Christie’s Homeless Friend Pt. 10

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The ladies take but a moment to check him; Cindy sees his facial expressions directly while Christie uses her gift to determine his true amount of struggle based on his thoughts. In the past, he would usually relax almost right away in this situation, but now because of his physique he is unable to do so. Christie can tell that for the moment, he’s not in any pain, just having minor difficulties breathing and is otherwise fine.

Since the girls are back to back, resuming what they were doing moments earlier is a tad tricky at first, but it doesn’t seem to slow Christie down one bit as she starts rubbing up against Cindy with both her back as well as her hands on her lady’s thighs. Simultaneously, she slides her right foot into Brian’s briefs and starts massaging over his private bits.

Cindy can barely keep it together when Christie’s hands reach around and grip her lower abdomen and thighs. Both she and Brian share a blissed out smile with each other before she turns on his chest and returns the hand gestures to Christie in the same areas briefly before starting to mess with the button on her jeans.

“You need to get out of these,” Cindy affectionately whispers into Christie’s ear while nibbling on it.

Christie smiles quietly to herself as her lady kisses her softly on the neck again while attempting to slide her jeans down by working her hands into them first. However, it proves to be a bit of a challenge as they are fairly tight fitting and don’t simply drop to her feet after getting past her apple bottom, but rather cling to her thighs.

Even through her pajamas, Cindy can feel Christie’s silky skin as she presses against her from behind. They melt into each other as Christie runs her hand up her lady’s arm, eventually bracing the back of her head as they share another sensual kiss. In return, Cindy caresses her in her panties much the same way she did at the office.

This is all a huge tease to Brian, however, as the girls have their backs to his face and he therefore can’t see much of what’s going on. On the bright side, Christie is more than making up for it by getting him fully erect with her foot – not to say that watching them hasn’t helped because it most certainly has, even with a limited view.

Releasing from their kiss, “Check out what we stirred up,” says Christie as she exposes Brian’s bits for Cindy to see.

Cindy can’t help but blush, and she’s not sure why. Probably due to the mood she’s in because this isn’t the first time she’s seen it.

Christie steps down, not just to give Cindy a better view plus the opportunity to play with it, but to give Brian a slight breather, and make it easier to slide her jeans off the rest of the way as well. She’s quite the sight when she does, keeping her back to them as she wiggles her way out with an enticing smirk. Cindy’s attention is divided between stepping onto Brian’s stomach and watching Christie do her thing, while Brian’s attention is almost completely on Christie, aside from the small groan he lets out from Cindy’s move.

Cindy turns and checks him again.

Brian sees her turn in his peripheral and proactively responds “Couldn’t control that one,” in a slightly raspy voice.

The girls know he won’t last much longer as he’s never let out an uncontrolled groan in under ten minutes before. Those usually come hours later, not minutes.

“Getting tired already?” asks Cindy. “We’ve hardly done anything to you,” she says while gently swaying her hips to produce a walk-in-place motion.

“Hasn’t stopped you two before, especially her,” Brian says loosely pointing to Christie. “I remember waking up several times to you walking on me.”

Tossing her jeans on the couch and approaching him, “I do love working my way around a limp body,” Christie admits as she rests one foot on his chest, “and by the looks of things, I’ll be able to do that much sooner than expected.”

Brian smiles as he lifts her foot from his chest and gives her pillowy soft sole a lingering kiss while inhaling the sweet scent of her toes.

Christie absolutely adores his affection, and also loves how his breathing is controlled by Cindy’s motions on his stomach. She starts caressing his face with her foot again and can tell how much he’s affected by it when his hands start to loosen their grip and return to the floor. When his eyes close from bliss, she slowly slides her hand into her nylon, bracing the wall as she removes it the rest of the way.

In his current state, Brian doesn’t notice Christie has done anything until she steps onto his chest with her bare foot and dangles the other over his face. Due to Cindy’s feet playing with his hardened shaft, he doesn’t get the hint right away to help Christie with her other nylon, even after wiggling her toes at him a couple times.

She taps him lightly on the cheek to get his attention, and runs her pointer finger into her nylon. It finally clicks when he sees her move it down to just above her knee, then hold her leg up again. As he pulls it down the rest of the way, her toes casino siteleri rest on his lips briefly from the pulling force until he clears her heel. As soon as her toes are free, she parts his lips and slips them into his mouth. It results in an instant tingling sensation that gets her eyes to cross along with a lower lip nibbling moan and a few soft giggles.

The giggles get Cindy’s attention, making her turn sideways on Brian’s stomach to see what exactly is going on. Leaning against the wall, she smiles over Christie’s shoulder, sees her foot invading his mouth, and wraps her arm around the front of Christie’s body, bracing her against her own at a right angle.

The girls rest their heads against each other for a moment, savoring their company with their eyes closed. Christie whimpers softly as Brian alternates between sucking on her toes and licking between them, switching feet on him after a few minutes, while Cindy nibbles her ear some more.

Christie doesn’t need her gift to know that Brian is getting close to the end of his run since she can feel him sucking slower, yet harder on her toes. She can also feel how tense he is under them because of how much his abs flex under Cindy, which shifts her position against her ever so slightly. She gives her a peck on the cheek before suggesting that they switch spots.

Brian is almost in his own little world with Christie’s foot, and she has to jiggle it a bit to get him to release it. Before she steps off, she makes sure she has his attention and silently moves her lips to say ‘do this to her’ followed by a wink. The only confirmation she gets is a grin from him, which is enough.

It’s stealth, and Cindy has no idea what she’s in for as she moves onto his chest once again. She’s distracted by the heavy exhale he lets out as her weight settles on him, plus what Christie gets out of him when she steps back onto his stomach on her tip toes.

Brian almost can’t fulfill Christie’s request at first because of how much he caves in under them. It’s not until he feels her arches slide down either side of his throbbing member that he’s barely able to rest his head back.

Christie knows he has seconds at this point, but manages to buy some time by kneading her toes into him. It settles him enough to allow her to brace Cindy from behind and be lightning quick about it! She wastes no time reaching into her lady’s bikini bottoms and massaging between her legs with her left hand, and covering her mouth with the right one!

Cindy has no control of her situation; she can barely keep herself standing! Christie hits a pressure point to force her leg to bend slightly, giving Brian the opportunity to take hold of her foot and start sucking on her toes with vigor! Her eyes close as she braces what she can of the wall and Christie’s thigh, whimpering adorably as her knees grow weak!

Christie doesn’t let her off just yet though; she persists with rubbing the sensations into her lady’s moist parts. “I told you you were mine,” she softly coos as her fingers enter.

That’s all it takes to bring Cindy to an intense orgasm! She stiffens up and bucks about, unintentionally freeing her toes from Brian’s mouth, while Christie somehow manages to keep her standing over him.

She doesn’t settle for another couple of minutes, which makes Christie’s embrace a rather impressive feat of strength, and more so for Brian since he’s been the foundation for them even though Cindy’s feet have slid up over his shoulder blades and are currently resting with the toes on the floor. She is in a euphoric bliss as the embrace is released, but before it loosens too much she takes Christie’s hand from between her legs, turns to look her dead in the eyes, sticks her fingers in her mouth and sucks them clean of her own juices before falling over onto the floor.

Christie smiles proudly at her lady for a moment before turning her attention back to Brian and rhetorically asks, “did you enjoy the show,” giggling to herself as his answer is still fully obvious between her feet.

He’s been in sensual agony this whole time, so it’s no surprise that when she stands on and squishes his petrified member against his stomach, it only takes a few gentle squeezes against his balls to finish him off!

Christie milks him for all he’s worth until he’s completely flaccid. It’s nothing compared to what Cindy got out of him this morning, but it’s still fairly impressive to her nonetheless. Not even a minute later, he is out cold. She kneels down and pulls out one of many hidden towels from under the couch and places it between her feet and his mess. She gets to enjoy that amazing feeling of his stomach giving way effortlessly under her as she takes her time wiping everything dry.

“Is he ok?”

Christie looks over at her lady who hasn’t moved an inch since she landed, and smiles at how adorably quiet her question came out. “He’s fine sweetie. He’s just sleeping.”

Cindy lets that process for a moment for speaking again. “Thank you.”


“The relief,” canlı casino Cindy says with a smirk.

Christie smiles in return as she dabs up the last bit her guy’s mess on her feet before stepping off of him and putting another clean towel over his waist. She tells Cindy to stay put as she walks off and throws the used towel into the wash.

Cindy watches as she heads off down the hallway, and when Christie doesn’t return right away, she switches her orientation around to face Brian. Laying on her stomach, she runs her fingers lightly through his hair as she watches him sleep. He opens his eyes for barely a few seconds and smiles softly at her. She leans in to kiss him on the lips, but by the time she pulls away, he’s already asleep again.

She rests her head lightly on his shoulder for a few minutes before she rolls onto her back, slightly spooked by Christie standing at her feet as she didn’t hear her come back into the room.

“You are too cute sometimes,” Christie says smiling.

Cindy smiles back with slightly blushed cheeks. She attempts to sit up, but doesn’t make it half way before she’s stopped by Christie’s foot on her chest.

“Just where do you think you’re going missy?”

“I saw your bathing suit and assumed you wanted to hop in the jacuzzi.”

“Mmm, nice try, but if you recall from earlier, I said I was going to enjoy squishing you and you said I had to get you on the floor first. Well guess what,” pushing Cindy back down flat, “I got you on the floor,” Christie says with sly grin, “fair and square.”

Cindy softly bites her lip as Christie steps onto her chest. Her breathing pattern stutters slightly as she continues to recover from her orgasmic experience, which Christie can feel through her feet, and is teased accordingly with a few light bounces.

“You’re almost as malleable as he is,” Christie says as she paws her toes against the firm areas of her lady’s chest.

Cindy softly moans, “I can’t imagine why,” closing her eyes from the heavenly sensation.

Christie giggles as she runs her toes down along Cindy’s nose, playfully tapping the tip of it with them before turning around and stepping onto her stomach. She continues with the toe pawing and is delighted by the reactions she gets from doing it.

It is making Cindy lose it all over again, especially when she feels the contrast of cold toes against the warm skin between her legs – she almost can’t handle it.

Christie knows she can work a second orgasm out of her lady at any moment with what she’s doing to her now, but gets an idea to really zing her. Playing on Cindy’s words from just a bit ago, “we need to get you out of these,” she says as she grips the outside of Cindy’s pajamas with her toes followed by applying her entire weight on that foot before walking off between her legs.

Cindy’s thoughts are completely scrambled again and isn’t even aware that Christie has slid her pajamas off by simply lifting each leg one at a time. What she is aware of, however, is the feeling of her toes being sucked on yet again followed by her privates being stepped on and probed by toes. Her breathing intensifies to the point where she can’t even speak!

Christie waits until Cindy’s nearly at her climax before going for the kill, so to speak. When Cindy’s eyes close again, Christie turns and hops back on her stomach with her back facing her, slips one foot into her bikini bottoms to massage her sweet spot with her toes, and shifts her weight in a walk-in-place motion – all while maintaining a hold on Cindy’s foot to keep her relentless toe sucking going!

It works every time! Cindy buckles from having Christie’s toes pointing into her abs, almost pulling her foot free of its hold.

Riding the tensed muscles down and releasing her foot hold, Christie adjusts her footing so that she can turn and step back onto Cindy’s chest, making her shortness of breath much more intense. It’s the only way she’s able to have this effect on her.

Presenting her toes over her lady’s face, “you wanna clean these too,” Christie playfully asks.

Cindy is on them in a heartbeat! Her deep inhales add to the sucking sensation, and it makes Christie blush quite a bit as she licks between her toes and worships her sole.

Once Cindy starts to lose her steam, Christie steps down with one foot on either side of her torso and simply smiles with her finger hanging off her lip, adoring her lady, watching as she runs her fingers up through her hair trying to collect herself.

“How was that?” Christie purrs.

Cindy just giggles a post-sex type giggle since she can’t form words at the moment. Christie smiles along with her as she sinks down and sits on Cindy’s midsection.

“Poor guy slept through the whole thing,” Christie says looking at Brian who is in a deep sleep at this point. Cindy turns her head up in his direction, but still can’t speak on her own behalf. “Maybe next time,” looking back down, “if we don’t wear him out first again,” says Christie as she wiggles her hips and playfully kaçak casino grips Cindy’s cheeks with her fingers.

She retaliates by tickling her sides, which Christie tries to counter by scooting further down on her arms but is unable to keep them secured.

“Gah! Ok ok I’m sorry!” Christie cries in laughter as she leans over in defense.

Cindy giggles along with her and gives her a forgiving kiss on the lips, guiding her forehead so that it rests against hers again. More kisses are shared randomly throughout their gaze into each other’s eyes as they take their time to simmer down, eventually cuddling into each other as they relax.

Brian barely breaks the silence a short time later when he inhales sharply from a reaction in his dream. It’s not enough to wake him, but it does catch Christie’s attention. She reaches over to him, grazing her fingers over his forehead and down along his cheek, and while it doesn’t get any kind of reaction from his head or his face specifically, she does catch his hand twitching out of the corner of her eye.

She lifts his arm over Cindy’s head and rests it between the two of them, kissing the back of his hand as she holds it in hers. It’s the only way she can include him in the mix without moving him. Cindy snuggles her head against his arm as it naturally curves at the elbow around her jawline, and adores his presence amongst more affection from Christie.

Although the ladies lose track of time, it’s roughly ten minutes before Cindy taps Christie on the leg to be let up. Christie gives her another quick kiss on the cheek and gets back to her feet, guiding Brian’s arm back over Cindy’s head before she gets up as well.

As Cindy heads out of the room to tidy herself up, Christie notices how freely Brian’s arm moves as she wiggles it about, seeing if he’ll stir or not. Her gift puts her at ease by letting her know he’s still in a deep sleep, but his body is still surprisingly unresponsive as she presses her foot into him in random spots. She decides to take him up on his comment about walking on him while he sleeps, and notices his breathing pattern doesn’t change as she shifts her weight from his chest to his stomach and back.

It quickly becomes addicting to her to see how much she can squish him before he reacts, but he is so far out of it that nothing she does gets even the slightest twitch.

Cindy walks back into the room several minutes later, smiling softly to herself from seeing Christie taking advantage of the situation, “Is that good for him?”

“Oh my God sweetie you have to feel this! He feels like a slab of rubber right now,” Christie smiles as she jitters her toes rapidly into his gut.

She steps down and lets Cindy get on.

“Oooo, that does feel interesting!” she comments as she tests the difference between his stomach that is always squishy, and his chest which currently has quite a bit of give for something that’s usually rather solid.


The ladies switch off a couple more times to really enjoy this while they can. Even with the concern for his health lingering in the back of their minds, they know how rare this opportunity is considering how thin he is. They almost get too carried away when he doesn’t flinch from some good bounces as it reminds them of the way he was before they left, and have to force themselves to stop!

They are stunned when they stand next to him to catch their breath and see him adjust himself peacefully in his sleep as if nothing had happened.

“Do you think he’ll feel any of that when he wakes up,” Cindy wonders.

“Really hard to say. I just get a numbness vibe off him,” Christie replies in relief that she doesn’t detect any crippling effects. “I suppose we’ll find out when he wakes up.” She leans over and reaches for his hand again, “For now, back to what I was going to do originally – help me get him on the couch?”

“You sure you don’t wanna leave him on the floor for later?” Cindy teases with a smile.

Christie blushes in return, “I do, but not this time. We can after he’s recovered some more.”

On the count of three, they lift him together and swing him around onto the couch. Christie helps clean him up after the towel on his waist drops off from catching on the cushion. She massages his bits with the rag in her hand, and shortly afterwards he seems to let out a semi-tense reaction accordingly.

“Of course he’d respond to that,” Cindy jokes.

Christie bursts into hysterical laughter as she was thinking the same thing.

Cindy playfully ruffles his hair, leans over to kiss his forehead, and then gets up. “I’ll see you outside,” she says to Christie, sliding her finger along her arm as she walks by.

Christie finishes up her brief cleaning efforts on him before sliding his clothing back up; she doesn’t bother with the zipper or button. As she sits by his side, she takes a moment to reflect on everything they’ve been through today, everything that’s happened over the past few days since they all reunited, and what they’ve been through since they met on day one all those years ago. Despite the hard times, it still brings a smile to her face when she thinks of how far the three of them have come, and how she can’t wait to continue this new chapter with him included.

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