Gym Rat Ch. 01

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I was new to the DC Metro having relocated for a job from New York. My first 6 months in the area were spent as a geographical bachelor as I waited for my house in Long Island to sell in a down market. I was lucky enough to have bought on the way up so I got out whole after 6 months. I bought a new house in northern Virginia and moved my wife and kids down before school started.

I have always kept myself in good shape but my 6 months as a geobatchelor left me soft and doughy so the first thing I did once we were settled was join a gym.

My hours were long and my commute into DC was longer so my gym time was limited. I found myself getting there when most people were leaving. I would work out hard for an hour the hit the showers around midnight before heading home. The showers were a strange setup. There was a single shower room with 10 shower heads evenly spaced along the walls with no partitions and no privacy but at midnight I was always alone.

It was a Thursday night and I had just finished a light workout and a 30 minute run on the treadmill. I sat at my locker and peeled my sweaty clothes off as my heart rate slowly returned to normal. The room was quiet and empty as I made my way to the shower and started the water at my usual spot in the corner.

The water was hot as it cascaded over my head. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the relaxing feeling of the hot water on my tired body. casino oyna

I was startled from my trance by the sound of another shower and I opened my eyes to see a well built guy in his late 30’s at the shower two spaces away. His body was tan and muscular and completely shaved. I realized that I had been looking at his body and quickly adjusted my eyes to look him in the eye. He smiled at my obvious discomfort and began lathering his hair.

I continued my shower as though he wasn’t there but I was again interrupted from my trance as he spoke for the first time.

“Hey,” he said casually “can you grab that for me,” he continued as he pointed to a bar of soap that had made its way to a spot a foot away from me.

“Sure,” I replied as I bent down and grabbed the bar. I handed him the soap and he thanked me. He continued to face me as he slowly lathered his body. His eyes were closed as he deliberately soaped up his cock and balls.

I watched in uncomfortable silence as his cock grew. I had never had a gay experience. I had never even thought about it yet I could not tear my eyes away from the well built stranger a few feet away.

His cock was fully erect when his eyes opened again. He smiled when he saw I was watching him and he briefly turned back to the water and rinsed off his body before turning back to face me. He moved slowly toward me his long thick cock leading the way canlı casino as I stood silent and still. I wanted to say something to stop his progress but I was paralyzed. I stood staring at his body, at his cock. I avoided eye contact and retreated slightly as he continued to approach me.

My back touched the cool tile wall ending mu retreat but he continued his journey until his cock was inches away from me.

“Touch it,” he said in a low deep baritone, “we both know you want to.” He smiled and ran his hands down his body to his rigid rod. He slowly stroked his dick as he looked at me.

His eyes started at mine and then slowly traveled down my body. His gaze sent shivers through my body. I wanted to turn and run but instead I watched him stroke his thick shaft. I had never imagined seeing another man play with his dick. I shook my head and softly said “no.”

“Your words say no but your cock tells a different story,” he answered as he gestured to my semi erect dick. “Touch it,” he said again, this time more firmly. It was not a request but rather an order, a command. He clearly knew something about me. Something that was not common knowledge. I wasn’t gay but I was most definitely submissive and his words, his tone and his command sent a surge of blood to my rapidly rising cock.

My fingers tentatively reached out and touched his cock. They wrapped around it replacing his hand with mine. kaçak casino My heart pounded in my chest as I slowly stroked his granite shaft.

He closed his eyes and sighed as my hand pumped his dick. I found a steady rhythm and I heard his breathing change from steady to ragged.

“Suck it,” he commanded as his hands pushed my head downward. I quickly and willingly sank to my knees. He guided my mouth to his hard throbbing cock and I opened my lips wide.

I felt his flesh slide across my lips. It was warm and soft like a silk covered hot iron rod. The veins caressed my lips as his soft spongy head touched the back of my throat.

His hands held my head as his hips jogged to and fro fucking my mouth with a smooth steady rhythm. He thrust deeper with each stroke until his pelvis touched my nose. His cock slid down my throat. It was intense and erotic.

His breathing again became ragged and his rhythm became unsteady as he thrust his big cock hard and fast into my mouth. He grunted and cried out loudly as he came.

I gulped and swallowed his thick seed like a whore. He continued to pump his thick cock down my throat until his climax ebbed and then he pulled his spent dick from my lips and walked toward his towel on the wall.

“Tomorrow, same time,” he said as he grabbed his towel and walked back toward the lockers.

“Yes master,” I answered quietly to my self. I sat back against the shower wall and stroked my hard cock as I savored the residual taste of his cum in my mouth. My hand was a blur and I came quickly pumping a tremendous batch of thick white cum onto the shower floor.

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