Her First Swinger’s Party

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I have told this story in the first person because I feel it has more impact this way. It has been written as graphically as Catherine described it to me on the way home that night. It was her first experience, but certainly not the last, of having sex with two men when I wasn’t involved. She described the experience as one she would like to repeat, and repeat, as soon as possible. We did attend many swingers’ parties after this, where she did get her wish, and hosted quite a lot of parties at our home.

“What’ll wear?” I called out as I emerged from the bathroom. I had made all the preparations. Shaved legs and pussy, all hairless and nice and smooth.

“Something sexy,” Rob called back from the lounge.

We were going to our first swinger’s party. Oh, we’d swung many times before, twosomes, threesomes, foursomes and moresomes, but we’d never actually been to a party. You know what I mean, where you actually hardly know anybody. Well, this was going to be a party where we didn’t know anyone!

We’d been invited, by some friends we’d swung with a couple of times, Mark and Jocelyn, but at the last minute they had to cancel. So Rob and I decided to go anyway. We were both in the mood for some extra curricular fucking!

I took Rob’s advice with the “something sexy” and picked out a black, half cup lacy bra, one that really accentuates my 36c boobs, and almost shows my nipples and a matching pair if lacy french knickers, the ones with the wide legs. A matching lacy suspender with lace top stockings, (I prefer them, to the stay up type of stocking, it looks so much sexier I think) a shortish black silk skirt, a couple of inches above the knee, and an almost transparent, black sleeveless blouse completed the picture.

Make up and stilettos on, I paraded in front of the full length mirror before going to get Rob’s opinion. “Not bad” I thought to myself, 42 years and I’ve aged pretty well. No tell tale face lines, a well proportioned 36 24 36 body, that’s still relatively tight in all the right places, after three kids, tight butt and legs, probably from my work as a nurse. You’re always rushing around, no time to sit and get fat. And, having had three caesarean deliveries, a very tight pussy, in spite of all my fucking.

“What do you think?” I asked Rob as I walked down the stairs.

An appreciative whistle was his reply, then “Are you wearing a jacket?” he inquired.


“We’re going to dinner first and I don’t want the waiter spilling the soup over you as he tries to get a better look at your tits.”

We arrived at the house, where the party was being held, about 9.30pm. These things never get underway early, we were advised.

The house was fabulous, a large Victorian style two storey home in Glebe, one of Sydney’s older suburbs. Apparently the owners were antique dealers and obviously appreciated the finer things of life.

The door bell was answered by a very slim, attractive woman, probably in her late thirties. She was wearing a pale green clinging, halter neck gown that clung to every curve of her stunning body, and it was very obvious she wasn’t wearing any underwear!

“You must be Catherine and Rob. No, I’m not psychic, it’s just you’re the only ones invited I didn’t know. I’m Claire, my husband Steve and I are your hosts. My Catherine, Mark said you were stunning. He wasn’t kidding.”

I felt my face reddening. Not that I’m not used to compliments, men often pay them to me, especially when they’re trying to get into my pants. I’m just not used to compliments from attractive women, and no I’m not bi!

Claire ushered us inside and called out to her husband. “Steve, come and meet our new guests.”

A shortish, balding middle aged man broke away from a group he was talking to and greeted us.

“Hi, I’m Steve,” as he shook hands with Rob. “You must be Catherine,” and he leaned forward, kissing me on the cheek as his arm went around my waist. “Come and meet some of the others,” and steered me towards the group he’d broken away from, his hand trailing down and caressing my butt and giving one cheek a squeeze.

I looked over my shoulder at Rob, who was grinning as he followed us, arm in arm with Claire.

Introductions were made all ’round, there were about ten couples at the party, and I promptly forgot just about everybody’s name. I did suss out though, that not every couple was a couple, if you know what I mean. Some people were here with their “special friend” in other words “fuck buddy”, and apparently with their respective partner’s blessing.

After about half an hour, and a couple of glasses of wine, I found myself sitting on a lounge between two good looking men. Gary, on my right, was about early thirties, quite tall with a muscular build and sandy coloured hair. Jeff, who was on my other side, was late thirties I’d guess and was medium height, dark haired and quite slim. I don’t know whether it was because I was “the new girl on the block” but I seemed to be attracting quite a lot of attention from most of the males. It might have had something canlı bahis to do with the way my skirt had ridden up my thighs, displaying my stocking tops suspender straps and some bare thigh.

Gary, in particular, was paying me quite a lot of attention and eventually the conversation got around to sex.

“Are you wearing suspenders?” Gary asked.

“Yes, I think they’re sexy,” I replied.

“Christ, so do I. They’re very horny.” With that, his hand dropped to my thigh trailing up to the bare skin and lightly caressing it. “Have you been to any of Claire and Steve’s parties before?”

“No, in fact Rob and I haven’t been to any parties at all.”

“What. You’ve never swung before?” he asked, amazed.

I laughed, “Yes of course we’ve swung, it’s just that it’s always been with someone we’ve met for dinner, or drinks, and decided whether we liked them, or not, before we’ve ended up in bed.”

His hand on my bare thigh gave a gentle squeeze. “Do you like me?” he asked.

“Yes I do, Gary.”

“Would you like to go to bed?”

I could feel my pussy getting wet, my nipples hardening. “I think I’d like that very much,” I said softly.

He took his hand from my thigh and stood up. He reached his hand out to me and helped me to my feet. “The bedrooms are all upstairs,” he said and led me to the staircase.

“Ladies first,” as he stood to one side, to give me access to the stairs. I’m sure he did it so he would have a good look up my skirt as I climbed the steep staircase.

As I walked up the stairs Gary was right behind me, feeling my bare thigh between my stocking tops and panties with each step. I knew I was wet, I could feel it starting to soak my panties. His fingers made their way inside the wide legs of my french knickers and felt the wetness on the lips of my hairless pussy.

I stopped climbing the stairs as his fingers slipped straight into my sopping cunt. He wrapped his left arm around my waist and held me still on the stairs as he finger fucked me with his right hand. His thumb found my clit, I couldn’t move as he pushed all of his fingers in and out of my cunt, his thumb working my stiff little clitoris over and over. I moaned, and within seconds, orgasmed on his hand, my cunt spasming around his penetrating fingers, releasing my juices all over his hand.

As my orgasm subsided, Gary slowly and gently withdrew his finger from my dripping pussy. He raised his cum covered fingers to my mouth and I sucked two of them clean. He put the other two in his own mouth and licked them clean. “God, you taste great,” he said. “I can’t wait to lick you out.”

With me still unsteady on my feet, Gary guided me to the bedroom. Fortunately, the first one we came to was empty and Gary kicked the door shut behind us.

As soon as we entered the bedroom Gary grabbed me and spun me around. He clamped his mouth down on mine, his tongue probing its way into my mouth, the juices from my pussy still fresh in our mouths. I responded immediately, letting him explore my mouth with his, his hands roaming all over my body. I could feel his erection pressing into my belly and I let him know of my needs by grinding my lower body against him.

He started to undress me and pretty soon as was naked except for my bra, suspenders and stockings, my chest heaving in anticipation, my tits trying to burst free of the half cup bra.

Gary started to undress, his eyes never leaving my body.

“You are incredibly beautiful. I can’t believe I’m going to fuck you!”

He finished undressing and I got the first look at his erection. It was beautiful and standing up at full hardness. My husbands cock is great, about six inches and very thick. And Rob knows how to use it.

Gary’s cock was at least seven inches, or more, and even thicker than Robs. I couldn’t wait to feel it inside me. He came to me and took me in his arms again, his hardness pushing into my stomach. We kissed passionately as he eased me to the bed, at the same time, releasing my bra and allowing my tits to spring free. He immediately lowered his mouth to my right breast and started suckling on it, his fingers finding their way to my pussy again.

“Gary, let me lie down please, before I fall down.”

He lowered me to the bed and I spread my legs apart so he would enter me. But instead he lowered himself, his head between my thighs and started to lick my cunt from top to bottom then back again. Each time his tongue flicked my clit I could feel another orgasm beginning to build. I grabbed his head and held him firmly between my thighs as he started to use his tongue as a cock, driving it in and out of my cunt, his lips and teeth nibbling at my clit.

“Oh god! I’m gunna cum again!”

I screamed and orgasmed again! I’m sure everyone in the house heard me.

“Jesus Christ, you do go off don’t you?” he looked up smiling.

“You’d better believe it,” I mumbled, coming down from another high. “You keep this up and I’ll blow all night.”

He straightened up from between my thighs and crawled up the bed, bahis siteleri his large stiff cock nuzzling at my sopping wet, hairless opening. I felt his cockhead probe my pussy lips and it easily slid past the opening. I gasped involuntarily as the length of his cock pushed its way easily into the depths of my very wet cunt.

It felt wonderful!

He lay there on top of me, his cock buried to the hilt in me. I could feel his balls against my arse, the base of his cock pressing against my clit. He held me tight and kissed me passionately, not moving except for flexing his cock inside me. I could feel every little flex against my cervix and my pussy responded by spasming around his cock.

The kiss continued and he gently kneaded my breasts, his cock still deep within me and still not moving.

“Please fuck me?” I pleaded.

“I can’t move yet,” he replied hoarsley; “If I do I’ll blow straight away.”

“I don’t care. Just fuck me. If you blow I’ll get you to come again,” I pleaded.

He began to move and I moved with him, meeting his every thrust. I wrapped my legs around him, my hands grabbing his bum and pulling him deeper into me. I was on a high and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I orgasmed again. I could feel his urgency, as his pace quickened, and knew he was going to cum.

“Give it to me. Give me your spunk!” I screamed at him. “Fill me up with your sperm; I want to feel you blow in me!”

I clamped my cunt muscles as hard as I could on his cock and felt the response I needed. His cock thickened and he rammed it hard into me, and just as I felt my own explosive orgasm, he jetted his endless stream of sperm into my aching pussy. I felt the insides of my cunt being splattered with his cum as my own joyous relief exploded, and shuddering and screaming with ecstasy, I momentarily blacked out.

I was only out a few seconds and when I came back to earth he was still holding me tightly and shuddering with force of his own orgasm.

“Jesus, you are incredible,” he whispered, “that was the most mind blowing orgasm I’ve had in years. Oh shit, don’t tell my wife I said that.”

I smiled up at him.

“The feelings mutual, but it’s only because I’m somebody different.”

“No it’s not. I’ve been to a lot of parties and Chris and I have been swinging for ten years. You are an incredibly sexy woman and an absolutely wild and wonderful fuck!”

I could tell he meant it, as he withdrew his softening cock, and rolled off me to one side, still holding me close to him. He lightly stroked my body with his free hand and tenderly kissed my forehead, cheek and then his mouth found mine again. I could sense the passion in his kiss and responded, my hand trailing down and finding his semi soft, cum covered cock and squeezing it lightly.

I eased myself out of his embrace and sat up on the side of the bed, still holding and stroking his soft cock. I looked directly into his eyes then bent over his body, lowering my head and took his soft cock in my mouth. Immediately I was rewarded with the response I wanted. His cock began to harden as I gently sucked it.

I have always delighted in the power of being able to make a man hard by just sucking his cock. I love the feeling of a cock growing in size whilst I have it in my mouth.

Gary was no different and I went to work, kneeling on the side of the bed, sucking and stroking him back to full hardness, caressing his balls as I deep throated him.

Totally engrossed in lust for Gary’s cock I didn’t notice another presence in the room until I felt a mouth kissing my bum cheek. I went to turn to see who it was but Gary grabbed my head and held it firmly on his cock.

“Oh what the hell,” I thought and went back to devouring this beautiful cock I was sucking.

The new body in the room must have taken this action as an invitation to proceed because next there were hands on my bum cheeks, spreading them, and then I felt a tongue licking at my rosebud, probing at the forbidden entry.

Now, I am a woman who absolutely adores anal sex!

I have had some of the most mind blowing orgasms ever, being fucked up the arse!

Rob and I have often participated in MFM threesomes, and I go off the planet having both of my holes filled at one time. In fact I’ve always wanted to try a MMFM foursome!

Therefore, I did not discourage this anal intruder, in fact I pressed my butt back onto his invading tongue to signal he was most welcome. He took up the invitation with decided enthusiasm, probing and penetrating my anal opening, sucking vigorously.

I returned my attention to my own task, that of enjoying the wonderful cock I had in my mouth. I slid up and down the shaft, then took my mouth off and slid down the underside to his ball sac, sucking on each of them gently, one at a time whilst I stroked his beautiful length.

I vaguely became aware my anal worshipper’s tongue had disappeared from its task. Just as I began to think he’d left the room, I felt a lubricated finger probe gently at my entry, and then penetrate bahis şirketleri me slowly but forcefully until I felt the palm of a hand against my butt cheeks. I responded immediately by pushing down hard on the invading finger and I felt it withdraw slowly, and then two fingers entered me.

I was beginning to lose the plot, forgetting what I was supposed to be doing with Gary’s cock.

He sensed this and pulled me down on to the bed beside him, turning me on to my side facing him, his hard cock nudging at my pussy. I lifted my thigh slightly to allow him access to my opening and he slid into me easily, pulling me tightly to him. Next I felt the fingers withdrawn from my arse and almost immediately replaced by a lubricated cock head at my now slightly stretched rosebud. Impaled by Gary’s cock, I could only move enough to signal the cock’s owner by pushing back slightly to feel the head penetrate my opening.

Involuntarily, I drew a sharp breath as he entered me then relaxed my anal muscles to allow him full penetration. He needed no further encouragement and slowly eased his cock up my anal passage until I felt his pubic hair against my cheeks.

That was it. I was sandwiched and impaled by two wonderful cocks. I could feel them rubbing against each other through the thin membrane wall separating my two cavities.

Still holding me tightly to him, Gary’s mouth found mine again and we engaged in another passionate kiss. I felt a hand slide around my body, from behind, and search out my left breast, squeezing it gently and rubbing my stiff nipple between finger and thumb.

I moaned in the midst of the kiss, just as both men began to move inside me. I broke the kiss and moaned, almost in delirium.

“Fuck me you two! Pump your beautiful hard cocks into me! Let me feel your juices inside me!”

I was beginning to lose it, in the ecstasy of these two wonderful men taking my body and pleasuring it in such a way that had every nerve ending screaming for more. I had rarely felt such lust driven feelings. To be completely at the mercy of two men, almost strangers, yet wanting more.

They began to find their rhythm. As one drew back the other pushed forward and the juices came pouring out of me, soaking my thigh, and the sheets. I cannot describe the feeling of bliss as each one moved inside me. Unless you have experienced anal sex, an even better, double penetration, you are not going to appreciate what I was going through.

I was in heaven.

It was bliss.

It was as if my body was going to explode with sheer, absolute pleasure.

I came the first time within a few minutes! I’m sure they heard my screams in the next suburb!

My orgasms continued, one flowing into the next! They didn’t stop! Either did my two lovers!

I was alternating between muttering incoherently and screaming in ecstasy.

I lost count of how many times I orgasmed! I was now in total delirium! There were hands on my breasts. Mouths on my breasts. And two wonderful cocks ravaging my cunt and arse.

After what seemed an eternity, I felt the anal intruders pace begin to quicken, his cock seemed to swell, and I could sense he was about to unload his cum in my bowel.

I vaguely became aware of Gary’s breathing becoming a little ragged, as his speed picked up, pumping in and out of my cunt.

I think I screamed something like “Give me your cum, you bastards! Fill my holes with your sperm! Fucking give it to me, you cunts!” And more choice obscenities!

They did as they were told!

The anal intruder was the first to let go, splattering the walls of my bowel, with what seemed to be an endless stream of spunk.

I orgasmed again, screaming insensibly, and then reached a crescendo, as Gary dumped his load into my willing, waiting cunt.

I blacked out again, momentarily, as my lovers unloaded into me and my orgasm scaled new heights.

I partially regained my senses, after a few seconds, to feel both cocks still pulsing and throbbing their last drops of sperm into me.

Nobody moved. We were all covered in a lather of perspiration and I, in particular, was oozing cum from my pussy and arse. Miraculously neither man seemed to soften and I felt the anal intruder start to move, ever so slightly, back then forward up my anal passage again.

“Oh no! Please not again or this time I will pass out,” I pleaded.

I thought for a moment my pleas were going to fall on deaf ears, because Gary had started to move again. But then he said “OK Jeff, we’d better give the lady a break.”

So that’s who my anal intruder was, Jeff.

The boys slowly withdrew their hard cocks from me and I rolled over onto my back, my legs spread wide with cum oozing from both my holes. Both of them were slowly stroking parts of my body as I came down from my high.

“I need a bathroom and a shower,” I pleaded, “That was the most orgasmic experience of my life and I thank you both for it.”

They both looked at me incredulously.

“You have to be kidding,” Jeff was the first to speak, “We’re the ones that should be thanking you. You are incredibly gorgeous, you have a body to die for and we have both just had the most amazing sex ever. And, what’s more, I’m still bloody hard and want to do you again!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20