Finally, My Sister-In-Law, We Visit

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To the literary purists – As with all my stories, I act in the role of narrator. This is a short story specifically designed to fit on one page. As such, there is no character development and no witty dialogue. I am not writing the next great novel. If another contributor would like to add names and dialogue and use this as an outline, go ahead. Improbable, sure. Unlikely, absolutely. But it’s my story and I’m sticking to it. To everyone else, I hope you enjoy.

I was positive it was a bad idea from the first moment, but I couldn’t resist my burning desire. My wife’s family consisted of four women and they told each other everything. I knew one husband was extremely well endowed, but they didn’t have kids and haven’t had sex for a decade. I knew one had a tall boyfriend and he was apparently long all over. The oldest sister (62) had decided against sex for awhile “Since, who has time?”, but now is afraid her husband (63) won’t be able to perform anymore after prostate surgery. To finally have had two nights of sex in the guest room of my own house with my wife’s oldest sister while my wife was asleep in our bedroom would probably have negative consequences.

My sister-in-law is a lot like me and is generally unafraid to say whatever comes to mind. I started to envision her conversations with both my wife (56) and her husband, if it hadn’t happened already. I realized we had jeopardized two marriages of over thirty years each. I hoped she could be discrete about the rendezvous, but wasn’t really counting on the fact that she could keep her mouth shut over an extended period of time.

I needed an action plan. I could just run away now. I could hope nobody cared. Both bad options. Then it hit me, face the problem head on. Although they did live over 1,000 miles away from us and I have never been to their house, I could innocently propose we swap the sisters like it hadn’t already happened between my sister-in-law & I. I guessed I already had our two votes, it would only take the other two to opt in and since I knew my wife had always liked her brother-in-law and he seemed to flirt with her when we were together it maybe was at least a viable option.

I decided to start with my wife. I asked her out of everyone we both knew, who she would at least consider having sex with. I threw out some suggestions that she would never consider to open the conversation. Not the best strategy, but it led her down the path to where I wanted to go. She was annoyed by the conversation until I suggested we should just go and visit her sister and her husband. While she was non-committal on my reason for going, she was willing to at least go for a visit and shopping. Now I had to ask her if she could talk her sister into it, but I already knew her sister’s answer. I just needed her to have the courage to make the call.

The sisters tend to talk on weekends and Sunday the call took place. I could sense her excitement for the trip mixed with the apprehension of the proposal. I pretended to be occupied in the other room, but heard the majority of the conversation, which took place mainly in their “quiet” voices. I waited anxiously for the verdict, knowing full well there was still another party involved. My wife did not discuss the call with me, but tended to check her phone often. Mid- afternoon her phone rang and after a brief conversation, we were planning our trip.

We were met the next Thursday at the airport with innocent hugs and travelled the 40 or so miles back to their home, arriving just before a spectacular sunset. While I had hoped we would have carved out an agenda/itinerary for our time with them, the women were not inclined to address the subject to my knowledge. I started to fear that nothing was going to happen other than the visit. I did not travel this far to watch the sisters eat at eclectic restaurants and shop. We arrived, unloaded our suitcases and were shown to our upstairs guest room.

Following a quick bathroom break, we returned downstairs to the kitchen and were greeted with an offer of drinks and a spread of extraordinary hors d’oeuvres. Didn’t expect that, but not surprised, it was kind of a family custom. We opted for glasses of red wine and munched on the treats. The conversation was lively and relatively flirty as the wine flowed and the food disappeared.

All of a sudden, the sisters were apparently exhausted from all the excitement of being together and declared their intentions to go wash their faces and get ready for bed, as they had a big day of shopping planned for tomorrow. My hopes for the visit were dashed and I shook my head in disbelief. There was a similar reaction from my brother-in-law. We were almost finished with clean up efforts and working on the last of the wine, when the women reappeared.

To say they stunned us would be a gross understatement. In front of us were two gorgeous, voluptuous women in matching black bustiers with red ribbon accents and matching thongs. They did a slow turn, while winking at casino siteleri us over their shoulders. I heard three things – “Howdy boys”, “Hello sailors”, and “What’s a girl have to do to get a drink around here?” Before I was able to comprehend the situation, a bottle of Asti Spumante was open and fresh flutes set out next to it. If this is a dream, let me sleep!

It was evident the sisters now were clearly in control of the encounter, which in my experience is any situation where beautiful women wear almost no clothes. They stood between us, but had elected to not stand next to their own husbands. I’m usually pretty perceptive, but the shock and awe was still working. The group conversation had now ended and two private flirt sessions had begun. Before long and as if on cue, my sister-in-law had her tongue in my mouth and I could see my wife using the same technique on her brother-in-law. I was glad we had cleared the counter, as it seemed to me to be a logical place to continue. Cooler heads prevailed and the sisters led us off to the spare bedrooms.

I had my polo shirt peeled off and was kicking my shorts off before I even booted the door shut. Not the sexiest striptease in history, but sometimes you just need to go for it. At 59, I could still always get it up, it was sometimes maintaining that was the issue and I was trying not to challenge that. I went right to work, sliding the thong aside and was balls deep by the third thrust. It might have been the anticipation, the lingerie, or even the liquor that had her thrashing around under me like I was the greatest lover in history. Since I am barely average in size, I doubted it was my cock that was causing this reaction. Her enthusiasm did manage to stiffen me more and shortly after she moaned and groaned through her orgasm, I pulled out and filled her navel with my load.

As my cock deflated, I wondered about my wife’s current intimate encounter. Was she her typical pillow princess or her occasional cougar? I imagine her on top, riding him cowgirl, as he plays with her large dangling tits. I then see her roll off, asking him to fuck her tits. In my vision, he straddles her as she pushes her ladies together to create a passage, managing to keep her forefingers free on top to scrape the head of his cock as he strokes. With all the stimulation, he deposits several spurts on her tits, chest and neck. Did it happen? Will she tell me? I doubt I’ll ever know any details.

I was brought back to my present situation when a warm hand wrapped around my cock and began a slow stroking motion, trying to revive it. As she worked on me, I rotated, bringing my cock towards her mouth. She surprised me by first sucking my balls. I slurped up my cum from her stomach before searching for her clit through her full furry beaver patch of pubes. I felt the moistness of her mouth engulf my swelling member just moments before my tongue started ministrations on her engorged clit. She moaned around my dick as I polished her sensitive nub. She came hard. The hand quit stroking me and released me and for the first time in my life, I was being sucked into someone’s throat. Needless to say, but I was filling her stomach almost immediately.

Alright, I’ve always proclaimed I want sex at least two times a day and can count the number of times that has happened on one hand. That was then, this is now and I am done for the evening. Sex usually tends to put me to sleep, but not tonight. And when I can’t sleep, I think. I imagine the possibilities for the remainder of our stay. The thoughts of various threesomes, watching, being watched all play in my mind. Not like counting sheep, doesn’t promote sleep. Focus. I need a plan for the morning first. I formulate my plan, slide my left arm under my sister-in-law’s pillow and fall soundly asleep to her softly snoring.

Do you have an internal clock that will wake you when you have something important in the morning? I certainly do. Mine went off about 8:00 and I silently slipped out of bed, down the hall and used the bathroom. I crept to where my wife had spent the night and peeked in on them still snuggled together naked. I tiptoed back to my room, quietly easing back into bed. Slowly peeling the sheets back, I nudged my sister-in-law’s legs apart. Before she was awake, I was tongue deep in her pussy. She dreamily told me it was the best way to wake up. Then she told me she had to go relieve herself.

I waited a couple seconds and padded down the hall after her, passing the bathroom she had just entered. I proceeded to peek into my wife’s room again to see she had stroked her brother-in-law erect and was feeding his cock into her from their spoon position. Any fears about him having potential performance issues were certainly unfounded. I watched as he humped her with his morning wood and exploded into her. I quickly retraced my path down the hall, beating his wife back to our room.

When she returned, I bent her over the edge of the bed and plunged into her still sloppy cunt. She moaned canlı casino from both the penetration and her erect nipples rubbing on the sheets. I lightly slapped her ass and she gasped in response. I rubbed the location my hand had struck before giving another tap to the other cheek and massaged it as well. She was squirming and grinding against me with no complaints as my hands worked the globes of her ass. I withdrew my glistening rod from her hot, wet pussy and started to slide it upwards between her cheeks, spreading them only slightly with my hands. I slid my cock in the valley between them, the head protruding, aimed at the small of her back. A dozen pushes later and I creamed the little hollow just above where her globes ended.

Trying to now attempt to act like a gentleman, I began to extricate my deflated dick to retrieve something to clean her up with. She responds by asking me not to leave, but instead to rub the fluid into her back being she was going to shower soon anyway. She wasn’t going to have to ask me that twice. I began to spread the pool of fluid and knead it into her back. During the process, some of my deposit leaked and drained down the crack of her ass. Under the pretense of not wanting to further soil the sheets, I used an already slippery finger to attempt to sop up the flow. You know where this leads, my finger makes contact with her rosebud and I am soon knuckle deep. She mews and wiggles her ass back to get more depth. I add another lubed digit as she sighs with contentment through her orgasm.

I help her off the bed, she gives me a quick kiss and sways her way through the walk of shame down the hall to her master bedroom to shower. The beauty routine has begun and before the sisters can go anywhere, there is a makeup regimen and clothes selection that will extend to about noon to complete. The afternoon for them will consist of a long lunch followed by the search for the cutest shoes to add to their respective collections of once worn footwear. I hear the other shower and search for last night’s clothing, realizing since I need to use the bathroom, I’ll need to trudge downstairs.

I smell the coffee, realizing my brother-in-law was already down in the kitchen. He greeted me with his usual smile, offering a cup of java which I politely declined. I used the bathroom, asking if there was any juice when I returned. I was quickly presented with a glass of OJ. He asked if I wanted to share some scrambled eggs he was in the process of whipping up, which caused a wry smile from me because of all the sharing we were experiencing this weekend. While we ate, we picked a sports bar nearby for a late lunch and planned to just lounge by the pool with some cool drinks for the afternoon.

We joked sarcastically about the preparations occurring above us to the whirr of hair dryers in the distance. We decided we would bet our lunch on the time the women would arrive at the bottom of the stairs. I took 11:30, assuming they would want to beat the lunch rush and there would be at least some drive time involved. My brother-in-law called it straight up noon. Just after 11:30 we heard some stirring upstairs and I was sure I had a free lunch coming. It wasn’t until 11:42 that they started down the steps. Still was going to barely win the bet. Halfway down, they stopped to whisper a conversation. You’ve got to be kidding me, they just spent 3 hours getting ready together. At 11:45 their feet hit the floor as I tilted my head and uttered the word “Dutch”, to a nod of acknowledgement.

Standing before us are our wives, hair and makeup impeccable, clothing, shoes and accessories meant to impress and draw attention. I’m not sure exactly who they do it for, because as long as it took them to get ready, in less than a minute they are heading for the car. Our wives give us partial kisses so we don’t mess their lipstick. On the way out they informed us the showers were now available. We hear the garage door and the car as they go on their way. We head to take showers and 15 minutes later are dressed and pulling out as well. Sometimes it’s good to be low maintenance.

It’s a very short jaunt to our lunch spot and we opt to share (there’s that word again) a pitcher of beer, plate of boneless chicken wings and potato skins. Healthy, right? We laugh as we wonder what sort of alfalfa, feta, asparagus, spinach, grilled chicken salad with dressing on the side our wives were having for lunch, before toasting to the fact we weren’t there. Several ballgames surrounded us on the overhead TV’s. Our perky little waitress with the low cut t-shirt, breasts pushed up, spilling out over the top, returned way too often to check on us, working on her tip. We finished our lunch. Two lecherous men over tipped, heading back for the pool. On the way, we grabbed two large bottles of pre-mixed margaritas. I was starting to thoroughly enjoy this visit.

After we arrived home, I went to change to swim trunks, returning back down the stairs to the sound of the blender creating frozen margaritas. kaçak casino My brother-in-law and I grabbed glasses of the concoction before leaving the air conditioning for chaise lounges in the shade of their spacious pool deck. As I settled into a chaise, he went to fiddle with some pool controls. We managed to work our way through that pitcher and considering the pitcher of beer earlier and the warmth of the afternoon, it was time for a nap.

I remember waking later to what is usually referred to as morning wood, except something was different. I managed to open an eye to see my wife sucking hard on my cock. OK, a couple things wrong with this picture-not something she enjoys, my trunks don’t have a fly and she is naked. I see my trunks on the pool deck and as I blink, I see the exact same action taking place on the other chaise. Don’t ask why my mind wanders to this thought at this point, but I hope the chairs support two people.

While my cobwebs clear, my wife has reversed, facing away from me, lowering herself onto my erection. As I look around her, I see mirror action facing us with a full frontal view of my wife’s sister impaled on her husband’s cock. My honey is panting, moaning, rocking and very close. I manage to reach a nipple and she explodes in orgasm, milking my cock as her juices flow onto my crotch. I explode into her clutching passage. She lies back onto my chest to recover.

At this juncture, I’m not sure that the mythical woman that can suck a tennis ball through a garden hose can bring me back to life tonight. I look over at our counterparts, appreciating the view of my spent sister-in-law as juices flow out of her used pussy, trusting we are returning the visual favor. I hear the creak of our chair as my wife struggles to extract herself from her uncomfortable position. She wobbles over and assists her sister out their chair. I appreciate the view of the two of them together, my wife neatly trimmed short and her sister with her full furry pelt, feeling at least a little blood flow back into my deflated dick.

It appears we are all going for a dip in the pool as our women summon us out of our chaises. While it’s probably a good plan to rinse off and chlorine has disinfectant properties, adding bodily fluids to the body of water may not be the best idea. But again, beautiful, naked women have control of the situation. I brace myself for cold water shock, but instead am greeted by what would be described as bath water. That’s apparently what the earlier ministrations with the pool controls were about. The best part of the swim is that older women with hanging breasts find new support in the buoyancy of the water and these sister’s chests looked spectacular floating in front of them!

Our host begins the obligatory splash water fight, wetting both sister’s hair and makeup. I always find this childish and stay out of the fray. As they retaliate, he lures them into deeper water. They reach him and he has two sets of large breasts pressed against him and he is only too happy to grope their asses in response. The women are intent on dunking him and he is a good sport and surrenders easily. The women retreat in fear of further, more aggressive attacks and my wife makes her way to me, apparently for protection. She pushes me back to the shallow water, reaching for my cock, trying to pump blood back to fill the erectile tissue. I’m starting to take a slightly different view of water fights when I began to recognize the benefits.

My wife slides me over a couple of feet, then urges me onto the edge of the pool deck, maintaining a firm grip on my semi-hard erection. She is between my legs with her tits now on my thighs. She proceeds to wrap them around my cock, encasing it in a tunnel of flesh. How did she know the right place to position me? She works up and down and I somehow find a reserve of blood to at least create a sustainable erection. I eventually thrust back and manage to dribble out the last fluid my balls have been able to produce. By now my sister-in-law has arrived and apparently it’s funny to slosh part of her margarita at the top of the tit tunnel on the tip of my deflating cock. She sucks the liquid from the human shot glass we have created as the frozen concoction reduces me to the size of an acorn. I slip off the side of the pool and rinse the sticky substance off me.

Enough pool for me. I kick my trunks up to my hand, grab a towel and head inside. Up the stairs to our guest room to find some fresh clothes. I wait awhile to see if my wife will follow. When she doesn’t, I attempt to imagine them in a threesome, dismissing the image as I can’t picture any scenario that involves sister on sister action. Eventually, I head back down the stairs, hearing the whirr of the blender just before the doorbell rings, signaling the delivery of a couple of pizzas. I’m handed a plate with some slices and a frozen drink, we head out to the pool side table.

As I pick up my second slice, I notice something else on my plate. Why does my plate have a little blue pill? Better yet, who put it there? I’m pretty sure we will sleep well after all the activity, but just in case, I swallow the pill, setting my internal alarm for 3AM. Who can I expect to find next to me?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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