Girl’s Night Pt. 13

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This is a culmination of an earlier story. It contains fetish themes of forced feminization, humiliation and other erotic themes that may not be to everyone’s taste. If you enjoy these, please read on. Enjoy. – DB


Fisher minced after Eve, his skyhigh six inch heels whispering across the plush carpet of the hallway and then into the spacious living room, the overhead lighting much more subdued than before. He caught their reflection once again in the towering windows, the blurred image giving the impression of two statuesque women, and nothing more. He looked around quickly for the rest of their group and noticed for the first time a spiral staircase leading up to a lofted room above, a flickering in the space giving him pause as it reminded him of the light cast by a television left on. A shadow entered the corner of his vision then, a shadow with a digital motion picture camera attached to her hand and a high end SLR camera slung over her shoulder.

Catherine had removed her club attire and now with her thick, shapely hips wrapped in a black yoga shortie shorts and her full breasts spilling from her deep v sports bra she began recording Eve and Fisher kissing softly in the middle of the room. She pulled back slowly, grinning as Fisher melted into the taller woman, soft whimpers being drawn from his throat by way of Eve’s skillful tongue. They looked beautiful on camera with Eve in her powerful red ensemble and Fisher in his virginal white, and she ached to be a part of the scene, but her place was behind the camera, not in front of it. She checked the settings quickly as Eve pulled Fisher to the largest couch, nodding at the display as it showed everything was being streamed live to the monitors upstairs.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“He looks fucking hot,” Sophie whispered to Jenny, staring intently at the lone flickering screen across from her, “doesn’t he?”

Jenny nodded, curling up closer to Sophie on the plush wrap-around couch that faced the monitors in the loft high above the living room. Miguel, stripped down to snug boxer briefs, tapped a few keys on desktop keyboard and on the screens they were treated to several angles of the room below, as well as the hand held that Catherine worked expertly for the closeups. They both glanced away for a moment as they heard a stifled giggle to their right, Victoria, Tracy and Heather sharing a private joke on the opposite corner of the couch all their eyes on Sophie and Jenny rather than the screens. Sophie shot them a mischievous look and kissed Jenny with a passion that rivaled the scene playing out in the living room below.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Fisher moaned on Eve’s swirling tongue for what seemed like the thousandth time, the intensity of her kisses matched by the passion of her embrace. He could feel his stiff and hypersensitive cock slipping between them, nudging the silk of his robe as well as hers, and sliding between her legs, pushed downward by the ever expanding bulge in her panties. He could feel the warmth of her encompassing him, and it was heaven. Eve’s long and slender limbs wrapped around him, keeping him close, her fervent grip on his ass and waist making him feel even more submissive than he already was. She pushed his cheeks together and his ass gripped the steel plug buried inside him, his whole body seemingly on the verge of detonation. When she broke the embrace and pulled away slightly, he felt his heart jump in his chest as the hand on his ass glided across his hip and rested softly on throbbing member.

“So eager to be played with,” Eve said, brushing her fingers up his shaft, “aren’t you?”

“Yes Goddess,” Fisher answered weakly, even the lightest touch making his knees and mind weak.

“I want to hear you to say it Candi…” Eve said, petting the head of his cock.

A stinging slap ripped off it when he hesitated, and Fisher took a sharp breath before he stammered. “I’m ready…ready to be, be… played with… Goddess…”

“Tell me more, you pretty little cum slut,” Eve said, alternating slaps and strokes of him. “tell me how you want to worship my cock, all, fucking night.”

“I would love to…ungh!!” Fisher bellowed as Eve stroked him harshly between her fingers, twisting and tugging his abused, reactive flesh. “I would love to worship your cock all night long Goddess, I’ll get down on my knees and beg for it… please Goddess… I c… can’t t…take… oh fuuuhk!”

Eve laughed at his anguish and released him, gliding over to couch, crossed her legs and smiled. She pitched a polished fingernail in the air and beckoned him to follow her.

“Open your robe,” Eve commanded him when Fisher stood in front of her. “I want to see those big pretty tits of yours…”

Fisher pulled open the top of his robe, trying to ignore the figure that swept between the couch and windows, the black pit of the camera lens stealing his soul with every passing second. He looked down at Eve as her hands played across his imitation curves and he swore he could feel her fingers on him, so much so that casino oyna when she flicked one of his puffy pink nipples he moaned softly and bit his bottom lip.

“You want me to own you in every way imaginable, don’t you?” Eve asked, her mouth inches from his bobbing cock. “You want it more than anything you’ve ever wanted in your life.” She pursed her lips and blew warm air across his sensitive flesh, chuckling as he twitched and danced uncontrollably. She licked him once and plunged him into her mouth, the same time as her hand found his balls with the tips of her fingers.

“Fuhhhhk!” he screamed, his body shaking uncontrollably, the lips on his cock driving him mad with lust, needles of pain shooting through his balls as manicured nails dug into them, only one image kept pounding in his brain. “Yes, Godesss, yes please… please…”

“Please what, sissy slut,” Eve coaxed, letting him fall from her lips, “tell me.”

“Please own me… make me your sissy bitch… I want… want to know what your cock feels like… in my mouth… in my sissy pussy.” Fisher admitted. “I want it more than anything…”

“It’s all you can think of isn’t it baby?” Eve asked, keeping his eyes locked in hers, licking and kissing him. “Say it.”

“Your cock… mmmmmph… filling me… filling me witth… with cum… hmmmmph… all I can think about Goddess…”

“You love cum so, sooo much don’t you sissy slut?”

“Yes Goddess… I… uhhhnghhhh… I love cum”

“You love it all over your face…”

“Yes Goddess… I love cum on my face…”

“And on your big fake tits?”

“Unghhhhhhh… yes! I love cum on my face and my big fake tits!”

“Yeah you do,” Eve said, pulling her legs underneath her, her panties fully exposed now as her wide hips rested between her heels, stroking her crotch with her other hand, sighing happily. “Dirty fucking cum slut…”

Catherine smiled from behind the camera. Fisher’s robe being discarded but the belt remaining, tied in a tight bow around his swollen balls and his cock, glistening with Eve’s saliva.

“There now,” Eve said, tapping Fisher’s now distended sac, the skin pulled painfully taut by the silk belt. “A pretty bow for a pretty little sissy clit.”

Fisher groaned a meek thank you, each tap forcing him to clench on the unforgiving metal plug buried in his ass. Eve had brought him to brink repeatedly, every torturous flick of her tongue, every twisted kiss forcing his body to want more while his brain screamed for her to stop knowing the release he was so close to would never be realized. His heart pounded as Eve rose to her knees on the couch, kissing up his flat and sculpted stomach, her long fingers on the outside of his breasts, kneading them roughly.

Catherine zoomed in, watching Fisher’s ruddy and burdened cock slip between Eve’s full EE breasts, the tip leaving a trail of precum down her sternum. Panning up to Fisher’s face, twisted in agony, she chastised him for being so quiet.

“Let me hear you Candi,” she said, “this is the fantasy woman that you lusted after, secretly, for years. You want her to take you, in every way possible, and this is how you act? Let her know what feels good. Let those sissy moans, groans and cries loose. But Eve, you… you’re doing wonderfully.”

Fisher looked down, took as deep a breath he could and sighed loudly as he was plunged deep into Eve’s soft cleavage, lingering for only a moment before he was withdrawn. Eve’s lips found their way to his own breasts and he found himself holding them aloft for her, each moan louder than the last as she suckled his massive fake breasts, pulling them with her lips and nipping them with her teeth. Over and over she moved with him, forcing his bound cock and testicles against her breasts, between her breasts and across the unforgiving lace of her bra cups. When she finally pulled away he was panting audibly, and there was a thin line of cum connecting his dripping cock to her chest.

“Naughty girl,” Eve said with a soft chuckle, “look what you did, you made a mess all over my tits…”

“I’m sorry Goddess,” Fisher apologized, pouting bashfully, hearing the camera whir, and the flash popping every so often. “please let me clean them off for you.”

“You did that on purpose, didn’t you, cum slut?”

“No, goddess, I can’t help it, I… I can’t control my sissy clit…” he said, batting his overdone eyelashes.

“I know you can’t,” Eve answered, licking her finger after dragging it across her left breast, “you’re nothing but a pathetic cocksucking, cum loving sissy, aren’t you?”

“Yes goddess,” Fisher admitted for the hundredth time, the corners of his lips curling upward ever so slightly.

“You’re lucky you’re delicious,” Eve said with a smirk, still absently sucking on her finger. “get on your knees, baby…”

Fisher dropped to the rug without a sound, his face now level with the impressive mahogany globes of flesh that rose and fell gently in front of him. He waited patiently, unable to tear his eyes away from canlı casino them, unable to act without instruction. He did not notice Eve’s arms sliding behind her, undoing the clasp of her bra, but he certainly noticed when the cups slipped down past her pierced nipples and Eve’s breasts swung free, settling softly against her abdomen.

Eve scooped them in her hands, her thumbs swirling over the barbells that passed through each firm dark nipple, each as thick as her pinkie. “go ahead sissy slut, enjoy your cum…”

Fisher leaned forward, replacing Eve’s hands with his own, trailing his tongue over the streaks that painted her breasts, her sternum and her clavicle. He moaned at each touch of his tongue to the bitter and salty remnants of his weakness, devouring it enthusiastically. His lower lip brushed Eve’s nipple and he stiffened as she shuddered, not knowing if he should proceed. He looked up at her and she nodded, her hands disappearing beneath them, and floating down between her legs. Her heard her groan his sissy name when he took one then the other between his lips, flicking his tongue against the nipple and the piercing, drooling over them until they sparkled.

“Fuhhhk yes Candi, you have a very talented mouth,” Eve cried, slipping herself from her panties, her thick jet black cock curled into her slender fingers, it’s folds of loose skin slowly disappearing as she stroked it. “I’ve been aching to feel it on this all night…”

“Ohhh… Goddess…” Fisher moaned, unable to take his eyes off Eve’s gentle strokes of her hardening cock. “I… want you… so badly.”

“I know you do Candi,” Eve said with a smile, “now, go ahead… and taste me.”

“Thank you Goddess,” Fisher sighed, his own cock flexing urgently and suddenly. He leaned forward, licking the wide, firm head of Eve’s cock as she continued to stroke it. He let his tongue split the glistening slit; clear, salty liquid his reward. He pressed forward, but she teased him, keeping herself only on his eager tongue.

“Such an impatient little cock-sucker Candi,” Eve said, chiding him playfully, “so desperate to have me choke you on this, aren’t you?”

“Fuhhhk… Goddesss! Please!” Fisher pleaded frantically. He chased the now hard and thick nine inches as it bobbed in front of his face, a slight curl upward making it impossible to get between his lips. Every stroke of his tongue caused it to dance away, and he whimpered with the agony of unquenched thirst.

“You want her cock so bad,” Catherine teased, “don’t you Candi?”

“Yes Dominatrix,” Fisher answered, licking his lips and groaning, “so badly…”

“Beg for it princess!” Catherine directed him.

“Please Goddess,” Fisher whimpered, lapping at Eve’s swollen cock head. “please let me taste all of your incredible cock, please let me show you what a good cum slut I am…”

“Oh, baby,” Eve said softly, stroking herself and smiling, “I already know what a good cum slut you are. Keep complimenting my cock though, I like that… especially since it’s bigger than your pathetic sissy clit, isn’t it bitch?”

“It is Goddess,” Fisher admitted, flicking his tongue along the underside of Eve’s head as she offered it to him.

“Say it Candi,” Catherine coaxed, “it makes it so hot when you humiliate yourself.”

“Your amazing cock is so much bigger and thicker than my pathetic sissy clit, Goddess,” Fisher heard himself say, trembling on his knees.

“Mmmmm, Candi,” Eve sighed, shifting forward, offering him the length of her shaft to lick as she held herself upright. “Keep going…”

“Your cock is beautiful goddess,” Fisher breathed ardently, painting her cock with broad strokes of his wet tongue. “so dark and thick, so delicious, please, fuck my mouth, please use me like a sissy whore, choke me on your sexy, sexy cock…”

With that Eve guided her dark skinned phallus between Fisher’s full lips until he gagged and began fucking him with short, slow thrusts, keeping his mouth full, moaning each time he choked. She tilted his head back slightly, forcing him to look up at her, one hand on the back of his head, the other under his chin.

“Such a good girl,” Eve moaned, “you love being a sissy cocksucker for my big black cock, don’t you baby?”

Fisher moaned on her in the affirmative, his long eyelashes fluttering as his eyes welled tears from being repeatedly suffocated. His fingers dug into the cushions when Eve smiled down at him and thrust deeper, the position of his head allowing for Fisher’s first real throat fucking. Her firm waxed balls slapped against his drool covered chin, and he whimpered happily, his lack of air making him feel somehow euphoric. Everything else fell away, and all that remained was the goddess before him and how wonderful it felt to have his mouth full of her slippery cock.

“Look at her face,” Eve observed, “that’s the look of a sissy faggot who loves being choked on a big black cock.”

“Mmmmhmmm,” Catherine agreed, “it most certainly is… hold still… look at me Candi…”

Fisher kaçak casino looked toward the camera, drooling over the cock stuffed in his mouth, moaning happily every time the flash went off, moving with Eve as she posed him. His heart was racing, his muscles were reacting as if being pulled my invisible strings, knowing every move to make, and moaning and pouting on cue.

Eve withdrew slowly, her cock dripping, a long, thick rope of spit connecting her cock to Fisher’s gaping mouth. Twisting his wig in her fist, she turned his head sideways and let her cock drape sideways across his panting lips, pulling him toward her until her heavy balls dropped between them. She cooed softly as his tongue rolled against her distended, plum colored sac, the skin pulled tight over twin orbs that had not been emptied for five days in anticipation of this night.

“You’re a slave to my cock now,” Eve said, brushing the hair away from his eyes, “aren’t you?”

“Yes Goddess,” Fisher answered weakly, kissing her balls and licking down to her perineum.

“I want to hear you to say it Candi…” Eve said, dragging her cock slowly upward before dropping it across Fisher’s face.

A stinging slap ripped off his right cheek, and Fisher took a long slurp of Eve’s balls as he stammered. “I’m a… a… sl…slave… to your cock… Goddess…”

“Tell us more, you pathetic bimbo,” Catherine spat coldly.

“Yeah Candi,” Eve agreed, leaving another mark on his cheek, “tell me what you are baby…”

“I’m a …ungh!!” Fisher bellowed as Eve smacked him firmly between his words, leaving wet spots from her dripping cock head. “pathetic… cocksucking… cum loving sissy Goddess… please… I l… luh…love… oh fuuuhk!”

Eve laughed at his cries of passion and slipped off couch, standing over him, her thick thighs rippling, her hips swaying slightly, letting her cock dance against his drooling lips. She pitched a polished fingernail under Fisher’s chin, raising his face to hers.

“Show me,” Eve coaxed, “show me how a pretty little cocksucking sissy worships a cock…”

Fisher opened wide and took Eve deep, closing his mouth around her shaft and sucking tenderly, He pulled back, inch by inch, moaning voraciously until she fell from his lips with a juicy pop.

“Mmmm,” Eve moaned, “that’s a good sissy, keep going…”

“In fact, do that same thing Candi,” Catherine instructed, “but when you’re done, look up at Eve and tell her you love her cock.”

Fisher twitched then, knowing the words and actions would be anything but theatre, because the moans were real, he did love her strong, thick cock. Loved the way it warmed his tongue, the way each vein and artery pulsated when it slipped over his plump lips, he loved the fact that he salivated over it like a starving animal. He looked up at Eve as she slipped from him, curling his tongue against her dripping slit. “I love your thick, juicy black cock Goddess,” he confessed, his eyes meeting hers, “it’s… perfect.”

Eve smiled down at him and took Fisher’s face in her hands guiding him back onto her, moaning in unison with him, letting him work his mouth from side to side on her sensitive head. She reached up with her other hand, playing with her nipple as he made love to her cock. She could tell that he had been trained well by Sophie, his moves far too natural for a beginner. She found herself thinking about how hard she had gotten, watching the recordings from last night, how she hoped he would feel as good as he looked. And he did. Fisher knew just how to touch her, how to take her deep and hold himself there, pausing just long enough for that telltale breathless choking moan to rise and fall in his throat before drawing is lips firmly up her length.

“Look up bitch,” Catherine commanded, handing the camera to Eve to hold. “your fans are going to love this.”

Fisher looked up as he bobbed on Eve’s cock, the camera lens staring back at him.

“Tell me how I taste Candi,” Eve said, groaning softly.

“You’re delicious Goddess,” Fisher replied, saliva spilling down his chin, looking directly into the camera, “I love every part of your perfect cock.”

“That’s it,” Catherine encouraged, sweeping Fisher’s wig off the side of his face, and backing away slowly, “show Eve what a perfectly dirty cocksucker you are…”

Fisher obliged by spitting on Eve’s dark and dripping cock, and slurping it obscenely, his plump lips smacking off her shaft loudly. He repeated the motion, moaning lustily, his eyes locked on the camera lens as he sucked and licked up and down her length. He quickly picked up an impassioned and breathless rhythm, making love to the camera as much as the cock filling his mouth, his chest heaving with every gasp. His fingers twitched, he was aching to touch himself, to play with the ribbon wrapping his package tightly, but instead he reached upward to Eve and cupped her heavy balls, cooing happily when the cock in his mouth jumped in response. Fisher let Eve fall wetly out of his mouth, the weight of her pleasant against his cheek as he took first one smooth orb into his mouth, then the other. He moved his other hand to Eve’s thigh, moaning again when she flexed, and her cock bobbed against him with a soft slap.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20