Christmas-Eve with My Sister-In-Law

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I am narrating an incidence which happened in my life. I am 51 years, with 20 years of happy married life. We were staying in Dhaka. I am retired, staying at home providing consultancy to different offices. So, I don’t have to go to office everyday and used to work with the computer. My wife goes to her work 8 in the morning and returns 4 in the afternoon.

It was a warm day, I was wearing a lungi (a skirt-type cloth knotted on the waist) and nothing on the upper part of the body. As I was alone in the house, I didn’t bother to wear anything on top. I was tapping on my computer, when I heard my doorbell rang. I was surprised when I opened the door. I found my sister-in-law Sharmila is standing before me.

Sharmila is 30 years old beautiful lady, living in the same city with her husband, who is twenty five years older than her. Twenty years ago, when I saw there two girls, I fell in love with the elder and though they were poor I offered her hand and we got married. Just after my marriage, a mid-aged man eloped her from her house one night and confined her in a room, forcing her to marry him or face consequence— that is he would rape her. He was very influential person. Being an offspring of a poor and low-educated family, Sharmila could not get any assistance from the family or society about this matter. So she had to marry him. We were then residing in a different city, so I could not intervene into the matter. Though I was not sure, I could do anything at all. Her husband is a rough, ill-behaved boorish man, never treated his wife as human beings. To him she was like furniture to be used only on demand. He tortured her every often.

Sharmila was very attached to my wife from their childhood and she used to like me very much after my marriage with her sister and talk to me on different never-ending subjects, when we met. We were in a very amicable position, which my wife also accepted. Sharmila had also great respect on me for my academic and literary activities.

When casino oyna we started to reside in the same city, Sharmila used to come to our house in many occasions specially in many afternoons and narrate her experiences to my wife, all the time crying and weeping. My wife used to soothe her telling her to accept the fate and adjust with the situation. Sharmila can not break the marriage, because she was not much educated and should not get any respectable job.

In recent years she became more beautiful. She has a 36C-26-38 figure with dimple cheeks, long curly hair, that almost touched her ass and had a very fair skin. I had a crush on her right from the day I got married. I always used to fantasize about her. I always get a hard on thinking how her pussy looks like.

When I saw her standing at my door I became stupefied, but was wise enough to usher her into the room and closed the door. She was wearing a blue transparent saree with a flimsy blouse. All her body curves were noticeable and she was looking very sexy. I pitied her husband for neglecting such a sexy wife and behaving boorish without giving a little more affection and love.

After entering the drawing room she asked with a hurried voice, ‘Where is Nina?’

I said, ‘She is in her office. Don’t you know that, today is last working day. Don’t worry she will be back by lunch.’

She murmured, ‘I though she is having holiday.’

I said, ‘No, not today, holiday is tomorrow.’

She murmured, ‘I was so disturbed, that I couldn’t think about any other thing. I’d better go back.’

I asked Sharmila to sit in the sofa for a while and feel comfortable and tell me all the worries of her life so that I can suggest some measures to counter them. Hesitatingly she sat and started talking slowly and suddenly started crying.

I felt very sorry for this beautiful woman and got up and sat next to her on the sofa. At one time her heart-breaking attitude engulfed me and I put one of my hand on her shoulder to canlı casino soothe her and asked her not to cry. Even while crying she was looking so sexy and beautiful that I started getting a hard on. Suddenly she moved closer to me, put her head on my bare chest and went on crying again.

I could not stop myself from lifting her head and putting my lips on hers. I apprehended an outcry, but there’s none. She didn’t protest, only closed her eyes, her lips, though was stiff at first, became very soft. In no time she started responding and reciprocated. She looked prettier with tears on her cheeks. I went on kissing her and my tongue entered her mouth. She let my tongue enter her mouth and started to suck it hungrily.

Then I put my right hand on her left boob and squeezed a little. Then I started to knead it with more boldness. Within seconds, she started to moan. I searched for her blouse hooks. She didn’t move. After some times, I could remove all hooks of the blouse and then I found she didn’t have any bra inside. I made her stretch out on the sofa and lowering my mouth took one soft, but firm round boob in my mouth. After a few moments I felt its knob had become very hard and protruding. This was driving her crazy. Gradually, I removed her saree and petticoat and eyed at her pussy. Well, she was also not wearing any panty and her pussy is sans pubic hair. It’s absolutely clean, as if she hadn’t her pubic hair grow. I lowered my mouth and put my mouth on her soapy cunt lips and opened them slowly, while kneading her boobs with my hands one after another.

By then Sharmial made some move. One of her hand timidly reached my cock over my lungi and touched it. She then slowly started to caress it from over the cloth. Instantaneously, my already hard-on turned into a monstrous erection.

I groped my lungi with one hand and removed it from over my penis, so that she can touch it bare. She took hold of my rod and started to jack it slowly. In no time her fingers and palm were kaçak casino moist with my pre-cum. She also was played with my balls, every often.

While I was eating her pussy and making sloppy sounds, she slowly parted both of her legs apart, so I thought its time to enter her. I stooped over her body and slowly lowered my cock on her cunt-lips.

She whimpered and incoherently said, ‘Give it to me . . . Oh, all of it . . . now.’

I had some difficulty in inserting my huge cock inside her cunt, because by now it was 8 inch long and 6 inch thick. She had to literally catch her breath all the time I was inserting the entire length of it inside her love-hole.

She moaned fervently and went on saying, ‘Give it to me . . . yes . . . yes . . . all of it.’

Then, I started to fuck her, first slowly and then quickly in a rhythmic pattern, while my hand went on kneading her tits and kissing her now swollen and fluffy lips. The more I fuck her the more she went on groaning under her breath. By this time her cunt lips had become more swollen and are rubbing my rod, while she went on slapping my pubic area raising her body with my tempo. It was really a heaven came on earth for both of us.

I became confident that, she didn’t have satisfactory sex with her husband. All she got was just boorish rape by that monster. I became sure he never kissed her lovingly, which I was giving her or playing with her body, as I did. So she had become so hot and uncontrollable. She gathered the momentum and we came together. I shot a huge load of ropy thick juice inside her and collapsed on her soft sweaty body. She held me tight with both of her hands.

After about ten minutes, she gave out a long sigh and regained her senses, and then she smiled at me and kissed me deeply and said she had never ever experienced such a sexual pleasure in her life.

By now it was almost 4 p.m., Sharmila said, ‘I should rather go away before Nina comes back from office.’

I told Sharmila that she need not worry and we will find some solution to her problems.

She said that she was very happy for first time in her life and I made her feel like a real woman.

Then she left well before Nina came home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20