Cum Sluts Anonymous 6: Jerry

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As I watched her walk toward the front of the room I had a hard time believing that anyone who looked so innocent and angelic could stand in the front of this room and admit to being one of us. But then I should know by now that all kinds of people have our problem. Among us are a doctor, a minister, a ministers wife (not related), several government officials, a couple of lawyers, a cop, a fireman, a garbage man, several housewives and the list could go on for hours. All of them are here because they all share the same addiction – they are all lovers of cum – cum junkies – cream pie lovers – call them what you will, they all love cum. Cum in their mouths, cum in their pussies; man or woman, it doesn’t matter, they are all here to try and kick their habit.

Well, almost all of them. I’m not here because I’m a cum slut, I’m here because they are. I’m here because I’m drawn to cum junkies. I’m a predator and this is my feeding ground. As I watched the innocent looking young lady making her way to the front of the gathering I felt eyes on me and I looked around and saw them all looking at me. Brenda, Julie, Mary Jo, Beverly and Joyce; they all knew what I was sitting there thinking and they also knew that they wouldn’t say anything to anybody about it. I had that kind of power over them and they all feared that I would exercise that power by denying them what they wanted, no – make that what they needed.

I found out about these meetings from a friend and at first I hadn’t believed him. Oh I knew that there were a lot of self-help groups around like Alcoholics Anonymous, but a group for cumaholics? So I came to see for myself and once at a meeting the possibilities became obvious to me. I attended several meetings, heard the stories and got a feel for the group. One night I stood up in front of the group and made up a bullshit story about my supposed addiction and I was in. Then I sat back and waited for my first opportunity.

Her name was Harriet and she was a fairly plain looking woman who was obviously very insecure. Her story was classic, she’d never had a boyfriend and suddenly one day a boy asked her out. He’d tried to kiss her goodnight after a date, but she wouldn’t let him and he never called again. A year went by before another boy asked her out and when he tried to kiss her she had let him out of fear of not getting another date. From there it moved to heavy necking, then to being felt up and finally he wanted to go all the way. She just knew if she didn’t give in she would never see him again so she went all the way with him.

She had loved it and wanted to do more. She casino oyna and the boy got it on whenever they could find a flat surface and then one day he brought a friend. She was hesitant, but again afraid she would lose the boy if she didn’t do what he wanted. A couple of weeks later it was two friends and then the friends started coming around on their own and she let them have her because it was what her boyfriend wanted, wasn’t it? And then the boyfriend caught her with his friends, called her a whore and walked away from her, but she didn’t care because she was getting steady fucking from his friends. And then those friends brought some of their friends and those friends brought friends and soon she was being taken to frat parties and she realized she didn’t need a steady boyfriend because if she opened her legs she could have all the boyfriends she wanted.

One night several boys put her in a bathtub and took turns peeing on her and she became so disgusted with herself that she thought of suicide. Luckily a friend told her about the group and she came to the group for help. After each meeting there is a social hour with coffee and donuts and I moved in on Harriet. I told her that it took guts to get up in front of a group this large and bare her soul. I told her that having the nerve to do that was a good sign and that if she really worked at it the group could help her lick her problem. I gave her my phone number and told her to feel free to call me for moral support anytime she felt herself starting to backslide. She smiled at me, thanked me and tucked my number away in her purse. It was a long shot, but one worth taking.

I was surprised when only two days later she called me with panic in her voice, and asked me for my help. Several guys wanted her to pull a train at a frat party and she was torn between going to the frat house or locking herself in her bathroom. I asked her for her address and told her I would be right over. When I got there she let me in and we sat on her couch and I held her hand. She started crying and I pulled her to me and comforted her as best I could. I told her to be strong, to put her desires behind her and she moaned, “But I want to, I need it. I’m hurting and I crave it.”

I smiled and told her that we all felt that way. Even I felt that way and I took her hand and put it on the lump in my pants saying, “See? Even I have the need, but all that is required is will power. If you don’t give in it makes you stronger. Here, let me show you.”

And I unzipped and pulled out my cock. “Put your hand on it” and she did. “Okay, move your hand up and down” and she canlı casino did. “See? You are a desirable young woman, but even though you are fondling me I am able to use will power to fight my desires. Even though what you are doing feels great and I want you so bad it hurts I am able to exercise my will power and keep my hands to myself.”

All the while I’m spreading the bullshit she is stroking my cock and staring at it. She slowly lowered her head and took me in her mouth and five minutes later I was fucking her.

Mary Jo was next and she was followed in turn by Julie, Beverly and Joyce. Brenda was my most recent conquest and she was by far the hardest because her husband brought her to every meeting and hardly ever left her side. But one evening he left her long enough to go to the bathroom and that was all I needed. I gave her my number and the same line of bullshit I’d given the others and she put my number in her pocket. I left her before her husband got back and then waited to see what would happen. If she didn’t call it wouldn’t have mattered much since I was fucking the other women two and three times a week each. But I wanted Brenda to join my little harem simply because she was married and I get a huge charge out of fucking another mans wife.

It took three weeks for her to get around to calling me. Her husband was out of town on business and she had the urge and was trying hard to fight it and needed someone to talk to. I told her to talk away, but she said no, she needed face to face contact, the phone was too impersonal. “Besides” she said, “I may need someone to throw me down on the floor and sit on me to keep me from doing what I want to do.”

I smiled to myself as I thought about how she might very well find herself on the floor. I went over to her place and she let me in, offered me coffee and when I said no she led me to the couch. She looked me right in the eye and said, “We both know why you are here. The other girls have told me all about you and frankly, I don’t believe a word of it.”

I smiled at her. I knew what she was asking. I was a dumpy looking, balding fifty year old guy who looked like every ones favorite uncle – no sex object me! I stood up and stripped while she watched. I didn’t have music and I didn’t do any bumps and grinds, but I took it slow and deliberate. First jacket, then shirt followed by tee shirt. I stepped out of my loafers, bent and took off my socks and then straightened up and stood there for a minute, just watching her face, before dropping my trousers and boxers at the same time. I smiled at the look of amazement that came over her kaçak casino face, “Oh my God” she said as she reached out and touched it – touched the power that I had over the others and might soon have over her. I said soon might because there are some women who can take it or leave it, but most, once they have it, want it over and over and over again. I might not have been blessed when they handed out good looks, but to make up for it I’d been given a nice, fat twelve inch cock and the stamina to put it to good use. That was the hold I had on the others. They kept quiet about what I was doing because if they didn’t they wouldn’t get it any more. The only question now was would Brenda be strong willed enough to take her fill and then tell me to piss off.

“Oh baby, I’ve got to have that” and she pulled me to her. She fell back on the couch and spread her legs wide, “No foreplay baby, I got wet enough while you were on your way over just from thinking that what the girls told me might be true. Just put it in.”

Well, she wasn’t wet enough and I had to work at getting it in her and she had an orgasm before I was half way in. Brenda was one hot fuck and she was going to be my new favorite fuck toy if she joined my string. She had orgasm after orgasm as I did my best to make sure that she wanted to keep on being my fuck toy. When I finally came she went down on me to get me hard again and I was surprised that she was able to get almost half of me in her mouth. The other girls could barely get a third in. When I was hard again she led me into her bedroom, “Mike will be gone for three days. I hope you don’t have any pressing engagements.”

Brenda kept me at her house for two days and she was one of the very few ladies who could stay with me as far as endurance was concerned. I left most of them lying worn out on their beds, but Brenda was still ready to go. I would have loved to stay for more, but I had business to take care of.

“When can I see you again?” she wanted to know as I got ready to leave.

“When would you like to?” I asked.

“Mike won’t be home until tomorrow night. How about tonight?”

Brenda was a good fit in my little harem. The really nice thing about my harem is that all the girls are willing to help me make a new conquest as long as I see to it that they all still get their fair share. As the innocent looking young lady made her way nervously to the front of the room I knew I could depend on them to help me with her. As an aside, I do help these women with their addiction; I say to them “only me or not me at all” and so far it seems to have worked. I sat and listened while I anticipated sticking my cock in that angelic face.

“Hi. I’m Lisa and I’m a cum hungry slut.”

Yes you are my dear and I am going to try and see to it that you stay one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20