Gold from Bronze

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Marissa woke up that morning like most people did: needing to pee.

She would never pee on her own things as she didn’t like clean up after herself. But defiling other people’s things was something she quite enjoyed!

Marissa lived in a nice apartment building and while she had a few favorite public pee spots she liked to search for a new place every now and then. Today she had the perfect plan.

She got out of bed naked as always and slipped into a thin lacy robe. Yesterday the flowers in Mrs. Wendell’s window box had bloomed. She was a rude old witch always yelling at people and never picked up after her little rat of a dog. Merissa decided it was high time the old bat learned a lesson. Luckily Mrs. Wendell lived right beneath her so it would be all too easy to crissin those freshly bloomed flowers.

Marissa quickly made her way to the kitchen and opened the window. It was still pretty dark out. Not to many spectators around. Perfect! Marissa climbed up onto the window ledge. She had a bench underneath it allowing her to sit on the sil comfortably while sticking her ass out of the window.

There was just enough light for Marissa to see the window box and those big but delicate flowers. Marissa shifted so she was right over them pulled up her robe slightly so it wouldn’t get pissed on. Then she let out a shot of hot pee to be sure she was on target. She giggled, looking down. Perfect.

Suddenly she heard a rumbled as a truck came down the street. Her heart raced. Oh please don’t let me get caught! She held absolutely still as it passed by followed by a car. She waited a bit longer and another car came by. Ooh! She was about to burst! Still she waited until the cost was clear. A few early risers walked on the side walk below her and she waited until the turned the corner or were too far down the street to see.

Finally! This was it. Bracing herself on the window and spreading her legs Marissa revealed her dark reddish hair covered pussy to the flowers below. She shifted again allowing herself to see the flower box. Then with a sigh she released her golden shower. She was delighted as it rained down with a powerful hiss ripping the delicate flower petals to shreds. The only thing that topped the sight of the destruction was the feeling of sweet relief! She almost cried out as she let loose. Oh it felt so good!

She was getting turned on. Marissa tucked the loose fabric of her robe by her thigh and tummy so she wouldn’t have to hold it and then reached down to rub her clit as she continued peeing. She rubbed hard and fast giggling casino oyna as she watched the piss flood overflow and spill past the flower box. She wiggled and a few farts made their way out with the last of the pee as she came.

Sighing in relief Marissa rubbed her clit a few more times and pinched a nipple before getting up. Her robe fell into place before she turned and closed the window. She headed to her bathroom and showered cleaning her pissy pussy and the rest of her curvy bronze skinned body. She had a nice round bubble butt, full breasts with wide dark areolas and fat chocolate colored nipples. Lastly she washed her dark kinky-curly hair.

Once out of the shower Marissa dressed for the day. She put on a knee length plaid skirt, knee high socks, and a white dress shirt, with no bra or panties. She felt like going for a slutty school girl look today. Usually she wore no bra or panties and her male coworkers never complained. Finally she pulled up her braided hair into a ponytail with a scrunchy before grabbing her coat and purse and setting off.

In the elevator the doors pinged and opened to admit an angry looking Mrs. Wendell and her dog as well as another tenth floor tenant, Porter or something.

Mrs. Wendell was grumbling. “I can’t believe what happened to my flowers! How could they have gotten destroyed? What did I do to deserve this? Hm? What did I do Cupcake?” she asked her rat on a leash.

Marissa struggled not to laugh. Finally the doors opened on the first floor. “Have a good day!” Marissa smiled and then excited the elevator.


It was time for Marissa lunch break and she really had to pee. She hated going in the office rest room. Not only was it disgusting but it was no fun either. She rubbed a nipple through her shirt as she though about where to relieve herself. Luckily her cubicle mate had already gone to lunch. She thought about peeing on the carpet but her cubicle mate would be back soon and was sure to smell it. Alice may have been a good friend but her pee habits were something Marissa intended to keep secret. She wasn’t sure if there was anyone out there she could ever share it with. Sure there were videos and even erotic stories about it but this was real life. She doubted there would be anyone she met who wouldn’t mind if she peed as she pleased. Or even better if the even enjoyed watching and being pissed on. That would truly be something special.

At last Marissa decided that these pee would be one she’d spread out. First she looked around. The cost was clear. Most everyone was out to lunch and luckily there canlı casino were no cameras in the interior office. Just the hallways.

Marissa opened her shirt letting her fat gorgeous breasts rest on the desk. She fingered her nipples until they were hard. Then she lifted her round mocha ass and revealed it by lifting her skirt. She lifted hovering slightly over her black padded chair. She done this before and knew there would be no permanent stain just a slight darkening of the material until it dried. She farted and then let out a stream of pale yellow piss. She peed with vigor for a few delicious seconds before shutting off the stream.

She squeezed her her hairy wet pussy tight between her legs then jumped up allowing her tits to flop and bounce. Abruptly she turned to face the other side of the cubicle causing more tit jiggles. She stepped out of the cubicle peeking at first then become more bold seeing no one was around. An idea suddenly struck her as she remembered this morning’s piss adventure.

Mr. Perkins had a beautiful live palm tree in his office. He was always leering at her and the other female employees. Granted Marissa gave him and everyone else plenty to look at but that by no means made it right. So she decided that it was time his palm tree had a watering.

She skipped to his office enjoying the feeling of her breasts bouncing bare and freely. She wished she could go naked all the time!

Marissa knocked to be sure he was out. When no one answered she slipped inside. Empty. Perfect! She located the palm tree in the corned then promptly grabbed a chair from in front of Mr. Perkins’ desk. She moved it so it was just over the pot and then carefully shifted around the plant and sat in the chair. Then Marissa scooted forward and lifted her legs so her unshaven pussy was in the air. She had a good view as she resumed pissing. She was thrilled as she watched the hot piss arc out of her and land on the tree darkening the bark and the soil. The pot was quite large and she was comfortable so she decided to finish her piss right here. She moaned happily as she let loose enjoying the distinct hiss and fealing of relief as her bladder emptied.

“Mmm. That was nice,” she got up and decided she wasn’t done with Mr. Perkins. He really was an asshole. She was out of piss but she felt a rumble in her stomach that told her thanks to this morning’s bean burrito there was something else she could contribute. She looked around. Better hurry she thought. He could be back any time. Marissa moved the chair back then sat at Mr. Perkins’ desk chair swiveling kaçak casino in the seat letting her breasts rock back and forth. Her skirt was already pulled up so she let out a pungent air biscuit right then and there.

Then she saw it. Mr. Perkins’ favorite scarf. She remembered his saying his mother had made it for him. He must have forgotten to take it with him when he went to lunch. That would make the perfect toilet paper and fart catcher. She hopped up and bounced over to the coat rack. She sat down again in his chair bunching the scarf up in between her full butt cheeks. Then she let it rip!

-Bbrllluuuurpph! Braaammmp! Phlllliiiiiimp! Blrmp! Fruump! Bleenk!

They shot out of her ass like fire crackers. Marissa knew she should probably be worried someone would hear, but she she was just to giddy to care. She giggled as she rubbed her clit with an unsoiled part of Perkins’ scarf.

-Bliimph! Brannt! Poooph!

“Ooh!” it was time to stop. She’d almost pooped just then. She ceased farting then finished herself off with Perkins’ scarf cuming messily. She didn’t care. She shook out the scarf. Not too wet. It would dry by this evening. Really this was his fault. He shouldn’t have left it lying around. She hung it back up for him and then left his office.

No one was around. She still had at least ten minutes she realized glancing at the clock. So naturally she slipped her skirt and shoes off and danced naked (but for her socks) back to her cubicle.

Realizing she was messy between the thighs from coming she searched for toilet paper. Then Marissa spied Alice’s sweater which was hung on her chair. She didn’t usual mess with friends things but she didn’t have time to search for something else. A naughty smile spread across her face. Alice didn’t really like the sweater anyway. Her mother had bought it for her but Alice had been to polite to tell her she thought it was ugly.

Marissa squatted in Alice’s chair and pulled the sweater sleeve to her pussy. She rested her heavy tities on the tall chair back as she cleaned up. Marissa then pulled up the other sweater sleeve. She decided they should match so using the thick knitted beads that covered it she got herself off again.

“Ooh! Mmmph! Aaah! Uhn oh yeeesss!” she sighed looking down at the slightly matted sweater material. Alice wouldn’t notice until the end of the day when she put it on. And when she did she would have no idea what the substance was coating her sweater sleeves. She would probably chalk it up to some mess she made and then throw the ugly thing away.

“I’ve helped her.” Marissa decided then using her last few minutes she picked up her clothes and bounced to the bathroom so she could take a huge shit and make room for the lunch Alice had promised to bring back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20