Heaven and Hell Ch. 03

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Hektor could barely move. He struggled on his bed, helpless because of the tranquilizing drug that he had been injected with. His anger had only grown as he watched the cowards that had attacked him bind Gir’s wrists, ankles, and wings. All he could manage was a ragged cry as they took his boy away from him. For hours he had struggled like a helpless child, planning his revenge. He pictured killing them, but that didn’t satisfy his anger enough.

Finally his efforts paid off and he rolled to the floor. Struggling, he lifted his head and tried to rise to his feet, but he was still too weak. He tried to shout, but his voice was lost for the time. He dragged himself along using his forearms. He cursed mentally every second that passed, knowing that the longer he took to act the longer Gir was in the hands of those men and whoever had hired them. Hektor was certain that Azlon was behind it. The man would pay dearly for his mistake.


Gir wiggled against his restraints but he could not move his limbs at all. Leather straps held him to the cold table. All he could do was shiver and feel ashamed of his naked body on display. He knew they were watching him somehow, even if he couldn’t see them. A hot tear slid down his cheek. They had taken the shirt that belonged to Hektor.

The door opened, but Gir was tied down too tightly to see who had come in. A cloth suddenly covered his eyes and the world was dark. He felt a strap against his cheek and then a firm sphere was stuffed into his mouth. He felt the straps tighten around his face and he could no longer move his head at all. He whimpered and struggled, knowing it was useless but he was too terrified to think clearly.

He heard the whir of the spinning grindstone getting closer and closer. Finally it contacted the horn on the left side of his head and he felt like he would die. He sobbed helplessly, still trying desperately to get free. Over the sound of the grinding, he heard laughter and he gave up. After the mysterious people had finished grinding down both of his horns nearly down to his skull, they removed the casino siteleri gag. A bit of drool ran down his cheek and he whimpered. “Hektor?” he said. “Please…hurry…”

“He’s not coming,” a man with a very odd accent spoke coldly.

“He is,” Gir sobbed. “He’ll come. He likes me.”

“Then why did he give you to me?”

“No…” Gir sniffed and tried to remember. But he didn’t. He didn’t remember being brought to this place. He remembered Hektor touching him and kissing him, making him feel so good, and then a blank nothingness.

“He tested you and decided something is wrong. He gave you to us because you do not please him.”

“Liar!” Gir accused, sounding like a small child as he wept. “Hektor will come save me.”


Hektor clutched his chest. He didn’t want to rest, but his body was screaming to. The medic had warned him that though the antidote would take away the effects of the paralyzing drug he should still rest. Of course Hektor hadn’t listened. It had been decades since the last time he had tracked and his senses were dull. He was losing time. The signs had led him so far into the forest he wasn’t even sure anymore. He’d lost the trail.

He closed his eyes and let out a low, guttural roar. Where had he gone wrong? He’d followed the scent from his house to the edge of the forest, but the trail had disappeared all of a sudden. How had they done it?

He knelt to the ground and searched for any sign at all that someone had passed by this way. There was nothing. The scent was gone. He’d even backtracked, trying to see where he’d deviated but it was just gone.

The forest around him was still as he searched his mind for an idea. There had to be something he could do to get his Gir back.


Gir cringed when the blindfold was removed. A very pale man was standing over him. The man had long black hair that was slicked back and wore a high collared black jacket. He didn’t look like any scientist Gir had ever seen, but still he looked familiar.

The man touched Gir’s neck and Gir winced. He could feel how cold the canlı casino man’s skin was through his glove. “Hello,” the man hissed right next to Gir’s ear. He was the same man with the accent, the one who was a liar. Gir let out an involuntary squeak of terror and the man laughed. “You fear me. I smell it.” The man breathed in deeply. “Its delicious.”

Gir felt his lips trembling but he fought to keep his tears back. He was scared to cry again in front of this man because he had a sick feeling the man liked it. Gir didn’t want this crazy man getting the better of him. He wasn’t worthless anymore. Hektor cared about him. He gathered up his courage and spat at the man’s face. “I’m not afraid”

The man fished a handkerchief out of his pocked and cleaned his face with out a change in his expression. “Then I will make you afraid,” he said darkly and he snapped his fingers. Two mountainous men moved forward from the shadows. One gripped him roughly as the other undid his restraints. The last thing he saw before they pulled a dark hood over his head was that they both had one eye.


Hektor awakened violently. He hadn’t remembered falling asleep. A pungent odor filled the air and his titan half was screaming in rage. For a moment he feared it meant Gir had died, but the memories slowly came back to him. Hektor shook his head in disbelief. There was no way it was possible. Kyklopes were extinct, killed off long ago by their natural enemy the titans. But there was nothing else that could recreate that awful smell and nothing else that would cause the titan in him to become even more bloodthirsty than usual.

He followed the smell. Part of him hoped that it would lead him to Gir, but he prayed that Gir wasn’t near the kyklopes. Any race that the titans had wiped out for being too brutal was guaranteed to be horrific.


Gir was forced to his knees onto the cold ground. He feared the worst as he waited for them to decide what to do to him.

He heard the man walking around him and finally, “Pluck his wings.”

“No!” Gir shouted, forgetting all thoughts kaçak casino of being brave. “I’m afraid now. You win. I’ll do anything. I’ll do whatever you want.”

His pleas did nothing and the two one-eyed monsters gripped his wings close to the base. He screamed and struggled until he heard a loud crash and then he was still.

He heard things happening, but couldn’t see. “H-hektor? Hektor! Save me…”


Hektor froze for a moment, shocked at what he saw. Kyklopes. How could it be? He didn’t question long. The dumb creatures were so shocked by his arrival that he easily blinded them both and they vanished in a cloud of smoke. He knew the beasts could not be behind it all and looked around for the true mastermind.

He only saw the man for a moment, but that was enough for him to know he was dealing with something much worse than he’d originally thought. His jealous employer was nothing compared to the vampire standing in front of Gir. In the blink of an eye, he was gone, but Hektor knew that it wouldn’t be over that easily.

Gir was calling for him and for a moment Hektor felt ashamed. The kyklopes had been about to do what Hektor easily could have done by mistake the first day he’d had Gir. He banished those thoughts and rushed to Gir’s side, but still something inside him asked, ‘Am I really a monster?’

He couldn’t dwell on that for long because Gir whimpered and reached up to touch Hektor’s face. “I knew it,” he said.

Hektor made a soft hushing sound he hadn’t ever made before and pet the top of Gir’s head. His snowy hair was red and sticky with blood where his horns had been sanded down too far.

“I knew you would come,” Gir said weakly. “I knew.”

Hektor put his finger over Gir’s soft lips. “Be quiet now. I’m going to take you home.” He moved his finger away and gently kissed Gir and then lifted him, keeping him safely tucked in his arms as he walked out of the forest and back home.


Gir woke up feeling warm and comfortable. He was on Hektor’s bed covered by a blanket. He felt Hektor’s big arms around him. It looked like Hektor had fallen asleep while watching over Gir. That made him feel tingly. Hektor really did like him.

He wiggled closer and kissed Hektor’s cheek. He closed his eyes and went back to sleep, still smiling.

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