Happy Birthday

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It’s his birthday. She had gone to great lengths to plan this night especially for him. She wanted to give him a birthday gift like none he’d ever gotten before and she had enlisted the help of a couple of her friends. She knew in her mind how the whole night would play out. Definitely one that would be forever burned into his memory banks.

She meets him at the door at the arranged time and place. Without a word, she leads to him to an oversized, padded chair with arms. She stands him in front of the chair, their lips meet in a kiss. He unties the top of her cape, letting it drop to the floor.

She’s dressed only in a sheer and thongs. Her own hands are busy removing his clothing. As her tongue rims his lips, his shirt comes off. Hands lazily trailing down his chest. She unbuckles his belt. Undoes the waistband. She is sucking on his tongue, pulling it deeper into her mouth, as she unzips his pants and they fall to the ground.

Fingers are on his nipples, rubbing, creating a friction that sends shivers down to his cock, already straining against the fabric of his shorts. She pushes him gently down onto the chair, straddling him. She scoots back slightly, straddling him still as she starts to lick his nipples, lightly, slowly, just grazing them between her teeth.

She reaches back for binds to tie each of his arms to the chair. First the right nipple, as she ties his right hand down. Then the left nipple as she does the same there.

Not a word has been said.

Her hands travel down his chest, stopping just at the top of his shorts. She can feel his erection against her crotch as she reaches behind for the final bind that would leave him darkness. She kisses and licks her way down as she slides off his lap.

She pauses to nuzzle his erection through the fabric of his shorts. She continues her tongue’s trail across his thighs, hands tracing down to each leg. She ties one leg to one leg of the chair. Spreading his legs, she ties the other to the other leg.

Still silent, only the sound of shallow breathing can be heard. The air is filled with electricity.

In the darkness of the room, he can only hear the soft strains of music in the background. Had it been playing all this time? The scent of jasmine and ylang-ylang burning somewhere.

She wondered if he knew they were used many years ago as aphrodisiacs, the scent inciting a primal lust resident in the body’s reptilian limbic system. He sniffed the casino siteleri air again. Was there another scent in the room? He could feel the presence of someone else not her.

He recalled the conversations they had had before. His mind filling with images of what he thought would happen. Sight taken away, his mind’s eye became more acute.

This was going to be something he would not forget for a long time. And tonight she would just watch.

A body astride his own. Distinct aroma of perfume – roses. Thighs straddling his. Long nails raking the length of his arms, across his chest, around his nipples, up his throat. A breast to his lip, being offered like a teat to baby. Body grinding against his burgeoning erection.

Fingers hooked into the tops of his shorts, catching his glans in between the band and his stomach. A fleeting touch across the tip of his cock. Nails tracing along the length of his erection through his shorts, stopping to tease, pinch, caress his cock head. Fingers, pinching, caressing, stroking.

Meanwhile, she sits and watches. Digital camcorder recording this night for his exclusive pleasure. All this for him, all for him alone. Or maybe not.

Another pair of hands on him. These are by his bound feet. Breasts at his lips, hands teasing his nipples. He could feel a nipple being dragged along his naked shin. Two bodies, one him. His erection grew with the images in his mind.

Tongue licking the length of his legs. Slowly, surely. A sharp intake of breath. On his lap, he could feel fingers that are probing a wetness that is not his. Feminine sounds of excitement. He could feel, hear their excitement against his own.

Hips thrusting back and forth on his lap, growing slick with moisture. Hands on his shoulder. Weight lifted from his lap. Breasts caressing his face, against his neck, his chest. Feel of long hair against his face. Hot breath of excitement.

He could only imagine what is happening, he could see the pictures in his mind from the sensations his body was experiencing. Hand on his cock. Rubbing, caressing, in synch with the other hand that were teasing, caressing a yin to his yang. How did these women look like? Who was caressing him? Where did she find them?

So many questions running through his mind. So many sensations. One really hard cock.

Movement, weight lifted from his lap. Lips on his. These lips were rougher, her tongue more insistent than the other. canlı casino Her tongue communicating her excitement to him. Hands tugging at this waistband downward. His erection finally freed from their confinement. Lips around the head. Lips on his nipples. His hands are straining against the chair.

His breathing is tight, shallow – the excitement. He can feel each lick, each pass of the tongue on his nipples, on his cock – feelings made more acute because there is nothing to feed his eyes. His mind making up for the difference.

She sits silently, watching, pleased with the scene playing out as it had been planned.

Hands undoing his binds. Body on either side of him. One in front of him, one behind him. He can feel breasts on his chest, on his back. Hands caressing his buttocks, hands caressing his cock, his balls. His cock, his body, the pussy in this embrace. His arms are being bound behind him.

Led somewhere else, his knees buckling at the edge of what felt like the bed. His arms pulled up, restrained above his head. More kissing, more caresses. Moist, wet, sweet nether lips being offered to his mouth to suck on, another mouth sucking on his cock.

She followed in silence. Watching it all, taking it all in, filming it all.

She watched as one placed a condom into her mouth. Watched as she returned to his cock, taking him in slowly, unrolling the condom as he went in deeper into her mouth. She watched his face as he listened to the mewling sound of the woman about to come in his mouth, on his face. She wondered what was going on in his mind. She wondered if she tasted the same as she did to him.

She watched as the two women straddled his chest, facing each other started to kiss and caress each other’s bodies. Sounds of kissing. Passionate kissing. Hand to breast, mouth to breast.

Moans, rising and falling. Wet pussies rubbing against his body, along his cock. She watched as the one mounted herself on his erection. She watched knowing that she would be slowly, squeezing her muscles together as she descended onto his cock.

Fingers on clits, moans rising in volume. Each woman describing what the other was doing to her in their own unique explicit way. Narration added to the images in his mind.

Sensation of moist, hot pussy rubbing his chest, someone else riding his cock. Still unable to see. But the sounds, the sensations were unmistakable. His mind re-creating the view he couldn’t see. kaçak casino

She remained in silence, watching, taking it all in. She started to touch herself. The air too heavy with sex to ignore any longer.

She watched as they climbed off him and pulled him gently towards the edge of the bed, his legs hanging over the side. She watched as they positioned themselves on him. One straddling his chest, her pussy just out of reach of his mouth as she removed the condom from his cock. She wiped him with a warm cloth, gently, carefully.

She playfully teased him with her pussy, right up to his lips, then back away, rubbing her pendulous breasts, raking her nipples across his chest. She told him to lick her exactly the same way she was licking him. She teased his cock with her tongue, slowly, gently, quickly, then slowly again.

She told him what she was going to do to his balls as she held the skin taut and teased them with her tongue, sucking one ball in at a time into her mouth. She told him how good she was going to make him feel as she caressed his cock, fingers sliding, twisting over the glans. She tickled the ridge where his glans met the shaft, tickling, teasing, sucking, licking.

One positioned between his legs. Words breaking the silence. She was describing the dildo that she was going to fuck him with. What a pretty shade of blue it was. How big it was. How good it was going to feel in his ass. How he was going to like it. How it must feel to have his cock sucked while his ass was being fucked.

He could feel the juices dripping on his chest, the nerve endings of his ass tingling, setting his whole crotch on fire. As he felt the mouth once again descending on his cock, he felt the penetration of his own wrinkled rosebud.

A feeling of coldness, the dildo penetrating his ass, slowly insistently, as the penetration of his cock into another moist, warm cavernous throat. The sucking of his cock, the insistent probing of his ass, the sounds of climax – setting his mind’s eye on fire.

She watched quietly, keeping her own excitement quiet, taking it all in. The camera’s silent eye recording all for posterity.

She could see his body growing rigid, the familiar sound of his moaning his mounting climax. She wondered what was going through his mind. Wondered if he enjoyed her gift to him.

She switched off the camera, knowing that he would later watch what he couldn’t see. He would get to see it later. He likes to watch, but this time, he would be watching him.

She winked at her girlfriends as they dressed to leave. Committed as they were to each other, they had been more than willing to help out a friend. After all, what are friends for?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20