Four Hour Wait Ch. 03

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“You played really good today,” Amy patted Mike’s leg as she made a left into a parking space in a crowded strip mall. “What did you get four hits?”

Amy watched him look out the window.

The sight of him playing softball while wearing a pair of panties had made her on edge the entire game. She wondered if anyone would find out and what he’d say, about how embarrassed he’d be. The thoughts sending her body further into desire.

What about him? Her newfound lust and power was coming at the cost of his, even if she felt it was justified.

“A man has to be broken,” she thought, “before he can be fixed.”

Was she breaking him down or just taking delight in his descent? She didn’t know. It all was happening so fast, but maybe it had been happening all along. The constant late nights were excused by work, but not the booze breath or the perfume she’d smell. That wasn’t work.

“Three hits,” Mike mumbled after a long pause, his head barely turning from the window. “I had three hits and a walk.”

Amy patted his leg again.

“Mike,” Amy squeezed his thigh, “did you enjoy last night? You know, when I…”

Amy smiled. When she sodomized him. She knew the answer. Was he man enough to admit it.

“About last night,” Mike started, “I mean, well, I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it but I wanted to talk about last night more.”

Amy flashed him a smile. He was man enough to admit, sort of.

“I’m glad you liked it,” Amy reached over and kissed his cheek, “because it makes me feel so good to know you’ll do this for me.”

Amy gently turned his face to look into her eyes.

“It makes me feel good to know that you’re not going to cheat on me anymore,” Amy felt the emotions of being jilted on her anniversary flood back, “and that you’re going to do what I want from now on.”

Amy collected her thoughts. As much as had gone on in the last day, she still couldn’t quite cover the pain of the previous night. Of waiting and waiting, not knowing what was happening.

“What are we doing here?” Mike finally asked.

“Oh,” Amy snapped up, “come with me and I’ll show you.”

They got out of the car and Amy led Mike to a glass door full of hearts.

“You’re going to choose your,” Amy paused and giggled, “well, you can pick me out a strap-on.”

Mike froze.

Amy looked at him, his face turning instantly white. Was he ready for this? Had she finally found the point where he was going to protest and say no?

“Come on,” she pulled at his hand, “someone might see you.”

That was enough. Quickly Mike opened the door and, rather than let the door close on it’s own, pulled it shut.

Amy glanced around casino siteleri the place, except for the cute girl behind the counter it was empty.

Why was it always a girl, Amy wondered. She imagined some burly man behind the counter, her husband asking where the strap-ons were. The thought started her desires flowing through her body again. She felt insatiable.

“Well go ask her,” Amy whispered, nudged Mike and smiled at the cashier, admiring her perky small breasts through her long brown hair. “She’s cute don’t you think?”

Amy’s excitement grew as she watched him excruciatingly slowly walked to the counter and look at the cashier.

“Can I help you,” the girl flashed him a huge smile and then glanced at Amy.

Amy felt ready to faint.

“I need to buy a,” Mike paused, “I don’t know how to say this, a strap-on.”

“We have a large selection,” the girl smiled without missing a beat, “right this way.”

Amy felt lust oozing from her pores as she watched the clerk lead him the selection of harness and dildos. Was she really going to use it on him? Was he really going to buy it?

“What kind do you think you’d like,” the clerk pulled a couple out. “Are you having a hard time getting it up, or you want to be a little bigger?”

Amy bit her lip to keep from laughing. The questions themselves only making her lust more and more unbearable.

“It’s for my wife,” Mike mumbled.

“Yes,” Amy smiled and walked up to them, “last night, our wedding anniversary, he cheated on me.”

“You cheated,” the clerk’s smile faded, “on your anniversary.”

Amy could see the embarrassment branded on his face. As bad as she felt taking him down, something was driving her on. How far could she take him?

“So now he wears panties so he won’t cheat,” Amy smiled and pulled his pants down far enough to reveal the thong strings underneath, “and tonight he’s going to be taken like he took my anniversary.”

“Then I have got what we call a double harness,” the clerk reached under the counter and pulled out a box, “it’s got a vibrator for you and a variety of wands for him.”

Amy was amazed. This girl had either seen and heard it all or she was remarkably cool given the circumstances.

“What do you think Mike,” Amy held his hand, “it’s mostly for you. Is it what you had in mind?”

Amy loved it. The torture on his face, the weakness in his grasp, she was winning. She was finally the more powerful one.

“It looks fine,” Mike muttered.

“I’ll throw in some lube with that,” the clerk smiled and gently rubbed Mike’s hand, “we wouldn’t want you to hurt now big boy would we?”

The drove home in silence. canlı casino Amy’s thoughts again wandered to what had happened. Who was this person in her body? She wasn’t like this.

Two days ago she’d have been thrilled to have gotten a kiss good night, and now she was an insatiable vixen, forcing her husband into humiliating position after humiliating position for her own titillation.

Yet there was no stopping her. She couldn’t wait to see him looking up at her, his body spread open by a giant cock, her giant cock. It was sending keeping her body in a constant state of arousal.

“I think it’s funny,” Amy remarked as they stepped inside the house, “you always wanted to take my ass but after you shower, I’m going to take yours instead.”

Amy watched him walk towards the bathroom. He never said a word, just walked away and started the water running.

He was almost broken, but would she wondered would she be able to put him back together when she was done?

She opened the box from the sex store and began unpacking.

The strap-on was quite an ordeal to get together, batteries here, slots and tabs everywhere. Finally, just as he turned off the shower, the harness was set.

Amy looked in the mirror and held onto the big dildo. It felt so strange, looking down and seeing it, real looking or not. It made her feel different, almost as if she was stronger. She took a deep breath.

“Come here honey,” Amy walked into the bedroom and closed in on Mike as he toweled off. “Let’s compare sizes.”

She held out her cock and then reached out and grabbed his with her other hand. It was so soft. It was as if shaving it transformed it from sandpaper to silk. She let her hands linger on it, feeling it gently stir in her grasp only made her lust to take him stronger.

“Have you ever kissed a man before,” Amy moved closer until her tongue parted his lips and powerfully explored his mouth.

She felt his cock thickening as their bodies moved tighter together, her dildo pressed tight against his stomach.

“How does it feel having another cock touch yours,” Amy moaned into his ear as she kissed his neck.

She could feel him pulsing with every word. She knew he wouldn’t want to admit it, but he was enjoying himself.

“Oh honey,” Amy moaned again, “I’m so excited, could you use your mouth on me.”

Mike’s shaft shot to attention against her belly. Was he really that excited, she wondered. She pushed on his shoulders and slowly he got onto his knees.

Looking down at her flesh colored dildo as it very slowly entered her husband’s mouth was more than she could handle. The first explosion of lost poured from her loins kaçak casino as her body jerked and shook as his mouth descended down the length of the cock.

“Oh my god I’m coming,” she screamed, not caring if anyone heard.

And with that she felt her entire body explode. Juices came from her mouth, her legs as her body rammed the cock into her husband’s mouth repeatedly. Her moans only increasing in velocity as his hands pushed and pulled her inside of him.

“You, are, so, hot,” Amy ran her fingers through Mike’s hair as he looked up from between her legs, “Now it’s my turn to please you.”

Amy gently guided him to the bed and placed him on his back before grabbing the lube.

“I can’t wait to see your face as I go inside,” Amy smiled at Mike as she slathered her shaft with the lube.

Amy positioned herself between her husband’s legs and looked down at him.

He looked like a little boy. Something in his eyes, combined with the smoothness of his skin made him look so young to her. She smiled.

“This might hurt,” Amy rubbed her hand on his chest before placing the shaft on his ass and pressing on it gently.

Amy watched his face, from the initial gasp all the way to the end, when she had filled him. The expressions making her body slither with love.

“You took it all,” Amy moaned, her lips running against his nipples. She could feel his cock on her belly, flat and soft. Maybe this wasn’t turning him on but it certainly was turning her on.

Gently she pulled back her hips and then pushed herself back in. Each thrust sending the dildo inside of inside of her tighter against her love.

“How does it feel to have a big cock in your ass sweetie,” Amy rubbed his cheek then slipped a finger in and out of his mouth as if she was making him stimulate oral sex.

Amy started moving her hips faster. She could feel him meet each of her thrusts, he was accepting getting fucked, even if he wasn’t enjoying it.

She reached for his cock and rubbed it, but it to no avail. It wasn’t a big deal, she thought, this was her fuck.

So fuck she did, pulling further and further out and pressing in as hard as she could. His moans got louder and louder, but she could barely hear them over her own. She was going to pound out the frustrations of the last twelve years on his ass until she was exhausted.

Over and over again she pulled back and thrust forward, his face contorted with each thrust but his hips eagerly greeting her return.

Finally her body fell on top of him exhausted. She could feel his spilled seed on her belly but had no idea when it happened.

“Honey,” Amy gently used her hips to pull the shaft from inside of him. “That was incredible.”

Mike just looked away. Amy knew she had broken him now. He would never be the same, but if that meant he wouldn’t cheat on her again, that she would be secure, it was worth it.

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