Harry Hated Halloween

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Harry hated Halloween, it was just one of those times of year that reminded him he was different. For someone trying to blend back into society, fitting in was very important and Harry’s refusal to have anything to do with Halloween hampered him from fitting in. So while throughout his office people were wearing costumes and getting ready for the Halloween party in the afternoon, Harry simply wore blue jeans and a nice shirt. When someone asked him about his costume he simply told them he was wearing it, he was dressed up as Harry Hanscomb, Account Assistant.

Besides the costumes, the conversations during the day primarily involved everyone’s plans for the evening. Those with kids planned to head home and prepare for trick or treating in the neighborhoods. Others talked of the parties they planned to attend, a few talked of the decorations they set up at the house as they planned to inject a little terror into the kids who dared come to their scary door. Harry hoped to skip the party and find a bar that wasn’t celebrating where he could get a few quick drinks before heading home.

He wanted to be sure he got home before sunset so he could watch after his house. With it all closed up and dark, lacking any Halloween decorations it had been the target of vandalism last year. In spite of some advice he’d received, this year he’d remain home while the trick or treaters terrorized the neighborhood.

Confining himself to his cubicle, Harry worked through lunch and at two o’clock as everyone else began setting up for the party he slipped past the wicked witch receptionist and headed out to his car. By two-thirty he was sitting in Flan’s, a no frills bar dedicated to good, hard drinking. There was no Halloween shot specials, no frothing drinks and no skeleton at the door, hell the TV wasn’t even on.

It was early so there were only a few other patrons, all drinking their alcohol on the rocks or straight in the glass. No margaritas, no sloe gin fizzes and no frozen cherry daiquiris, just plan glasses with straight booze. Harry sipped his Black Jack on the rocks listening in on a conversation the bartender was having with another customer. Apparently the customer was trying to get the bartender to mix up something special.

“But that would mean I’d have to crush the ice,” Harry heard the bartender say.

“You have a blender right there,” the customer argued.

“And then salt on the glass, I tell you, I don’t salt the rim of a glass for nobody.”

“Come on, it’s easy, you just set up a plate, cover it with…”

“Look, you want tequila, I’ll give you tequila, you want sodie pop, I’ll get you a sodie pop, but I ain’t mixing it together.”

“But Sonny will do it,” the customer replied.

“I’m looking at the calendar and it says today is Wednesday and Sonny don’t work on Wednesday. So what’ll it be, Tequila Solo or on the rocks?”

“On the rocks,” the customer said, giving up.

“And, here’s a salt shaker, in case you want to salt up the glass, just don’t make a mess,” the bartender said setting down the salt. He quickly filled a glass with ice and poured in a shot of tequila. “Suppose you want a lime with it too?” he growled, placing the glass on the bar and tossing a wedge of lime on the side.

Harry noticed the bartender looking his way so he held up his glass and nodded. The bartender grabbed the Jack Daniels and walked over, pouring the dark amber liquid into Harry’s glass.

“They just don’t get it do they?” Harry said, nodding at the customer drinking the tequila on the rocks.

“Yeah, it’s Sonny, he spoils them with all his fun drinks on the weekend. It seems to take me until Wednesday or Thursday to settle them down again. Course then it’s the weekend again.”

The door to the bar swung open and a small girl stepped inside. Without hesitation she walked up to the bar, nimbly climbed up on one of the barstools and set her purse in the stool next to her. She turned her head and stared directly at the bartender.

“Excuse me,” he said to me. As he was about to move down the bar he lightly touched my arm and said with a smile, “Watch this.” He then moved down the bar to the young girl and said, “Little girl you can’t be coming in a bar like this.”

The girl tilted her head and said, “Okay Flan, I know you’re doing this just for the customers, so lets go though this one more time. Here’s my ID, see it says I am, yes let me help you with the math, it says I am twenty two, that is twenty plus two, that means I am a full year older than twenty one. No this is not a fake ID, just like it wasn’t a fake ID the last five times we played this game.

“What I want you to do now Flan is grab me a glass, fill it with bourbon, make it a double, then add two, not one, not three, just two ice cubes and bring it back to me. And so help me if one more person asks me if I am going trick or treating tonight I’m gonna shove my hand up their ass and pull their tongue out so they can get a taste of the shit they’ve been slinging at me. Okay?”

Looking casino siteleri at Harry and smiling, the bartender shrugged his shoulders and prepared her drink. Afraid to do much more, Harry stared into the mirror behind the glass shelves of bottles. After a few minutes, while sipping at his drink he took a closer look at the girl, no woman, just several barstools down.

She was incredible, by just looking at her Harry would swear she was no older than fifteen at the most and the way some girls were developing these days, he’d seen twelve year olds who looked more mature that this woman. From what he could see looking at her blouse she had no breasts to speak of and while he couldn’t tell much with her sitting there, he remembered her hips were nothing much either. The only thing that might belie her age was her eyes, they seemed to have a dark and wizened intensity about them.

Her hair was dark, long enough to just touch her shoulders, and though Harry might have preferred a pixie cut, her hair did have a nice, healthy glow to it. Her eyebrows were dark but her skin was fairly light, darker than Harry’s complexion, but when contrasted with her hair it seemed almost pale. Here face was pretty, but set on her body it would have been hard to tell if she was a very pretty thin boy if he didn’t know any better.

He suddenly realized she was watching him stare at her. “What?” she asked. “I showed him my ID, it says…”

“No, no, I’m sorry,” Harry said, “it’s just that, uh, your hair, it’s really beautiful… the color I mean, an almost mahogany color.”

She winced and said, “I’m sorry, it’s been a bad day and I just get so much shit about my age. Now that today’s Halloween it’s even worse.”

“Yeah, I hate Halloween,” Harry replied.

“You mind if I move down there with you?” she asked reaching for her purse.

“Sure, come on down,” Harry said, smiling at her, “Let me buy you another drink,” he said waving toward the bartender. Once he caught his eye, Harry moved his hand in a circling motion an then pointed to the woman and himself. The bartender nodded.

“So you hate Halloween, have you always hated it?”

“No,” Harry replied, pausing a moment, “there was a time I really enjoyed it, when I was younger, but now I can’t participate.”

“You can’t participate? A religious thing?”

“Yeah, something like that,” he replied and then to change the subject, “And here are the drinks, the best thing about Halloween these days.”

The bartender set down two drinks for each of them and when Harry looked up at him he replied, “It’s happy hour now, my one concession to Sonny’s frills.”

“Well I commend you on your forward thinking,” Harry said.

“Yeah, just don’t go ordering anything fancy, not until the weekend.”

“Black Jack and ice is all I need.”

“All you need?” the woman sitting next to Harry said.

“Well almost, I’m Harry by the way,” he said, holding out his hand.

“Okay, Harry by the way, I’m Susan, Susan at the bar and I’m very pleased to meet you,” she said taking his hand.

“Are those drinks getting to you that much?” Harry asked.

“Yeah, it’s my weight, I’m a real cheap drunk.”

“Wow, we better be careful here, are you driving?” he asked.

“No, it’s public transportation for me, at least today. Occasionally I drive to work but parking is such a bitch.”

“Yeah, I found a spot close by, but I just got lucky.”

“Listen Harry, did you really mean that about my hair?”

“Well yes, it’s so dark, but with a slight red glow, I hadn’t noticed a color like that before,” he said.

“Oh, you saying you think it’s colored?”

“No, no nothing like that…”

“It’s okay Harry, lots of people think it’s colored, except it’s not, it’s the same as my eyebrows and the same… well, it’s the same all over let’s just say.”

“Well I like the hair on your head Susan.”

“Does that mean you don’t like the hair elsewhere?” she asked leaning over and bumping her shoulder against Harry.

“Your eyebrows are nice,” he replied.

“But the other?”

Harry didn’t say anything.

“Why Harry, are you saying you like it shaved?”

Blushing, he smiled, but didn’t move his head.

“Oh you are a kinky one aren’t you Harry?”

“I wouldn’t say kinky, not exactly,” he replied.

She moved her hand over his face and said, “Well you are clean shaven, I can barely tell you have a five-o’clock shadow. I tell you what, why don’t we go and you shave your face and I’ll shave my… ah, whatever and see what happens.”

Immediately reaching to his wallet, Harry pulled out a credit card and waved to the bartender. He looked back at Susan and replied, “Okay, you can watch me shave if I can watch you.”

She grabbed her drink, swallowed the last bit and replied, “That sounds fair to me.”

It was still light when they left the bar, but it was quite a bit later than Harry wanted to head home. Walking out to his car in the fresh air had canlı casino him feeling pretty good, he’d had several drinks but they really didn’t seem to be affecting him. Susan wasn’t drop dead drunk, but she was feeling pretty good, so he held her arm just in case she stumbled.

Once in the car she buckled herself in, but slid over close to Harry, placing a hand on his thigh. He started his car and carefully headed home. It was just getting dark as he pulled into his neighborhood so he drove slowly to his house, pulling the car into the garage and immediately closing the door behind them. As he walked her into the house he made sure the lights at the front of the house were not on.

Before walking back to the master bathroom, he peeked out of a front window and saw several kids in costumes on the street. He then grabbed Susan’s hand and said, “Okay, time to shave.”

Once in the bedroom, Harry took off his shirt and then went into the bathroom. He quickly lathered up his face and while Susan leaned against him running her hand over his chest and watching him in the mirror he shaved his face. When he finished he wiped it off with a towel and let her run her hands over it.

“Oh so smooth, but I guess it’s my turn,” she said. “Do you mind if I do it in the shower?”

“Wherever you like,” Harry replied, opening his medicine cabinet and pulling out another razor. As he opened the package he watched her slowly undress.

She pulled off her blouse and was wearing what looked to be little more than just a training bra, which when she took it off he saw only the slightest swelling of her chest, marked in the center with dark areolas and nipples which seemed large in comparison to her breasts. Her pants and panties slid down over her slender hips and thighs and she stepped out of them, grabbing Harry’s arm to steady herself.

Standing naked in front of him she asked, “Well how do I look now?”

Harry smiled while admiring her, letting his eyes roll down her nubile body, finally stopping and staring at the thick, dark patch of pubic hair. She looked down and ran her fingers through it asking, “Do you have some scissors?”

Opening a drawer he pulled out some scissors as Susan reached into the shower and turned on the water. Harry then watched as she grabbed a mass of fur in her hand and then carefully sheared it off, tossing the dark mass into his waste basket. She did this several times more removing almost all of it. Holding out her hand she said, “Could I use some of your gel?”

Harry grabbed his gel and pushed the button watching it ooze out into her fingers. She moved her hand down and spread the gel over what was left of her pubic hair, massaging it into a lather. She then grabbed the razor with the other hand and stepped into the shower, making sure to leave the shower door open.

Feeling his erection tightening in his pants, he watched as she took the razor and carefully pulled it over her pubic mound. She rinsed the razor in the shower stream and repeated, cleaning off a bit more of her skin. As she finished most of the mound, she spread her legs wide and slowly worked the razor around her lips, first along one side and then along the other.

Harry could tell she was turned on because by the time she was finished, her pussy lips were swollen and opening to him. He held out a hand and helped her out of the shower, pulling off his pants as he watched her dry off. When she finished he bent over, slipped one arm behind her legs and one arm over her back and picked her up, carrying her to the bed.

Once he placed her on the bed, she immediately turned onto her side and said, “I want to be on top.”

Harry couldn’t argue with that so he climbed into bed and rolled over onto his back. Susan then straddled his face, putting her knees on both sides of his head and lowering her freshly shaved pussy down onto him. Feeling the softness of it all, he immediately began moving his tongue all over her, sliding between her lips, moving quickly over her clit, down along her thighs and then finally pushing into her pussy. The strong, tangy flavor of her excited him and he pushed his tongue deeper, drinking in her juices.

Just as he pushed his tongue into her, he felt her mouth close over his cock as she began sucking the head intensely. She couldn’t take much of him into her mouth, but deftly ran her tongue along and around the shaft. He could feel the pleasure building inside his cock and began pumping his hips up to her.

Trying to hold off coming to quickly, Harry moved his tongue to her clit concentrating on the motion, the feel of the nub against the wet surface of his tongue. The smooth shaved sking rubbing over his face felt incredible too.

He moved a hand up and slipped two fingers into her wet pussy pushing them in and out of her. She began to move her hips some in response when he suddenly stopped moving his tongue, took a deep breath, thrust his hips up into the air and came.

The quickness of it caught Susan by surprise, kaçak casino so the first spurt of cum splashed on her face, but she quickly move his cock back into her mouth, catching the subsequent spurts. She kept her mouth firmly in place as she milked the last droplets of come from him. By the time she let his cock slip out of her mouth, Harry had already started licking her clit again, so she rested her head on his soft cock and began grinding her pussy onto his face.

The combination of his tongue on her, his fingers inside her, and the surprise of how quickly he came excited her, so it didn’t take long before she felt herself closer and closer to the edge. Waves of pleasure built up inside her until she moaned loudly and came, grinding her clit over Harry’s tongue as her pussy pulsed over his fingers again and again. She then collapsed on top of him, fighting to catch her breath.

Harry was amazed at how light she felt on top of him, thinking that he could remain like that for hours, however, not wanting to fall asleep, he waited until she was clearly over her orgasm and he turned and moved out from under her. She moved, crawling around so her face was near his and she snuggled in close. He grabbed a sheet and wiped away some of his cum that still was on her face and said, “Oh sorry about that.”

“Don’t be sorry, it was a turn on getting splashed like that.”


“You being so quick, well, it’s reaffirming. Like I turn you on that much.”

“Well you do, I mean since I first saw you, and now,” running his hand over the smooth skin around her pussy, “even more so.”

He heard a noise outside and wanted to get up and check it out. “Do you want something to drink?”

“A glass of ice water would be nice. I’ll come with you.”

“No, no you stay there. I want to come back and see you like this in my bed.”

“Okay,” she replied, resting her head on her hand as Harry headed into the hallway.

Instead of going into the kitchen, he slipped into one of the front bedrooms and peeked through his blinds. Everything looked okay in the front yard. He did see a number of kids out at the road but everything seemed quiet. He was about to go into the kitchen for the glass of water when he saw a kid move into the light from the streetlight. It was a girl of maybe ten or eleven dressed in a pink princess costume, the one with the high conical cap that her hair twirled around.

Pausing there, Harry watched the girl as she slowly walked along the street in front of him, her costume sparkling in the light. Looking at her, the way her body moved made him begin to tremble. She was not thin, but not really chubby either, her body was just beginning to develop the slightest bit of curve to it.

When the girl turned and began heading down his walk toward his door his breath quickened. She moved closer and closer until Harry was ready to move to his doorway to answer the door. He let the blind fall closed and turned when he heard a voice outside, “Katie, you can’t go there, the light’s not on.”

“Oh be quiet Georgie, I can get more candy.”

“I’ll tell mommy if you go,” the little boy replied.

“Oh okay, but I’m taking some of your candy.”

Harry moved back to the window, peeking through the blind again just in time to see her turn the corner in front of his garage as she moved on. Letting the blinds close again he headed back into the bedroom, almost in a daze. Was he forgetting something?

“Hey, where’s the water?” Susan asked and then said, “Oh my, you are quick to recover.” She reached out and wrapped her fingers around his erection. “Damn, you’re hard. Come here,” she said as she slid back onto the bed opening her legs.

Harry watched his cock slowly enter her hairless pussy, the smooth skin moving a bit as her lips parted and rolled around his shaft. Feeling her wet warmth he continued pushing deeper and deeper, losing himself in the sensation of her, trying, trying, trying to erase the images of the past from his mind. It was all so similar yet so shockingly different. His thoughts slipped away.

He followed the instructions, no Halloween decorations, no lights on, no candy for the children. He didn’t buy a costume, he stayed away from the parties and the schools, everything they told him he must do. And still, still, still, still it almost happened, it almost…

Susan moaned and Harry snapped back. “My God she is so good,” he murmured to himself, continuing his thrusts into and out of her. She began moving to, driving her hips upward to meet each of his thrusts. This tiny woman drawing pleasure from him, from his movement, his touch, his cock so deep inside her, held him tight.

“Oh Harry, yes again, again oh yes…” she moaned as she came, her pussy squeezing him over and over, drawing him into her, making him feel so good.

Harry arched his back and came, his cock spurting his wet cum into her pussy, the sensations running through his body, draining him, drawing the strength from him. He fell onto her, his entire body trembling.

In a few moments her heard her, “Harry, you’re crying, are you alright?”

“Yes, yes.”

“And you’re trembling, are you sure you’re okay?”

“I’m fine, just stay with me tonight, please stay.”

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