Feel the Rainbow

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Reed finished the book he was reading and placed it on the nightstand next to the side of his bed. It was only ten thirty and a Saturday night, but he felt ready for bed. He had spent most of the day catching up the yard work he had neglected for months. The Fourth of July holiday was that Monday and he wanted everything ready for the barbecue he and his wife Carrie had planned.

“I think I’m going to turn in now. I feel beat. Is there anything you want to do tomorrow?” Reed asked Carrie, who was on her side of the bed, catching up on some last minute emails.

“No, I figured that we’d just relax most of the day. Although I wouldn’t mind going out for breakfast,” she replied as he slid down beneath the covers.

“I can go for that. Do you have anyplace particular in mind?” He asked as he closed his eyes.

“Yeah, I was thinking of that little place on West Avenue. I know it’s not my usual, but I have a real taste for bacon and eggs and I remember that they have crispy, thick cut bacon,” she explained.

Reed paused as Carrie’s words hit his ears. It had been over a year since she had decided to adopt a healthy lifestyle. That new lifestyle had affected their diets the most, and it was rare for either of them to have anything other than whole grains and fruit for breakfast. She had done quite a few things to make sure they stuck to the new nutrition plan and some were more effective than others were.

Reed and Carrie enjoyed a varied and fulfilling sex life, and she had even incorporated that I to their new healthy lifestyle. They often played games of sexual servitude and dominance, with Carrie usually taking charge. She had introduced bondage, S&M, facesitting and her favorite, pegging into their sex life. Carrie excited Reed and he loved her so naturally enjoyed every kinky activity she dreamed up. Unfortunately, she preferred to push his limits, often testing his boundaries. In regards to pegging, her collection of dildoes had grown in number and size. Where she had started fucking him with one the size of a finger, over the past year she had gradually moved up to ones that he would have before never thought possible.

Carrie loved playing mental games with Reed. One such game involved his favorite breakfast of bacon and eggs. Bacon was not on their nutritional plan, but he could have it, only if he submitted to her. Each time he wanted bacon meant she would purchase a new dildo. It might be thicker, longer or both. The dildo just might be a different shape. No matter what, he would submit to her new cock, only earning his breakfast when she felt satisfied.

“So you want bacon and eggs?” He asked.

“I sure do. I hit the gym extra hard this week and bacon sounds yummy,” she said.

“Well…okay. I’m up for that,” Reed said. He wasn’t going to turn down a free pass to his favorite breakfast.

Now it wasn’t that Reed disliked pegging. In fact, he enjoyed it quite a bit. Carrie had pegged him the night before and he still felt mildly sore from her enthusiastic thrusting. He doubted he would be able to take one of her bacon and eggs sessions or as she like to call it, a ‘begging and aches’ session. She called it such because she never stopped until she had turned him fuck-drunk and begging for more, and as always he ended up aching for days afterward.

It didn’t take long for Reed to fall asleep and the night passed quickly. He woke before Carrie and treated himself to a nice long shower. The night had turned delightfully cool and he decided to head back to bed and enjoy the early morning breeze that flowed through the open windows. He stepped into the bedroom and found it empty. He had chosen to shower in the main bathroom to keep from waking Carrie, but it appeared as if she had decided to take a shower as well.

Reed shrugged off his robe and sprawled across his side of the bed. He took a deep breath and sighed as the cool wind danced over his damp skin. The day was starting out perfectly. He had already enjoyed a hot shower, was currently languishing in a cool breeze and would soon go out for his favorite breakfast. He didn’t think it could possibly get any better.

The bathroom door silently swung open and Reed didn’t know Carrie had returned to the room until she touched him on the shoulder. He opened his eyes as she pushed and rolled him onto his back into the middle of the bed. His eyes quickly cleared and he found himself staring up at his freshly showered and still damp wife. She smiled wickedly as she climbed onto the bed and straddled his head. Reed could smell the fresh scent of her feminine musk as he gazed up at her pussy. She had shaved her lips but left a thick furry tuft of brown hair above her clit, the shape reminding him of a tree in full bloom.

“You know what to do,” Carrie chuckled before settling down on Reed’s face.

Reed did know what to do, and opened his mouth as her pussy touched his lips. He sucked on her mound, finding her lips already sticky and coated with her arousal. He let her musky juices linger in his mouth and fill his senses, humming as he savored her taste. Reed reached up and cupped the cheeks of her ass. He squeezed casino oyna the plump globes as Carrie slowly swiveled her hips, wiping her pussy over his mouth. She was already highly aroused and he knew she must have been thinking about a morning fuck for a while.

Carrie stopped wiggling and settled back down on Reed’s mouth. He slid his tongue up through her crease, parting her wet lips before finally gliding over her firm clitoris. He heard her gasp and then felt one of her hands slip underneath his head. Reed did not intend to move and welcomed the gentle but firm embrace. She held his head as he licked up and down her slit, each swipe of his tongue dragging deliciously over her clit.

“Fuck, just like that,” Carrie gasped.

A cool breeze still blew through the room but the air was humid and hot between Carrie’s legs. Her sticky cream coated Reed’s lips and he felt it slowly spread down his cheeks and chin. Her thighs trembled and she began humping his face. Her movement signaled the approach of her orgasm, and he changed his position. He captured her plump clit and rolled his tongue around the sensitive bulb, caused her to buck against him like a cowgirl on a bull. He squeezed her ass and gently scratched with his nails and felt her trembling increase.

Carrie pumped her hips even harder, and it only took a few before she came. As she started to convulse, Reed quickly started sucking her clit. He felt her stiffen and grab the headboard with her free hand as she dropped her full weight in his face. He continued sucking as she cried out while grinding her pussy against his face. Her juices flowed from deep in her pussy and flowed down Reed’s chin, and he whined at missing her delicious nectar.

Carrie wouldn’t let him suffer for too long. She tugged Reed’s hair and pulled her clit from his still-grasping lips. She slipped forward just an inch and pushed her still convulsing pussy against his mouth, sighing as his tongue slid into her juice-drenched tunnel. Reed growled as he sucked and licked her throbbing portal, swallowing down her juices and searching for more. He continued licking and probing her wet sheathe until she pulled away.

“Fuck that was good. Stay put and I’ll be right back,” Carrie said breathlessly as she climbed off Reed and left the bed.

Reed closed his eyes and took a deep breath, and Carrie returned in that short time. He opened his eyes as she grabbed his stuff cock and he smiled as she slipped a cock ring down his shaft and behind his balls. She was preparing him for a long ride.

“That will keep you nice and ready. I’ll be back in a moment,” Carrie said before leaving again, and heading into the bathroom.

Reed closed his eyes and relaxed. He enjoyed the way the ring made his cock feel and idly stroked himself while waiting. He could still taste Carrie’s juices and licked his lips as he teased the sensitive underside of his swollen head.

“Okay. Are you ready for more?” Carrie asked as she stepped back into the room.

“Oh you know I am,” Reed said as he opened his eyes.

His eyes continued opening until they were as wide as saucers. Carrie was ready to fuck but not how he had expected. She had slipped into her harness and was sporting a new dildo. This one had a realistic shape but was rainbow colored with alternating colors from the base to the tip. He had never seen it before and she must have purchased it recently.

“You know the rules,” Carrie said as she saw the look in his face.

“Yeah, but you were the one that suggested it, and besides, that looks kind of…big,” he said.

“Sorry, but the rules are the rules. It doesn’t matter who made the decision. And don’t worry, we have plenty of lube,” Carrie said, still grinning evilly as she walked toward the bed, her rainbow cock bobbing heavily in front of her.

Carrie was only partially joking about the lube. She stopped at her nightstand where she retrieved a full bottle and a hand towel from the top drawer. She climbed onto the bed and dropped the items beside her still-stunned husband.

“Lift your ass,” Carrie said as she grabbed a pillow from the bottom of the bed.

Reed did as she said and raised his hips from the bed. He held the position as she slid a pillow beneath his ass and didn’t lower himself until she told him. He couldn’t believe that he had been so gullible. Carrie took pride in her ability to trick and manipulate him and he knew he should have saw this coming. He scrunched up his face in response to the look of smug satisfaction on hers, and she laughed in response.

“Oh don’t give me that. You’re just miffed that you didn’t realize you still needed to pay for your breakfast. Besides, you know I always leave you satisfied,” said Carrie while squirting lube on her fingers.

She was telling the truth and Reed couldn’t deny it. He was usually too weak to move after she finished fucking him. He pulled his legs back as she moved closer and hissed quietly as her cold, slippery fingers slid into his ass. The amount of time Carrie spent on prepping his ass had drastically diminished over the year. It used to take almost an hour of fingers canlı casino and toys before his ass was relaxed enough to fuck. Now it only took a couple of minutes to make sure she had sufficiently lubricated his tunnel.

The gradual increase in the size of Carrie’s dildo’s made each new model only a minor challenge, even if some of the shapes did provide new and interesting sensations. It wasn’t the size of the rainbow dildo, but the shape that Reed found daunting. The size increased greatly midway up the shaft, and curved to side at the same time. He couldn’t begin to imagine how such a thing would feel.

Carrie pulled her fingers from her husband’s ass and applied more lube. She did so multiple times until she felt sure his ass was ready for her. She then applied a thick layer of lube over her dildo, not stopping until she had coated every inch. She sat down the bottle and scooted forward until she was in position, her grin returning as she postured up between his legs. She rested the slippery tip of the dildo against his prepped ring and paused.

“So what do you want?” Carrie asked mischievously.

“I want…,” Reed started to reply.

He found his reply cut short as Carrie pushed forward, the tip of the dildo easily opening his trained anal ring. His eyes widened as they always did as his anal muscle expanded and slid over the head. It still amazed him to think how much the little muscle could expand, but after a brief moment of pressure, he felt the mushroom shaped head pop into his ass, his ring squeezing the shaft.

“Oh shit,” Reed groaned.

Over the last year, Carrie had become an expert in regards to her husband’s ass. She knew exactly how long and how wide of an object he could take. This new dildo was barely larger than the last one so she didn’t fear taking him too far too soon. She kept pushing forward as the dildo grew thicker and tilted her hips to the side to reduce the angle of the curve. The look on Reed’s face was a mixture of excitement and surprise, and she soaked it in as she fed more of the dildo into his ass.

The angle of the dildo created a new pressure that Reed had not felt before. It wasn’t painful but different, and his legs shook from the feeling flooding through his lower body. He gripped his legs to keep them up and took a deep breath as he saw Carrie adjust her hips again. Even though he had prepared, he still groaned and gasped as she forced the last few inches of the dildo into his stretched anus.

“Whew! I didn’t think that fucker would fit, but I was determined to make it,” Carrie said while dramatically wiping her forehead with the back of her hand.

Reed took a deep breath and released it along with the tension that had built up inside him. He concentrated on the dildo now it was resting in his ass. The odd curve made it feel much larger than it actually was and it surprised him how quickly his tunnel tried to conform to the invader. He gripped the sheets as Carrie pulled her hips back, his canal begrudgingly releasing its hold on the thick column. She slowly rocked back and forth, warming up his ass for the eventual power-fucking she loves to deliver.

The dildo didn’t give a bit and it was up to Reed’s stretched ass to make the concessions. His elastic tunnel contorted and expanded to accommodate the curved shaft, sending jolts of electricity through him as it stimulated the sensitive nerves. Carrie slowly increased both the length and speed of her strokes until the bend of her cock was bumping and stretching his ring every time she pulled back. She settled into a steady rhythm and let the dildo do the work for her, gradually applying pressure to her husband’s anal ring, opening it more and more with each stroke.

Reed didn’t know it but Carrie had instantly fell in lust the first time she saw the dildo at a local shop. She loves the colors but instantly saw the possibilities the curvature would provide. She had already used it on her pussy multiple times, enjoying some of the best orgasms she had ever received from a toy. She enjoyed anal as well and stars had danced in her eyes when she slid it into her own ass. She understand how Reed felt with the stout prick sliding deep inside his ass, but knew it would soon take a turn into something even better.

“Come on, let’s get that ass open,” Carrie groaned as she rolled her hips, stirring the brightly colored cock around inside him, stretching his ring back and forth.

Reed gripped the sheets tighter as his whole body trembled. His orgasm was far away but he was now experiencing something even deeper. He felt as if the dildo was electrically charged, sending pinpoints of electricity through him wherever it touched. He was already aching for release, and though the shaft was thick, it didn’t provide enough contact with prostate to make him come. It was Carrie’s rule that he couldn’t touch his cock until she told him, and he desperately wanted to stroke his throbbing cock.

Carrie grabbed Reed by the hips and begin fucking him properly. His heated ring was slack enough for her to pull the dildo from his ass before driving it back in, and she soon knew he was ready for what she had kaçak casino planned all along. She gave him a few more deep thrusts and then pulled completely out, leaving him shaking violently on the bed, his asshole winking like an eye.

“Turn on your side and scoot to the side of the bed,” Carrie told Reed as she nimbly hopped off the bed.

This was something new and Reed struggled to get his muscles moving. He slowly complied as Carrie watched him intently from the side of the bed. She smiled as his ass moved closer to her. She had perfectly judged the height of the bed and he was at the right level for her to continue without the need for a pillow or anything else.

Although Carrie enjoyed the intimacy the previous position provided, she also enjoyed the stability and power of standing. She felt freer to use her hands and could use not only her hips but also her whole body to power her thrusts. Once Reed was in positivism, she grabbed and spread his cheeks. His hole was winking as if she was still fucking it and she decided that reality was far better than illusion. She grabbed the lube and applied another fresh coat to the dildo before guiding it back home.

The head of the dildo slid easily into the primed hole and Reed groaned as the shaft followed. He hadn’t given any thought as to why Carrie had chosen to try the new position but it quickly became apparent. The cure of the dildo had so far provided some interesting angles and feeling of fullness but with his body turned it now did something else. His eyes grew as wide as saucers as the head, now pointed toward his stomach pressed firmly against his prostate. It compressed and slid along the excited gland as Carrie drove forward, burying the dildo in his quivering canal.

“See, I knew you’d like my little surprise,” Carrie said as she slowly moved the dildo back and forth inside Reed’s ass.

Carrie knew from her own use of the cock how powerful it could be when used in the right direction. She had turned it on its side while fucking her pussy and orgasmed twice from the intense stimulation of her g-spot. Reed’s shaking limbs and curling toes told her that he was experiencing the same exquisite pleasure from his prostate. She gripped his upper cheek in her hand and stretched it upwards to watch the rainbow colors of the dildo slide in and out of his ass. Purple, blue, red, green and yellow stripes disappeared and reappeared as she moved, creating an almost hypnotic display of color.

“Do you like my new toy?” Carrie asked as she watched a clear bead of come traveling down a glistening thread from the bulging tip of his cock.

Reed tried to answer but a wave of convulsions stole his voice. Instead of words, a jumbled mix of grunts and moans tumbled from his mouth.

“That’s what I thought you’d say,” Carrie laughed and picked up her pace.

Of the almost dozen dildo’s Carrie had used over the past year, Reed was finding this one the most intense. He hadn’t thought about the angle when she had him turn on his side but even if he had, would have still been unprepared for he was receiving. He rarely came from anal stimulation alone, and never wearing a cock ring. However, he could feel his orgasm building in his stomach and knew even the tightly stretched ring would hold it back. His arms lie limply on the bed as his wife buffeted him back and forth, her thrusts becoming more forceful with each thrust. He teetered on the edge of coming but Carrie briefly slowed and pulled him back from the edge.

He looked at her with disappointment in his eyes, but that quickly changed. Keeping the dildo buried in his ass, she climbed up into the edge of the bed. Lifting Reed’s upper leg, she spread him wide, and gripping his calf tightly thrust forward, driving the dildo deep into his ass. Carrie didn’t comment or utter a word as she began brutally pounding his exposed hole. She pulled his leg against her chest and used his body for leverage as she continued brutally ravaging his ass. The room quickly filled with his excited yelps and the loud staccato sounds of her body striking his.

Reed’s hands pawed at the air as if he were trying to crawl away. The dildo brushed against his prostate at a blistering speed, and what had been a steadily building orgasm turned into a rush of energy that surged though his body. He cried out incoherently as his muscles cramped and the convulsed. His cock throbbed so hard that it felt as if he were turning inside out, thick spurts of come bursting from the swollen knob and flying across the bed.

Carrie felt the power of Reed’s orgasm, not only in the extreme flexing of his muscles but also in how his anal canal clamped down on her cock. She felt the resistance and powered through it, forcing his walls open and not giving him a moment’s reprieve from her rampant tool. She watched as his cock jerked back and forth, following the ropes of come that gushed from his knob. She continued pillaging his worn hole long after his cock expelled its last drops of cream and his leg turned limp in her arms. She didn’t stop until she felt satisfied that she had drained him of every ounce of come, energy and will that he had. She pulled her cock from his abused hole and slid two fingers inside, fingering his loose sheathe and admiring the results of her handiwork. She felt sure he could take a bigger cock next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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