Happy Families

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The characters in this story are all over eighteen and the age of consent, sex if it happens is consensual. UK English is the rule: if the spellings Mum, arse or colour annoy you, don’t go any further, for the rest of you enjoy.


Ron Roberts lay back in his bath, feeling the warm water lapping round him. He sighed and closed his eyes. He heard a gentle tap on the door as it opened,

“Sorry Ron, I need to pee, can I…”

He looked up to see his daughter in laws mother, hopping from foot to foot. Her short nightie barely disguised her plump luscious body and thick pubic hair.

“No Violet, go ahead, I don’t mind.” he closed his eyes and relaxed, feeling a slight twitch in his groin.

There followed the sounds of the toilet lid being lifted and then a soft hiss and the splash of water as Violet Henderson emptied her bladder. Ron felt his dick twitch and he smiled to himself. He heard the toilet roll move then the sound of the flush being triggered.

“Thanks Ron, I couldn’t hold that anymore.”

“No worries, really should have got around to having a second toilet added.”

“Would have saved my blushes.”

“Nothing to be blushing about, we all need to go at sometime each day.”

“Or more than sometime, in my case.”

“Yeah, agreed, but it’s no big deal.”

“Well I’ll leave you to enjoy your bath.”

“No worries, stay if you like.”

“Well it looks inviting, mind if I join you?”


“Hmmm, yes please, I love a big warm bath.”

“Hop in there’s room for two.”

Ron opened his eyes and saw Violet shed her nightie, arm across her breasts, hand down over her mound.

“Bit late for modesty now! and that’ll make washing difficult,” he said grinning.

Returning his grin she pulled her hands away and climbed into the tub, laying at the opposite end to him. He moved is legs back to allow her in, they settled. He extended his legs, she moving hers over his.

“Mmmm, this is nice, I could get used to this.”

Ron laughed and patted her foot.

“Feel free to phone and I’ll get everything organised, how long does it take to get here?”

“Twenty minutes.”

“OK, time enough to get a good head of steam up and fill the bath.”

“Shhh, let’s just relax, and enjoy.”

They lay back eyes closed, enjoying the warmth of the water and the feel of another human.The door opened and Gail, Violet’s daughter came in,

“Ohh!” she stood mouth open,

“Hi Honey,” Violet said sleepily.

“I thought it was unused, it was so quiet,”

“Hmm, it was wasn’t it, bit of a surprise huh?”

Ron opened an eye lazily to gaze at his Daughter in Law, standing in the doorway. She was beetroot red, hands clasped in front of her. Her knee length white t-shirt pulled tight to her ample chest, nipples visible as two hard bumps high and proud.

“I didn’t think, I..”

“Gail what’s going on in…” A male voice and a hand appeared.

“Morning Robbie,”

“Hi Son.”

“Violet? Dad?”

“Something wrong?”

“Are you two.. are you both?.. Are you sharing a bath?”

“Yes!” they said together then laughed.


“Hmm, cat got your tongue?”

“No, it’s just, it’s not everyday you see your Dad and Mother in Law sharing a bath.”

“Oh! OK.”

“Hun, why don’t we leave these good people to their bath?”


the door closed, then swung open again. Gail rushed in and sat on the toilet, pee’d and wiped, then flushed and left. Violet, giggled, then laughed, as Ron joined in.

“Hey, can we get some more hot down here, ” she asked grinning.

Ron sat upright and turned the mixer tap on, moving the lever towards hot, the hot water splashed into the bath, as he twisted the exit lever, allowing the colder water to exit. Satisfied at the temperature, he allowed the hot water to stream in and return the water to its old level. Switching off he lay back again.


“Perfect, OK for you?”

“Yes thanks, gotta question?”



“Why? Well because, it looked warm and welcoming and you looked delicious.”


“Mmmm, definitely.”

“Well you look hot yourself, I’ll admit I had a good look after you undressed.”


“As you say delicious, very hot, oops.”

Looking down the bath between her breasts and belly, Violet saw his cock rise out the water.

“Now that’s a compliment I never thought I’d see again, thank you Ron, I’m flattered.”

“Yeah, my turn to be embarrassed. But it feels good, especially at my age.”

“Well neither of us is a spring chicken anymore.”

“True, but you look good Vi, you look really good.”

Hey, no one ever calls me Vi now, well not for a million years more like.”

“Well I think we can be a little informal here Mrs Henderson, unless I need to wait until we’re formally introduced.”

“Arthur used to call me Vi, and my little brother Andy did, but no one else in a decade or more has. Kinda novel as it goes.”

“Mind if I continue to?”

“No go ahead casino siteleri Ron, I like it.”

“Good, fancy breakfast?”

“You hungry?”


“OK, you going to wash my back?”

“And front?”

“If you want,”

“It would be rude not to.”

“And you are so polite.”

“not what you said yesterday?”

“I know I was wrong, very wrong.”

The previous day

Violet Henderson hammered on the door of house. The violent shuddering of the door reverberating throughout the house.She heard a muffled shout from inside then the door was wrenched open. Ron Roberts looked out at her, his face a plump pink.

“Mrs Henderson, what can I do you for?”

“Don’t you Mrs Henderson me you bastard, I’m after your son, where is he? I want to give him a piece of my mind.”

“You sure there’s any to spare?”

“You arsehole, let me through, I want to see that no good, lazy, feckless, ungrateful bastard of a son of yours.”

“Well if he was here you could, but as he isn’t you can fuck right off out of here.”

“You charmless shitbag, where is he?”

“Like I’m going to tell you! you old slut, fuck off and bother someone else.”

“You tell me where that arsehole is or I’ll stay here all day, and give your neighbours a live soap opera on their doorstep.”

“Right you, inside, now!”

Ron grabbed her collar and half dragged and half lifted her in the door, slamming it with his foot and pushing her against the hallway wall, making a few of the prints lining it jangle. He breathed deeply and looked her directly in the eye.

“Want to tell me what this is all about?”

“Yes, your lazy wastrel of a son has up and quit his job, without discussing it with my Gail. They are dependent on his income for the mortgage and for paying most of the monthly bills. Now they might lose the house.”

“Wait, Robbie quit his job? I didn’t know this, when?”

“Yesterday, apparently he told his boss to go stick his two faced head up his fat arse.” She giggled then controlled herself.

“Robbie did that, well if he did he must have been insanely pissed off with the guy, usually he’s so placid.”

“Well whatever, his stupid reaction cost him his job.”

“Fuck, he never said anything to me, but why are you here?”

“He and Gail had a monumental bust up, he said he was leaving, I assumed he would come here.”

“Well as you can see, he’s not, but if he does turn up, he better have an outstanding reason to quit. I’m sorry you got dragged into this and I’m really sorry he upset Gail.”

“OK, I’m sorry I boiled over, it was unreasonable.”

“No! You reacted like all parents do, you defended your child. Boot on the other foot, would have been me shouting at you. Would you like a cup of tea?”

“God I’d love a cup of tea. I’m so thirsty, must be the shouting.” She grinned.

Ron, showed her into the lounge and she took her coat off, he took it to hang up, but not before he had a chance to observe her body. She was medium height, big breasted, but not obscenely so, a little swell at her stomach then her large hips flared out above two very shapely legs. He smiled and turned to go.

“Were you eyeing me up?” She asked an amused smile on her face.

“Perish the thought, although you do look good.”

“Thank you, I try.”

“You don’t need to, or you got it just right, ‘cos it looks very natural.”


“Tea or Coffee?”

“Tea please, no sugar.”


“A little please, nice room.”

“Thanks, I like it, not too mannish?”

“No simple and clean, I approve.”

“Well thank you, I’ll make the tea.”

Ron slipped out to the small galley kitchen. It was just wide enough for two people to pass, but not comfortably. He opened a cupboard and took down two small mugs, hesitated then swapped them for larger mugs. He added a tea bag to each as he boiled the kettle. He was aware of Violet standing behind him in the doorway.

“Nice, a bit small but nice all the same.”

“thanks again, here.” having removed the tea bags, he poured a dash of milk into the mugs and stirred. He handed her one.

She didn’t seem inclined to move out of the way, so leaning back he rested his backside against the lower drawer units. He grinned and raised his mug.

“Mmm good tea, strong but not too strong. Perfect. You’ll make some woman a great husband.”

“I did, but not anymore.”

“Hey sorry I heard about Susan and… but listen, you’re still quite young, not too shabby looking, there’s women out there who’ll be beating a path to your door soon I’m sure.”

“No there aren’t let’s not kid ourselves, I’m way past my ‘best before’ date,”

“Really, I wouldn’t say so, you’re still well inside your adorable date, if you like that sort of thing.”

“That sort of thing being…?”

“You know, love and intimacy, that sort of thing.”

“Oh that! Well I think those days are long over, after Susan left, I kind of lost all that sort of feeling.”

“Really, you never think, ‘I could do with some canlı casino of that’?”

“Honestly, no never, well not until now that is.”


“No it’s true, seeing you take your coat off, well lets just say my day got a lift,”

“Just your day?”


“I like to think so.”

“You sure you don’t want to sit down in the lounge?”

“No I need to go soon, I want to find Robbie, like I said.”

“Well if you get lucky, tell him I agree with you.” He frowned and took a big hit of tea.

“You could come with me.” She said, he thought for a minute,

“Okay, give me five minutes to clear up and I’ll be back.”

Ron went upstairs and closed and locked all the windows. Out of habit he checked them again and then went back downstairs. He locked the back door, then took Violet’s empty cup and his, placing them in the dishwasher. Satisfied, he grabbed his jacket and seconds later he was double locking his front door. They crossed the pavement and slipped into Violet’s car.

They spent the afternoon looking in all Robbie’s usual haunts, then they doubled back to see if he had gone to Ron’s but he hadn’t. They went to his house and found Robbie and Gail sitting in the lounge talking animatedly, but with grins on their faces. Robbie looked suitably abashed as he told his story.

He had been looking for a new job anyway and was shortlisted for one. That day he had also had a run in with his boss, who had put him down in front of the whole office. This was his boss’s usual tactic, humiliate a person in public, thus diminishing their status with the rest of the team.

This time with the job offer bubbling under, Robbie had snapped and had told the guy what he thought of him. His boss had sacked him on the spot. Which as it turned out was a godsend as he was asked if he could start the new position immediately, fortunately now he could.

He insisted though on explaining the situation to his new boss, which was where he had been all afternoon. Coincidentally the new guy had been at school with his old boss and agreed wholeheartedly with Robbies assessment of him. They had laughed at the wierdness and toasted the new job in coffee. They new guy was eager for Robbie to start and seemed a real go-getter whose enthusiasm was contagious Robbie said.

Ron said they should celebrate, go out and paint the town red. Violet was a little hesitant, but with Gail, Robbie and Ron all begging her to go, she agreed. They went back to their respective houses and met at Ron’s house at eight. He had made reservations at a local Italian and they ordered a cab so they could all enjoy a drink.

Ron had suggested they all stay over, so after dumping their overnight bags, they assembled in the lounge, where Ron had opened a bottle of reasonably priced Champagne. Chilled correctly and in long flutes the perfect bubbles winking at the top, they toasted Robbie’s new job.

“Robbie, I owe you an apology,” Violet said, and wouldn’t be stopped by anyone. “I said some pretty horrible things about you, things that aren’t true, and I apologise absolutely and unreservedly. In fact I would say that you are the perfect husband for Gail, and a terrific son in law, good luck with the new job.” She raised her glass, as Robbie leaned in and kissed her cheek.

Ron was admiring Violet’s dress, which had a little cleavage and a lot of leg showing. Turning she caught his gaze and blushed, he raised his glass and winked. She smiled and lifted her glass slightly. They drifted towards one another.

“So what next Ron?”

“Well how about a meal, some drinks, sparkling conversation, a nightcap and bed?”

“Sounds dreamy, except the bed, it’s a little lonesome on your own.” She winked.

“Mmmm, maybe I can help you out there,” he grinned.

“Help away, Ron, you won’t need to persuade me too much.”

“I’ll take that as a definite yes, shall I?”

“Well, you never know what can happen, do you?”

“True, now I think that’s the taxi, so let’s go eat.”

Holding his arm out, he felt her slide hers through his. He felt her move closer to him. Impulsively he turned slightly and kissed her cheek.

“Naughty,” she smirked.

“But oh so nice,” he replied.

“We ready?” asked Robbie, bounding to the door, Gail looked at Ron and Violet and smiled, they grinned like two schoolkids.

The ride to the restaurant was short and uneventful. They decanted on arrival and entered, were led to a table and arranged themselves around it. Violet, sitting next to Ron, slid her hand onto his leg, between his knee and thigh, he flushed slightly, but accepted the feel of the warm palm on his leg.

“Thanks for making me come with you,” she whispered in his ear.

“The pleasures’s all mine,” he replied.

“What are you two up to?” Gail asked knowingly.

“I was just thanking Ron for inviting me,” said a flustered Violet.

Lifting her hand from his leg she saw him pout at her. She grinned and took his hand. He grinned and she impulsively squeezed his hand tightly. They ordered drinks and studied kaçak casino the menu.

“I’m thinking steak…” said Gail, “Although the Chicken looks good, and the salmon.”

“There’s a Specials board over there,” Violet gestured behind Gail.

“Here,” said Ron rising. He walked over to the board, slipped his phone out and shot a picture of the board. He walked back and handed it to Gail. She looked and frowned, then returned to the menu, passing the camera to Robbie, he shrugged and passed it to Violet. She studied it and then passed it to Ron.

“I’ve decided on the mussels from the Specials.” she said

“Hmm sounds good, but…”

“Dad’s going to have the sausages and mash,” Gail and Robbie said in unison. Ron grinned and shrugged his shoulders.

“I always choose that when we go out, they laugh at me everytime. What I was going to have was the Cannelloni and Salmon with the sea food Aioli and Spinach.”

The waiter appeared and they ordered without hesitation. Together with another round of drinks. he placed a plain wooden board on the table, with slices of Italian ham and sausage, cheese and a bowl of olives and some flatbreads. They snacked on this whilst waiting and then dived into their main courses as they arrived.

A bottle of Chianti was swiftly dispatched, and another appeared. They paused after the main course before deciding on desserts, after dessert a bottle of very expensive Champagne appeared and they toasted Robbie again. After requesting a taxi and paying they stood in the street, enjoying the balmy British summer evening.

Back at Ron’s house they made coffee and small talk until the early hours of Sunday morning. Then Ron offered Gail and Robbie his double bed, which they declined, preferring Robbie’s old room and a large single bed. He showed Violet her room and offered to tuck her in when she was ready. She kissed him lightly and said she was a big girl now and didn’t need to be tucked in. He smiled and returned her kiss, leaving her grinning,

“You know where I am if you get lonely,” he said as he left.

He was chortling as he heard Gail and Robbie, giggling and laughing in Robbie’s room. The door creaked and widened and Violet came in wearing a short white nightdress, she watched as Ron undressed and walk naked to his bed. She followed and climbed in opposite him. He turned towards her and was engulfed in her arms. He found her lips as they parted and soon they were tongue dancing and holding each other very close. Tentatively he reached for her breast, she made noises in her throat which suggested that his touch was very enjoyable and welcomed.

He felt her nipple hardening in his palm. It was a little lower on her breast than he expected, but it had been some years since a woman was in his arms though the sensation was very positive and evident lower down his body. Sliding an arm round he back he felt the warmth of her bare cheek in his palm. Violet pushed her bottom towards his hand, stretching out against him. Breaking the kiss, she murmured in his ear.

“That feels so good, it is so wonderful to feel a real man holding and feeling me. Take me Ron, take and do what you want to do. Love me, make me feel desirable again.”

Ron felt his hand slide round her cheek until his fingers felt the pucker of her little star, she moaned into his chest. He relaxed a little and let her fall back slightly, before reaching for the hem of her nightdress. She shifted and raised her hips, he saw the roundness of her belly, the rolling hills of her breasts and the thick hairy plumpness of her mound as he pulled the nightdress up and over her head. Gasping in delight, he twisted and placed his lips gently on her swollen labia as she opened her legs, she gasped and her pelvis twitched in anticipation.

Her pussy smelt and tasted of honey and musk, with an underlying sweetness, not cloying at all. These tastes and smells invaded his mouth and senses. He plunged in and speared her lips apart with his tongue, finding her inner sex and pushing his tongue deep into her opening. His nose rubbed her clit and hood, she bucked under him. He gently prised her opening outer lips back and felt for her anus again. With a dripping wet finger from the juices spilling down from her sex, he pushed gently until it slipped in up to the knuckle. Her pelvis thrust up and he pushed his sodden face against her.

Feeling his tongue push into her deeply. She pistoned against his face, her breasts moving independently like the motion of waves on a gentle sea. Down below Ron couldn’t believe how delicious she tasted and waggled and thrust his tongue and nose against her. Finally after three or four heavy convulsions she lay back and Ron clambered between her legs, moving slowly into her.

Positioning himself on knees and elbows he gently rocked his pelvis as his hands and lips stroked and sucked on her breasts and nipples.

Violet began to rock with him and soon they had a languid rhythm going. Eventually she upped the tempo until Ron heaved against her and his cock blasted his semen deep into her womb. Her arms came round him and kisses were traded back and forth. Soon however they lay sleeping, quietly at rest in each others arms. They barely moved until Ron had awoken and slipped out of bed, whereupon Violet had stretched out in the warm and empty space he vacated.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20