Guess Who Game

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Barbara and I live in the Midwest and have been married for over 27 years. Our sexual urges lately have been less than news worthy. If we do it more than once a month, I’m amazed. She is still quite attractive, with a striking figure for a woman of 50: ash blonde, 5 ft.5, and well endowed with a beautiful set of 34D’s. Over the years though she seems to have lost most of her desire for the crazy sex we used to have. At least I thought so, until Sandy’s last visit.

Sandy is Barb’s younger sister by 6 years. She lives on the west coast with her husband and two kids. In her younger years, Sandy had a reputation of being quite a party girl. Back then, she was often ‘the party’. Not to say she would jump in the sack with every asshole, but she did sow her share of wild oats. Sandy is tall, probably 5’10” in her stocking feet. She has an attractive shape with long legs that gone on forever. Not much up front, maybe 34B. Her olive complexion and sexy face sets her off from Barb.

With the difference in height and looks, you’d never guess they were sisters, until you heard them both cackle. They share an unmistakable laugh. Sandy is married to a total domineering asshole that demeans and controls her life. Just another case of abuse where the wife and kids are sublimated and seemingly trapped, at least until the kids leave the roost. Until then, when Sandy and the kids come for a visit, its time to party. Her last visit was no different in that respect. The ‘warden’ pardoned her, and it was her turn to find the old fun-loving Sandy again. What made the last visit different is what this story is about.

I usually don’t have much to do with Barb’s relatives, except when Sandy shows up. I think she feels such a sense of release being away from her asshole husband, that she often lets it all hang out when she is at our place. On this particular visit she had left the kids at home, so she was even friskier than normal. After catching up on the day-to-day BS from out west, Sandy was ready for drinks. I knew this was inevitable and kept a fresh stock of beer and liquor on hand when she was in town. Barb also seems to toss more down when Sandy’s in town. This always makes for more outrageous fun. After 5 or 6 beers the girls are getting pretty lit.

I put on some music and the three of us started dancing up a storm. A series of fast songs just about wore us out. The next couple of songs were the slow, romantic type. I grabbed up Barb and started swaying with the mood. It wasn’t long before Sandy came up from behind me.

“Oooh, Barb, let’s make a Donny sandwich!”

This is all in fun, of course. Sandy pressed against my back with her front harder and harder. Barb’s hands were around my neck in front and Sandy’s canlı bahis hands were on my hips in back. I could feel Sandy’s tits pressing hard on my back and Barb had become amorous too. She’s rubbed her 34D’s against my chest and kneed me between my legs. The song ended and we sat down together on the couch with me in the middle. We sat and drank a while and Sandy mentioned something about a game called ‘Guess What’. Knowing Sandy, I assumed this would be a drinking game. I was not disappointed.

The rules were fairly basic. One of us is blindfolded and the other two feed you different foods or make you feel different textures. The blindfolded person has to guess what it is. If you guess wrong three times, you have to take a shot of tequila. If you guess right three times, your turn is over. We all agreed to play and Sandy decided to be blindfolded first. Barb and I went into the kitchen and raided the frig and pantry for some weird foods. Each of us took turns letting blindfolded Sandy taste things like fruit, grain sugar, and butter. She was either really good at this game, or she wasn’t near drunk enough. She got all three things right the first time. Next up is Barb. Sandy blindfolded her and then quickly pulled me into the kitchen.

“Listen Donny, you must use more imagination. It doesn’t all have to be about food,” she said.

I nodded my head, but wasn’t quite sure what she meant. When we got back to Barb, Sandy motioned to me to take off my shirt. She had Barb lick my shoulder. Barb couldn’t guess what it was.

“Now I see what you mean, Sandy!” I said, like a bolt from the blue.

“You ain’t seen anything yet.” Sandy said, with a wink.

We had Barb in the hot seat for about 20 minutes. Needless to say, she’s got fairly wasted on the tequila. This is a good thing. Barb is more reserved than Sandy -a lot more, actually. This loosened her up enough for more fun. Finally, Barb figured out her third puzzle and, it was my turn.

Barb put the blindfold around my head, but in her tipsy state, didn’t do the best job of it. If I tried hard, I could barely see who was who. The first puzzle: Sandy held out both her palm and Barb’s. I had to lick each and say which palm was which. Well, I got it wrong. Just to see what this type of play this could lead to.

“Oh Donny, you’re so wrong! Let’s try something else,” said Sandy.

Barb was giggling by now, so I knew they were up to no good. They left me for a while. When they came back I could see through my blindfold. They had both taken off their tops. My next puzzle was ‘which bra strap was who’s?’ Well I got that wrong too, darn. How unlucky am I? I noticed the game had turned its focus from ‘Guess What’ to ‘Guess Who’, and I was bahis siteleri going to be the designated guesser.

I could see the girls were slowly stripping off clothes, as they had me touch and taste different parts of their bodies: knees, hips, and tummies. Every once in a while I would guess one puzzle right, just to make sure they didn’t suspect I could see through the blindfold. They finally got down to their bras and panties and were beginning to feel a bit self-conscience, with me being clothed.

Sandy had me stand up and they both stripped me down to my shorts. They were still giggling like schoolgirls. I was starting to get aroused. Barb could see my boner peeking out of my shorts and admonished me mildly.

“Now put that nasty thing away. Nobody wants to see that,” she said.

“Well I do! Lets see if he is any good at Kiss & Tell,” said Sandy, excitedly.

I wondered how Kiss & Tell differed from Guess Who. They had me lay down on my back on our long coffee table. Sandy explained, “We kiss and you tell, Donny. You tell who kissed you.”

I could see them both now on their knees with me between them like a sacrifice. Each one would took turns kissing my chest, my ears, and then my nipples. I was guessing wrong every time, but they didn’t bother with the tequila any more. They were getting hot themselves. I could see that they had taken off their bras, and I had to guess whose tit was touching me. I could feel my dick was at full erection by now. With my head flat against the coffee table, I couldn’t get a good view of who was doing what. I heard them whisper something, then one of them -Sandy, I think, took my cock out of my shorts. One of them licked the length of my hard on. I was supposed to guess who did it.

I said, “I can’t tell, with just one little kiss.”

Whichever one of them that had a hold of my cock tightened her grip and started slowly jerking me off. I moaned and whispered, “Oh yeah.”

Then I felt someone start licking the head in quick little circles. This was a trick I knew Barb had done to me in the past.

“Oh, that’s Barb!” I said.

“Wrong again,” said Barb.

There wasn’t enough time for me to be shocked that Sandy was doing the licking. She had already started sucking my cock from tip to base. She was jerking and sucking my dick, and I grabbed her head to help guide her. Barb started kissing me on the lips. She slipped her tongue in my mouth deep and I could feel the warmth of my climax about to explode. Sandy continued with her masterful blowjob, but Barb stopped kissing me. Just as I felt ready to shoot my wad, I felt thighs come down on either side of my head. I smelled Barb’s hot pussy and suddenly felt her wet cunt on my bahis şirketleri lips.

Sandy, sensing that I was near climax stopped sucking and released her hold on my cock. Then I felt another Sandy’s thighs on either side of my hips. Someone took my hard on and she brought her pussy lips down around it. I felt her wiggle a little then she sat all the way down on my cock. Both girls riding my mouth and cock, I ripped off the blindfold and moved my hands up Barb’s back. I felt around her back to her chest and her huge tits. I was eating her out like crazy and feeling her up, when another pair of hands joined mine. They were long fingers and I knew at once they were Sandy’s. Barb started to cum, and bore down hard on my lips, as my tongue darted in and out of her hot pussy. Sandy was riding my cock hard and deep, and it was all I could do to focus on one end and then the other.

“Donny, I’m cuming, I’m cuming!” Barb screamed and bore down on my mouth with her clit.

She backed off, knelt down and gave me a big kiss. She looked up and saw I was missing my blindfold.

“Hey, you’re cheating!” She yelled.

It was too late now. Sandy was hard-riding my cock and cuming herself. This was quite a sight. I reached up and finger-locked her hands in mine and pulled her hands over my head to bring her near. There was no doubt now that I was soon going to burst. Barb must have sobered up enough to realize I was fucking her sister.

“Don’t you cum in her, Donny!” She pleaded, while she pulled Sandy off of me. I grabbed my cock with my left hand and Barb’s head with my right.

“OK, then I’ll cum in you!” I said, yanking her head down to my shaft.

She opened her mouth and took my pussy soaked dick in. Barb is generally not one to swallow, but I looked up at Sandy fingering herself like crazy and I couldn’t stop now. I shot my load in her mouth. She gagged, as I made her suck my cock in deeper and swallow the rest. I’m sure Barb didn’t want to seem ungrateful in front of her sister, so she obliged and deep-throated me all the way.

I motioned to Sandy and she came over and stood over me with my head between her legs. I reached up and gently pulled her hips down around my face. Her cunt was sopping wet as I began licking, biting and sucking away at her pussy. Barb stopped sucking my limp dick, but continued to slowly jack me with her hand. Sandy began moaning and bouncing up and down on my face. She reached behind her ass with both hands and spread her cheeks wide to bury her cunt in my mouth. Barb stroked my meat faster and faster. This was a clear indication to me that Sandy’s orgasm was turning Barb on too. I regained my hard on and as Sandy pounded her pussy into my tongue, I felt Barb mount me and put my cock inside her wet pussy. Both girls came, as I exploded in my wife’s hot cunt.

We all cleaned up and laughed about what a fun game that was. The next time Sandy is in town, we’ll have to play it again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20