Cold War Between Wife , Mom

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My wife and I live in a very small house. It’s a two-bedroom house and our two kids, a girl and a boy, occupy the two-bedrooms. The large family room in the back of the house became a bedroom for us.

Now, at the foot of our bed sits a Sofa. It sits at right angles to the bed and under a large sliding glass window.

The sofa becomes a bed whenever my mother comes to visits, which is about four times a year.

I do not know what the norm is but my wife, Gail, and my mother, Ethel, have a sort of Cold War going on. Many times I would be the center of contention between Gail and my mother. Having plenty of vacation time, I usually take off the time my mother visits to keep the Cold War from going hot.

Also, and I understand my wife’s point of view, given the opportunity my mother will rearrange everything in the house, from the kitchen cabinets, the furniture and even my wife’s dresser drawers. Understandably, it drives my wife up the wall. She will seldom leave the house when my mother visits.

Usually, our sex life takes a hit during the week are two weeks that mom is here. I mean, seriously, with her sleeping on the sofa with her head less than 3 feet from the foot of our bed.

Just yesterday, they had been arguing about this or that practically the whole day. I was afraid my mother was going to get herself in a huff and want to be driven to the airport. Believe me, it’s happened before.

Thankfully, the day ended somewhat peaceably and we retired around 11 o’clock.

Knowing there was no chance in hell of getting any ass, my back was to my wife as relay in the dark.

“Dan,” Gail whispered in my ear, snuggling up close behind me. “I really need some cock tonight. She will be asleep soon. Turnover and play with my ass until she falls asleep.”

My wife is a redhead. She was a virgin when I married her at 21 years of age. I was 23.

When I was courting her, she wanted me to finger or eat her pussy for breakfast, lunch and dinner during the weekends we were together. She would then jerk me off. I was in seventh heaven thinking about marriage and how much pussy I was going to get.

Unfortunately, my wife turned out to be much like her mother. A cold fish, hardheaded as the day is long and very outspoken with very bewildering opinions. All of that mentioned, my mother-in-law bore 11 children, my wife being the second oldest.

My father-in-law was retired from the Navy and the old Navy had no problem keeping your ass at sea for most of your career. I figured, he got a piece of ass whenever he was in port, getting her pregnant each time.

Now, being retired and home, he is pretty much browbeat and ignored.

When Gail and I wed there was no crazy sex-to-you-drop honeymoon or falling slowly into a regular sexual schedule.

From the beginning, we had sex once a week and Gail wasn’t always an active participant. As the years passed, it became two weeks and again Gail was passive many times.

Also, when I was away from home for a week or more there was never any welcome home sex. Rarely, any happy birthday, Father’s Day or New Year’s Eve sex, either. Am I being childish!

So, here I am playing with my wife’s ass as my mother lay sleeping in extreme proximity. There was no way I was going to turn down pussy! We were already into a week of my mother’s visit with another week to go and I didn’t know how Gail was counting the weeks. It could be a month before I got any pussy.

My mother was not a person who snored. After about 40 minutes, I heard what I figured was her breathing of sleep.

Gail has a gorgeous ass, which I could play with all night, but I pushed my hands between the back of her legs to hopefully indicate it was time to get the peter she desired. She lifted her leg and after a bit of maneuvering and pushing my cock was in her. I began to very cautiously and slowly pump into her.

Gail rolled slightly towards me. She did not need to tell me what she needed. I put my hand to her pussy and after a bit of stroking through her lavish, red bush I put my middle finger to her clit. Her body stiffened immediately and I knew she was laboring to stifle her vocal appreciation. My cock stiffened noticeably and I pushed it repeatedly deep into her.

I listened intently to my mother’s breathing, the bed, my wife’s breathing, my own breathing and numerous other things that I thought might betray us. Gail actually put her hand over her mouth to muffle her breathing or moans from escaping.

I have to tell you it was stimulating as all get out. When Gail is into it, she can be quite vocal. Now, here she was into it but she had to remain serenely quiet.

I stroked into her long and deep. It became extremely hot under the covers but we had no choice.

When the orgasm gripped Gail, she stiffened briefly and then started trembling. I don’t know how she stifled the moan with her mouth wide open.

Finally, she relaxed, rolled slightly away from me, and I proceeded to get to my own orgasm. Stroking slowly, keeping an eye on my mother and casino oyna listening, I managed to come.

The next day pasted with no bickering between my mother and Gail. Gail got a call from her mother and informed me that she and the two kids would be gone for two days. I did not like it but I figured it could be for the best.

Gail left the next morning and my mother and I drove to a local truck stop to have breakfast. Nothing in her actions or talk prepared me for what would happen next.

“You think you are sly, don’t you?” She whispered across the table, a slight smile on her face.

“Sly? How do you mean?” I queried.

Mom looked around before she whispered, “You think I didn’t know you were screwing Gail the other night! I can’t believe you would do something like that. Have you no control?”

“It wasn’t my fault, mom.” I replied, throwing my wife in front of the bus like the dog I am. “It was Gail’s idea.”


Our breakfast arrived and mom dropped the subject, but I could tell her mind was working. I figured, she was trying to conjure up a conspiratorial notion as to why Gail would want to fuck with her so near. Gail, I knew mom was thinking, must of known she wasn’t sleeping.

On the twenty-minute drive back home, I listened as mom ranted about how Gail was forcing her dominance on her. Mom said she wasn’t going to put up with it and she would find a way to get back at her. Try as I might, I could not get her calmed down.

We arrived back home and I changed clothes and went outside to cut grass and do other chores. It was a little after two o’clock when I finished up. I showered, putting on only a pair of gray cotton shorts, and informed mom I was going to lie down and take a nap. I found her wearing her housecoat and painting her toenails in the kitchen, just off the family room.

I had not been lying there on my bed for more than 10 minutes when mom came in. I was lying on my back with my hands behind my head.

The air-condition must feel good after being out in that heat?” Mom said, sitting down on the edge of the bed and displacing me a bit.

“It’s hot as Hades!” I replied. “But it is August.”

“The other night,” she began. “I can understand why you didn’t shy away from screwing Gail. I think I’m getting the picture now. You were desperate. She’s not giving you much pussy, is she?”

I had never heard my mother use such language. Yes, she cussed a blue streak when she was mad, but “pussy”! And the fact that she had hit a nail, a very sensitive nail, me not getting enough pussy, right on the head. I began to feel a bit uneasy, but mom had asked me a question.

“Not as much as I would like.” I answered. “But really, I should’ve said no the other night.”

“I don’t blame you, Dan.” She offered, running her hands over my belly and chest. “A strong, good-looking guy like you should have a woman take care of him better than Gail does.”

“Well, the kids, housework and cooking keeps her wore out, I suppose.” I replied, making excuses for Gail.

“That’s no excuse for ignoring your needs.” She said angrily, in a raised volume. “She needs to be taught a lesson. And I’m the woman to do it!”

I was not ready for what happened next.

Mom stood, untied her housecoat and let it fall off of her. She stood naked and I could not take my eyes off of her. I suppose, seeing my eyes appraising her, she stood there motionless, hands at her sides, giving me time.

Mom was 48 years old, 5’7″ tall, and weighed, the last time she complained, 153lbs. She had extremely curly, coal black hair that fell to her neck and, I saw now, a thick mat of black hair between her legs. Her breasts were three times the size of Gail’s with appropriately sized nipples. I wanted desperately to see her ass.

“Would you turn around for me mom?” I asked, circling my finger timidly.

She turned around and I saw, that while beefy and wrinkled, mom had a great looking ass. After a few moments, she turned back around and kneed herself onto the bed displacing me further. She placed herself next to me on her back. The bright sunlight coming through the large, sliding glass window concealed nothing. Her body appeared somewhat larger than my own.

“You want to show Gail how you feel about being denied?” Mom queried. “Lets you and me show her that she’s not the only game in town.”

“Are you sure about this, mom?” I asked, only to clear my conscience. I knew mom wasn’t going to back out.

“I had reservations.” She replied. “But they’re all gone now.”

Even though I had a green light, I was still a bit nervous and overwhelmed. Turning on my side, I placed my hand on mom’s belly and began to slowly explore upward. Finally, reaching her breasts, I cupped, squeezed and toyed with each one. They were much more than a handful!

The nipples had become firm and I leaned over to take the closest one between my lips, soon hearing mom’s soft moans.

“I don’t know why, but I expected you to jump my bones and fuck hell out of me.” She observed. slot oyna “But this is much nicer. You just take your time. We have all day to fuck.”

It wasn’t that I didn’t want to jump her bones, slam my cock home and get it done, but I was having a hard time with the fact that it was my mom, offering herself up. And, I suppose, I never considered cheating on Gail. I wasn’t the type. Still, who the hell was going to know! Foolish child!

After showing a bit of attention to both nipples, I rolled mom to her chest. Kissing her shoulders and back I began to work my way down to my main objective…….. Her ass. I’ve always been an ass man and I gave mom the royal treatment; kissing, licking and nibbling on her, bigger and wider than Gail’s, ass

“How long has it been for you mom?” I asked, knowing mom was basically a man hater and did not have a boyfriend. “Since you’ve had any cock?”

“Much longer than I’m willing to admit.” She replied. “I didn’t know I was missing one that much. I know I want your cock!”

I sent my tone up the crack of her ass, delighted to feel her muscles tighten up, pushing her ass up and moaning appreciatively.

Turning her over, I began at her belly button working my way down to her mound. I rubbed my nose and face into her mound, while slipping my hands under her thighs to widen her legs.

“What the hell are you doing, boy!” She demanded.

“You’ve never had your pussy eaten?” I queried, smiling up in her. “How fortunate for me. You laid back and relax and I’ll give you a treat.”

“No! Hell no!” She exclaimed, pushing at my head. “I know people do it! But no!”

I paid her no heed as I lifted her thighs, pushing then back, and placed my face to her pussy. She resisted until my tongue lapped her clit, then I felt her body relax as she moaned deeply.

Having her relaxed, I was able to ignore her clit a while as I explored her pussy, backing away occasionally to study it.

Mom’s pussy was not the neatly trimmed, thick-lipped crack that Gail’s pussy was. Mom’s pussy, sopping wet now, had dark, loose flap-like lips that were cocoa colored, her hole an angry red. Her clit was large and pinkish red.

I suppose, I’m saying, mom did not have a pretty or cute pussy. Pulling her pussy open, I felt certain she was not going to be as tight as Gail either. But, I was not going to kick her out of bed.

Mom, I guess you could say, had a pussy that only a son could love. I proved that by ignored her pussy’s lack-of-luster and pushed my tongue into it.

The reaction was as suspected, with her ass lifting, humping my face, and moans begging me not to stop. After giving her a good long tongue fucking, I returned to her clit for just a moment or two, not wanting her to come just yet.

I maneuvered in close between her legs, groping with the top of my cotton shorts, to get them down and release my cock. I slapped her pussy a couple of times, ran the domed head of my cock between her pussy lips to moisten it and then pushed it slowly into her.

My appraisal had been right and mom did not have the tight little pussy that I loved of Gail’s. But it didn’t really matter to me, or mom.

I straight-armed myself above her, as I pumped into her with a moderate rhythm. Mom’s hands roamed over my body as we looked into each other’s eyes.

“You got good pussy, mom.” I said, not really meaning it.

“Your cock is so hard!” She said. “And big too!”

I wondered now who was lying the most.

“You like having your pussy eaten?” I queried.

“Oh heavens yes!” She chirped. “Will you make me come like that one day?”

“Why wait!” I replied.

I pulled out of her and maneuvered us onto our sides into a 69 position. I wondered if mom would do what I hoped she would do. I gripped her ass with both hands and again put my face to her pussy, immediately locating her clit with my tongue.

“I’ve never done this before, Dan.” She said, between moans. “But I’ll try. For you,. I’ll try.”

I suppose, mom did the best she could, obviously being her first time at sucking a cock. She moaned, gagged and breathed lustfully through her mouth, finally giving up. A bit much, I guess, for the aging woman. But, I wasn’t going to complain too much as she was quite delirious, making me quite happy.

It only took a few minutes before the orgasm seized her and her whole posterior began to quake. I was hanging on, keeping my tongue glued to her clit.

In moments, I was back between her legs with my cock buried in her once more.

Her moaning continued uninterrupted as I gripped her ass with both hands and began to fuck her with abandonment. Her pussy seemed a whole lot better now! Not tight! But very fuckable! I varied my rhythm and depth of penetration over the long period I continued fucking her and she groaned, if not moaned, continuously.

I had had a vasectomy a year earlier that mom was unaware of. If mom was concerned about me coming inside of her, she voiced no concern as I filled her pussy.

When I lifted above canlı casino siteleri her, my cock still inside her, I saw embarrassment on her face, her head rolling to the right, eyebrows lifted and her eyes rolling in seemingly disbelief.

I had a strong urge to continue fucking her but I doubted she would do little more than lay there passively. I hated that in Gail and I certainly didn’t want mom to put me through it. She had been a good lover.

“You should go wash up.” I directed. “I’m going to stay here and take that nap now.”

“Do you mind if I lay here and minute.” She queried. “I’m a bit exhausted.”

“No. Of course not, mom.” I replied tenderly.

Two hours later I woke up to find myself alone. I heard mom in the kitchen. Unfortunately, I immediately noticed the stain on the bed-spread. Much of my cum had seeped out of mom. It was still a bit wet. I knew it had to be washed. I informed mom as to why I was putting the bed covering in the wash.

“If I had my way, I would leave it there for her to find.” She said sarcastically.” May do her and you both some good!”

Mom and I fucked later on that night but not on or in the bed.

After showering, she summoned me to the bathroom and we began by me fucking her bent over the sink. I ended up sitting on the toilet while she straddled me, enabling me to finger her to orgasm before getting my own.

Mom rested well on the sofa that night. Knowing, that Gail and the kids were not due back until after midday, mom and I spent a long time in the shower together. I brought her to orgasm with my tongue, her desire, and she did a so-so job of jerking me off.

My wife and kids returned home and the Cold War resumed with a passion, giving me a headache. I was scared to death mom was going to find some way to tell Gail we had fucked.

As usual, Gail was not in a sexual mood the night of my mother’s departure.

To be quite honest, sexually I was quite content, not needing or wanting sex.

Lying in bed, in the dark, Gail started in complaining about all of the things my mother had done to aggravate her during her stay. I suppose, because mom and I had had sex, I felt compelled to defend her more than I usually did.

“She was a pain in the ass and you know it!” Gail exclaimed loudly. “Especially the last two days!”

“You know she was awake the other night!” I blurted out not thinking, wanting to punish Gail.

“How do you know that?” She quizzed.

“She told me.” I said, not quite so challenging.

“She told you.” Stating it more to herself than me.

She lay pondering what I told her for a long minute, making me squirm a bit and wishing I had kept my mouth shut.

“So, what did she have to say about it?” She queried.

“She thought you wanting to fuck, with her so close, was a way to assert your dominance over her.” I replied, not realizing the trouble I was getting myself into. “IF you thought she was awake, which she was.”

“This is my god damn house!” Gail barked. “It’s my house! And I’ll damn well rule here! I don’t give a damn what she thinks!”

“So, why exactly did you want to fuck the other night with mom so close?” I asked.

Gail said nothing, staring at the wall at the foot of the bed for long moments.

“I don’t know!” She replied. “I guess my hormones got the best of me. I wanted to show her I was the woman of this household. And you tell me she knew! She was awake!”

I could tell my wife’s mind was trying to grasp hold of something. She knew how my mother was……. Get even Ethel, Gail called her.

“When I was leaving, Ethel told me she would take good care of you while I was gone. Her tone was almost demonic like she was planning something.”

She lay staring again.

Gail lifted the bed spread and sniffed it, twice.

“You washed the bed spread?” She said accusingly.

“What?” I said, trying to rally my senses to find a defense.

“I never use softener on our bedding.” She said just as accusingly. “The smell is too strong for sleeping on. SHE FUcked you!” She started to scream but realized the kids might hear.

“What!” I said again, not meeting her angry look.

“And you, you spineless son-of-a-bitch, you let her.” She accured.

There was nowhere to run or hide. I sat there, my back against the pillows, and wallowed in self-pity. Gail jumped over to straddle me and began hitting me open handed on my head, neck and shoulders, while I tried to defend myself. I came up with a defense.

“It’s your fault!” I exclaimed. “If you hadn’t wanted to fuck with her almost in the bed with us, it wouldn’t have happened! You know how crazy the woman is!”

“But I’ll bet your horny dumb ass didn’t just lie there and let her have her way with you?” She challenged. “That bitch can’t be any good in the sack.”

“Well, it HAS been a while since you’ve given me any pussy!” I defended. “What was I supposed to do?”

“Tell her she is your mother and she should not be seducing her son!” She offered. “You think?”

I could tell Gail was losing her steam. Funny as it may seem, I got the impression that because it was mom that I had fucked, and she knew how spiteful mom could be, she wasn’t as upset as she would’ve been had it been some other woman near her age.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20