Examining Laura’s Luscious Labia

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“Maybe instead of just reading them racy stories on Literotica,” 63 year old Albert Cobb mumbled to himself as he tried not to notice his next door neighbor heading over to the fence that separated his house from the Sager’s on Sunnyside Drive, “I should write one myself. Of course I would have to do something to write about.”

That wasn’t what Albert’s intention was when he had started spending an absurd amount of time tending to his modest sized garden as he adjusted to retirement, but the droning of his wife and the never-ending roar of the television drove him out to his little yard, that along with the little girl next door being outside a lot.

The fact that the little girl next door was no longer little but had graduated from high school was a factor in him striking up conversations, and while the 18 year old was a rather ordinary looking gal, the crack of dawn made him horny these days as he had forgotten how long it had been since he had sex.

Now take little Laura here, the senior mused as he looked up and exchanged greetings with her, and as he shielded his eyes from the sun the taking of Laura was exactly what he would like to do.

“You look extra pretty this morning,” Albert mentioned as he watched the girl rest her elbows on the fence while he got back down on his balky knees.

“You said that yesterday morning too Mr. Cobb,” Laura tittered.

“It was true yesterday too,” Albert assured the teen. “Must be nice to be you, getting prettier every day. Gonna be a hot one today too.”

“I know. I’m sweating already and I’m not working like you are,” Laura mentioned as the old man squinted up at her, and the way that her neighbor was looking at her was not lost on the teen.

“Bet your sweat tastes like spring water,” Albert Cobb mumbled and noticed that the things he only thought about before now came out of his mouth, a sign that their relationship was changing on the fly.

“I shaved this morning, Mr. Cobb,” Laura mentioned when he saw that her elderly neighbor’s eyes had strayed to her armpits which were exposed by the sleeveless top and from the way her elbows were propped up on the fence.

“So I see,” Albert replied as he smiled at the round hollows under her slightly plump arms, the smooth craters shiny with perspiration. “Hope that wasn’t because of what I said yesterday. I thought the peach fuzz was sexy too.”

“No, I shave every other day anyway,” Laura confessed, her formerly shy demeanor having changed a bit recently when she figured out the old guy was checking her out.

“Waste of time. Of course if you ever need help…”

“I’ll let you know Mr. Cobb,” Laura giggled in response.

“Not like it was when I was your age, but I noticed some girls these days don’t bother shaving,” Albert said. “You could be the only hippie in the village in the 21st century.”

“I’d have to listen to my Mom whine if I did that though.”

“That girl who lives over on Exchange Street,” Albert mentioned as the old man straightened up from his gardening. “The one that got hit by a car a while back?”


“Don’t know her name, but when I was at the store the other day she was in there. Had this wife-beater shirt on and nothing underneath it,” the senior recalled. “Not only could you see everything, but that gal had more hair under her arms than I do.”

“That bother you Mr. Cobb?”

“Hell no, I love the ladies no matter what shape or size, and it would take more than a little hair to scare me off, but I confess it did shock me.”

“I was in her gym glass last year,” Laura told him. “You should see her without any clothes.”

“I agree,” Mr. Cobb chuckled. “Wouldn’t have minded being a fly in that locker room while you two cuties were changing clothes.”

“What was so unusual about that gal that got your attention?” Albert wondered aloud when he thought that Laura wasn’t going to elaborate.

“Nothing I guess, but she – she’s got a lot of hair everywhere.”

“That so? Hairy legs?”

“I dunno, but I mean – you know – between her legs,” Laura mumbled.

“All gals have hair down there,” Albert said. “At least they used to as I recall.”

“Not like her.”

“I see. That gross you out?”

“No, I mean I wish I had that problem,” Laura confessed. “It would hide me better.”

“Hide you?”

“Yeah. I’m really ugly down there,” Laura admitted as she scrunched up her face.

“I swear child, the way you talk about yourself? Lucky I have eyes so I can see the way you really look,” Albert said.

“No Mr. Cobb. I know what I look like down there, and it’s nothing like the other girls.”

“Now Laura,” Albert sighed. “You are your own worst critic.”

“No, this isn’t just me putting myself down. Even my friend Diane tells me that I’ve got gigantic flaps.”

“Flaps?” Albert mused aloud. “You mean your labia?”

“I guess that’s what they call them,” Laura shrugged. “All I know is that they look hideous.”

“You and your friend – Diane you said her name was?”


“She the girl with the short black hair and the casino siteleri big boobs?”

“Yeah, how do you know that Mr. Cobb?”

“Told you I’ve been keeping my eye on you,” the old man grinned. “You and Diane must have fun when she sleeps over.”

“Sorry, that wasn’t nice,” the senior apologized when he saw his neighbor blush. “You should have fun while you’re young, because it’s no fun getting old.”

“You sound like my Dad,” Laura suggested.

“If he feels that way now wait until he gets to be my age.”

“He’s about your age isn’t he?” Laura asked. “He’s almost 50. How old are you?”

“63, but that was nice of you to say that.”

“I always used to be afraid of you,” Laura confessed. “You reminded me of Bluto on the Popeye cartoons.”

“I’m been called worse, although my beard has some grey in it,” Albert said.

“Beards are sexy,” Laura giggled.

“Is that so? This is quite a day for me. First you tell me that I look young for my age, and then you tell me that you like beards,” Albert told her. “Keep that up and I’ll start thinking that your flirting with me isn’t just kidding around.”


“Isn’t that what you’re doing?”

“I dunno.”

“Telling me about your labia? What would your mother think if she knew what you were talking to me about?”

“I dunno. Maybe Mrs. Cobb wouldn’t like you checking me out like you have been either,” Laura answered.

“To be honest, she just wouldn’t care I’m afraid,” Albert admitted. “Although there was a time when we were younger that if she saw a gal like you flirting with me, not only wouldn’t she mind but she’d probably drag you into bed with us.”

“Your wife?” Laura laughed.

“We weren’t always fossils I’ll have you know,” Alert smiled.


“We never had children so it gave us something to do. But now?”

“Can’t get it up any more?” Laura asked.

“That’s not the problem. It still works way too well, but my wife – she really doesn’t enjoy it. Change of life and all, and I guess as gals age they aren’t as supple as they used to be, so it hurts her if we try to do it. It’s a matter of size on my part.”

“Oh. Guys always say how big their things are,” Laura responded.

“I didn’t say big necessarily,” Albert replied. “You sure you want to hear about this?”

“Sure. I’m not a kid.”

“Well like I was saying, it’s not that I’m all that gifted in the length department,” Albert admitted. “I’m afraid that I’m quite ordinary in that way. It’s the thickness that’s a bit too much.”

“You have a fat dick?”

“To put it mildly,” Albert answered. “So now we know each other’s secrets. We both think we’re unusual.”

“It’s gonna be tough talking to you now after this,” Laura confessed. “Whenever I look at you I’ll be wondering what it looks like. Your dick I mean.”

“And I’ll be thinking about your labia, among other parts of you,” Albert said as he got back up onto his feet. “Of course, if you wanted to just show me your pussy I wouldn’t have to wonder.”

“Here?” Laura cackled.

“In the shed over there,” Albert replied. “Nobody would bother us. The door locks, so you would just tug your shorts down so I can see what you’re so concerned about.

“You going to show me your dick?” Laura asked.

“You show me yours and I’ll show you mine?” Albert laughed. “Haven’t played that in decades, but heck yes. I’ll show you my cock either way. I’m not ashamed.”

“Neither am I, Laura replied but then added, “Well, maybe I am but…”

“Then let’s duck back there. Your folks aren’t home and my wife would never come out here in this heat,” Albert explained.

“Let me clean up first,” Laura told him as she peeled her sticky top from her skin. “I’m drenched.”

“Wouldn’t bother me a bit,” the old man said as he looked at the enormous dark patches around the arm holes of her top.

“How about a half hour?” Laura suggested.

“I’ll be waiting.”


Albert Cobb used the time he had to freshen himself up a bit before hurrying out to the shed. The cramped little structure had been used for some interesting things in the past, but not recently. Fortunately Albert tended to keep things in order so it was just a matter of dusting off the work table and opening the back window to let light and some fresh air in.

After that Albert just sat on the table on waited, and while for a time that the old guy thought he might have been put on and she wasn’t coming, the creaking of the door opening and the sight of his young neighbor allayed his fears.

“There you are,” Albert declared as he got up from the table while Laura came in, and after sliding the latch on the bolt closed, gave the girl a kiss in greeting.

“Took a shower,” Laura told the elderly man who was almost drooling as he held her arms in his hands.

“I can see. Too bad because I bet you would be delicious sweaty,” Albert noted, and as he looked down he grinned and added, “No bra either. Nice.”

“So you gonna show me?”

“Show you what honey?” Albert responded.

“Your canlı casino dick.”

“My, aren’t you the excited one?” Albert chuckled as he undid his belt and let his baggy trousers drop to the floor, and after stepping out of them suggested, “How about you? You could start by taking off that blouse.”

“We didn’t agree to that. You said you just wanted to…”

“Might as well honey,” Albert noted as he nodded towards Laura’s nipples which were popping through her blouse. “Not much left to the imagination anyway.”

“Not very big,” Laura complained as she unbuttoned the top and opened it up to expose the softball sized globes and their fat beige nipples.

“Nice,” Albert said as he cupped the firm breasts in his palms, and although she jumped when his hands first touched her, she let him gently knead them.

“Okay, let me see your dick Mr. Cobb,” Laura said impatiently as she took a step back.

“Can’t remember any gal wanting to see it so bad,” Albert wheezed as he brought the boxers down past his silver and black bush, where he hoped that the trimming he had just done around the base of his cock wasn’t too obvious, and then let the underwear fall.

The old man grinned when he heard Laura gasp at the sight of his manhood, the brown vein-riddled organ hanging over a pair of very low hanging balls.

“Geez,” Laura said through her teeth as he watched the old man grab the rubbery stub and pull on it.

“What’s the matter Laura?”

“I mean, you said your dick was fat but… crap.”

“Want to hold it?”

“NO!” Laura said as she kept looking at it as if it was about to attack while the old man calmly peeled the foreskin back to expose the plump crimson knob. “Big as a freaking apple.”

“No, but it is a mouthful if you would care to try,” Albert suggested.

“No – uh – can anybody see in?” Laura asked of the open window.

“Just the garden and the woods.”

“Okay,” Laura said as she undid the top of her shorts that dug into her slightly pudgy belly, and as the shorts came down the old man grinned at the cuteness of her pear-shaped body.

“I thought girls these days all wore those things and the like,” Albert wondered aloud as he looked at the modest panties and specifically at the prominent camel toe visible even with the baggy undies.

“Not me,” Laura answered as she looked at where her elderly neighbor’s eyes were fixed, and as she prepared to lower her underwear she warned, “Mr. Cobb, if you laugh I swear…”

“I would never do that Laura,” he promised as the panties came down slowly, exposing first her bush which as she had said was sparsely haired – but Albert wasn’t sure whether any pussy would have been hairy enough to hide what had to be the fullest and juiciest looking labia he had ever seen.

By the time Laura had taken her panties from around her ankles and straightened up, all doubts about what the old guy thought about her body were erased when she saw Mr. Cobb’s cock pointing at her and twitching.

“Let me,’ Albert Cobb whispered as he stepped a little closer and brought his hand between the teen’s legs, and as he rubbed the swollen entrance of her sex he not only found her labia soft and warm but wet as well.

“You’re so wet child,” Albert wheezed as he let his index finger glide up and down the channel, causing the girl to shiver in place.

“I know,” Laura said as she felt the old man take her wrist and bring it over to place it on his stiffening cock.

“There – not so bad is it?” he asked softly.

“Can’t even get my hand halfway around it,” Laura mumbled as she looked down at her pale hand on the thick brown stub.

“Go ahead. You know you want to try,” Albert sighed as the hand he put on her soft shoulder only helped her go in the direction she had already been headed.

On her knees in front of the old man, the girl held the stump of the fat tool in her fist and skinned it back as she opened her mouth and let her lips slide back and forth over the glans up to the ridge.

“Oh my,” Mr. Cobb sighed as he watched Laura head bob, and while her only attempt at going down past the knob made her choke a bit, the old man clearly admired her efforts.

“You did good honey,” Albert told the girl as he reached down to grab her under the arms and lift her to her feet. “No teeth. I liked that.”

“Wanted to go down farther but…”

“You did wonderfully,” Mr. Cobb insisted as he unbuttoned his shirt and set it on the work table. “Hop up here. I’ll help.”

Laura got up on the edge of the table as the elderly man parted her chubby thighs and stepped between them.

“Hairy chest,” Laura cooed as she timidly put her hands on the silver and black mat of chest on Albert’s barrel chest and raked her fingers through it. “My Dad has a hairy chest too and I always wanted to do this to him.”

“Be my guest honey,” Albert encouragingly as his nipples stiffened, and when the tip of his cock poked into Laura’s pubic hair she jumped.

“As good as this feels, I can’t wait any longer to get a good look at your pussy,” he told the girl kaçak casino as he pulled a little step-stool over to kneel on before moving his face between her thighs. “Smells so sweet.”

With the glistening labia inches from her face Albert inhaled deeply to savor the scent of Laura’s sex, the sparse silky hairs tickling his nose as he leaned forward to taste her pussy.

Laura’s juicy labia practically inhaled the old man’s face as Albert slipped his tongue into the fold, and although he tried to stay in control in seconds he found himself burrowing his face into the teen’s steamy sex.

The girl whimpered as the old man’s oral assault got more frenzied, mercifully keeping quiet as she held Albert’s skull in his hand and ground herself into him.

“Shit shit shit!” Laura ranted as she tore at his thinning scalp while Albert unashamedly grunted like a pig as he lapped furiously up and down, even taking her labia between his lips and sucking hard on them while Laura seemed to be trying to levitate off the table.

“Cum for me,” the elderly man snorted as he felt the girl’s body tense up and then buck wildly just before his face was squirted on, and Albert had to struggle to keep the girl from falling off the table as her orgasm kept going and going until she finally went limp and leaned back against the wall.

“Oh man,” Laura gasped as her neighbor climbed up to his feet, the face glistening and his beard dripping with the teen’s juices. “What was that?”

“Cunnilingus,” Albert said dryly while licking his lips and savoring the tart fluid. “Don’t tell me you never had your pussy eaten out before? Not even your buddy Diane?”

“Not like that,” the flushed girl said as she looked down to see what was poking her. “Want me to get you off? My jaws ache but I can give you a hand job.”

“I have a better idea,” Albert explained as he took his erect monolith in hand and put the tip in between the open labia. “Doesn’t that look nice?”

“Do you have a condom?” Laura asked.

“What would I do with it if I did?” Albert asked as he leaned back showed the girl the wet knob that no rubber could fit on. “Don’t worry, I’m too old to breed. Just let me do this for a time.”

The old man rubbed just the tip of his manhood up and down the wet channel, letting Laura’s labia envelop the head as he lazily moved his tool.

“Oh, that feels good,” Laura exclaimed.

“It looks nice too,” Albert told her. “Take a peek.”

“Omigod. It looks like my cunt is trying to hug your cock,” the teen replied as she looked down and saw the old man’s member furrowing away.

“Cunt?” Albert responded. “Never heard a girl use that word.”

“Well, that’s what it is Mr. Cobb,” Laura told him, and after a moment she asked, “Mr. Cobb? Do you want to put it in?”

“Of course I would love to, but…”

“Just a little, and if it hurts too much you gotta take it out, okay?”

“That’s a deal Laura,” Albert said as he took a couple of gentle exploratory pokes with the tip of his dick while continuing the stroking of her opening.

“You’re teasing me, aren’t you Mr. Cobb?” Laura giggled.

“Teasing both of us I think,” Albert said and then added, “You ready honey?”

Laura nodded and leaned back to brace herself as the old man brought the bulbous knob between the lips of her sex and eased forward.

“Oh-oh-oh!” the teen cried out as Albert pushed himself into her, and while it was really tight it wasn’t as tough as the elderly man figured it would be, and to Laura’s delight she was actually handling the massive girth of the invader. “Good – fucking good!”

“That’s my girl,” Albert said as Laura reached out and wrapped her arms around his neck, smothering him with kisses as he fully impaled her. “You okay?”

“Omigod yes!” Laura gasped as Albert slowly retracted himself.

“Tight as a virgin,” Albert wheezed as he leaned forward again.

“Don’t stop Mr. Cobb,” Laura insisted as she looked into the old man’s eyes.

“I won’t,” Albert promised as he picked up the tempo. the old work table creaking as he thrust in and out of the neighbor girl whose eyes were glazed.

“Ooh!” Laura cried out when after the elderly man grabbed her wrist and brought it back behind her neck, Albert ran his tongue up and down her silky smooth armpit, savoring the sweet saltiness so much that he even sucked on her armpit hard enough to leave a little hickey.

“You like that don’t you honey?” Albert opined as he moved over to her other side while never missing a stroke down below. “Knew your sweat would be just like spring water.”

“Fuck – gonna cum again,” Laura choked as her body tingled, and she practically jumped into the old man’s arms while trying to bury her face in the crux of his neck to silence herself as best she could while the orgasm overwhelmed her.

Laura then fell back against the wall again, her entire body flushed and shiny with sweat as she looked down at the dark beige monster still very much alive and relentlessly moving in and out.

“Had enough?” Albert asked, assuming the girl was getting sore but she shook her head no.

“Probably can’t cum again – maybe never again – but this feels so good I can’t describe it. Those other boys, I could hardly feel them in me so I thought that sex was kinda overrated.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20