Casey’s Recovery Ch. 06

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I laughed at her impertinent manner. Lillian was no beauty, with her big peasant face and big body, but she had personal style that overcame any negatives; and besides I was convinced that she would do anything I could imagine in the sex department. I liked looking at her. I liked her imperfections and how her body moved, as I sat looking at her I eased my hand down from her tits and caressed her belly, pushing her legs apart, and then lifted them into an inverted “v” position.

I moved in between her legs gently pushing her legs higher and pressed my mouth to her now gaping pussy. Once there, I began to lick and suck her pussy lips, probing her pussy hole with my tongue. Quickly her fluids began to flow and she said, “Ooooh Jack, this is the way to get a woman ready for the day, do whatever you want. Eat me, suck me, fuck me blind, oh this feels sooo good honey!”

So I continued to eat her and slipped a finger to explore the top of her vagina searching for that fleshy bump indicating the “G” spot. It took a while, but I found it and manipulated it while sucking and licking her clitoris. Stopping from time to time of lick up all the fluids that presented. Lillian is a fun girl to eat, because she rewards you with rotating and thrusting hips and inspirational moans and groans.

And when she cums, she holds your head firmly, pushing her pussy hard against you, bouncing her ass softly saying such things as, “God I love you, you are a pussy eating joy, Oh Oh Oh, honey you eat my pussy sooooo good.”

After she came a second time, I spent a little while licking her crotch, cleaning away all the excess and finally kissed her firmly on the clit, then slid up and deep kissed her; when she asked “Baby, aren’t you going to get some for yourself? Want me to suck you off?”

“Not now, hell its after 10:00 am, we need to get moving and I need to get back to Casey, she’ll think I’ve abandoned her” I said.

And off I went, quickly into the bathroom to wash the pussy stink off my face and then downstairs to Casey. As I walked into the room she smiled and said, “Nice to have you back, I thought you might have fallen in or something.”

“No” I said, “just a few things I had to attend to. And how are you doing?”

“Well breakfast was fantastic, thanks so much. But that’s created another situation” she said.

“Don’t make such a face, what do you need?” I said.

“Um, ah, I need to have a bowel movement,” she said, “I’m really sorry.”

“Bull hockey, you gotta’ go, you gotta’ go. I’m your brother, I love you, everybody has to take a dump and it ain’t like I’ve not taken a few hundred myself … and everybody looks at their turds, so no big deal and no apologies.”

I scrambled around, arranging the bed and lifted her enough to slip the bedpan under her. Once there I asked her if there was anything else I could do, and she said “if you can, slip your hand under the cast just above my puss and kind of rub my stomach in a clockwise fashion, it helps me go.”

I moved to the side of the bed and slipped my hand in where she indicated. It was rather easy to get my hand under her cast, once there I rubbed her stomach in a circular motion. As I did this she squeezed her eyes shut and grunted softly. I could feel her straining against me as my hand moved over her belly, then we had output. I’d never watched anyone take a dump before, so I found myself staring as her asshole expanded and a long, dark brown turd softly eased out of her rectum and into the bedpan.

I started to remove my hand when she said softly, “No, no, not done yet, keep massaging.”

As I continued, I could feel her muscles straining and watched in some awe as another big brown turd slid out of her asshole. It had to be 10 inches long or longer and at least 3 inches across as it dropped into the pan. She let out a gush of air and relaxed when she suddenly said, “Oh crap! Cover my puss, fast, hurry, cover it!”

I simply moved my hand from her belly and placed it over her pussy when a gush of piss began to flow onto my hand and into the pan. It was a surprisingly strong flow but only lasted a minute or so. She was right, if I had not covered her pussy her piss would have sprayed out over the bed.

“Oh God, I am so sorry and embarrassed. ” Her face was beet red and I know she was really, really embarrassed, so rather than say anything I busied myself with disposing of the waste, washing the pan and putting it away. Then I prepared a basin of warm, soapy water and returned to her bedside.

So I said in my biggest big brother voice, “Ok kiddo, it’s time for a bath. Don’t give me any crap about it; and just for the record, NEVER, NEVER be embarrassed or ashamed of anything you do. You got me? I mean it. If you need to shit, shit. You can shit all over casino siteleri the place and I will NEVER be upset or criticize you in any way. I’m your brother and there is nothing you can do that people the world around don’t have to do every day. I love you and that’s the end of that, got it!”

She looked up at me with tears in her eyes and said, “Thank you so much. I’m still embarrassed; I never would have expected you to be so cool about helping me. I don’t know what to say but thanks and I love you too.”

“Ok then, time for the bath. By the way, you should know that the experience was educational for me; I learned a lot.” I turned to the warm, soapy water and squeezed and rinsed the wash cloth and began to wash her exposed legs and feet.

I saw that she was watching me carefully when she screwed her face up and said, “What kind of educational experience did you have?”

I laughed and said,” Are you sure you want to know?”

It was clear she was recovering from her embarrassment, but she was still tender, so she hesitated then said, “Of course, tell me.”

I smiled and said, “I will never again wonder if I could hurt a woman by fucking her up the ass. Which by the way I actually enjoy doing. After seeing the size of the turd you expelled, my cock is modest by comparison. You educated me and shot down my ego at the same time!”

She blushed again and quickly put both hands over her mouth and giggled her sweet little girl giggle, then said, “So can I take it that you would fuck me up the ass, is that right?”

Mother gave me strict instructions, just because we’re running around naked is no excuse to “fuck your sister.” So, I said, “No fucking allowed between brother and sister. There you have it.”

By this time I had fully soaped and washed her pussy and exposed ass and was in the process of drying her off when she said, “I didn’t hear you say that she told you not to eat my pussy did she?”

“Technically, no she did not say that; but still, I’m sure it was implied” I said.

Before starting on her top, I reached for the body lotion and began to do her bottom and legs when Lillian walked into the room. She’d taken a bath, combed her hair and slipped into sweats to go to her house and dress for the hospital. She said, “Well it looks like you guys have everything in hand. I’m off for the hospital, see you guys around 7 pm or so. Have a great day!”

She leaned over and kissed Casey on the forehead and patted my ass and went off to her day. As the front door closed I lotioned my hands and began working lotion into the skin in Casey’s ass crack, taking particular care to lube and finger her rectum. She gave me a small sigh and said, “Don’t hesitate to lube me up big brother. Work it in all around down there!”

I worked my lubed forefinger in and out of her asshole about two inches or so and then wiped away the excess lotion. I washed my hands in the remaining soapy water and squirted a bit of lotion on those fantastic pussy lips, gently working it back and forth and up and down her valley. She said, “You can keep that up all day, it feels really good.”

With that I slipped my middle finger in her pussy hole up to the second knuckle and began to rub her clitoris between my forefinger and thumb. In less than a minute she began to take quick, panting breaths and tried to push her bottom further onto my fingers; the cast prevented all but a little movement. Since she was enjoying this I increased my tempo and rubbed her clit faster. Sure enough, she made a few squeaky noises, some hah, hah, hah sounds and shuddered the most delightful little shudder before saying, “Please come up here and kiss me. I’ve not had a cum in over a month, and that was long overdue, come on now, kiss me bro.”

So I kissed her a full, frenching tongue kiss that lingered. When we parted lips she smiled a big smile and patted my cheeks saying, “You are hereby authorized to finger my pussy anytime you like, more often if you wish.”

I looked a little confused and said, “Why can’t you get yourself off sweet?”

“Brother, you are so dense sometimes, look ..” and as I looked it was clear that her arms reaching up and over the cast would not reach her pussy. “I tries and I tries, but I can’t get there. Got it now.”

“Yes, I got it, it be clear to me now. Let’s finish your bath and I’ll start thinking about lunch.”

I had a very nice time washing her top. She has really nice tits and her nipples were fun to fondle and suck for a time. We finished with lotion and a second pussy go round. For the moment at least, my baby sister loves me, at least she loves my fingers.


While I stirred around in the kitchen making sandwiches; the phone rang. It was Casey’s friend Shelly; I passed her the phone, moving the mobile base onto her side table. I heard lots of laughter and teenage girl chatter as I finished lunch and carried it into Casey. It seems that Shelly and Jennifer and Jimmy will be coming over to visit canlı casino later today around 3 pm.

Shelly and Jennifer are Casey’s lifelong friends and Jimmy is Shelly’s brother. They were all at the beach when Casey got hurt and they’ve hung out together almost all their lives. As we ate our lunch together, Casey said, “You know, you’ll have to get us dressed for visitors later.”

As she said it, I realized that I’d not even thought about being naked today and yet here I sat in all my glory as naked as the day I was born. I guess my thought showed on my face because she put her sandwich down and grasped a breast in each hand and shook them, it was a pretty sight. Then she laughed and said, “I know I haven’t thought about it either, guess we’re getting used to it. You’ve not had a hard-on that I’ve seen all day.”

“You’re right” I replied, “in just a couple of days’ I’ve gotten really comfortable being naked. Truth be told, I really like it. Of course, I really like looking at you girls as well. There’s just something nice about seeing Mom and Lillian walking around naked. It’s stimulating seeing their breasts and asses shake and sway, but it’s also so natural.”

Casey nodded and said around a mouthful of sandwich, “I know what you mean. I see everybody going about their business and it’s just nice to see. I particularly enjoy watching you work around here with your cock and balls bouncing and swinging. I just like it.”

She looked at me studiously, paused a moment and said, “Do you think we could just stay naked when my friends come over?”

“Well, probably not, you don’t know what they might say and I wouldn’t want to embarrass Mom for anything, you know?” I said.

“Yea, you’re right. Besides, Jennifer would want to suck your dick the moment she got here, she’s such a cock slut” said Casey.

“Jennifer” I said, “the blonde, right.”

“That’s right, the blonde” Casey laughed. “You remember the little girl with braces and a pony tail; plus big round tits. You remember!”

“Ok, I remember, actually” I said, “I think the last time I saw her I thought her tits were fake; like she stuffed her bra or something.”

“Nope, no stuffing, those are the real thing, I think every girl in gymnastics wanted to just touch them to be sure, but they’re real. 40 C’s, big round tits with bright strawberry red nipples; heck her nipples must be a couple of inches across! But little short nubs in the center, not big, important ones like mine.”

With that she pinched her long nipples between her fingers and pulled her breasts out away from her chest and shook them again then let go. Her tits bounced back, quivered like hard jello and the nipples stood up to their full half inch height, hard and stiff. She looked up at me and smiled that little shit eating grin of hers and said, “I’ve got some serious nipples don’t I?”

“The absolutely, most serious nipples I’ve ever seen. So how do you know she’s a cock sucking slut?” I asked.

“Actually, I don’t. I’m just guessing, because whenever we’re together she’s always talking about how she’d like to suck some guy’s dick. She’s not nasty or anything, I guess I just decided she was a cock slut; maybe not though, probably not fair for me to say that either.” she said.

I nodded my head, stood up, stepped close to her bed, leaned over and sucked the nearest nipple into my mouth, licking and gently chewing on it while rubbing the other nipple with my fingers. Casey sighed and moaned a little saying, “You can keep that up all day too bro.”

At the same time, she reached out and took my stiffening cock in her hand and began to firmly stroke me at a nice, easy pace. To my cum filled balls it felt great. After a couple of minutes, I let her nipple slip from my mouth and rubbed both lovely breasts for a while and said to her, “Sis, you keep stroking me; I’m going to blow a serious load right on your pretty tits.”

“Let it blow bro, I want to see you cum; besides you got me off very nicely earlier, I owe you.”

I rested my hands on my hips, stepped just a little closer and let her continue to jack me off. As the pre-cum began to dribble, she’d stop and catch a little and suck it out of the palm of her hand, smacking and slurping then she’d laugh and stroke me more. It didn’t take long and I told her, “Baby, I’m gonna’cum.”

With her other hand she stretched over and began to rub the pre-cum around my cockhead while stroking me. Sure enough, a nice cummy blast jetted out onto her nearest breast and splashed onto the far breast. 2 shots and several good oozes later, I was finished. Casey squeezed the head of my cock and began to rub the cooling cum over her throat, breasts and exposed chest while smiling at me with a big smile.

“Jack that was fun, not as much fun as me cuming this morning, but it was fun. I really enjoyed seeing your cock shoot. Let’s be sure and do it again, Ok?”

I sat down with my softening cock in my lap enjoying the after orgasm glow kaçak casino and just smiled at her. After a few minutes, I said, “we better get you cleaned up and ready for visitors.”

Reluctantly she said, “Ok, you’re right, I must be a little freaky, but I swear I like the smell and feel of your cum drying on me. Weird, right?”

“Absolutely right, you are weird; but I love you. So, stay weird” I said.

I went for soapy water, towels and such, giving her a quick sponge bath. Then I stood and gave myself a quick once over with the remaining soapy water and dried us both off. I found a nice large sporty t-shirt of mine and slipped over her naked top fitting it easily over her cast. Next, I took a large sheet and covered her exposed pussy and the lower portion of her cast, tucking in under her legs to keep it in place. She watched me carefully and assured me that it was a good job.

Next, I straightened up the kitchen and living areas, brought a couple of folding chairs in to be sure everyone had a place to sit, pulled on my shorts and sport shirt and together we declared ourselves and the house ready for visitors. It was still a little early, so I turned on the television; I don’t know why, but the girl loves talk shows so it was easy to find something for her to watch.

A little before 3 pm the doorbell rang and I ushered in the three visitors plus a stray red headed boy named Chuck. Now for Chuck, how do I describe him? Almost as tall as me, probably 5’11” or so and long legs and arms, ropy and boney. Not skinny, not muscular, not fat, just sort of there, white skin with a spray of freckles across his face and lots of dull red hair. Honestly, I don’t think you’d notice him in a crowd except for the red hair. Still, he seemed nice enough.

Casey was right, Jennifer is outstanding, she’d gotten her teeth straightened, grown to about 5’8″ and changed from a gawky high school sophomore into a really pretty, blue eyed blond 18 year old woman with killer long legs and big tits. Just looking at her, I though “showgirl.” As she walked past me into the Den, I watched her pretty round ass wave goodbye to me, it was very nice.

Shelly and Jimmy looked pretty much as they had before, just more mature. They are fraternal twins so they don’t look exactly alike, but close. They’re both about 5’5″ and very slender; not skinny, slender and they both have sleek, muscular legs. In short, they remind me of ballet dancers, very little spare flesh, but what is there is very nice.

In the face they are pleasant, brown eyed, lightly dark skinned people, in our part of the world they’d remind you of Hispanics and you’d be wrong, they are both of Italian heritage. Shelly is a nice looking girl with light brown, curly hair which I’d guess came from her Irish mother while Jimmy is plainer and his hair, while curly, is nearly black. Nice looking kids; how strange is sounds to me to describe them as kids, I’m only 6 years older, almost a kid myself.

I let them get settled in, talking, gushing and sounding like the children they almost still were. I busied myself with little chores trying to stay out of their way, but near enough to hear if Casey called.

About 30 minutes had gone by when Jimmy walked into the kitchen where I sat reading the paper and asked if he and Chuck could use the pool while the girls talked. I said “Sure, do you have suits?”

Jimmy assured me they had suits and towels in their car and I instructed them to go right ahead. They must have changed in the garage because when they came back in the house it was all bare skin, bathing suits and towels and out to the pool they went. Jimmy looked very trim and fit, sort of exercise instructor fit with taunt body and quick moves. Chuck on the other hand was skinny, very white and still boney.

Almost immediately after the boys went outside to the pool, I heard Shelly say, “Holy Shit! You’re fucking naked! You’re pussy is right out there on display!”

With that I stepped into the hall just in time to hear Casey shaking with laughter say, “No shit, put my sheet back dimwit. You should have seen Jack when he first saw my puss, it was priceless! But, he’s been absolutely great. He’s even given me a bath.”

Then Jennifer said in a very soft voice, “He touches your pussy and everything? Really, wow?”

Things are getting interesting.

I stood in the hallway, doing my best to stay out of sight, when I heard Casey giggle just like a little girl and say, “Yes Jennifer, he touches my pussy and everything, and it’s really Ok. I’ve even seen his cock!”

Shelly sounding startled said, “Holy crap, how did that happen?”

Sounding very bold and brave, Casey said, speaking quietly, “I told him if he got to look at my thing I should be able to see his thing. So he took it out and showed me!”

Acting as though I’d not heard a thing, I stepped into her room and said, “Hey what’s going on guys? Can I get you something to drink or anything?”

All eyes were on my crotch, it seemed like those 3 pairs of eyes were burning a hole in my shorts. So I said, “What? What’s the deal?”

Jennifer said, “Casey told us you gave her a bath and washed e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g? Is that true?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20