hard, sending the buttons flying all over the room.

I looked at her, pretending to be upset. “That was a new shirt. Well, newish.”

“Awww and I damaged it. You can take it out in trade, stud.” Beth pushed me down to my knees. She could be surprisingly strong. “You can start by using that wicked tongue of yours. I’m kind of on fire here.”

She put one foot up, resting the flat part of her shoe on my shoulder. I kissed the inside of her thigh, gently biting her soft yet toned flesh. I heard her sigh with initial pleasure as her fingers slid through my hair. I looked up at her and saw a look of adoration on her face. It was sweet and it just melted my heart. “Taste me, baby. I love the feeling of your tongue on my pussy. You’re so good at it. My Naughty Boy.”

“Anything you want, Dirty Girl. Any time.” I pulled her panties to the side, exposing her bare lips. Beth was so smooth all over except for that small patch of fine hairs on her mound. I rubbed my nose along her cleft and over her folds and Beth gasped as her fingers gripped my hair and her body shuddered.

“Baby, that’s wonderful” Beth moaned. “But use your tongue. Fuck me with it. Fuck me with your fingers. And after I cum, I’m going to treat you like a king.”

That was an offer I couldn’t resist. My hands gripped the cheeks of her ass as I dug into her dripping cunt with my tongue. I swirled all over her swollen lips, smooth and clean, and she pushed down involuntarily on my shoulder with her foot to keep her balance. Then I used the tip of my tongue to push between her inner lips to get into the entrance of her pussy. Beth used one hand to spread her pussy open for me, giving me easier entry, while her other hand was grabbing and massaging her tits, pulling and tweaking her thick nipples. They looked like dark erasers, almost as thick and rubbery, and I watched her the entire time. I kept my hands on her ass cheeks both to support her and keep her steady as well as because it felt great to me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20