Getting in Shape Ch. 01

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I decided to get serious and sign up at a local gym. It wasn’t that I was fat, but I wanted to get a toned look. I hadn’t been in a gym in years. I was almost overwhelmed the first day I showed up. All these guys all pumped up made me feel inadequate. I had a workout regimen I was going to follow and it took me about forty-five minutes to complete. I finished and went back to the locker room. I stripped down and went into the showers. There was only one other guy there.

Damn did he look good. His abs were hard and his cock was hanging down between his legs. I am not small in the cock department, but this guy put me to shame. Our eyes met and he smiled at me. I think he caught me staring at his long prick. Nothing happened in the shower. I got cleaned up and I went back out to get dressed. I could see my naked friend walking down the hallway. I watched him going into the sauna. I couldn’t resist and I followed him.

I stood at the door and got my courage up. I opened the door and there sat my muscled friend. He had a towel with him, but it wasn’t covering his mid-section. His cock was exposed as I walked into the room. He motioned for me to sit across from him. I kept my towel around me for the time being. Jesus, what happens when your eyes are fixed on another man’s cock? I tried not to look, but there it was, his huge prick hanging down. All of a sudden this guy reaches down and starts to stroke his tool.

What was I supposed to do, turn my eyes away? I watched as his cock got harder. That bone must have been ten inches in length. It was just the two of us and I knew what I wanted to do. It helped when my naked friend motioned for me to come over to him. I dropped my towel and walked to him.

“Suck on it,” he told me.

I stood there for a long moment and then dropped to my knees. I reached out and brought his rod to my mouth. I opened my lips and tried to take him down my throat. His prick was so fucking big. I could barely get a few inches into my mouth. I felt his hand pushing on the back of my head. He was urging casino oyna me to take more. I was doing the best I could. I swallowed a few inches before I started to gag. Luckily my hard friend pulled his dick away.

He stood up and grabbed me by the waist. He positioned me so I was bending over the bench. I got nervous. What if someone walked in? I also didn’t think I could go through with what he had planned. It didn’t matter. Before I knew it, I was holding onto the wooden bench and my friend had his hands on my waist. I looked back and saw his giant prick aimed at my hole. Then I felt pain.

His cock invaded my tight ass and I screamed. I had never felt anything so large as that in my life. My lover thrust up into me and I had all of his cock inside my tight bottom. He started to pound my ass as hard as was possible. It was like a python had invaded my hole. Sweat was pouring from my body as I took his fucking. My ass was stretched beyond belief. It was the biggest cock I had ever taken, that much was for sure.

Over and over he slid that monster into me. My muscles had him in a tight grip. He then took his hands from my hips and moved them to my shoulders. My lover was pulling me back to him every time he thrust into my hole. He was just relentless. Driving his cock into me like that was making me crazy. He must have been hitting my prostate as well. My cock had swollen into a hard erection. I looked down and saw my dick swaying back and forth.

Time seemed to stand still as I got fucked there in the sauna. It finally came to a head when my lover let out a loud grunt and then flooded me with his seed. I felt the heat of his release hitting my gut. I lost control of my body. The more he pounded my hole, the more I surrendered to his fucking. There was silence except for the sound of skin slapping against skin. His release must have gone on for fifteen minutes before he finally pulled out.

I almost collapsed on the bench. I was spent from all that fucking. I sat down and tried to compose myself. My lover was standing right in canlı casino front of me. I could feel his cum beginning to leak out of my greedy hole. That was when he pushed his spent dick to my lips. He wanted me to suck his dick. I gave him what he wanted. I licked all the sticky goo from his cock and then I wrapped my lips around his shaft one more time. I could taste all the love juices we had produced. I did finally make his cock clean.

My friend pulled out of my mouth and gathered up his towel.

“I workout Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays,” he told me.

With that he opened the door and left the sauna. I felt like someone had beaten me up. I picked up my towel and went out to get dressed. I drove home, stripped out of my clothes and collapsed on my bed. All I could think of is how I was fucked that afternoon. I hated to admit it to myself, I wanted to be fucked again by that huge cock. I started to pull on my cock as I fantasized. I could still feel his warm cum sloshing around inside me. I had let a total stranger fuck me raw.

I made myself hard and I reached down with my other hand. I pushed a finger into my hole. I was finger fucking my ass as I stroked my dick. It didn’t take long before I shot a fountain of cum all over my chest. As I lay there I knew what I was going to do. I was going to head back to the gym and let that bodybuilder fuck me as many times as he liked.

I did go back that Friday and there was my lover talking to some other bodybuilders. When he saw me he excused himself.

“I see you came back for more,” he told me. “Meet me outside after you finish up.”

After I worked out, I stepped outside the gym. There was my friend waiting in his car. He motioned me to follow him. We drove back to his apartment and when we went inside Luke was all over me.

“My name is Luke,” he said.

I told him I was Jess. After he kissed me on the lips we went back down the hallway. He had this king-sized bed squeezed into his bedroom. Luke undressed me and then shed his clothing. Damn, that cock was just kaçak casino how I remembered it. Luke had me get onto my back and I watched him stroke that thick rod of his. Luke then took hold of my ankles and pushed them to my chest. He had his cock pointed directly at my hole and he pushed into me.

God, it hurt just like before. Luke worked me into a hot lather as he slowly pushed his prick into my bare bottom. I don’t know how long it took him, but he finally was in me the whole way. His large sacs were resting against my ass cheeks. Luke started to punish my ass. I took all ten inches of his thick erection in me. I know I was screaming for him to fuck me however he wanted.

His cock turned my body into putty. My cock was standing straight up from all that fucking. He must have been sliding his mushroom against my prostate. It was safe to say he used me as he wanted. I let Luke fuck me with his bare dick. I wanted him to continue until he exploded. In a few minutes I got my wish. Luke arched his body and flooded me with male seed. I could feel him gushing deep into my belly.

Luke just kept driving his prick into me. It seemed like we just went on forever. My muscles clamped on tight to his love muscle and I squeezed all that hot juice out of him. Luke did finally get soft, but he kept his dick inside me. I did cum myself. I shot a stream of cum straight onto my chest. When I came, Luke grabbed hold of my cock and milked me dry. After all that fucking, Luke pulled out of me.

“I hadn’t had a fuck like that in a long time,” he said.

Luke told me he mostly had one-night stands. Most of his lovers said his cock was too big for them. It was big and I wanted him because of that. Luke and I became workout partners. We met in the gym and afterwards we came back to his apartment. I took Luke in every position possible. Our favorite position was when I mounted Luke and rode his thick staff. My previous lovers had always used a rubber, but that didn’t happen with Luke. He loved taking me bare and to be honest, I loved feeling that hot cream in my bowels.

It looks like we will be lovers for the time being. Maybe Luke will get tired of me, but I don’t care. I plan on having his cock inside me for as long as he wants me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20