Hollie’s First Sexual Encounter

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This is a story about my girlfriend and her discovery of ways to expand her sex life. Hollie has been my girlfriend for about a year and we started with a normal sex life trying a few things to start with like fantasy’s and porn videos.

Holiie is 22 and a true blond with the best ass I’ve ever seen and tits to die for, anyway she had told me that she had not had much experience with other partners she had been with.

This was all about to change in a way that neither of had imagined in our wildest dreams; it all started one weekend after Easter when we decided to have a dirty weekend away. We decided to go to a hotel on the coast to get away from it all somewhere neutral for both of us and where no one new us.

We arrived at the hotel and checked in and I could see that Hollie was already getting excited as she was grabbing my arse and stroking my knob through my trousers as we were waiting for the clerk to give us the key, I noticed through the mirror on the wall behind the desk that several people were watching us from across the foyer in the bar, two men in particular were chatting amongst themselves and making comments about what Hollie was doing to me.

After we got our key I turned and told Hollie what I saw and she looked round to see the men staring at her and she felt embarrassed so I told her to Grab me again and wink at the men as they could see what I was going to get that they weren’t, as she did this she said who knows maybe they will, I looked at in disbelief at what she had just said and I think she was a bit shocked herself at what she had said.

As we waked to the lift to go to our room we saw the men get up and walk towards the lift to, I said look what you’ve done now and Hollie started to get nervous, All four of us waited for the lift to arrive and there were several side glances back forth, at one point I caught them looking at Hollie and checking her ass and tits out then looking at each other with approval. I was starting to get turned on and I thought this was wrong after all this was my girlfriend but I couldn’t help it.

We all stepped into the lift which wasn’t that big and only just fitted us all in along with our bags which we had to stack on top off each other between Hollie and me with the two men behind Hollie. We were on the 23rd floor and it seam to take a life time to get there, on the way up I noticed that Hollie had become very still and was looking at me with both eyes open wide with a worried look about her. We arrived at the 23rd floor and I stepped out, I lifted the bags up and waited for Hollie exit the lift with a look of relief on her face she bolted from the lift and through the double doors. I watched her go and the looked back into the lift doors close and the two men had big smiles on their faces.

As I got to the room door Hollie was already waiting for me and looked white as a ghost, When I asked what was wrong she told me that the two men had been feeling her arse all the way up in the lift, to my surprise I said really did you like it which made her even madder.

After settling in we ordered some room service and checked out the room. Hollie seamed to have forgotten what had happened in the lift and was starting to get excited that we were now in the room and suggested that we christen the room, she grabbed hold of my shirt and lifted it over my head while watched her getting into the mood, next my trousers were unfastened and pulled down to reveal a huge bulge in my boxer shorts and that brought a smile to her face (I have to say at this point that I never thought it was that big, but Hollie had always insisted that it was bigger than normal as she had talk with girls and compared sizes and come to the conclusion that I had the second biggest cock of all her girlfriends partners), She looked at me and said is that for me with a purr in her voice as if to suggest she was enjoying the moment.

It wasn’t long before she had undressed me and started to undress herself in a seductive dance keeping her eyes on me all the time then she turned round and bent over the bed and told me to fuck her from behind, I positioned casino siteleri myself behind her and rubbed my already stiff dick up and down her clit which was already wet. I nudged my cock in slowly to start with and then without warning she slammed her ass back onto my cock at let out a big moan” OOOhh yea that feels so good Fuck me fuck me hard”, I reached down and cupped her tits in my hands and began to pump her fanny with my throbbing cock. After what seamed like a life time I could feel myself ready to cum and Hollie must have read my mind as she screamed out “I’m going to cum” “Shoot your load into me yea that’s it fuck my pussy” as I did she was moaning with pleasure and saying I think you have split me in two oooohhh aaarrr yeea that feels so good, Now let me lick your cock so I can taste that cum, She turned round and took my cock into her hand and guided it into her mouth and started to suck like a pro licking and swallowing all the juices on my cock including her own pussy juices. Uuuuummm that taste so good as she finished she licked her mouth and the last of the cum from her chin.

We sat there for a few minutes and the door bell rang we quickly sorted ourselves out and I opened the door, “Room service sir” was the first thing I heard and then this young waiter pushed the trolley passed me into the room.

I had not noticed and Hollie wasn’t aware that the robe she had put on had fallen down one side, as she was laying on the bed with one of her tits in full view. When I saw what the waiter saw I decided to say nothing and after giving the waiter a tip I said thanks and turned to the door, the waiter saw the sign and with a quick look back made an extended goodbye and left the room, As soon as the waiter had gone I looked at Hollie and said are you gonna flash to all the hotel or just that waiter, with puzzled looked she looked down and realizesed what the waiter had seen and said why didn’t you say anything. I thought it was kind of a turn on; Hollie looked at me and said I bet you would like me to have sex with him or something jokingly. I thought about this for a moment and realised I was getting horny thinking about what she had said. Maybe I would but your to scared to try anything like that, Hollie got angry at this and said I could have had both those men in the lift if id wanted,

Why didn’t you then.

You would like that wouldn’t you.

I bet you would as well if you tried it,

I might just do that,

I dare you,..

Ok you’re on,

I realised that she was being serious and said are you really going to or are you playing with me. As you seam to enjoy thinking about me having sex with another man I’m gonna, She didn’t say but I could tell that she was kinda getting turned on by the idea.

After a while of silence Hollie sat down beside me and said in a hessative way “Would you really like me to have sex with another man” I turned and looked at here and could see that she had now accepted the idea and my heart began to race “Only if you want to” ” I love you know that” but we came here to have dirty weekend so why not I can live with it if you can and you never know you might even like it.

Ok I will do it but if I want stop you wont get upset will you,

No but I’m getting horny herring you talk about it

You would, Are you ready to christen the bathroom now then as she started to undress and walk backwards to the bathroom waving her finger for me to join her.

After we had fucked in the shower and cleaned up for the second time we devised a plan to get the two men. We decided that it was best if Hollie tried to seduce them by her self and introduce the idea of me watching them, as I didn’t want Hollie to get nervous while I was with her being chatted up, And the men might not try to chat her up with me their.

Hollie got ready putting her sexy short skirt with a designer tear down one side which showed some of her hip and arse, She wore a black fish net top with no bra and her nipples where just about visible in the right light, this would really get the message across. Hollie turned to me and began teasing canlı casino me by rubbing her tits and pretending to lick them in a suggestive way, I was looking forward to this.

After Hollie had finished of putting her make up and jewellery on she looked so hot I nearly came in my pants, “Wow you look damm fine bitch” Oooohh I like it when you call me a bitch it turns me on.

I went down to the bar first to find a place to sit and watch the action that was to follow and to see if the two men from the lift was there, I found a spot in the corner behind a giant yucca plant and was satisfied that I was hidden enough for the men not to spot me but sufficient for me to get a good view and listen to the conversation.

As I sat their with my drink I saw the two men come in the bar and pull up two stools next to the bar, they ordered drinks and was trying some one liners on the waitress who was having none of it. They started looking around to see what action was about and looked disappointed. I called up to my room and told Hollie it was time let the fun begin, You’re really enjoying this aren’t you she said “Damm right bitch” now get down her so I can watch my bitch get fucked… Hollie entered the room and all eyes were on her and the two guys just sat their dumb struck, one of them whistled and said I really want to fuck that bitches pussy his mate agreed I think a spit roast is what she needs.

Looks like she is on her own maybe the message in the lift worked Simon, I looked at Hollie who was taking a deep breath and looking around to see where I was. As she approached the bar next to the two men they both got up and offered her a stool, she sat down and the two men pulled up stools for themselves and sat as close as possible. Would you like a drink my names Simon and this is Jake hi my names Hollie ok that’s sounds nice.

So were is your husband, Oh im not married im with my boyfriend though he didn’t want to come down so im on my own for a few hours maybe you can keep me company. Rob got straight to the point and said did you like the lift ride you had, yea but in was hoping for a better ride later if you’re up for it. I almost chocked on my drink when she said that. Well why don’t you come back to our room then and we can see what we can do, I will come with you but only if you come to my room, but your boyfriend will be there, so, Oh I see he likes to watch you fuck other men, is that a problem, they both looked at each other, yea ok but wont he mind, oh no but he might join in.

That was my signal to get back up to the room before them, this I knew was going to be easy as they would probably have some fun with her on the way up. I got to the room and set the seen drinks and music and lights on dim.

As soon as the lift doors closed both men grabbed Hollies tits and began rubbing them with hands going up her top and squeezing her nipples hands were going up her skirt sliding their hands under her knickers and touching her pussy, no wait until we get in the room, but they continued to rub and feel there way around her body, fighting the men of as they got to the door of our room I herd a knock at the door.

Come in, hi honey who’s that with you as if I didn’t know, with a definite voice she proclaimed these are two guys I picked up at the bar and there going to fuck me in front of you would you like that?. Oh yea. They looked at each other and thought cool he must be ok with this. I offered them drinks and while I went to the fridge to get the beers they were already standing in front of Hollie holding her hands on there crutches, she got the message and started to undo their fly’s, her hand went into there pants and pulled out there cocks which were big Robs was as big as me and Simons was huge holding there stiffening cocks in her hand she began to wank them both licking her lips. You like our cocks bitch don’t you, yea I cant wait to have them fuck my hole, Hollie slipped of her top releasing her lovely soft tits that had nipples you could hang coast on, Simon went down and grabbed her tits sucking and licking her nipples while Rob moved closer to her face with kaçak casino his shaft ready to be sucked, her lips opened and she traced her tongue round the tip of jakes knob and then slowly began to take his cock into her mouth sucking and liking like she was possessed jakes head fell back with pleasure. Simon was by now begging to pull down her skirt to reveal her lacy g sting knickers, which were very wet, these soon followed. I looked at her and caught her eye with a enquiring eye, she gave a look back that indicated she was enjoying every minute, I know I was I could feel it in my pants as I started to openly wank in front her and the men giving her attention.

Hollie lay back on the bed and Rob climbed on top straddling her tits to put his stiff cock into her mouth while Simon got down and started to lick her pussy, AAAArrrrrrrr yyyyesssssss OoooooooOooohhh that’s feels Sooo goood ah yes that it lick me lick me hard pulling jakes dick into her mouth and sucking hard and fast. Simon got up and told Hollie to turn over, she was now on the bed on all fours with Simon laying on his back, sit on jakes cock you horny bitch an take is cock into your wet pussy, she lowered herself and let a moan ooooooo yea I love your cocks in me fuck me fuck me hard don’t stop fuck me, as Rob was pumping his meat into my girlfriend Simon began to slap her ass, oh you’re a little fucking whore for us tonight aren’t you bitch, yea im your bitch to do with me what you want, oh that’s it keep fucking my hole fuck it hard, she screamed even louder as Simon began to lick her ass hole, what are you doing to me, I’m going to fuck your hole just like you want it, not my ass iv,e never had it up my ass, well tonight you will you fucking little slut your gonna take all my cock into your virgin ass and love it.

I was watching and getting so turned on seeing my girlfriend enjoy herself so much, no not up the ass ahhhhhh oOOooohhh my God that is Soooo ooooooh oh yea ooh ohh oh yea fuck me up the ass and fanny you fucking bastards fuuuck me oh yea fuck me hard, Simon was pushing slow into her arse while Rob was pounding her slit fucking her in rhythm to Simon to get maximum penetration. I walked over and presented my cock to Hollie to suck, oh yea stick your knob in my moth and fuck my face. She was moaning and growing, every so often taking my cock out of her mouth and screaming I love your cocks in my holes oh yea fuck me fuck that ass fuck it hard.

Simon pulled out his cock from Hollies arse and told Rob it was his turn to fuck her tight wet ass and drill her, but I wanted her ass next so I said let me fuck her tight arse hole and make her scream for more, oh yea Hollie said so Hollie climbed on top of Simon so he could fuck her wet pussy and Rob fucked her face, I placed my cock on Hollies ass and began to push my dick into her tight but wet crack trying get into rhythm with Simons cock in her pussy, In an instant Hollie pushed back and I saw my cock disappear up her ass and my balls slapped against he arse cheeks, ok fuck she moaned back me hard ooooh fuck me, Ok you little fucking whore take our cocks you bitch and beg for more, Oh don’t stop don’t stop ever oh I love it yeeeeaa keep fucking me.

After several hours of fucking every hole Hollie had we were all about to cum with Hollie already having had several orgasms we stood over her face finished of by wanking into her mouth spraying cum all over her face and tits, She grabbed Simons cock first and sucked the remaining juices out of his still stiff cock slurping and licking he pole, next was Robs turn to have his cock licked dry both collapsed onto the bed leaving me to finish off instead of Cumming into Hollies face she told me to cum in her ass as she wanted me to fill her ass full of jisum, she tuned over leaned on the bed with her ass in the air I got behind her and with one hard thrust rammed into her now expanded ass hole and several hard and deep thrust fill her arse with all the cum I could muster, OOOOOooohhh Fuucckk Oh yea that feels so good Oh yea. We also collapsed onto the bed and lay their thinking about what we had just done.

We saw Simon and Rob once more on our weekend and repeated what we had done, Hollie defiantly enjoyed her self and she saw I loved it too, we became even closer after that and was pleased when Hollie suggested that we try other things out. But that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20