Cheating with His Brother Ch. 02

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Cheating with His Brother

Chapter Two

“Come with me.”

Ropes’ breath caressed Kao’s scales and the drake shivered, glancing back over her shoulder to where the door to the kitchen swung open, just gently bumping against the frame. The demoness giggled softly as he watched for an interruption, gaze dragging back to her as if he had been loath to take it away in the first place. And the cougar had to admit that she was a sight to behold, whiskers quivering as she drove the dragon up against the island in the centre of the kitchen, trapping him with the hard surface pressed into the small of her back.

She wanted something hard in a very different place.

She purred, eyes glowing an intense white. Kao gulped and pulled at his collar, trying to look anywhere but at her, but failed dismally, groaning deep in the back of his throat as she layered a trail of kisses up his neck and the line of his jaw. It took every ounce of his willpower – she was just that good, of course, she was – to hold himself back from the demon, paws gripping the counter until his knuckles whitened beneath his blue scales, lifting from the backs of his paws ever so slightly from the sheer force of his grip.

“Come on…” She cajoled, although he really should not have needed persuasion with such a lustful femfur before him, surely. “Don’t you want me, Kao? Don’t you want to feel how hot and tight I am?”

Sometimes the cliché words were the best and they worked a treat. Kao shuddered and closed his eyes, head lolling back as she nipped his throat sharply, just above his bobbing Adam’s apple.

“But Fyr’s here…” He protested, although it seemed weaker that time, as if the drake was breaking, ever so slowly. “We can’t… He’s my brother…”

The cougar shook her head. How cute. He was fucking his brother’s wife and what he was really concerned about was the fact that his brother was still there? Weren’t they beyond that?

But, as Kao pushed her away gently, putting space between them, she knew she’d lost that round. It was all she could do not to pout, lips petulantly turning down, but she was not a cougar to give up on the chase quite so easily. It was just a battle when lust burned through her, that ache to feed as a demon needed to feed. Ropes stifled a groan – it wasn’t becoming of her – and rubbed her muzzle as the dragon half-turned his shoulder to her, a clear snub if she’d ever seen one.

Sometimes Ropes forgot, however, that it was different for those born mortal and, with a sigh that held far more disappointment than she could have put words to, she tucked her tentacles sedately down against her back. They settled into the holes cut strategically in her well-fitting T-shirt, just something she’d thrown on, because, well, it did make her tits look really good. They were impossible to ignore, pushing out large and full against the nearly sheer fabric – okay, it was a bit slutty when she thought about it – but they still hadn’t had the desired effect. Considering that that desired effect was her up against the wall and Kao fucking her like a sex-starved dragon.

A lady could dream.

And keep trying.

“Don’t mind him. He won’t hear us if we go upstairs…” Her eyes simmered, a tentacle trailing – how had that gotten loose? – across the dragon’s cheek. “You’ll just have to be quick.”

Kao hesitated, but took a step back, taking her paws instead. But the space he kept between them could not be denied even as he rubbed the back of her paws with his thumbs. She shivered. His touch was as intoxicating as she’d hoped her sexual appetite was to him.

Why did males need a bit more encouragement these days?

“We’ll be quick,” he murmured. “Many times over. Just when Fyr is away next time.”

Ropes growled and yanked her paws away, crossing her arms stubbornly across her chest.

“What? That could be weeks from now!”

Her voice had risen without her realising and Kao shushed her quickly, holding his paws out in what the cougar supposed he intended to be a placating fashion. She, however, was hardly to be talked down off the ledge she’d put herself on, self-righteous anger rising in the pit of her stomach as her tentacles twisted and writhed.

“Shush, Ropes, please!” He hissed, tail swinging anxiously back and forth. “Please keep it down!”

“Well, if you’d been more of a drake, perhaps you’d be trying to get me to keep it down on something far more pleasurable than my fricking voice!”

Kao’s eyes seemed to darken and he advanced on her with his jaw clenched, a paw closing around her wrist before she had the chance to react. The dragon forced her back to the wall, his larger bulk and muscle pinning her just where she wanted to be and Ropes couldn’t help but melt into the casino oyna solidity of him, purring as his lips found hers in a harsh, crushing kiss that had her tentacles squirming as if he was already deep inside her.

“I am all the drake you need, you sexy cat,” he groaned against her lips, breaking the kiss only briefly to allow the fleeting words to pass. “And I’d show you right here and now if your husband wasn’t in the next room, expecting both of us back at any moment.”

Kao smirked, the muscles in his arms tensing as he held her.

“It’ll be all the sweeter for having to wait.”

He nibbled at her neck and Ropes’ head spun.

“No fair,” she murmured, eyes half-lidded. “That’s cheating.”

“All’s fair in love and war, kitty.”

“That may be true, my dear, but this feline has claws.”

She disengaged herself from Kao, letting her tentacles trail and drag over his shoulders as if she was trying to pull him along with her. But she did not and deliberately put space between them, jean-clad hips popping with a little bit of a sway as she turned on her heel.

“Don’t keep me waiting too long,” she purred, “or else I’ll just have to see if there’s a better stud around.”

She didn’t wait to see his reaction, walking back into the living room where Fyr was sprawled across the sofa. The dragon surely had his eyes fixed on her backside as she strutted away and every bit of the show she put on was for him and him alone. Purring, she perched on the arm of the sofa, taking his paw in hers as the exhausted drake stirred, wings trying to unfurl from where they were pinned beneath his back.

Her lips twisted sympathetically. Her big, strong dragon had had a long old week.

“Hey, baby,” she murmured, stroking his snout gently. “Did you miss me?”

Fyr smiled, eyes half-closed, but he still had the presence of mind to turn his cheek into her paw, a tendril of smoke curling from his nostrils.

“I always do.”

And, although she would, of course, miss him too when he next went away, Ropes couldn’t wait to see the back of the dragon, if only to get her on her back.

Sex was a positive thing in a relationship, right?


Sadly, however, Fyr had no business meetings to attend out of town and days did indeed roll into weeks, much as Ropes had feared. The demon paced the house, tentacles writhing as her frustration roiled a hair’s breadth below the surface. The house seemed small, too small, and she completed lap after lap when she was left to her own devices, unable to settle as the need for sex, to lust and to feed, swelled to breaking point.

The cougar growled and paused in the entrance to their bedroom, nostrils flaring as she sucked in greedy gulps of air. If she dragged in enough of it, she could imagine that Fyr or Kao was in there with her, filling her as a demon of her kind needed to be filled.

It wouldn’t matter really who fucked her, as long as she got what she needed, after all. But it was that lack of anything that drove her to pacing point, tail swishing and lashing the air like a whip. The only thing that kept her sane was the thought that Kao would leap at the chance to mate with her, if only she could get Fyr out of the picture and out of the house for at least a little while! That was all she needed!

Of course, she wasn’t getting it anywhere else either. Perhaps that wouldn’t have been so bad, just a little something to take the edge off and soothe her frantic, lustful mind. And, if she did get it, it wasn’t as if it was good.

“Ropes…” Fyr’s arm was on her shoulder, but she shrugged it off, turning on her heel to pace another lap of the room. “Ropes, what’s wrong? Why are you so worked up? Did something happen at work?”

“No!” She snapped, the words coming out with greater harshness than she could have expected from herself. “Nothing happened at work!”

Fyr stepped back, the red dragon’s eyes creasing at the corners with concern.

“But… Ropes, this really isn’t like you.”

He held out his paw for her and a part of the cougar twisted, aching to take it. But she couldn’t.

The cougar hissed.

“Sure, it’s not like me.” The sarcasm in her voice could have soured milk. “Maybe you’d know what I’m really like if you actually spent any time at all with me.”

Fyr stepped back, wings folding in sharply to his back. Setting her jaw, Ropes folded her arms and met him head on, white eyes blazing with cold fire.

“What? You seem shocked by that. How much time have you spent with me in the last two weeks alone?”

Fyr opened his mouth and closed it again, lips pressing into a thin, hard line. A surge of victory flared through Ropes, but it was short-lived and insubstantial. Despite everything, she hardly wanted to be right about how little her husband wanted to spend time with her, sexual or not.

Of course, she did often walk away when she made an advance that he did not reciprocate, but that was by the by. It wasn’t as if she didn’t try – every day, in fact.

Caught in a stand-off, husband and wife faced one another canlı casino down, refusing to each concede an inch of ground, whether figurative or literal. Ropes peeled her lips back from her teeth and snarled, though Fyr was hardly dissuaded: it was not as if it was an expression he hadn’t been on the receiving end of before, after all.

But the words that slipped from his lips made her heart leap into her throat and tighten there – in a good way. Oh, the very best kind of way.

“Then come with me.” Oh, how she’d longed to hear that sultry hiss roll from his lips – it had been far, far too long. “I want to spend time with you, I want to do what you want to do and I’m sorry I didn’t before.”

As if nervous, Fyr licked his lips. The cougar tried to take a breath and only rasped, whiskers quivering.

“Now, Ropes… Just…”

And then his paw closed around hers and he towed her back across the landing, urgency in his stride. And all the hatred and tension she’d had for his dismissal of her before melted away as if it had never existed, replaced by searing lust that she had had to force down for so very long. Ropes nearly beat him into the bedroom in her haste to get him just where she wanted him and half-shoved her own husband out of the way as she hauled him on top of her on the bed, legs lifting to wrap around his waist even as a throaty moan escaped her.

“Oh, yessss…”

But Fyr chuckled, taking off his T-shirt, the one with the cheesy quote that, one day, was going to get eaten by the washing machine.

“Ropes, hang on, sweetie, I haven’t even got my clothes off…”

Her tentacles caressed his arms and he leaned into her as the cougar tried to squirm out of her jeans, wishing belatedly that she’d worn something a little less form-fitting, even if they did show off her buttocks something amazing. Ropes moaned and arched up into him as he fought with his belt, trousers slipping down around his hips as he struggled to undress the only part of him that really needed addressing.

“But you’re already hard. Just do me!”

The dragon blushed, heat rushing to his cheeks as he sucked back, perhaps in some kind of misguided embarrassment and shyness.

“Ropes, you’re so crude.”

She didn’t see the problem with that, but, twisting, she managed to squirm her jeans down around her thighs and expose herself, not having bothered wearing underwear that way. Her husband groaned deep in the back of his throat and pushed over her, helping her out of her jeans as he let his hard shaft spring out, loose boxers sliding down his thighs as he pressed onward.

Ropes’ heart pounded. Maybe he was the one for her after all. Maybe he could give her what she needed.

The dragon’s shaft pushing into her was the sweetest thing she’d felt in what seemed like years, but, in reality, was most likely only a few weeks. Soaked, the cougar arched up to meet him and wrapped her legs around his waist, bare hind paws brushing gently down the scales of his lower back until they found their rightful place digging lightly into his buttocks, pulling him deeper into her.

Sometimes he needed a bit of encouragement. Sometimes he needed a little more than just a bit of encouragement too.

Fyr moved so gently that it was as if he was afraid to break her, thrusting with great care and caution and barely bottoming out within his wife, though her cunt squeezed eagerly around him, ready and willing for more, much more. Ropes wriggled and pressed her heels into his backside, using the leverage she’d built there to force his hips up to her thighs. The dragon gasped.

“Harder,” she breathed. “Fuck me, harder.”

Fyr kissed her neck, teeth just barely grazing the line of her jaw, and, for a moment, she thought that he was actually going to do what she needed, what she craved.

But her hopes were only risen to be dashed into pieces once again.

He didn’t fuck her harder. In fact, he barely fucked her at all. Although he was hard, he moved with a clinical precision, sliding in and out of her as if he was merely going through the motions. She was almost surprised that he didn’t stop all of a sudden, announce that he’d climaxed and start putting his clothes back on, swapping roles as he faked his orgasm and returned to the life that, for him, at least was easier.

She knew he’d faked cumming before.

But she could make him cum. She could fuck him like he’d never been fucked before.

She’d make him want her again.

Ropes growled and wrapped her tentacles around his arms, flipping the dragon roughly onto his back. Fyr yelped as his cock slipped from her, wings squashed beneath him, but had barely a chance to react as she clambered on top of him, swinging a leg over his waist and pushing herself down hilt his cock inside her.

The cougar let out a long, rolling hiss, head lolling back.

“Now that’sss more like it!”

Rocking her hips, she splayed her paws flat on her husband’s scaled chest and snarled out her pleasure, tentacles caressing him even as one dipped down between her legs to tease kaçak casino her clit. He was too dumbstruck to use his paws – and, really, who could have blamed him? – and could only groan as his cock was pumped and massaged by her dripping pussy, the cougar slamming her buttocks down over and over again as she picked up the pace she’d yearned for all along.

Yet the dragon’s reaction as far from the one she hoped for. He should have been moaning in pleasure, wanting more and trying to thrust up into her even as she ground her hips down and pinned him to the bed. He should have licked and sucked and nuzzled at her tentacles and fed her every drop of sexual ambience that her demon self craved, but she knew before he even said anything that it wasn’t going well as that sense of feeding was…simply not there. It didn’t exist.

Why was that? Ropes growled. Oh, it was just that there was nothing there for a demon to feed on!

“Ow! Ropes – go easy, would you!” He laughed, though breathlessly, wings flared out against the bed. “Maybe I should be on top… Put the claws away!”

But she liked the claws. She liked them being out. She liked digging them into him and she wished he’d let his bite past her fur, a delicious edge of pain that was simply an appetiser to a demon of lust. It was her husband who had been the one to put on the romantic music, a soft croon serenading what should have been rampant lust and what ended up being barely there. She wasn’t even sure that she’d gotten off sometimes with him and, at other times, it was merely unsatisfactory.

It was nothing like what she’d had with Kao. The cougar shivered and, heaven forbid, the drake seemed to take that as acceptance, swinging her off him with a low, rumbling growl that held not a single hint of threat.

Gently, too gently, Ropes rolled her onto her side, slipping from her and moving behind her as if in a daze. The cougar woodenly allowed him to lift her leg and push back into her, one action following the other in perfect, boring sequence. In, out, in out. Thrust and grunt. It was as if the drake was reading from a script and the cougar found herself zoning out and closing herself away from the experience, letting her tentacles fall limp as her breasts bobbed ever so lightly with each and every one of his marginally soft and tentative thrusts.

She could barely even feel him.

Sex was methodical, in a sense, and, for the sake of a quiet life, Ropes moaned at all the right times and waved her tentacles half-heartedly, just so he would think she was enjoying. Fyr pushed all the way into her, still feeling as if he was not actually there, present in the moment, and groaned deep in his throat as he climaxed. Ropes had to hide her frown. It was the loudest noise he’d made throughout their entire session. She shuddered. A session of lovemaking and yet one with no passion behind it, the kind of passion that made her heart soar and soul feed.

She was almost surprised that he didn’t ask her if it was good for her too as he re-dressed himself, hardly looking at her as she, woodenly, did the same. Ropes put a smile on her face and waved him off as he headed out too, one action following the other in just the right place for her to seem like the perfect wife – a well fucked and satisfied life. But Ropes’ pussy lips were still wet and slick with arousal for a different kind of liaison and she snarled viciously as she dropped to the sofa, the old piece of furniture creaking in protest at such rough treatment.

To fuck her like that and go out, probably to the bar. Ropes shook her head, claws digging into the arm of the sofa with a rending tear, though she did not seem to notice her own destruction. She craved more, that tightening need in the pit of her belly needing an orgasm to soothe the lust in her heart. He was nothing more than a cock-tease! She growled, tentacles angrily dipping and swaying as if they were preparing for an attack, every part of her body on the offence.

No, that drake would not satisfy her again unless he shaped up. Ropes drew herself up tall, undoing a button on her blouse: a short-sleeved number that did well for a night without a chill on the air and showed off her breasts for her own appeal. Her cleavage spilled out, a hint of creamier, coffee fur, and she ran her fingers over the rise, arching sensually into her own touch.

She was a catch. No – she was divine. So why didn’t her husband want her as she wanted him? The cougar growled and closed her eyes, letting her head roll slowly from one should to the other as a tentacle slithered up beneath her blouse, threatening to pop loose the buttons. She could have imagined it was him trying to undress her, but Fyr’s touch would have been too soft, too gentle, even in comparison to her soft-skinned tentacles.

Just a little fun. A little pleasure to take the edge off. She wouldn’t be able to feed her lust, that demonic part of her, but she would, at least, stop growling at everything in sight. As her tentacles caressed her breasts, squeezing and massaging them through the fabric of her sheer shirt, she groaned and tucked another into her jeans, easily forcing it down past the tight waistband to the sweet treat of her sex, the lure of her own honey pot too potent to resist, even for herself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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