Fat Bottomed Girl Pt. 03

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The pink transparent panty was stretched taut across Sheila’s wide ass. She knelt, head down on the bed allowing me to satisfy my fetish. I kissed, and licked, and worshiped her broad bottom. Pulling her panty aside, I diddled her clit with my finger, my thumb in her cunt. She moaned her appreciation and wiggled her ass on my face.

In spite of her wide ass, Sheila has a nice tight pussy. My 6″ cock will be in there later tonight, but for now, I’m allowed my little perversion.

I love sliding my dick between Sheila’s fat ass cheeks. We don’t do anal. Neither one of us want that. If I’ve made her happy, however, she permits me to fuck her ass cheeks like breast fucking. And let’s face it. I could not fuck my lady between her breasts. They are entirely too small for that.

Regardless, I’ve been an ass man all my life. You need to be clear on this. Sheila’s ass is perfect. Not as nasty large as a Kardashian’s. Smaller than that, but big and pliant enough for me.

Tugging her panty down, I’m ready for my reward. I licked the crack of Sheila’s ass, moisturizing it with my saliva.

Mounting her, I slide my dick up and down her soft pliable buttocks. I reach beneath her and lightly pinch her nipples. Her ass feels so good on my cock, so soft. I fuck her crack slowly enjoying my playtime. I’d earned it.

The day before, Sheila had 4 of her closest friends over and introduced me as her naked waiter. She wanted to show me off, or rather the power she had over me. She liked to keep me naked and now she wanted her friends to see me.

Of course her friend Bev was in attendance. She had seen me masturbate over SKYPE when Sheila had her hide while watching perform for my lady.

For the occasion, I’d shaved my crotch smooth. My nervousness was evident by my lack of erection when Sheila’s guests arrived.

In all honesty, being naked for the woman I’d fallen in love with was easy for me. At our relatively young age, our sexuality was at it’s peak. We had great sex most days and in between Sheila would have me masturbate while she watched.

Those sessions would usually end with her watching me eat my cum. She had slowly introduced that aspect in our relationship from the beginning. And while cleaning her freshly fucked pussy wasn’t hard for her to convince me to do, eating my own ejaculate out of my own hand took a few months.

Soon enough I became familiar to the taste of myself, and that I did that for her, made Sheila extremely happy.

So yesterday I was blushing as my cock was seen by 4 fully clothed women.

I took drink orders, mostly white wines, filled the glasses, and returned with them on a tray. After each lady got her drink, Sheila had me light a joint and after she took a hit, had me take it around the room, offering it to her guests.

My cock was mostly eye level and they got a good look at my crotch as I stood there waiting for them to pass me back the joint.

Sheila let me take a hit and it mellowed me out a little. I stood by my lady facing her friends as she explained our relationship. Suddenly Sheila reached under my ass from behind, to cup my balls then stroke my cock. I was hard almost instantly, and red faced.

The room grew quiet as Sheila tugged and jacked on my cock. Then she stopped and directed me to finish what she’d started. She directed me to kneel by her side, face her guests and jack myself to climax.

I understand that there are some who would consider this odd behavior. Only 5 months ago when we got back together, I’d have considered it weird myself. But Sheila’s introduction of CFNM to me gradually grew into our female led relationship. I’m totally cool with it too. It takes casino oyna a load off me, not having to think about what we’re going to have for dinner, what we’re going to do this weekend, and so on.

We’re not into the punishment scene. Sheila loves me and I fill a need for her. That need is to have a naked man with her at home. She also fills a void I didn’t know I had. That is, I like to have a lady, no, this lady lead our lives.

So I knelt there and jacked off, finally cumming into a wine glass Sheila graciously held at the head of my cock. There was a smattering of applause and some giggling as I groaned and pumped my load of cum into the glass.

Folks, there is something extremely liberating being a nude man in a room full of clothed women. All their eyes on you as masturbate for their entertainment. Most men jack off often. I get the thrill of being supervised when I do it. And added to that thrill is the fact that the woman supervising my masturbating is the woman I love.

Sheila handed me the glass and told me to rinse it out in the sink. Whew! She wasn’t willing to share the fact that I eat my spendings with her friends.

The remainder of that afternoon went smoothly. I began to feel comfortable in that situation and Sheila let her friends and I know that this was not be a one off. She also told them she’d consider them bringing opened minded boyfriends of theirs.

So now I’m sliding my dick up and down her ass, using her for my pleasure, exacting my reward. Sheila falls flat and I know she wants me to finish. I back up a little and continue jacking off with her buttocks. Finally I hump and hunch and grunt out my load. The first spurts land near her shoulder. Most though, puddles in the small of her back.

I lay there still and quiet, Sheila permitting me a moment to come down and enjoy my release. Then back on my knees, using my tongue, I clean the mess I’ve left on my lady.

Satisfied we lay together for a few moments before Sheila had me lie between her legs. My face cradled between her thighs, I hold on to her ass and eat her until she cums.

Later that evening I prepared our dinner while Sheila went out with Bev. She called to ask me to make food for four. I figured I’d be naked waiter again and got a bit of a chubby.

So the roast was in the oven and salad ready, I tidied up Sheila’s apartment for her and her guests.

I showered, shaved my pubic area and went naked into the living room. I poured myself a glass of chianti and waited for my lady and her friends.

Sheila and Bev did indeed come in but the other person was a male. It was explained to me that he was Bev’s boyfriend. We shook hands as Sheila told me to and I went to the kitchen to fill their drink orders. Sheila joined me. I told her I would not masturbate in front of Mike. She assured me that it was not her intention. She took two glasses with her I followed with the other two and went back for my own.

I stood beside Sheila and considered Mike. He was thin, almost skinny. He had pleasant blue eyes. His long blonde hair hung in a long pony tail. He was wearing skinny jeans and his tee shirt was short, halfway between is naval and chest.

Bev out weighed him by at least 20 pounds. She wore her usual jeans and chambray shirt. I swear she had some lesbian in her.

They chatted and went to set the table. I paid no mind to what they were saying, content in my task.

When I returned to them to announced dinner was ready I was surprised to see Bev had Mike taking his own clothes off.

I watched his thin torso revealed as he pulled his half T over his head. I saw he had unusually large nipples poking out of a ruby colored canlı casino areole. He saw me watching and smiled as he loosened his belt and peeled his tight jeans down. Mike was wearing a black brief under his jeans and contrary to his thin frame, he seemed to be packing a rather large cock.

I was right. He was half hard when his cock finally came into view. Sticking out some, I saw his pubis, like mine, was also shaved. For some reason seeing that relieved me of some of the tension I felt when he first arrived.

I heard Sheila tell him he had a very nice cock. I blushed at that and felt a little jealousy building.

Bev reached out and like Sheila has done to me many times, toyed with Mike’s cock until it grew to it’s full intimidating length. He must have been 9 inches long and very thick. His balls tightened but still hung low and heavy. He, stood, like I have so many times, enjoying the attention his lady was giving him.

What was strange is that I felt my own cock grow in response to what I was witnessing. I hurried to the kitchen and brought the roast out to let it rest. I placed the salads at each place setting and poured myself another glass of chianti. I shook my head and tried to get the vision of Mike’s cock out of my mind.

Sheila joined me in the dining room and hugged me for my efforts on dinner. Then she whispered that tonight was going to be special. I worried about what that meant.

Calling our guests, Sheila pointed their seats to them. Sheila, as usual, sat at the head of the table. I was in my usual place, on her right. Mike sat across from me and Bev sat at the opposite end from Sheila.

The ladies talked as we ate, Mike and I silent. Bev explained to me that she too was in a female led relationship with Mike. She also told me that they’d been in that relationship for two years now and Mike was well trained.

I looked at Mike when Bev said that. He blushed and smiled shyly.

I explained to Bev and Mike that I was not trained. What Sheila and I did came naturally to both of us and any training was unnecessary.

Bev kind of smirked and Sheila chuckled when I said that. “You’d be surprised at what you can learn without being trained Johnnie.”

During our dinner Mike and I split the glass filling duties for our ladies. By now I was getting used to seeing his big cock flop around when he walked. Still, it was mesmerizing.

After we finished eating, Sheila and Bev told us boys to do the dishes. I didn’t need to be told that and bristled a bit.

I was rinsing at the sink when Mike came in and placed the salad dished on the counter. I froze when he moved behind me and placed his soft warm cock between my ass cheeks. I felt his warm breath on my neck as he reached around me and took my cock in his hands. “Not too big and not too little. Just right.” he said with a soft chuckle.

It was embarrassing to me that he would have the nerve to just fondle me like that. My body betrayed my revulsion and my cock began to get heavy in his hands before he moved away from me.

Flustered, I finished the dishes and joined the others. They were passing around a joint, Sheila sat in her over stuffed chair. Bev sat on the couch. Mike stood beside her. I stood across from him at Sheila’s side.

We all got high and both Sheila and Bev decided to play with our cocks. Mike’s cock looked so damned big. My own was 6 or so inches but not as thick.

“Let’s switch”, Bev challenged Sheila. Mike and I were directed to stand beside the other’s lady.

Bev hefted my cock and fondled my balls. Her hand was a little rough but I responded well and was leaking in no time.

I watched with a heavy heart kaçak casino as Sheila oohed and aahed while jacking Mike. She held his balls in one hand and looked almost hypnotized as she stared at his fuck stick.

The Sheila challenged Bev to another switched. Mike and I were directed to stand together and fondle each other. I cringed and hesitated but the stern look I got from Sheila held me in my place. Mike had no such hesitation. He happily took my cock in his hand and hummed as he played with me.

I reached down and took his cock in my hand. It was hot and smooth. “Don’t forget his balls”, Sheila told me. So I reached with my other hand and held his balls. They were heavy and I could feel them churning in my palm.

It must be the weed but I was not as repulsed as I should have been. The wine and weed served to lessen my inhibitions. I moved my hips to his ministrations and began to handle Mike’s cock like it was my own.

Sheila and Bev were watching us and I saw them share a look though I did not get its’ meaning.

“Johnnie, stop playing with Mike’s cock and come to me please.” I went to my lady embarrassed at her words, even though I was doing what she told me.

“You seem to enjoy that a lot more than I thought you would.”

I couldn’t say anything. Hell, I was guilty as charged. But our entire relationship is built around sensuality and I honestly felt no shame because I responded to a sexually charged situation.

Sheila stood and told me to kneel. I did and she turned and placed her beautiful ass in my face. I did what came natural and kissed it through her capris. While I was doing that, she was unfastening them and surprised me when she pulled them down. I helped her out of them and planted kisses all over her green panty clad bottom. She turned again and I placed my face in her crotch, smelling her excitement. I lapped at her labia through her panties and finally pulling them aside, licking between her fat pussy lips tasting her. She sat back down on the edge of the chair, her pussy available to me. I stuck my tongue in her and lapped up her juices. Reaching up, I played with her titties under her shirt, tweaking her nipples the way I know she likes.

I stayed in that position, my ass facing Bev and Mike, lost in my lady’s cunt. Sheila reached down and pulled my face deep into her pussy. Grinding and moaning, she fucked my sucking mouth until she finally humped her orgasm for me. I gently lapped her swollen cunt lips and with my lips, pulled lightly on her wispy red cunt hair as she sighed and came down. Then I returned her panty to its’ normal place.

I heard Bev moaning and groaning and looked to see Mike in a similar position as I. He held her ass and ate Bev into her climax. His ass looked almost feminine as he knelt there, bent at the waist.

Sheila moved me aside and went to get her robe. I sat where I was hoping to get a glance of Bev’s pussy. I was not disappointed. When Mike moved out of the way, I saw her gaping maw, red and raw from Mike’s face. She opened her eyes, saw me looking, smiled and quickly pulled her black panty up and on. She too left the room.

Mike and I sat, our cocks throbbing and drooling pre-cum.

Sheila in her robe, Bev in mine, joined us. We were directed to make each other cum. I joined Mike on the floor, between our ladies. He reached for me and I reached for him. We played with each others’ cock and balls. I was fascinated by Mike’s large cock and heavy scrotum. That I was handling another man’s penis and he mine, added to the sexual depravity I was feeling. Our ladies watched as their men masturbated to climax.

Later that evening Sheila told me how proud of me she was. That I didn’t fight her when directed to fondle and masturbate Mike gave her other ideas.

I swallowed the lump in my throat when Sheila told me that she’s like to watch me give Mike a nice sloppy blow job.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20