First Thirst Ch. 05

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Chapter Five: Look Look, My First Shower

“Don’t wash your cock and balls,” Colleen sang. She was looking at them with interest and I felt truly proud. Though yet a bit confused I stood tall, hoisting my organ up as high as possible.

“Huh,” I uttered. Her eyes came up to mine and I’d forgotten what she said but it didn’t matter, because I’d obey her anyway. I stood before her with my soul on a platter, a molded wad of Pate de foie gras and buttered bread rounds. With what appeared to be a smirk and insatiably hunger expression, she gobbled up my gift and reached for more.

“I’ll wash them for you,” she iterated slowly, playing to my numbness, and I smiled. Colleen’s head cocked to one side and she looked at me seriously. Her look penetrated quickly and took control, and all I could do was ‘sigh’ in resignation. Her mind was a long metal spoon she used for hollowing out my insides. I waited anxiously for her mental raping of my mind to reach its target and take me by the root, but her voice startled. “Understand?”

“Ah,” I answered. I hoped this meant I was owned by her; though I’m not sure where I came up with such an idea, but I knew it to be true. I basted in juices of self-exploitation to the hopes of experiencing sexual gratification, and my head began nodding. It was suddenly bobbing like that of a toy dog on the dashboard of a speeding hot-rod down an old dirt road, and I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t yet believe, really and truly believe, a beautiful woman had taken me this far. I couldn’t believe it… and she was about to bathe my private parts. I almost fainted from thinking, or should I say praying, I would soon be fucking. My mouth was agape as I gazed in awe in her direction, and she spoke.

“Yes ma’am, is how you refer to me at all times and from now on,” she ordered with a look of seriousness. Her eyes continued massaging me from the inside, preparing me to do anything for the privilege of fucking her but once, and I was beyond willing, I was demanding.

“Uh huh,” I continued nodding in my trance. I couldn’t hear well over the noise produced by the waterfall of thoughts, provoked by anticipation. My limited imagination could find no boundaries or reference points into areas it had yet to travel. My boner bounced and called out to be masturbated, but I dared not comply.

“Well,” Colleen asked in a slightly raised voice. Combined with her look I came back to reality, somewhat, and collected my thoughts to answer.

“…Yes ma’am,” I said with some trepidation. It came out as if in song, well-pitched and just right. Or so I thought.

“Say it again!”

“Yes ma’am,” I stuttered with even more clarity and tone.

“Say it again. Say it louder and be more clear.” I realized my Colleen wanted the best, and I was ready.

“Yes ma’am,” I stated with a cresting pride that stimulated me in even stranger ways.

“You will refer to me in that way from now on. In private and in public,” she said. Her smirk grew even more wide and her eyes both squinted and sparkled, as in battle and bed. I was taken by both and looked on in lost adoration, both my heads nodding up and down, oozing juices of agreement. “Understand?”

“Ah ha,” I acknowledged, followed with a proudly voiced correction. “I mean, yes ma’am.” Everything was yet beyond comprehension and I prayed it wasn’t a dream. I simply wanted to have sexual intercourse, to fuck for the first time in my life, and knew this was my moment. Colleen, on the other hand, grabbed a little more control at every opportunity and I had no objection. She barked orders in the most pleasant casino siteleri way.

“I don’t want to catch you touching yourself,” she added with a grin that kept growing. “And I mean ever again! In public or in private!” She was smiling and speaking to me as if it were the most common of demands and it may have been for all I knew. I took her word for it and promised her, and myself, to obey. I was standing with my side to her now and considered how silly I must look, yet I held my organ high.

It took both hands to turn on the water and adjust the temperature without losing sight of her. She smiled, I smiled, we smiled and I almost turned away to the waters cold start, which turned warm and soon became hot. It felt good to wash up and I did a good job after Colleen disappeared. Then I hurried so I’d be ready when she returned. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her, those tits and ass. What a stud I planned on being. As ordered, I bathed my entire body while avoiding my crotch. I did want to touch my penis one time and it did want me to touch it, but we knew that would be unwise. The shower stall was clear and I felt self-conscious, though less than usual. By the time I finished my feet and stood Colleen was there. She was standing in all her glory, naked as I.

Immediately our eyes met once more and all of a sudden I felt like a fish with a hook in its mouth. Shame and unbridled desire blinded me and I almost tried hiding, but Colleen would have none of that and she reeled me close. Only after Colleen’s eyes began scanning my body did I follow her lead and begin my own journey down her body.

Colleen’s skin was the color of deeply tanned alabaster. She was obviously a sun worshipper and nudist. Her neck was long sleek and elegant. She had narrow shoulders, round and delicate. Huge breasts hung from a gently sloping chest bearing stretch marks from the weight. Even I could see they were too large for her frame, and they strained her chest shoulders and upper back. The end of each mammary was capped with large aureole and long thick nipple. They were the forbidden fruits, painfully over-ripe and the most exciting objects I had ever beheld. The pain and pleasure I saw in her eyes, as she stuck them out in front of herself impudently, almost took me to ejaculation.

Her breasts rested on a trunk that sloped gently out from under them. Her torso was the perfectly shaped pear toned to modern terms, yet majestic by any terms. Her belly was flat yet round, and blessed with a deep button. Her mons was plump and hairless, which surprised me. I could see long lips and a clitoris of some prominence. Her fleshy thighs were almost in perfect ratio to her legs and the rest of her body. Her legs were not long, but turned by god into limbs of beauty far too delicate for so much breast meat. Her feet and toes were long slender and cute. She stepped into the shower and brought her breasts to me.

“Would you like to bath me,” she asked, once again catching my eyes before they could begin another journey. I nodded yes. “Go ahead then,” she continued turning under the stream a couple times. Her back was the work of an Italian cello maker, curved to perfection by the artist. She had the roundest buttocks I’d ever seen in any magazine, and deepest crevice. She wore a plastic cap on which the water played a lively band-marching tune. I had the soap in my hands and was working up lather. I didn’t know where to begin, or if I could. She stopped with her back to me.

“Start on my back,” she said reading my mind, watching me from over her shoulder. My hands were shaking with anticipation canlı casino and moved to her shoulders slope. They landed uneasily and began moving in circles, warming up. I was timid and spread the lather slowly, almost with fear. I had never touched anyone like this before and never expected too. My hands found Colleen’s skin soft and her body firm, but I took their freedom seriously, adapting quickly. I lathered again and was back in a flash. My hard-on was tapping out a happy message in a rapid tempo against Colleen’s buttocks. Soon I was slathering the soap up and down the violin curve of Colleen’s back and she was moving with my action. I was becoming bolder and lathering my hands often, until she turned around.

She placed herself square to me and held her breasts out as far as she could. She looked at them and then to me. She knew my hands were lathered and itching to maul her mammary under pretext of bathing, and she knew I was a man with one need and one need only. She looked up to me sporting that wicked smirk and I begged with my eyes best I could. I was ready to begin and awaited her permission. I held my eager hands in the air and looked to her for the go ahead. I was afraid to touch them, I needed some type of permission and expected some from Colleen, but she did the opposite. She scooped each breast up in a hand and took them from me.

“Don’t worry about these,” she said. She held her breasts up for me to see and bounced them a little. “I’ll wash these and my private areas,” she said. She pulled her arms back and stuck her breasts out as far as she could. I continued trembling as I went for her shoulders from the front. I jumped when my hands landed and her breasts pressed into me. My cock jumped with its own anticipation and bumped it’s head on a thigh. Colleen’s smile kept getting bigger and bigger.

I massaged Colleen’s shoulders and rinsed them clean, then moved my hands down to her arm pits. I was careful to avoid her breasts even though it was killing me. When my hands finished rinsing each pit clean, they continued down Colleen’s sides. My forearms momentarily caught Colleen’s breasts between them I pretended to be holding them. It was a wondrous feeling and I mashed them between my arms as best I could, before they squished free. My boner bounced around yelling for a hand but we all pretended to ignore him. Colleen knew just when to touch me and for how long.

Colleen tortured me by rubbing her giant breasts around on my chest. They were well-veined udders, meaty and heavy, ready for lactation. These were my childhood dreams, what all my hopes were made of and it was more exciting then anything I could have imagined. My hands touched what they could and lingered where they were able. Colleen’s body was warm and cuddly all over and I couldn’t wait to fuck her. I was breathing hard and my mouth stayed open involuntarily. I was in heaven along with everything I’d ever wanted. I felt Colleen looking at me and looked up.

“Come on, finish up. I want to go to bed,” she said. Colleen was mashing her breasts into me, causing the lather foaming between us. She was rubbing the front of her body against mine in long sensuous strokes that inflamed my soul. She moved up and down on my soapy boner and took me to the brink of explosion. Never had I been more excited, had my hard-on throbbing both inside and out. My testicles ached as never before and I felt certain they’d soon turn blue, strangled by love. I did Colleen’s bidding and lathered my hands.

I sent them under her breasts, to her belly, her waist and down. I worked around her as I traveled, kaçak casino avoiding what I should. I wanted to travel over her buttocks one time, but refrained from acting rashly. I wished to send a soapy finger between her nether lips one time, but knew better. That was left a dream, soon to be fulfilled. I went to my knees to reach her calves, legs, knees and ankles. While there I took my time and stared at her sex long and hard. I occasionally slipped behind her to view the crevice formed by her exquisite orbs. I tried to see all I could see even if I didn’t understand it all.

Her nether lips were long flaps of thick skin, miniature elephant ears. Any images I’d retained of glossy Magazine photos were being overwritten. I could see the head of her clitoris poking from under folds of skin. Everything was glossy and dripping with nectar. I tried to get my head lower, to see up into her sex, but the lips were in the way. I lathered between each of her toes while admiring further. I poked around like a boy in his toy box, with my eyes and imagination.

Colleen’s entire body was firm, taut and soft, all in one. It made me want to squeeze until it popped. It drove me crazy with desires and needs I could only fulfill with its help. I wanted to pull it down onto the ground and crawl over it. I wanted to grab any part I wished and twist it. I wanted to spread any hole I wished and poke into it. I wanted to roam over its hills and dales -and go spelunking. I wanted Colleen to take my virginity and I was sure of that. I wanted her to be my first fuck. I heard her voice and looked up through the mist that threatened to shut my eyes. I looked up between the twin peaks of a goddess and saw her looking down at me. We were on either side of the great valley formed by her breasts.

“Let’s go down there, get up here,” Colleen said. I took one more hard look at her sex and stood. We were close enough for the head of my cock to vibrate against her belly in fits and fancies. She was lathering her hands and smiling, while mashing her breasts together between her arms. She watched my reactions and tested their limits. Once sufficiently soapy Colleen scooped up her breasts and began washing them. It was a wonder to watch and I almost grabbed myself, but let wisdom rule.

Her hands moved to her ass and she turned so I could view the action. I watched her long fingers sliding along the crevice with their tips deep. I knew where those tips went when they disappeared. She rinsed herself and faced me again. She used my shoulder for balance and sent a freshly lathered set of fingers into her sex. She worked them deep till the excitement showed on her face and her eyes closed. I closed my eyes too. Before I knew it Colleen had me sideways to her, soaping me front and back. One hand attacked my buttocks and the other saw to my cock and balls.

“Mmmm, you’re the man for me,” she whispered. She was extremely thorough and in one shove, sent a middle finger into my behind. The digit sent me into the air but her other hand had hold of my cock, holding me in place.

“Ngghhh…” I managed to splatter between gasps. I let my arms dangle and I let Colleen hold me up. I had little choice.

“That’s the boy, “Colleen said in a tone reminiscent of my mother. She worked her finger deep and wiggled it around while I slid back and forth in her fist. My cock oozed lubrication in long thick strands that swung from my head till it separated under its own weight. “I will decide when and where you have orgasms. Now let’s rinse off and I’ll explain everything to you in bed.” That’s what I was waiting for.

It wasn’t long before I was dabbing her body with a warm towel in preparation for bed. She stood above me in all her majesty and I worked on my knees before her. I was excited about going to bed with Colleen, and fucking her.

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