Chance Encounter

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Jane and Sue walked through the park, enjoying the idle chatter as they often did.

“I need a pee babe,” said Jane, pointing to the old looking public toilets,” only be a minute.

Sue sat on a nearby bench as her friend crossed over to the green painted building. Sue and Jane had been friends since school days, and although they were both married now with young families, still spent a lot of time together. Sue’s husband, Jim had once joked, ‘I swear you two are having a lezzy affair’, which they weren’t.

A few minutes later, Jane reappeared, hurried across to where Sue was sitting and whispered to her friend, “My God girl, you will never believe what I’ve just seen.”

Sue looked at her Friend’s flushed face, “What, don’t tell me, a huge spider.”

“No, a huge cock!” Jane giggled. “Right there in the Loo.”

“What, some pervert in the ladies?” Sue asked.

“No, through a hole in the wall between the ladies and gents. There was a bit of paper stuck to the wall, I caught it with my sleeve, it fell off and there was a fucking hole there. I looked through and there was a guy standing facing me wanking.”

“Oh fuck, what did you do?” Sue asked her.

“Pulled my fucking knickers up and got the fuck out, that’s what I did,” Jane replied. “It was bloody huge.”

The two friends sat in silence for a few minutes. Jane thinking about what she had just casino oyna seen, and Sue thinking what she had just missed.

“Do you think he’s still there?” Said Sue nodding towards the toilets.

“Haven’t seen anybody come out, so I guess he is,” answered Jane. “Oh no, you are not thinking what I think you are, are you?”

“Yes, I guess I am,” nodded Sue, “Come on, let’s go in together, be a laugh, two of us, that will be safe, just for a giggle.”

Jane looked thoughtful for a moment, then said, “You’re on girl, let’s do it!”

Two minutes later the two friends squeezed into the same cubical and Jane pointed towards the hole.

Crouching down the two women looked through into the men’s cubicle and, sure enough, he was still there, cock in hand, slowly wanking a formidable cock.

As the girls watched, the man moved closer to the partition between the two cubicles, a second later his cock appeared on their side.

Sue looked at the large swaying cock, a small bead of pre-cum leaking from the pee-hole. Tentatively, she reached out a hand and ran a finger along the shaft and over the head.

There was a groan from the other side of the wall and the cock twitched.

Jane decided she wanted some of the action and placed her hand round the throbbing shaft and began to slowly wank it.

When the jets of cum shot from the hard cock it took both girls canlı casino by surprise. Strings of white spunk flew across the cubicle between them. Seconds later the cock was drawn back into the man’s side of the wall, followed under a minute later by the door slamming closed as the man left the toilets.

“Well, the fucking cheek!” Jane whispered, “Two women wank him off and not so much as a thank you.”

They were just about to leave the cubicle when the door in the gents clicked shut again as another man entered.

Jane looked at Sue and pressed a finger to her lips. Sue nodded her agreement and they both stood still and waited.

A minute passed and no sign of a cock appeared.

“I think he’s looking through the hole” whispered Jane.

Sue nodded. Smiled and undid the zip on her jeans.

Jane watched amazed as she stepped out of them and removed her panties. Smiling at Sue she gestured her to finger herself.

With a grin, Sue nodded and moving closer to the hole and proceeded to slowly rub her clit.

The eye at the hole watched intently for five minutes and was then replaced by a hard cock.

Jane put out a hand and started to wank it. Turning to look at Sue she saw she was still rubbing her clit and dipping two fingers into, what was from the slurping sound, was a very wet cunt. The look in her eyes was one of pure animal lust.

The cock in kaçak casino Jane’s hand was twitching now and beads of pre-cum dripping from the tip. Jane collected some on her finger and smeared it over the head.

A strong male voice sounded through the wall,” Cumming, fucking CUMMING!”

Suddenly, to Jane’s surprise, Sue sank to her knees, still frantically rubbing her clit. Her mouth opened just in time, as the first jet of spunk flew from the throbbing cock. By the time the second jet came, the cock was deep in her sucking mouth.

With a sudden shudder, Sue’s orgasm was upon her. For the next minute, she continued to suck the slowly deflating cock until it was withdrawn back through the hole.

“Fuck Sue that was so erotic, watching you suck and cum like that,” Jane said and found to her surprise she was rubbing her own cunt through her jeans.

Sue smiled at her long-time friend, some cum still dripping from her chin, leaned forward and without a word undid her jeans, and pulled them down.

As if in a dream Jane eased her own panties down, leant against the wall, closed her eyes and waited.

Although Sue had seen her friend’s naked body many times before, this was the first time she had approached it as a sexual object.

The touch of Sue’s tongue licking her already sensitive clit, plus the sights she had just witnessed, caused Jane’s own climax to erupt in mere seconds.

“Oh God Sue, I needed that.” She purred. Hugging her friend.

Both girls adjusted their clothing and left the toilets, hand in hand, their friendship changed forever.

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