Circe’s Island

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Peter Stone: 45. Tall, buff, handsome, hairy chest, salty black hair, blue eyes. Former pornstar and current porn producer, multi-millionaire, and yachting enthusiast.

Jewel and Gem Stone: 19 year old twins. Tall, busty, leggy, and sexy. Blonde hair, blue eyes.

Jewel’s hair is long enough to reach past her shoulders, Gem’s is cut stylishly short. Spoiled, bitchy, horny, naughty little daddy’s princesses.

Holly Body: 38. Voluptuous, huge breasts, swollen lips, red hair, green eyes, sex-goddess. Holly is a current pornstar and Peter Stone’s trophy girlfriend.

Max Body: 20. Tall, fit, all star athlete, all American stud, huge cock, cocky attitude.

Micah Body 18. Cute, nice body, decent sized cock. Micah is a virgin and feels inadequate when compared to his uber-stud brother, despite being a sexy little stud himself.

Shelby Goodlove (née Body). 40. Attractive housewife, short brown hair, never wears makeup, huge tits, big ass. Shelby never approved over her little sister going into porn when she was 18, and they haven’t spoken in almost ten years. Shelby is easily the hottest milf in town, but she never indulges in her sexual fantasies.

Roxanne “Roxy” Goodlove: 20. Tall, rock-n-roll, girl-next-door, nice body, messy brown hair, laid back, ripped jeans, concert t-shirts. Roxy is bisexual, NOT a virgin, but has never had wild or crazy sex.

Bebe Goodlove. 18. Cute as a button, recently graduated jailbait, petite, surprisingly large and perky breasts, short brown hair. Bebe is a virgin and very naive about sex, despite being an habitual masterbater, and a secret devotee of her Aunt Holly’s films.

Circe:?. Dark skin, black hair, oozes sex, exotic accent. A mysterious woman.


The Tropic of Capricorn was a 50 ft, one million dollar yacht equipped with two engines, a large private cabin with a king sized bed, a living room level with a plasma screen entertainment system hooked up with every video game system imaginable, a small outdoor kitchen, and even smaller below-deck washroom, and an inflatable motor boat.

The Tropic of Capricorn stood out from the other boats in the marina like an arrogant rooster crowing over its hens, or a sultan standing erect over his harem of submissive, salacious sluts. The yacht matched perfectly the personality of the man who owned it, a man who liked big things. This man like big boats, big cars, big houses, and women with big tits and big pussies to get fucked by his big, fat, hard cock.

Peter Stone pulled up to the marina in his three-hundred thousand dollar sports car (his casual vehicle), and chuckled victoriously as he saw his favorite bitch floating in the bay, The Tropic of Capricorn. Peter was a man accustomed to victory, as his multi-million dollar wealth and little black book stuffed with heartbroken beauties could attest. He had personally seduced, fucked, and ruined more women in The Tropic of Capricorn than an entire NBA team did in a season, and he was planning to add to that erotic legend this weekend, despite who he had in the car with him.

“Oh my gawd, DAD!” Peter’s daughter Jewel whined, sitting in the back seat. “Gem totally took my MP3 player, and she’s like, like, she like, won’t even give it back to me.”

“DAD! I’d have mine, but it was in my jeans, the ones Jewel borrowed on her date with Tom, and we all know what happened with that!”

Jewel had come home the other night from a party high on molly, fucked out of her mind, and wearing nothing but glitter, a neon glow-in-the-dark thong, and (presumable) Tom’s semen. The cute jeans she had borrowed from Gem would never be seen again.

Peter groaned and turned around to appraise his only children, the result of a wild indiscretion on his first set, and a broken condom (he learned so after that his cock was too big for most condoms to handle).

Gem and Jewel were twins, and they were both drop-dead, kill-yourself, holy-shit, fucking sexy as hot hell little nineteen year olds. They looked a lot like their mother had (before all the cocaine and gang-bangs took their toll): blonde, blue-eyed, well toned, leggy, and busty. Perfect Aryan goddesses. They barely wore any makeup, other than some lipgloss and mascara, because they didn’t need any. Their skin and features were crafted by the Goddess of Sex herself, Aphrodite or whoever.

On top of being two nut-busting gorgeous hotties, Gem and Jewel liked to dress provocatively, and their microscopic bikinis left only a few square inches of modesty untainted. Gem (whose blonde hair was cut short) wore a tiny green bikini and a pair of tight cutoff jean shorts that were practically a thong themselves, being so tight that she couldn’t even do the zipper on them. Jewel (whose blonde hair flowed down her back) wore a matching red bikini, and a tight little t-shirt that left most of her under-cleavage exposed, and had the words “Daddy’s Little Princess” written on it.

Peter Stone felt his legendarily large cock thickening canlı bahis at the sight of his own daughters, something that had been happening a lot this last year.

“Look, girls, why don’t you just share headphones and listen to the same fucking song, capisce?”

“But Daaaaaaad,” Jewel whined. “I want to listen to Thug Nigga’s new album, ‘Killin’ Pigs and Poppin’ White Pussies.’”

“But Daaaaaaaad,” Gem whined exactly like her sister. “I want to listen to Selena Cyrus’s new single, ‘Fuck Me Like the Trailer Trash Slut I Am.’ featuring Thug Nigga.”

Peter rolled his eyes. “Holy shit. What music are you kids listening to? What is that? Hip-hop? Dubstep? Whatever happened to Elvis Presley and The Beatles?”

“Who?” Gem asked at the exact same time, neither having ever heard of Elvis or the Beatles before.

“Look, whatever, who gives a shit,” Peter waved them off. “I see Holly’s car pulling up. She’s bringing her two boys along as well, so I want you two sluts to be on your best behavior. I’m trying to have a romantic weekend with my girlfriend, alright. Any cock-blocking from you two, and I swear to God I’ll spank your tight little asses so hard the blue will come out of your eyes.”

“Yes Daaaaaaady,” the girls chanted together. The leaned back and smiled wickedly at one another. Peter Stone hadn’t quite caught on to the fact that his daughters enjoyed being spanked. In fact, when Jewel had come home from Tom’s party, drugged up and fucked up, Peter had spanked her so hard she had actually passed out. Peter thought she passed out from exhaustion, but in reality she had passed out from a single, mind-blowing orgasm, and now Gem was itching to get spanked by Big Daddy as well.

They planned on being very, very, very naughty this weekend.


“You two remember your sunblock?” Holly Body asked her two sons.

“Yes Mom,” her sons chanted, sounding bored.

“And you rubbed it in everywhere? Behind your ears? Back of your neck?”

“Yes Mom,” the boys repeated.

As Holly nagged she was busy rubbing sunblock on herself, which was quite distracting for her two sons and every other warm-blooded male in the parking lot. Holly’s tits were the Mona Lisa of breasts; big, round, full, firm and yet soft, capped by nipples that showed through any layer of clothing. Holly wore what SHOULD have been a modest bikini, but her sexual body swallowed it into her curves, making her bottom into a thong, and her top into a slingshot for her massive tits. Holly Body’s immaculate body had a way of conquering clothing.

The sight of a gorgeous, voluptuous redhead like Holly rubbing the sticky white liquid onto her big, heaving tits was enough to make most men cum instantly, and her own sons weren’t immune.

Holly’s youngest son was bright red with embarrassment, and he was standing awkwardly as he tried to hide and impressive nine inch bulge in his shorts. Micah was a cute, but somewhat feminine looking boy, with an adorable face, sandy blonde hair, and that scruffy sort of look you’d might imagine Peter Pan having. In the eyes of most girls, older women, and homsexeals Micah was simply mouthwatering, but he felt like nothing compared to his brother.

Max Body was a stud. Max Body was a lady-killer. More than that, Max Body was too related to pussy in the same way that the A-bomb was related to Hiroshima. Tall, handsome, lean like an olympic swimmer, stacked with the abdominals of a Greek god, and a cock that made jackhammers look gentle. Ever since Max had turned twenty he had started mumbling about going into porn like mom, but Holly wouldn’t have it. “Why would anyone pay you for something you’re doing for free,” Holly would complain every time she caught Max fucking some poor cheerleader senseless (and probably ruining her career by nearly crippling her).

“You know what mom, there is one spot I missed,” Max smirked as he pulled down the front of his shorts and let his huge sledgehammer flop out. Even semi-flaccid Max’s cock towered over most others, and it was so thick that his foreskin never completely covered his bulbous helmet. “The funny thing is, the more I rub this spot, the more sunblock shoots out.”

Holly rolled her eyes and then slapped her hand right up into Max’s balls, making him laugh but also hop in pain. “Holy shit, you cheeky son of a bitch,” (Holly said, referring to herself as the bitch). “Put that fucking thing away before you poke someone’s eye out. Jesus. Peter and Shelby are bringing their daughters along for fuck’s sake. None of them have probably ever seen a penis so big before, you’ll give them nightmares.”

“Whatever. Peter’s a fucking porn director. I bet his daughters are total sluts,” Max said with a tinge of hope; hope that they would be, and he’d be getting some tight teenage pussy on this boat ride. Max hadn’t gone a single weekend without pussy in almost a year, and just the thought of forty eight hours of celibacy made his giant balls blue.

“I bahis siteleri promise to behave,” Micah said, sounding exactly like the obedient little momma’s boy he was.

“Of course you will, my little angel,” Holly said kissing her son on his forehead, and inevitable shoving her massive breasts into his face.

Micah was in titty-heaven. He could feel his mother’s hard, erect nipples poking into his cheeks. he nearly came on the spot.

“Oh look!” Holly said. “I see Shelby’s car!”


“I can’t believe I let Holly talk me into this,” Shelby Goodlove said as she parked her van.

“Relax mom, it’ll be fun,” her oldest daughter Roxanne said.

“Yeah! I’m so excited to meet Aunt Holly again, and our cousins!” her youngest daughter Bebe almost squealed.

Shelby was an attractive woman (although she didn’t realize it, she was the favorite fantasy of every boy in town), but she’d gotten use to the boring, sexless life of a suburban housewife, her only thrills coming from shitty romance novels and her worn-down vibrator. She was a woman with goddess-like curves and huge, motherly breasts, just like her sister Holly, but Shelby’s face was a little humbler, and her brown hair was cut simple and short.

Shelby wore a conservative one-piece that she had hoped would cover her up, but as always her body had a way of swallowing clothes, and the one-piece shrunk into a slutty leotard on her. The back was eaten by her ass until it became an ‘almost’ thong, and her tits spilled out of the top like she was trying to show them off (which she swore she wasn’t, despite what the other mothers in the neighborhood thought of her).

Shelby’s daughters were equally lovely, although they had both lived sheltered enough lives that their beauty hadn’t mattered much. Roxanne was tall, thin, fit, well endowed, and had a very genuine rock-n-roll hippie vibe about her, especially with her mismatched bikini that had a red top and a black bottom. Shelby loved how supportive and kind Roxanne was, although she didn’t approve of the way Roxy’s room smelled more and more like marijuana.

Bebe was as cute as a button and as perky as a shot of cocaine right up the anus. Her big eyes and baby-doll face made her look much younger than she actually way (she had turned eighteen a while ago) but the rest of her body was right on schedule, and her tits were filling up so fast she was beginning to stretch out her shirts. The pink one-piece swimsuit she was wearing highlighted this problem, as it looked like melted wax over her swelling young breasts, and allowed her nipples to stand out in perverse detail.

“You know that Aunt Holly’s boyfriend is the one who owns this boat, right?” Shelby Goodlove asked her daughters.

“Uh, yeah. He’s bonkers rich, right?” Roxay asked, smiling casually.

“And . . . do you know what he does?” Shelby asked, biting her lip.

“He makes naughty movies with Aunt Holly,” Bebe chirped, completely unembarrassed by the knowledge that her aunt was a world famous pornstar, not to mention one that had a reputation for being the nastiest, hardest slut in the industry. The name “Holly Body” was slowly becoming synonymous with ultra-hardcore sex in the same way that “Little Debbie” was synonymous with snack-cakes.

Shelby took a deep breath and sighed. “Well. Let’s go do this.”


The three families converged at the pier and Holly nearly knocked Shelby over she was so excited to hug her. Their big, mammoth breasts rolled over each other, and the friction caused by their nipples was enough to displace Holly’s top, causing her breasts to pop out. Shelby was incredibly embarrassed by this (literally everyone was watching) but Holly just shrugged it off and laughed. Of course, Holly was used to being naked in front of people. She was also used to having sex in front of people, and sucking cock in front of people, and eating pussy, and getting gang-banged, and all kinds of hardcore shit.

Holly was excited to see Shelby because up until a few months ago the two sisters hadn’t spoken in nearly ten years. Shelby had never approved of her little sister getting into porn (which had been twenty years ago), and after that they just slowly drifted apart. Shelby only reached out to Holly because recently her marriage had become stale, and she wanted to find some sort of comfort in her remaining family. Holly had been so happy she cried, and she spent a week fucking Peter’s brains out, because Holly got super horny when she was happy (as opposed to just being regularly horny the rest of the time).

Peter had suggested that they all take a trip on his yacht together, one big happy family, and celebrate Holly’s 38th birthday which was this weekend. He was very glad he came up with this idea, because Holly had been so happy that she was fucking on a level he hadn’t experienced before, and his twisted mind was already considering the possibility of a threeway with Holly and her sister Shelby.

Peter bahis şirketleri thought Shelby was hot, especially since she was forbidden fruit (being married). Something about noticing a wedding ring on a woman’s finger while she stipped for him or sucked his cock just made him so much harder.

Peter also noticed Shelby’s daughters as well. Roxanne was lovely (despite being a little bit of a dirty hippie) and she looked laid back as all heck. He could already imagine smoking a joint with her and getting a casual handjob from this cool rock-n-roll babe.

The sight of Bebe was bringing out his “old lecher” personality, and he just thanked God she was eighteen, because a girl with that kind of baby-face and bubble-breasts could have been any age from fourteen to twenty-one. In Peter’s eyes, Bebe was pure sex-candy, and the way her little body was blossoming just screamed “FUCK ME!” Her cherry was calling out to him, begging to get popped. Little princesses like this needed a big, strong father-figure to be their first, otherwise they might grow up insecure . . . at least that’s what Peter told himself.

Roxanne and Bebe had only met their cousins Max and Micah once before, and they were happy to get a chance to know them better. Roxanne couldn’t help but notice how cute her cousins both were, and she felt a little weird feeling her clit stiffen at the sight of them. Max especially (he looked like something out of a teenager’s wet-dream) but Micah was so cute that Roxanne almost wanted to tackle him.

Bebe had eyes only for her Aunt Holly though. Her huge tits, her wide hips, her narrow waist, and her big, juicy ass. Aunt Holly had all the assets that Bebe secretly admired about her mother, but unlike Shelby, Holly wasn’t shy about flaunting her sex-appeal. Bebe’s little heart was fluttering, her nipples perked up, and her pussy was actually getting wet. It was a secret, but Bebe had discovered her Aunt Holly online shortly after she turned eighteen, and Bebe had spent that last several months fingering her little virgin pussy silly while watching her Aunt’s movies. Holly had become her role model, her secret goddess, and Bebe wanted to become her. She just hoped her mom didn’t find out.

Micah’s heart was fluttering just as much as Bebe’s was, but it had nothing to do with his pornstar mother, his hot aunt, or even the sexy twins in their microscopic bikinis. Micah was practically drooling over Roxanne, his own cousin, the girl of his wildest dreams. She was everything he had ever wanted in a girl. She was cool, attractive, didn’t wear makeup or dress like a slut. She obviously listened to cool music and went to fun shows. She was just . . . fucking cool . . . and Micah didn’t care that he was falling dangerously in love with her.

Max was smirking like an arrogant prince. He’d been worrying that this trip was going to be boring, and that’d he’d have to masterbate three times a day just to satisfy his sex-drive, but he was finding himself surrounded by some truly top-shelf pussy. His cousin Roxanne was hot and obviously down to fuck, and Bebe looked like something from a hentai with the words “RAPE ME” hovering over her adorable little head. Max didn’t care that he was his cousins. The concept of “taboo” barely existed in his hot, hyper-sexualized, macho skull.

But what really got Max’s gigantic engine going was the two sluts giggling and smiling at him. Twins. Jewel Stone and Gem Stone. Even their names were slutty. Max had fucked a lot, A LOT, of girls in his relatively young sexual career, but these two were something else. Max had crippled cheerleaders, fucked the brains out of cure nerd girls, stolen his friends’ girlfriends, porked his friends’ moms, banged most of his teachers, toured the housewives of his neighborhood, and even fucked a couple senior citizens, but these two girls . . . these two sluts . . . it was as if God had made them specifically for Max. Two hot, sexy, genuine Barbie dolls were everything his testosterone saturated mind wanted in a slut. One of them would have been perfect, TWO of them was beyond description.

The three families exchanged some small talk and introduced themselves, and all of them were hiding the sexual thoughts behind their friendly smiles. Even Shelby couldn’t help but look down at Peter’s crotch, and imagine what it must feel like to be Holly, getting fucked every day by his big, strong, million-dollar cock. Shelby had secretly seen a few of her sister’s movies, and when Peter came on screen with that beautiful penis of his, Shelby would masterbate furiosly and barely last a minute before cumming so hard she had to bite her pillow to not wake up the neighborhood with her desperate screams.

“So, is everyone ready for the next week?” Peter asked. “Say goodbye to Miami and hello Bahamas. Hello Cancún. Hello Jamaica. Aruba! Bermuda! Bahama! Where ever we feel like! Kokomo even!”

“Kokomo isn’t a real place, Daddy,” Gem corrected, rolling her eyes (she was the smarter of the two twins).

“Whatever,” Peter laughed, giving his daughter a hard spank on her perky butt. “We’ll have fun!”

“Yeah . . . yeah! Alright!” Shelby said, shrugging off her worries and letting herself get excited for once.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20