Getting Back on the Horse Ch. 02

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I was surprised and delighted that my first story was read by what I considered to be a large number of members and that the feedback I received was generally very positive — I’m grateful for that.

This second story is based on subsequent events that replayed in my mind as I progressed chapter one.

Constructive feedback is appreciated!


It had been just over a month since my encounter with Dawn and the unexpected threesome that ensued with her and my best mate Billy. I’d seen Dawn in work occasionally but had made an effort to keep any conversation with her completely professional, or just normal polite banter. Our offices had gossip mongers on every floor, and I had no desire to provide them with any fuel in regard to my life or to give rise to any salacious rumours about Dawn. She was too nice a person for that.

Billy, being Billy, continued to regularly remind me that he was ok with her and I getting together. I thought this very generous of him since he was a married man and she was his “bit on the side”, or “fuck buddy”!

I had also since spent an evening eating and getting deliciously drunk with Billy and his wife Karen, a fairly regular activity since my wife left me. Karen clearly detected a difference in my general demeanour and remarked that I seemed more upbeat, or “less of a grumpy bastard than usual” as she so delicately put it. Having to make a pretence of why made me feel a little guilty. Although I wasn’t the one cheating on her she had been a brilliant friend, especially over the last year or so, and being part of Billy’s deception was the part of this that didn’t sit that well with me.

The events of that evening with Billy and Dawn had been replayed in my mind a number of times since, the vivid pictures providing fresh fuel for my regular masturbation sessions and convincing me that sooner or later I would be seeing Dawn again.

The three of us had all connected via a messaging app, Dawn and Billy had been using it to communicate in privacy for some time and Billy had added me to the chat group a few days after our get together. I wasn’t a great fan of chatting in this way and had mostly only joined in conversation between the two of them when prompted by one or the other, I still felt a little like a third wheel to be honest.

One evening I had been working late at my laptop when the message app pinged with a new message. I’d guessed it was the other two, messing around and wanting to drag me in so I ignored it for a few minutes until there was a second ping.

I was ready to finish work so I figured I would check the messages and maybe make my excuses to leave them to it. When I opened the app, I could see that only Dawn was online and that both messages were from her.

“Hey Sammy, what you up to?”

Followed a few minutes later by:

“OK, suit yourself,” followed by a winking emoji

I didn’t want her thinking I was being rude, so I answered her,

“Sorry! Was just finishing some stuff for work and assumed you were already swapping smutty talk with our mutual friend. I wouldn’t have ignored you otherwise! What’s new with you?”

“Just relaxing, enjoying a warm bubble bath by candlelight with a glass of red on the side and thinking about last time we were together.”

My curiosity was roused, so I decided it might be fun to play for a while. My fingers tapped rapidly on the keyboard.

“What was it you were thinking?”

“Oh, you know,” she replied, “Just how much I enjoyed that evening.”

“Anything you enjoyed in particular?”

“Mmmm, pretty much everything. But especially having your tongue in my pussy and …”

“In your pussy and what?” I asked, feeling my cock start to stir.

“My arse, I loved the feel of your tongue around my arse hole. It wasn’t the first thing I’ve had in there but it was the first time anyone has used their tongue on it!”

“You’re a naughty girl,” I replied, “Enjoying such dirty things.”

“Is it naughty to want you to do dirty things to me again?”

I smiled, I was hardening now and enjoying Dawn’s directness.

“It’s very naughty, you should have your bottom spanked, not licked for being so filthy.”

“Ooh, that sound nice, if only there were someone here to do it!”

I figured that continuing this exchange of messages would likely lead to satisfying solo orgasms for both of us, but the short chat had my blood pumping and my cock pulsing, and I decided that playing with myself wasn’t going to get the job done this evening.

“I can be there in 30 minutes,” I typed.

“I was hoping you might say that, hurry!” she responded, “And bring your toothbrush!”

Dawn clearly wasn’t in the mood for a quickie tonight!

I closed my laptop and headed for the shower, not wanting to turn up at Dawn’s with the grime of the day still on me. A little under thirty minutes later, freshly showered, clothed, canlı bahis toothbrush in my coat pocket, and horny as hell I pulled up outside Dawn’s neat little semi-detached house.

The front door opened as I reached it and Dawn’s hand shot out, caught hold of my shirt and pulled me inside. Before I could speak her lips were pressed to mine and her tongue greedily exploring my mouth. Breathing heavily, she pulled away after a few seconds and giggled.


“That’s quite a welcome,” I said with a grin on my face.

“Come into the living room,” she said, “There’s a glass of wine waiting for you, I’m already a couple of glasses ahead of you.” She giggled again and I could tell the wine she’d had was already having an effect.

I sat on the sofa and she moved to retrieve two wine glasses from the sideboard, as she did, I had my first chance to get a good look at her. She had obviously applied some make-up after her bath, not too much. Dawn was naturally attractive and didn’t need a lot, but she wore enough to suggest she had wanted to make an effort.

She was dressed in a dark satin robe that tied around the waist and came to about mid-thigh. Her legs were covered in tan coloured nylon, stockings I hoped based on our last encounter and she was wearing black mules with what I guessed was a three-inch heel. NO wonder she had seemed a little taller when I kissed her.

Handing my wine glass to me, she sat next to me, swung herself into the sofa and stretched her legs across my lap. My free hand dropped into a natural resting position onto her lower leg and I softly caressed the nylon covering, enjoying the smooth feel under my fingers.

“I was hoping you would have been to see me again before now,” she said, making direct eye contact but then dropping her eyes as if unsure of what answer to expect.

“It’s not that I have been wanting to avoid you Dawn,” I told her, “It’s just that I haven’t been in a good place over the last year or so and to be honest my fragile ego wasn’t ready to be knocked back by you if you had a change of heart in the cold light of day after that night the three of us spent together. It’s not as if I haven’t thought repeatedly about what happened. I’ve relived the experience every day since and almost worn my dick out playing with myself!”

This drew a laugh from Dawn, “OK, I guess I forgive you, but I told Billy to make it clear that I would like to see you again. I wouldn’t have said that if I was unsure about the idea.”

I continued to stroke her leg, my hand wandering above her knee and just under the hem of her robe, “Well I’m here now, and I seem to remember someone making dirty requests to me on the messaging app.”

I slid my and higher up her leg and passed the lacy band of her hold-ups, I felt her soft bare skin above react to my touch and her legs parted slightly but I held off going any further for now.

Dawn swallowed the last of the wine from her glass and her eyes twinkled, “I really don’t know what you are talking about.” she said mischievously. “We do need more wine though; I’ll open another bottle in the kitchen.”

She swung her legs off my lap, onto the floor, stood up. As she walked toward the door, she glanced over her shoulder, winked at me and playfully wiggled her sexy round arse in my direction. I hadn’t seen any of Dawn’s house on my previous visit apart from the lounge and the bedroom, so I rose and followed her into the hallway and through to the kitchen at the back of the house.

The area was part kitchen and part dining room, with a small table and chairs in one part, a typical kitchen in another and a utility area towards the back where a folding drying stand appeared to be holding items of underwear and hosiery that had clearly been recently washed.

Dawn pulled a bottle of red wine from the countertop rack and as she set about removing the foil ready to use the corkscrew, I slipped up behind her, wrapped my arms around her waist and nuzzled my lips into her neck, kissing it lightly. She moaned softly and relaxed back into me. Moving my hands upwards over the smooth shiny material of her robe I cupped her generous breasts and squeezed, feeling her nipples harden under my touch.

I continued to kiss her neck, one hand wandering back down to caress her hip and the other slipping between the folds of the material to caress a breast.

To her credit, she still managed to open the wine whilst I teased her and quickly refilled our glasses. Pulling away to hand me a glass she admonished my actions.

“You almost made me spill perfectly good alcohol!” she said with mock indignation.

“Sorry,” I laughed, “Perhaps I had better keep my hands to myself!”

“Don’t you dare.” She grinned, taking a good slurp of wine and coming closer again. Her lips locked onto mine and as our mouths opened to explore each other’s she let the wine, warmed by her mouth, slip into mine coating my tongue and increasing the urgency bahis siteleri of the kiss. My hands were once again busy inside her robe kneading her breasts and tugging at those deliciously hard nipples, eliciting a groan from her and causing her to push her hips firmly into mine so that my erection was rubbing against her.

Taking the wine glass from her hand and putting it aside, I pushed her gently backwards until we bumped against the small kitchen table, an idea forming in my mind.

I smiled at her and spun her around, pushing her forward so that her top half was resting across the table top, her head only just on the opposite edge. She was still wearing the robe and I pulled the satin tie belt from around her middle so that it slipped free of the loops on each side and came free in my hands.

She gasped, a little in surprise and I’m sure a little from the cold hard surface of the table on her bare breasts and stomach.

“What do you think you are doing mister?” she asked nervously.

Walking around the other side of the table I grinned as her eyes followed me. Bending my knees so my head was level with hers I took hold of her hands and pulled them forward so that her arms hung over the table’s front edge. Using the satin belt, I tied one end around her wrist and looped it around the table leg, passing it across to the other side I secured her other wrist in the same way.

She was breathing heavy now, and although she hadn’t struggled, I could tell she was nervous. Even though she couldn’t move her hands easily, the knots weren’t tightly tied. I wanted to create the feeling of helplessness as a fantasy, not to convince her I was going to hurt her or was some weird S&M nut.

What are you going to do?” she repeated.

“Didn’t I say you were a naughty girl, and that naughty girls needed to be punished?” I asked her.

“Yes, but…”

“No buts. Didn’t I also say that girls that have such dirty thoughts should have their bottoms smacked?”

The twinkle returned to her eyes and the smile to her lips as she realised what I had in mind. Her body relaxed a little and she giggled.

“Well I was being very dirty I suppose.”

I had noticed earlier that amongst the items on the dryer rack were a couple of head scarves. Walking over and retrieving the from the dryer I hoped that they weren’t expensive ones.

Dawn was quiet for the moment, watching as best she could from her restrained position. Standing behind her I crouched down again, disappearing from her view and caught hold of her stocking clad left ankle, pulling it towards the left leg of the table and using one of the scarves to secure it in place.

Hearing a gasp from Dawn I rose until I was in her eyeline and could see the smile still on her face. Satisfied she wasn’t freaking out I crouched again and repeated the process, securing her right ankle to the right leg of the table. As with her wrists the knots weren’t tight but given that both arms and legs were now tied, she was completely unable to move.

I stood, dragging my fingertips up the inside of her legs as I did so, until they reached the sexy lace band of her hold ups pulling away and stepping back to admire my handiwork. Dawn shivered, sucked air in through her teeth and wriggled in pretence of a half-hearted attempt to get free.

Stepping back, I grinned and took in the sight before me. Dawn, the most inoffensive woman in our company was sprawled over her kitchen table, tied to each leg of it. Her robe lay open across her back, still covering her bottom for the moment and her lovely nylon clad legs, still in her heels were spread just enough to allow decent access to her rear without making her feel like she was attempting the splits.

Her eyes were locked to mine and she was breathing quite heavily. I could see her prone body expanding and contracting slightly with each breath in anticipation of whatever might happen next. I couldn’t remember that last time I had seen such a sexy, hard-on inducing sight.

As she watched I began to strip out of my clothes, taking the time to fold them and place them on one of the nearby chairs, letting her see that I was in no hurry.

“I could use a drink.”

I picked up her wine glass and coming around to the side of the table near her head I tried to offer the glass up, but she couldn’t tip her head back enough to take in any liquid.

“There are straws in the top drawer,” she panted.

Returning with the straw, I held it in the glass, and she took a couple of decent sips from the glass.

“Oh, that’s better, I do love to get my tongue around a good glass of red.”

“Well let’s see if I can give you something else to get your tongue around.” I said.

I lowered the glass and manage to push the angle of my erection down enough to be able to dip it into the glass, coating the head of my cock with the cool dark liquid.

Dawn smacked her lips together, “Mmm, that looks delicious.”

Her bahis şirketleri mouth opened and I brought my cock to her lips, she wasn’t free enough to bob up and down on it, but she drew the head into her mouth eagerly, running her tongue along the underside of my glans as she sucked it clean of the wine.

I shivered at the touch of her tongue and withdrew my cock, dipping once again into the wine glass and repeating the process. Dawn sucked it in more eagerly this time, and I felt her tongue run down the length of my shaft as it disappeared into her mouth. I’ve said before that I am averagely endowed, so it didn’t take much effort for Dawn’s nose to press itself into my groin as I pressed forward, but the feeling was absolute bliss. She slurped hungrily and I realised that it wouldn’t take me long to explode in her expert mouth, but I had other plans so slowly withdrew from between her lips.

“That’s enough, don’t think that sucking my cock will make me forget how much of a bad girl you’ve been!”

I moved slowly around the table until I stood facing that gorgeous arse and her wonderful silky legs.

“Oooohhh mister what are you going to do? You aren’t going to hurt me, are you?”

“I’m afraid this will hurt you more than it hurts me.” I announced, trying to make my voice sound ominous. “But you’ll thank me for it in the end.”

“No, please, noooo!”

I lifted the bottom of the robe over her back and marvelled at the sight of the twin globes of her delicious plump arse. Bending and starting at her right ankle I stroked my hand up along her calf, behind her knee and across her stockinged thigh until my fingers were caressing her arse cheek. She shivered slightly.

Without giving her time to think I swung my hand back and then sharply forward; my flattened palm hand delivered a swatting blow to her arse cheek.

“Ohhh my god.” She panted. “Ohhhhh, I’m sorry I was a dirty girl, please don’t spank me.”

I ignored her mock plea and swung my hand again, this time catching the other cheek, my hand skipping off it in an upwards motion and making it wobble sexily under my blow. She gasped again and made another plea for mercy. “Nooooo, I’ll be good, I promise I’ll be good.”

She wriggled on the table and I could see her pussy was glistening, she was clearly enjoying the experience.

For the next couple of minutes, I alternated slaps from one cheek to the other, allowing time in between for Dawn to catch her breath and to make sure she was still finding it pleasurable. She had dropped the pretence of asking for me to stop and her groans and gasps were getting louder. Her breathing was more ragged now and she was clearly “in the moment”, her arse cheeks were beginning to glow red and I was careful to make sure I didn’t cause any bruising.

With each of my last few slaps I left my hand on her arse rubbing it over her reddened globes, a finger occasionally straying along the cleft and across her tight little ring towards her soaked pussy, drawing louder groans from her as her orgasm continued to build. Her moans began to get louder and she gasped as I rubbed two fingers up across her clit and back into her soaking pussy.

Leaning forward I touched the tip of my tongue to her rosebud and flicked it lightly across her, my fingers still working

“Oooooohhhh my god, yes, lick my arse, yes yes yes, ahhhh, ooohhh fuck yes please lick me. Oh god please stick your tongue in my arse. I’m going to come, please don’t stop, pleeeeaase.”

I pushed my tongue forward and it penetrated her. She was straining against the ties now and pushed back against my tongue as much as she was able. I wiggled my tongue in and out of her and stroked my fingers across her clit. That was all she could take, she shuddered, and I felt her pussy clamp down on my fingers.

“Nnnnggggggg, aaahhhh fuck yeeesssss, oh my god yes yes nnnnnggggg.” Her breath exploded out of her and she convulsed on the table.

Has orgasm subsiding, her body went limp on the table.

“Oh my Christ, what did you do to me?” she sobbed, still gasping for breath. “That was incredible, I can’t remember when I came so hard”

“Can you untie me now?”

“Oh, I don’t think so, not yet.” I told her. “I’m not sure you’ve learned your lesson yet.”

I retrieved her wine glass and straw and offered it to her, she drank greedily until the glass was empty, still trying hard to catch her breath. Returning the glass to the worktop I picked up a small bottle of cooking oil I had spied earlier and moved back behind her.

Dawn’s eyes fixed on the bottle and she watched me, saying nothing.

The bottle had a pouring spout on it, tipping it gently I watched the oil drizzle out and pour across her arse cheeks, a rivulet of the shiny golden liquid running into the cleft and across her arsehole.

Putting the bottle beside her on the table I slowly and gently began to rub it into her reddened flesh eliciting more groans from Dawn. I had thought she looked amazing before, but the sight of her glistening red arse stretched over the table and those nylon clad legs were an erotic vision that was bringing me to my own boiling point.

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