Holly and (What’s Left of) the City Pt. 05

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“You are something else,” Maria said as she closed the door to Holly’s apartment behind her.

“It’s not my fault, girl, you had to go around saying the V word…” Holly was sitting on her couch and sipping some greenish-blue cocktail, she seemed troubled.

“Wait, you said it too…” Maria objected. She walked over and sat by Holly’s side. The futa was wearing a plain white T-shirt that struggled to contain her bust, and a short, flowery yellow dress that did a very poor job at hiding her immense cock. Baby seemed calm as it rested on the floor between Holly’s legs.

“I did, but you started it…” Holly accepted the situation, “that’s how Baby works. People think I have control over this bad girl…” Maria nodded and her eyes drifted to the massive window that overlooked the city. Sure enough, in the sky above them hovered the white cum ring.

“Think it will ever come back down to earth?” Maria wondered.

“I don’t know, but if it does I hope the people below have damn good contraceptives, that was all condensed cum…”

“You seem troubled, Holly, worried about the cum ring?”

Holly was deep in thoughts, it took her a moment to answer, “Oh, what? Sorry, I zoned out… No, I’m not bothered by the ring…” and just like that, she sunk back into her mind.

“Out with it, girl,” Maria ordered her red-haired lover.

“Remember Jane? from last night?” Holly asked.

“Yes, the nice girl who took care of you during part of our date.”

“Right,” Holly confirmed, “turns out Jane is very nice, but her boss is the polar opposite…”

“Goodness, Holly, did you get in trouble with organized crime?”

“Relax, Maria, it’s nothing like that,” Holly calmed her girlfriend, “you live here, have you heard about The 1000 Lays”?

Maria recognized the name right away, “Wait, I know that place. It’s that brothel, right?”

“Right, well the owner called me this morning, a woman named Valencia…”

“And… What does she want with my girlfriend?” Maria elicited an answer from Holly.

“Jane was one of her girls…” Holly looked at the floor where Baby rested, “turns out you can’t have The 1000 Lays with 999 active girls…”

“And how is that your problem?” Maria wondered.

“She claims I broke her girl, wants to meet me and discuss how to fix things.”

“I don’t understand what’s there to fix…” Maria blinked, “her business makes millions every day, she can find another girl to fill Jane’s slot…”

“You’re probably right, Maria,” Holly admitted, “but I still want to go see her place and talk with her.”

“Well, if you insist, but I want to come with you…” Maria requested.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way, Maria,” Holly approved. She didn’t bother to change her clothes and hide Baby. It dragged behind her on the floor as the girls took the elevator and walked in the opposite direction from last night, straight to the heart of Titania. As they moved towards the heart the building got taller and taller. soon, the sun rarely showed itself behind the towers of Titania.

“The 1000 Lays has been working for over a decade now,” Maria gave Holly some background information of the place as they walked.

“The 1000 Lays is a rather strange name don’t you think?” Holly wondered, “why is it called that?”

“Because of the challenge,” Maria explained, “The place has The 1000 Lay Relay. A crazy sex contest, you need to have sex with a thousand girls… I always thought it was a crazy idea, why not stop at 100?”

“I think they do it for the show…” Holly naively said as they reached the place. There was no mistaking it. A huge skyscraper towered above them, bearing a massive neon sign that flickered “The 1000 Lay.”

At the door stood a sexy blonde girl. Her figure was skinny and she noticed Holly and Maria the moment they walked into her view. Gesturing for the two to come closer, she opened the record book placed on her stand.

“Hello,” Holly greeted the blonde when they reached her.

“Welcome, you are Holly and Maria, correct?” her voice was soft and inviting, “please follow me,” She opened the door and took the girls in without any small talk.

Maria and Holly understood they were in a brothel the moment they stepped into the lobby. From wall to wall were men and women, each and every one of them entangled in some sexual act. Long moans and yelps of ecstasy filled the air and the smell of sex was unavoidable. Every here and there were puddles of love juices created by the participants. The blonde led them to a pair of silver elevator doors. She clicked a few buttons on an adjacent keypad and the doors opened to expose a lavish elevator.

“Senora Valencia is expecting you,”

Holly and Maria thanked the woman and boarded the elevator that begun its climb to the second floor.

“Quite a place she’s got here,” Holly felt impressed with the tower of sex.

“Don’t let her stun you, Holly, hope she doesn’t expect much from us,” Maria expressed her concern as a gentle ding sounded casino oyna and the doors opened. The office was huge, bigger than Holly’s house. It was mostly vacant, only a huge mahogany table decorated its center. On the table was Valencia. sitting like a tiger that awaited its prey.

“Buenos dias. Welcome to The 1000 Lays,” she greeted them, “I’ve been waiting for you, Holly and Maria…”

“Pleased to meet you,” Maria answered as they walked into the office. The doors closed behind them automatically.

She looked no older than 40, but Holly found Valencia’s figure a little confusing. The Woman was a bombshell, with a rather full frame. Holly couldn’t say call her fat, but she wasn’t super skinny like Maria either. Her ass stood out and complimented her large breasts, they were smaller than Maria or Holly but still large by most standards. Her long wavy hair framed her face and her smokey eyeshadow brought her sharp greenish-brown eyes out.

“Thank you for coming girls,” Valencia said as she got off the table and took a seat opposite Holly and Maria.

“Sorry for the inconvenience I caused you,” Holly started with an apology, “I had no idea Jane was working for you…”

“Ahh, yes, Jane,” Valencia recalled, “You know it’s very hard having The 1000 Lay Relay with only 999 girls…”

“We understand the discomfort,” Maria took over, “but I’m sure a place like yours can afford hiring a new girl…”

“Muy bien, Maria,” Valencia agreed, “but the problem is we’d have to test her and that would take time…”

“I don’t understand, what’s there to test? an audition shouldn’t take more than an hour…” Maria wondered.

“You have no idea how this place works, do you?”

“It’s a brothel, what’s there to understand?” Holly asked coyly, “girls have sex and they get money for it…”

“No!” Valencia roared in protest, it was clear the comparison offended her, “We have a rating here, a fine balance…” she inhaled deeply and calmed down, “this place has 102 floors. The first two are the office and the lobby, the rest is dedicated to The 1000 Lays Challenge. Each of the 1000 girls is ranked according to her abilities and is designated a floor. At the top are the more plain girls, and as you go down you get higher ranking girls. Each floor houses 10 girls.”

“I wonder what girls I could find on the lowest level…” Holly wondered.

“They are called the 10 Nymphs. Women so horny they rarely get booked.” Valencia explained.

“How bad is it?” Maria wondered, “I think you’re exaggerating a bit, aren’t you?”

“The last guy who booked them was taken out of here in an ambulance after a week with the girls, he suffered extreme dehydration,” Valencia said proudly.

“Okay, so where was Jane positioned?” Holly questioned.

“Jane was on the 94th floor, getting a new girl to work there can take months,” Valencia explained, “but, if you want, I can take Maria here, and we can call it even. With her huge boobs, I can fit her there…”

“What?” Maria was shocked. Her eyes blinked rapidly as she tried to process what she just heard.

“Don’t worry Maria,” Holly said in a calm voice, “is there another option?”

Valencia didn’t answer right away. She took a minute to examine the two vixens before her, both had amazing potential and, even while they talked, Valencia considered the prospect of taking the two of them. “I guess Holly can take The 1000 Lay Relay challenge if you insist on an alternative. But because you damaged my Jane I have a change to the terms.”

“I’m listening…” Holly leaned towards the Spanish woman.

“You take the challenge, Holly, and if you pass all 999 girls you get me as the reward and Jane is left in the past.”

“Sure, let’s do it,” Holly fired away.

Valencia ignored the happy-go-lucky futa, “But if you fail, I’ll get to keep both you and Maria as girls in my challenge…”

“Wait, wait,” Maria stopped Holly’s charge, “has anyone ever finish the challenge?”

“Nope,” Valencia admitted, “one poor guy managed to reach girl 34, but he passed out right after.”

“Holly, are you sure you can do this?” Maria whispered to her girlfriend, “I mean, this is a high-risk deal…”

“We are ready!” Holly almost shouted.

“Great,” Valencia smiled and pulled out her cellphone, “all girls listen closely, we have a new challenger, you know the drill…”

Valencia got off her chair and walked to the elevator that got Holly and Maria to her. She clicked a few buttons on the control panel and the doors dinged open. Inside, the lights have turned a pleasant reddish hue.

“Just take the elevator and start making your way down,” she explained, “If you can’t keep going, just tell the girls and they’ll take care of you and let me know. Good luck…”

And with those words, the doors closed and the elevator launched up to the top floor. It took them a minute to get there, but a satisfying ding told them they made it. The doors didn’t open right away, instead, a little screen on one canlı casino of the walls lit up, “Are you ready?” it asked Holly and Maria.

“Are you sure this is a good idea, Holly?” Maria wondered.

“Trust me, lover girl,” Holly calmed her down, she sounded confident, “just follow my lead and don’t let my cum hit your cunny, okay?”

Maria nodded in agreement and Holly pressed the button. The doors opened to a little white room no bigger than Holly’s kitchen with a big red door on the other wall. On the floor was a note labeled ‘For Holly and Maria.’ Holly picked it up and read aloud.

“Welcome to the challenge girls, we hope you survive long enough to take care of all of us. You can leave your clothes here, you won’t need them from here on out. When you’re ready to start pass, through the red door.” Holly finished.

“Are you sure about this?” Maria asked again.

“Yep,” was all Holly said as she got her white shirt and yellow dress off and exposed her naked body. Her figure was radiating sex to all who looked, and Baby was starting to wake up and grow.

“I think it’s best I keep my clothes on,” Maria offered.

“Good point, might save you from a stray cum blast,” Holly agreed and stepped over to the red door. With one gentle push, she opened them and was struck with the most pleasant perfumes that intoxicated her senses. The room before them was huge, it could easily pass as an open-space business floor if it wasn’t for the massive bed that rested in the middle. The bed itself was big enough to house the ten naked girls that managed the floor. Maria spotted five black haired girls, three blondes of different shades and two redheads. Each girl was no less than a supermodel, slim and athletic and ready to ravage Holly for all she had to give and then some.

“Welcome to the first stage,” the girls greeted as if they practiced speaking in unison since forever.

Maria knew her girlfriend was nothing short of a sex goddess, but she couldn’t help but wonder if Holly bit off more than she could chew. She knew Holly was capable of unbelievable sex acts, but wondered if her stamina would hold under a thousand girls. While Maria was thinking of all the ways this could go wrong, Holly was working her magic. Baby was wide awake now, stretching 3 feet past its owner, it pulsated hungrily at the girls.

“Okay ladies,” Holly called to the girls, “I’m sure you’re all amazing and all, but I suggest you spread out across the room, I’m going to fill all of you and you’re going to need the space.”

The girls giggled at Holly’s statement, “Don’t worry about us Holly, just come over here and we’ll take care of you and your big boy…”

Holly casually walked to the side of the bed. As she moved in, her cock was long enough to reach the girls and it pressed against one of the blondes’ breasts. She stopped right at the edge and waited with a tempting smile for the girls to act.

The blonde grabbed Baby with both hands and gave it a look, “Not the biggest we ever saw…” she said to the others.

“Yeah, we saw bigger…” A black-haired answered, “I’m sure you can take care of her Betty.”

A red-haired girl with hefty breasts got up on her feet and wobbled over to Baby, “I can take her first,” she said. With both hands holding Baby, she moved to rest on her back and the other girls helped her aim Baby down her love tunnel. Maria remembered Holly’s talk from last night and spotted the girl’s squirt and Holly’s precum as she penetrated her first girl for the day.

“Wow, girls, you are going to have so much fun…” the red-head moaned as Holly filled her with two feet of girlmeat, “please give me more, don’t stop…”

Holly grabbed the girl’s thighs and pulled her closer, moving all the way inside her. The girl started to spasm and scream, as if electrocuted. Baby’s outline clearly visible on her abdomen. Holly was using her immense size to start turning a magical wheel, forcing the girl into endless orgasms.

Maria was once again surprised by how sexually apt her girlfriend was. The whole thing probably lasted no more than five minutes. For most of the time, the girl’s orgasm milked Holly’s cock in a struggle to contain her sexuality. Suddenly, Holly let out a low moan and before the girls’ eyes inflated the redhead past nine months pregnant. A moment later, she doubled in size and another moment she tripled. The girls around her skidaddled aside to make room for her growing womb with shocked gasps. Where once the girls rested, was now just one redhead, spent by Holly’s outlet.

Holly looked at the other girls, “Now space out, I’m going to do this to all of you,” and with those words, she pulled Baby out of the girl. It was still erect and ready for more, so much more. The girls listened this time, forming a queue for Holly. First was a blonde that Holly impaled and held in place. Five orgasmic minutes later, she was as big as her friend. Holly moved from girl to girl and soon enough the whole room was filled with the scent of her cum and inflated girls.

Just kaçak casino as the last girl was on the brink of passing out, she pointed to a staircase that led down, “To the next stage…” she whispered before falling asleep.

“Let’s go, Maria,” Holly called her girlfriend back into focus, “a good start I’d say.”

“Very,” Maria agreed, “I have an idea to get things moving faster… How about you work on this floor and I’ll head for the next and make sure the girls there are ready for you?”

They saw the second stage waiting for Holly on the bed, “That’s actually a great idea. Thank you, Maria,” Holly agreed and gave her lover a kiss on the cheek, “I’m saving your lips for after the challenge…”

Maria blushed and headed to the next floor. It housed another ten beauties. By the time Maria convinced them to space out, Holly’s cum started to cascade down the stairs and fill the third floor. A few moments later, Holly herself came down and signaled Maria to start on the next floor. And so they worked, like a cum oiled machine, they stormed the floors.

— 50 floors later—

Holly was drenched in her cum as she walked down the stairs. Unbelievably, with each floor the girls looked better and better, adding to the flame, they were also more sexually capable. If at first one load was enough to stop them, now Holly gave each girl two or three rounds. It wasn’t that her load showed any sign of diminishing, the girls were simply capable of more. Typically for Holly, Baby grew to keep up with the demand, now about 5 feet long and as thick as Holly’s thigh.

“Are you good, Holly?” Maria wondered.

“Yeah, I’m feeling great,” Holly smiled through a cum covered face.

“Are you sure we can keep going?”

Maria got her answer as Baby released a gallon of cum to the floor, it wanted more, much more than what it just had.

“Good luck, lover girl, see you soon,” Maria said while Holly moved to take care of the girls on that floor.

—46 floors later—

The sign on the wall told Maria they were very close, it read ‘stage 99′. By now, Holly’s cum flood already passed the girls’ progress. As she took the stairs down, Maria noticed the girls on this floor were different. They looked about as plain as they come, with no huge breasts or other attractive features to give any clue of their skills.

“My lover is going to come soon. Please stand in a spacious line so she can use you with ease.” Maria asked.

The girls ignored her, talking amongst themselves. Maria cleared her throat and asked again but got the same reaction. Lucky for her, Holly just came down the stairs. The minute the girls caught sight of her, all eyes turned to her descending figure. Holly carried Baby down the stairs, they were covered from head to toe with gallons of her own cum. Baby was now huge, not as big as last night, but well over five feet long.

As Holly got to the bed and dropped her cock on the girls, they talked. “We are the drainers, we will make you cum until there’s nothing left in that pretty body of yours,” one said and licked Holly’s cock. The girls were upon her like wolves on prey, touching and caressing, pulling every trick they had to get Holly to drain her body. One girl took Holly into herself, while another walked behind her and started playing with her balls. Holly was happy to play along. Baby pulsed and raged, filling the girl with fresh cum.

Behind Holly, the girl at her sack was pressing in all the right places. Holly kept unloading, filling the girl and making her bigger and bigger. A minute passed, then two and three, Baby just kept going. 10 minutes later Maria called with marvel, “Look at you Holly, you’re going so strong even after all that,” she cheered.

“I… Baby…” Holly moaned in the grasps of a titanic orgasm, “they won’t let me stop…”

Maria needed a moment to understand. The girl that played with Holly’s sack was doing something to her girlfriend, something that made Holly drag her orgasm on and on. While Maria looked in shock, the girls pulled Baby out of the filled girl and shoved it into the next. Holly’s first girl looked as big as a truck, it was all her lover’s cum.

The show kept going until Holly filled the ninth girl, three hours later. It was a sight to behold, girls filled as big as trucks rested around the room. Now that the last girl had to fuck Holly, she could no longer play with her balls and make her cum. It seemed this strange sex act was pushing Holly past her capacity. She came inside the girl ten times to make her as big as her colleagues.

Finally done with the floor, Holly pulled Baby out of the girl and looked at Maria. “I am so going to need a good night’s sleep after this…”

“I know baby, just one more floor to go,” Maria encouraged her and walked closer, “can I help you carry Baby?”

Holly smiled deeply, “Yes, please.”

And with that, the girls made their way to the last stage. Baby felt to Maria like a ton of bricks and made her realize what her girlfriend was dealing with. She knew this was pushing Holly to her limit and wanted to do all she could to help her conquer this challenge. It pained her to think Holly would lose at such a late stage.

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