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This story is a piece of a larger one on my blog. It goes well here I may post the rest. Enjoy!


Xavier got home late. He wandered first into the kitchen and poured himself a glass of lemon aid, then went into the living room. Richard was sprawled out on the sofa watching TV. “Hey.”

“Hey.” Richard looked up sleepily. “Your home late.”

Xavier plopped down on the chair and set his glass down on the end table. “Was gonna just stay the night at Dave’s, but came home in case Kat had something planned for us tomorrow morning.” Xavier said, and then he looked away. Richard was looking at him in that way he had, where it felt like he could look right into his head and know everything going on there.

After a moment he said, “Kat was feeling tense, so Liam’s giving her a rub down.” Letting Xavier know where the other members of their household were. “Dave OK?” He asked, just a tad cautiously. Wasn’t his business if it was private, but he had been curious earlier when Xavier told him he was going to see Dave.

Xavier shifted in his chair, and gnawed absently on a knuckle. Richard was one of only two people that knew his whole story, Katya of course being the other. “Dave was going through some crap he bought at a yard sale and found that porno I did.” He snorted, “What are the fuckin odds, right?”

Richard didn’t say anything, though he couldn’t quite hide his surprise. He was quiet, waiting to see if Xavier wanted to tell him more, and when it looked like he wasn’t going too, he asked, “And, you guys still OK with each other?”

Xavier gave him that lazy sleepy look that was sexier then anyone had a right to be. “Yeah, I told him about some of what happened back then, and then we spent the rest of the afternoon taking advantage of each other.”

Richard snorted and rolled his eyes, but he was relived. On the surface Xavier was a carefree hyper-sexual flirt, and for the most part that’s what he was, but he was wounded in a lot of ways. Strangers could say whatever they wanted about him and it wouldn’t faze him a bit, but Richard knew Xavier liked Dave, a lot, and even something casual or unintentional from him could hurt him, and when Xavier was hurt he did very stupid things.

It also occurred to Richard that upon finding something like that video Dave went not to Katya first, but to Xavier, and Richard knew exactly why. He hadn’t known if she knew about the video, and hadn’t wanted to create mass destruction in Xavier’s life, or Kat’s, if she didn’t. He smiled; he knew he liked Dave for a reason. Such a curious mix of fragile strength.

Xavier hadn’t moved from the chair, and he was gnawing on his knuckle again absently, his eyes a million miles away.

“Xavier.” Richard called him softly, and when he looked up Richard beckoned him over. He drew him down onto the couch, turned to his side so he could wrap himself around the boy and just hold him. Xavier kept his demons well hidden most of the time, but Richard need only look at him to know when the calm on the surface was too calm, too controlled and the tension of holding everything together was crushing him. Sometimes Richard wished he didn’t know as much as he did. How Xavier actually managed to be pretty much normal after all he’d gone through was beyond him.

He’d been beaten regularly and molested as a child and never revealed that secret to anyone until he’d told Richard and Katya. When his mother died he’d kept silent because even at thirteen he’d been smart enough to know there was no way any court was going to give custody to a convicted felon boyfriend with a habit and no job. And he was right; they stuck him in foster care.

The home he’d gone to had two boys that belonged to the couple, and two more that were also fostered, all in their teens. Xavier was the youngest, the smallest, and an easy target. Still grieving the loss of his mother he had almost welcomed the hazing. He had told Richard that he never fought back, never retaliated. Only much later did he realize it felt good to him because it was a way to let some of the pain out. He had never self-mutilated, but only because he hadn’t thought of it.

Eventually the abuse turned sexual with one of his foster ‘brothers’. Xavier kept his mouth shut and he endured everything done to him for nearly two years. The breaking point came when his foster brother told his friends at school about what he was making Xavier do, and they got it in their heads to corner him in a bathroom one day. This time he hadn’t just meekly gone along.

He fought back, and in the end it did no good. Not only did they do what they wanted with him anyway, but he got also got the shit kicked out of him. Afterwards he’d barely managed to stagger home, and to add insult to injury his foster parents berated him for fighting and instead of taking the boy to the hospital they told him he better get his sleep because he was still going to school the next day.

He’d kept silent about those rapes too, but that canlı bahis was the last straw. He waited until everyone was sleeping, packed his few belongings and ran away. With virtually no money, no friends, and no place to go he was surprised to find life on the streets wasn’t that hard. He wandered, kept to himself, figured out how to eat for free and in a city of hundreds of thousands of people he finally managed to be alone for a little while and feel at peace in his solitude.

The peace didn’t last long. He meet a girl, another run away. She introduced him to friends that got them into clubs and it wasn’t long before his good looks and the way he moved on the dance floor got him noticed. The lure of money brought him into stripping, and the lure of more money into prostitution. By sixteen he was jaded enough and numb enough not to care that this was what he’d been trying to run away from. That was his life for the next three years.

And then he had meet Kat and Richard, and his life suddenly changed, and all of the things that he had keep buried inside had slowly come out. With time, patience and a lot of trust and love they had helped heal a lot of the damage done.

Richard closed his eyes as Xavier turned and snuggled closer to him, his nose and lips nuzzling under his jaw. He didn’t want to think about some of the things Xavier had told him happened to him during that time, but they came unbidden to his mind. The times he’d been beaten, the times he’d been raped, and the times he’d deliberately put himself into dangerous situations to punish himself for being who he was. Those things he couldn’t erase, but he could do his best to make sure he wasn’t hurt anymore. His arms unconsciously tightened around him and he swallowed.

Xavier’s breath was warm against the side of his throat and his lips had gone from nuzzling to tracing lazy kisses along his jaw, his hands had caressed down his chest and now slid over the bulge at the front of his jeans. Richard opened his eyes halfway, looked down at him with a bit of surprise. “Thought you just spent the afternoon with David? What were you doing, playing Parcheesi?”

“No. He fucked me into the mattress.”

Richard gave a little snort that sounded like a strangled chuckle at his crude description. “And yet you’re angling for more… aren’t you tired?” The question came out a bit breathy as Xavier gave him a squeeze and nipped the tender spot just below the corner of his jaw.

“Exhausted… but you smell so good.”

Richard chuckled, “Insatiable thing.” He groaned as Xavier pulled a hard suck at the crook of his throat and rubbed the burgeoning hard on between his legs. So easy to let Xavier do this to him, but before he got carried away… Richard leaned foreword, rolling Xavier to his back. He caught Xavier’s arms and brought them up above his head, and threw his hip and one leg over his lower half, pinning him. He looked right into Xavier’s eyes and wouldn’t let him look away. “Are you OK, Xavier?”

Xavier squirmed under him, a little thrill of excitement tingling along his skin and setting his teeth on edge at having that powerful body on top of him, holding him down. “Why don’t you reach down a little lower and see how OK I am.” He said cheekily and rolled his hips against Richard’s thigh.

Richard didn’t give into the not so subtle seduction. His brows drew together, “Xavier, stop.”

Xavier went still because he sensed that Richard wouldn’t let him get away with anything less, and also because he was afraid that if he didn’t give a straight answer Richard would not let him continue what he’d started. “I’m OK Rich, really.” He paused, looking into those amber colored earnest eyes. The first time he’d meet Katya he’d thought Richard was her bodyguard or something and had been intimidated as hell, still was sometimes, even though he knew Richard cared deeply for him. “Dave stirred up some bad memories and I snapped a little at him, but it didn’t last long, and he understood, and we’re both OK.”

That seemed to appease Richard a bit, and his body relaxed some. Xavier could slough stuff off or hide behind jokes when he didn’t want to talk about something, but he wouldn’t out right lie. “Alright.” Richard said, and then since he had Xavier right there he teased his lips along Xavier’s, pressed his thigh a little more firmly between his legs. Xavier moaned sweetly and wriggled under his weight. He swept his tongue into Richard’s mouth, but Richard kept his kisses light and teasing. His fingers tightened around Xavier’s wrists and he ground his hips against into him, let him feel the stiffness behind his zipper and smiled lazily when Xavier groaned.

Heat scorched through Xavier, not just at the way Richard tasted and smelled and teased him, but the way he held him down. Safe. He was safe with Richard. He could let go.

Finally Richard’s teasing lips kissed Xavier hard, his tongue delving into his mouth and pulling Xavier’s back into his own with gentle little sucks, thrusts, bahis siteleri and parries. He kissed him breathless, switched his wrists to one hand so he could slide the other down his body and yank his shirt up. Pinching his tight little nipple hard between thumb and forefinger he delighted in the way Xavier squirmed and moaned into his mouth.

With a little smile that boarded on a smirk Richard broke off the kiss and dipped his head to take the other nipple into his mouth in a hard suck and put more pressure on the one caught between his fingers.

Xavier’s back arched and his eyes rolled up, “Aaagh!… oh… God!” he panted through gritted teeth. He twitched, his whole body writhing as Richard mercilessly teased, pinched, licked, sucked and nibbled his nipples. He bit his bottom lip and thrashed his head back and forth, somewhere between wanting to beg him to stop and not wanting it to end. When he didn’t think he could take any more he tired to bring his hands down and Richard stopped, but kept his grip and Xavier knew he couldn’t break it.

Richard grinned at him and Xavier just wanted to melt into a puddle. “Want me to stop? Let you go?” He asked softly, his tongue dipping out to lick along Xavier’s sternum and blow a cool breath there.

He moaned, “No.”

Richard let his tongue trail back over his nipple, but lightly this time. It still made Xavier moan and shiver. Richard just loved the way he did that, it sent a warm shaft of pure desire straight into his belly. “What is it you want Xavier?” He said, breathing over the wet spot he’d just created.

Xavier swallowed hard, his head was swirling “Want you to fuck me… want you to make it so I don’t have to think anymore.”

Richard hummed a soft growl of pleasure into Xavier’s belly, sliding down and dipping lower to flick his tongue into his belly button.

Panting as Richard moved his teasing mouth down his abdomen Xavier felt a little dazed at how swiftly his level of need grew after being so thoroughly sated not that long ago.

Richard had no problem keeping Xavier pinned there as he undid the fly of his jeans with one hand. He left the briefs in place for the moment, tracing his fingers over the hard outline of Xavier’s shaft underneath. Xavier tried to lift his hips into the touch but Richard only lifted his hand, keeping just a light tough while Xavier groaned in frustration. He kissed and nuzzled the side of Xavier’s throat, in no hurry, despite the fire he’d ignited. “Sh, patience.” He rumbled as Xavier tried to squirm against his hand again.

“Please Rich… please, touch me.” He rasped.

Richard gave a low chuckle, “I am touching you.”

Xavier whimpered, “More… harder, please, I need more…”

Another low chuckle rumbled out, “Such a glutton.” But he obliged, slipping his hand under the waistband of Xavier’s shorts and wrapping his fingers around his pulsing staff.

That got a sweet unrestraint groan of pleasure, and another as he stroked him slowly. “Ohhh yes… that feels so good.”

Richard brought his lips back to Xavier’s to catch each of his low moans as he pumped him harder. Xavier was trying to surge against him, but he couldn’t quite do it with the way Richard still had his legs pinned and controlled the slow sensual movement of his hand despite Xavier’s bucking hips. The sensation ratcheted up a few notches as Richard rolled his palm over the head of his dick and slicked his pre-cum around in slow circles. Xavier’s chest heaved and he shivered with a hot streak of pleasure.

Richard broke the kiss and stilled his hand and Xavier’s moan ended on gulp of air and a breathless cry. “Oh god, please don’t stop now.”

Richard looked down at him, the amber of his eyes held a certain heat Xavier rarely got to see except when Katya was involved. His grin curled his mouth in a sensual line. “You beg so sweetly,” He nipped Xavier’s bottom lip lightly, “But these jeans are getting really uncomfortable.” He explained as he released Xavier and rolled back to his side.

Xavier was only too happy to get up and shimmy out of the rest of his clothes, then help pull Richard’s jeans and boxers off. As many times as he’d seen Richard naked he still felt his mouth water just looking at that powerful body. Setting the pants aside Xavier knelt and let his hand glide up those long muscular thighs, and when Richard didn’t stop him or direct otherwise he kept going until his fingers brushed through the close cropped nest of dark curls between his legs and circled his hard cock. He brought his head down to kiss and lick that nice hard pole and take him in his heated mouth.

A bolt of hot pleasure ran through Xavier at Richards soft groan and the way he pushed his fingers into his hair. His mouth slid halfway down, relishing the feel of fullness in his mouth. He drew back up and then down again a bit further, taking his time to caress him with his tongue and get him nice and wet. He stroked his shaft with his other hand, and made sure his bahis şirketleri lips sealed around to create a hard suction at the tip and was rewarded with another, longer groan. “Jesus Xavier…” Richard breathed. And the next time he brought his head down he changed his angle, opening his throat so he could push down almost to the base.

Richards fingers tightened in his hair, clutching hard as his chest expanded and fell more rapidly. “God you do that so well.” He bit his bottom lip as Xavier slid back a bit and nodded down again, pulling him deeper into his throat until his lips reached his base and the head of his cock pushed past his pharynx. The muscles of Richards thighs went weak and the coil of impending orgasm tighten behind his balls. “Holy shit!” His head dropped back as his hips lifted involuntarily. Xavier had to pull back and come up for air but pushed right back down in steady rhythm now. His whole body was on fire as he drew Richard to his deepest point again and again.

As wonderful as his mouth felt and as close as Xavier was edging him to the drop off, Richard managed to pull back on the tangled sweaty mass of blond hair on an up stroke. Xavier looked up at him with huge desire filled eyes and whimpered, his lips still wet and parted, breathing hard.

With only the slightest of urging he brought Xavier up to straddle his lap and kissed him hard. He could taste the slightly salty tart of himself on Xavier’s tongue and swept his tongue deeper into his mouth while he slid his hands along the outside of his thighs and cupped his butt, kneading gently but urgently now.

Xavier rolled his hips, rubbing the underside of his shaft along Richards and then pushing his butt back into his hands. Long fingers parted his cheeks and explored along his crack, the pad of a large finger rubbing over his little pucker. He shuddered, white hot sparks firing off in his middle as a burning pain was sent up when Richard probed his still sore hole. He lifted from Richards mouth, dropping his head back to his shoulders, hissing in a little yelping breath.

Richard stopped, giving Xavier time to adjust. He leaned forward and pressed his lips to his neck, kissing and nibbling the skin there until Xavier moved his hips back a little, lifted and pushed back again, accepting him. His earlier vigorous workout had made him sore, but also made him ready sooner. Within just a few moments the pain was receding and the intensity was building.

Still urgent, but refusing to hurry Richard pushed his finger in and out slowly, stretching him little by little before he added a second finger. Xavier had his hands curled onto Richards shoulders, holding on hard as his body adjusted, he rolled his hips with a low moan. “That feels so good,” He moved his lips over Richards. “So good…”

Richard added a third finger. He twirled them inside and making sure he nice and open and stretched. He waited until Xavier was bucking against him, whimpering with need before withdrawing his fingers to replace them with the much thicker head of his cock. He gave a little push, the slippery head sliding past Xavier’s ring then he tightened his grip on Xavier’s hips, knowing that in his eagerness to please Xavier sometimes drove himself to far to fast.

He kissed hotly along Xavier’s collarbone, his tongue coming out to trace wetly over earlier teeth marks. Xavier bounced as much as Richards grip would allow, he was huffing through gritted teeth, eyes glittering in a fever heat of desire. “Fuck… that feels so fuckin good…” His voice was a low husky growl, “C’mon Rich, don’t tease me any more…” He panted hot breaths near Richards ear. “Just fuck me.”

Richard’s eyes closed, a hot groan escaping him. Xavier knew how to push his buttons. He lowered Xavier halfway down his mast, eliciting a high-pitched moaning yelp from the boy. Xavier shuddered in his arms, “Ohhh, god, fuck yes…” He whispered hotly into Richards ear. “Gimme that big bone sweetheart.”

That was it. With a driving thrust Richard sank to the hilt, a deep moan of pure longing rising from his chest. If he hurt Xavier he wasn’t going to know it until later, he was wriggling on top of him and bucking his hips in hard jerks to meet Richards thrusts. His hand reached down to fist his dripping cock in fast hard strokes matching each thrust into his body. Beautiful to watch, his face so flushed with pleasure and that lean dancers body grinding against his. Xavier whimpered and groaned.

Richard picked up the pace, his own body demanding he get some relief, and soon. Sliding his hands down Xavier’s arms he caught his wrists and pulled his hands behind his back, wringing a frustrated cry of disappointment from him that quickly turned to little huffing grunts as Richard pulled halfway out and thrust into him hard again and again. He pulled back on his wrists until Xavier leaned back, changing the angle, each thrust bumping hard into his prostrate.

His body tightened, a flash of heat rolling over him and he could feel prickles of sweat break out all over his skin. Everything suddenly washed out of him, he was tumbling, falling into bliss. “That’s it…” Richards husky whisper wrapped around him like a caress, “Cum for me Xavier.”

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