Honeymoon Delights

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Recap: My big brother (BB) and I are married to two sisters. My sister-in-law is my lover, while my wife Madhu has been well fucked by my BB. My wife is slightly older than I am. I married her so that the four of us could live happily together under the same roof. My new bride and I are on a honeymoon on a boat trip on the backwaters of Kerala, and this is how the story unfolds now.

The first time Madhu and I were in bed together, she after making me suck her cunt, got me to kiss and lick her anal area. Though I had not done this before, I did what she wanted because I thought she wouldn’t let me fuck her at all. On our third night on the boat, she reminded me of that night. We were naked together in bed, watching a blue film on my laptop. The woman in the video was a small, petite Asian girl with a slim figure. The man was either a European or an American; he was big built. The movie showed how the man’s hard cock entered the girl’s ass. At first she squirmed as she couldn’t take in the huge cock into her tiny asshole, but the man and another woman held her firmly. The video showed the cock head entering the asshole slowly. The girl had her eyes shut. Then he thrust his cock in and was inside her completely. The girl’s body went rigid, but she took it in all right. The he began to fuck her in the ass, with the other woman holding the girl firmly.

My bride was fondling my cock with her hand.

She asked: “Do you remember how I asked you to kiss and lick me in my anal area that first night we were in bed together?”

“Yes, of course I do. I still wonder why you wanted me to do that.”

“You silly boy, I wanted you to break the seal in my anus that night. Your BB and I watched a video of anal sex when we were together, and I got really worked up and wanted to know how it felt to have a cock up my asshole. But your BB is so conventional. He just wants me to suck and suck his cock before getting up on top and putting that big thick cock of his into my pussy. Of course, he sometimes sucks my cunt, but only for a very short time and that too not very well. But he does fuck well and that’s why I love to be his bed mate.”

When I was with my sis-in-law, she also hinted the same thing. BB mostly wanted his wife to suck and suck his cock, before he mounted and entered her cunt and fucked her long and hard, banging his body into hers until he came. In the process, his wife also used to cum and so she never complained much bout his rough and ready style of lovemaking. He never ever hinted that he wanted to fuck her in the ass, and she was also a virgin in that area.

So, here I was, with my bride evidently wanted my cock up her asshole.

“I’ll deflower you in your ass tonight, my dear”, I said.

I made her crouch on her knees and hands, her ass up in the air. I kissed her tight little buttocks, fondling them sensuously all the while. I licked her asshole and the puckered are around it, making it wet and slippery.

I spread some Vaseline on my cock head and put it to her asshole. I told her to relax, and pushed the cock head slowly in, and then the whole length of my cock was in her asshole. It was a tight fit, but my wife never cringed or squirmed. She only told me to fuck her slowly till she got completely used to be fucked in the asshole. I fucked her in the asshole with my balls hitting her ass until I could go in no more.

I fucked her in the asshole again the next morning to get her used to it. She soon got used to it, and I had no trouble in entering her and enjoying the delights of her tight little asshole whenever I felt like it.

On our return to the town where we had boarded the boat, we ran into, of all people, a distant cousin of Seema and Madhu with his wife Chanda. Madhu was very happy to meet them. She hugged her cousin fondly, pressing her body into his and kissing him on the side of his mouth. He held her tight I his arms, his head buried in her hair, his eyes closed. Madhu evidently liked what he was doing because she made no attempt to break away from his embrace. I knew Madhu liked older men. He was a tall man, looking very fit. His wife was also tall and big built, with prominent boobs and big ass and a pleasant smiling face. I liked her immediately. They were of course an older couple. They had also spent some days and nights on a boat, possibly to rekindle old flames. We sat down for lunch together, he sitting next to Madhu and his wife sitting next to me, on two sofas.

Chanda’s thigh was touching mine. I pressed just a little closer to gauge her reaction, but she did not move away. On the other hand, she turned her face towards me and gave me what I thought was a smile of encouragement.

After lunch, the two cousins left the table together for a walk presumably to talk renew old relationships, bidding Chanda and me to continue to be together. Chanda put her hand on my thigh and brought her body closer to me. Her perfume wafted into my nostrils to arouse me. I put an arm around her waist, my palm just under her casino oyna big breast, where I could feel its swell. I gingerly cupped her breast in my palm. It was a big breast all right, even bigger than my sister-in-law Seema’s. She seemed to have no objection to what I was doing.

She turned her face towards mine and with a mischievous smile on her lips, said:

“I think my husband and Madhu want to be alone for sometime. I hope you don’t mind.”

I said: “Not at all, as long as I can be with you.”

“You can be with me all the time you want. I’d love to be with you.”

I needed no further encouragement. Needless to say, I did not mind Madhu getting fucked by this cousin of hers. After all, she had been well and truly fucked by my BB before I even touched her.

As if on cue, I got a call on my cell phone from Madhu. She sounded breathless.

“Do you mind if cousin Viv (his name was Vivek) and I spent some time together talking about family matters? I’m sure Chanda bhabi will amuse you.”

I replied: “My dear, you can spend all the time you want with cousin Viv. Take your time. I’m sure Chanda bhabi and I’ll find something to do.”

“I’m sure you will, darling” – said my loving wife.

I tightened my hold on Chanda and suggested that we go to our room to relax.

Once inside our room, Chanda wasted no time. She took my face in her hands, kissed me on my mouth and said:

“Dear boy, I’ve wanted to be with you since the first moment I saw you. Help me to get out of these clothes”

I did as I was bid. One by one her clothes came off. She was now just in her bra and panties. She said:

“You’re far too overdressed. Let me help you to get your clothes off.”

So in less time it takes to say ‘Jack Robinson’ I was standing naked in front of Chanda bhabi, with my cock jutting out like the periscope of a submarine searching for targets.

Chanda exclaimed: “What a lovely body! I want to eat all of it.”

She pulled me down onto the bed, she on top of me, her plump body over mine, she caressing me and kissing me all over. She took my cock into her mouth and sucked me expertly, making me fuck her in her mouth as if I was fucking her in her cunt. She then lay down contentedly beside me, her body pressed to mine, saying:

“I haven’t had a young cock in my mouth for such a long time. For that matter I haven’t had a young cock in my cunt for a long time. Yes, I have boyfriends and Vivek has his girlfriends. But they are all middle aged, like us. Young couples like Madhu and you are heaven sent for us.”

My fate is to be with older women. First it was Seema bhabi, then it was my (now) wife Madhu, who is also a bit older than I am. Now it’s Chanda bhabi who must be a good twenty years older than I. But I like older women. They don’t have to be cosseted, pampered and wooed. They just fall into your lap and take pleasure in pleasuring you. They have no petty jealousies and insecurities. They are generous with whatever they have got, they are compliant in bed, they do what you tell them, and they are fun to be with.

It was a bright day outside. The sunlight was peeking in through the curtains. In the diffused light I could see Chanda clearly. She was big in build, with at least size C37-38 boobs and a thick body. There was a goodly swell to her belly and not much waist to speak of. A big ass, I could make out. The typical body of an Indian middle aged woman, but tight and well maintained. Her skin was smooth, her breasts firm. The aureoles were large and dark brown, the nipples sticking out like cones of proud womanhood. Her thighs were proportionate for her body; no fat there, but lovely flesh to be adored. Truly, it was a body to be kissed and fondled.

Her Mound of Venus was shaved clean, neat and smooth. No roughness there, I could see. It was an area that invited to be kissed, and I kissed it. She parted her legs and said:

“It would be heavenly to be kissed there.”

I obliged by putting my face between her thighs. I licked and kissed the insides of her thighs. She was patient; she did not do anything to hurry things up. My tongue grazed over her smooth flesh, coming to rest on the outer labia of her pussy. I parted her cunt lips with my lips and flicked my tongue over the open lips.

She said: “Madhu has sure taught you how to kiss a woman’s cunt.”

I didn’t have the heart to tell her that it wasn’t Madhu, but her elder sister Seema bhabi who had taught me how to really arouse a woman.

I just kept quiet and went about my job to pleasure my new found lover. I stuck my tongue deep into her pussy and swirled my tongue round and round her vaginal walls, finding her clit and sucking on it, just as Seema bhabi had taught me.

Chanda started moaning and cried out: “Go on, go on, don’t let go, I’m going through the roof, I’m going to cum …”

She couldn’t hold herself against the onslaught of my tongue, which was by now working hard on her, sucking and kissing her cunt, canlı casino her valley between her ass cheeks and her little asshole, sucking and blowing hot breath into her erotic zones. She thrust her pelvis into my face, held my face tight between her thighs, and came and came and came in my mouth in paroxysms of lust and sexual delight. She just let go in an unending stream, flooding my mouth with her juices. I have never experienced so much cunt juice in my mouth, never from the two women I had the occasion to suck, Seema and her sister Madhu, now my wife.

I gave her a final kiss on her cunt and one more to remember me by, on her asshole.

She just put her arms around me, held me tight and fell asleep, tired flat out. I also fell asleep in her arms after a hard day’s work.

We woke up to knocks on the door. We got up hastily and dressed ourselves as best as we could. Madhu and Viv came in, Both had wicked grins on their faces.

Viv said: “I see that Chanda has kept her young friend busy.”

I looked at the floor, but Chanda wasn’t in the least put out.

She said: “Viv, I hope you looked after Madhu.”

Madhu just giggled like a schoolgirl and put her arm round, pressed her body against Viv and kissed him on the mouth plain in front of us.

“Darling Viv has looked after his young cousin all right” — she said.

To cut a long story short, we mutually decided that Chanda would spent the night with me and Madhu with Viv. We had lots to drink and ate a sumptuous dinner to celebrate the occasion. There was much hugging and kissing. Cousin Viv had apparently fallen for Madhu in a big way. He just wouldn’t let go of her. He had either his hand cupped around her breast or was fondling her ass. Chanda on her turn was pressing her body against me and kissing me whenever she could. The night looked promising.

Chanda and I retired to the room in which Madhu and I were staying. She went off with Viv to his room, which was the way they had all planned it out. I of course was an outsider in all these machinations; my acquiescence was taken for granted.

Once inside our room, Chanda locked and bolted the door and said:

“We now have the whole night to us. No one will disturb us now. I can only hope you like being with me rather than with your newly married wife.”

“There’s no one else than I’d rather be with tonight” — was my tactful response.

Here I was, with a woman twenty years older than I, and my wife of a few weeks and lover of a few months was with a man twenty years her senior, and that too, on what was supposed to be our honeymoon!

Strange are the ways of providence. Holding me tight in my arms and kissing me on my lips and mouth, she said:

“Let me undress you, darling.”

She was as good as her word, taking off my clothes one by one and folding them up neatly. Chanda was a woman given to neatness and tidiness, qualities I much admire, especially in women.

I was standing stark naked in front of her. She was fully clothed. Usually, with Seema bhabi and Madhu, it was the other way round. I got my women to stand naked in front of me to cherish and admire their heaven crafted bodies before I undressed. Chanda then undressed, and at the end, invited me to take of her bra and panties. I unhooked her bra and took it off her big breasts, fondling them sensually all the while. She then lay down on the bed and signaled me to take her panties off. I pulled them down, slowly, ever so slowly, kissing her belly and thighs. Finally, her panties were off, and there was my latest lover Chanda lying naked in bed waiting for me. She pulled me down beside her, getting up on top of me, smothering my body with her big soft body.

She started off by kissing me, taking my lips in hers and sucking on them, one by one. She put her tongue into my mouth and drew my tongue into hers, sucking on it. I hadn’t realized that being sucked in this fashion could give me such pleasure. She then slid down and kissed me all over my body, took my cock into her mouth and gave me a cock-sucking session which I’ll take a long time to forget. She then straddled me and took my cock into her cunt. She was big built, but the way the bobbed her body up and down my cock, swaying from side to side and rotating her body with my cock inside her cunt was a delight that had to be experienced to be believed. She then collapsed on me, overcome by passion and weariness from so much hard work.

“Lover, I now surrender to you. Take me as you want.”

I suddenly remembered that I hadn’t fucked this gorgeous woman during our daytime encounter. I crouched in front of her, separated her legs to get a ringside view of her cunt. I made her raise her legs high and then went into her with one swift motion. She shuddered at this sudden invasion of her cunt. I went deep into her, as deep as I could, banging my hips into her open cunt. My cock came out of her and went in again, first the head and then the entire length, filling her cunt completely. Despite kaçak casino her age, she was delightfully tight and warm. I fucked her hard, and then I could restrain myself no longer inside this sexy cunt.

I whispered in her ear: “I going to cum — cum with me, my sweet lover, let’s cum together to make this a perfect night.”

She held me tight to her. Our two bodies were moving in unison, each to pleasure the other.

She was the first to climax. She held me tight as if to smother me in her arms. She moaned and convulsed and shook and then finally came and came and came as if the delight of coming in a lover’s arms would never end. Her vaginal muscles contracted and held my cock tight. The friction amid all that cum of hers was just too much for me to bear. My bodily juices spurted out of me in an uncontrollable stream taking me to heights of pleasure that I had not even known with my first lover, my Seema bhabi.

I can never ever forget that night with Chanda.

Morning came, and she got up and made ready to get back to her husband. She left, while I awaited the return of my wife from her tryst with her lover. Madhu came into our room, looking quite happy and satisfied. She glowed with contentment as only a woman who has thoroughly enjoyed a night of lovemaking can. She asked me if everything was all right put her arms round me, and pressing her soft body against mine, said:

“Darling, Viv and Chanda have invited us to spend a couple of nights with them before we return home. They have promised to take us out and give us a good time. Don’t please refuse.”

How could I say no to such an invitation, especially after what had happened last night?

So this was how we returned to the city where Chanda and Viv lived, not far from our own home town. They lived in a big bungalow in a trendy part of the city — very comfortable and cozy. Needless to say, my first night there with Chanda was as equally memorable as my last. Madhu was also very happy. Cousin Viv was doing everything she liked in bed.

The next morning, Chanda asked me whether we would like to meet some friends for lunch at their place. They were Shalini and her husband Pat. She said that they were an attractive couple whom we would like to meet. We went over to their place for lunch.

How do I describe Shalini, except to say that she was a gorgeous looking woman, no longer in her first youth, but still incredibly sexy and desirable. She was almost as tall as her husband, and just about a few inches shorter than me. She was big boned. On her very proportionate body, there were a pair of luscious breasts, perhaps twin C-38s, I guessed. Her ass was big, maybe 42″ size, but didn’t look at all out of place on that beautifully proportioned body. All in all, a fine body topped by a pleasant, smiling face.

From the way she and her husband interacted with Chanda and Viv, it was evident that the two couples were exchanging mates. I whispered to Madhu that we could expect more fun and games here. She nodded and whispered back it was all right with her as long as I was comfortable. I of course would not mind if Pat fucked my wife if I could get between the delectable Shalini’s thighs. After lunch, Chanda suggested that she and Viv could get back home leaving us there with Shalini and Pat, who would drop us back later in the evening.

And, so it came to pass that Shalini and I found ourselves in her bedroom, with my dear wife and Shalini’s husband in another bedroom getting ready to do what we two in this bedroom were about to do!

Shalini put her arms round me and felt me all over. I did the same to her, exploring the contours of her body. We kissed passionately. She undressed first me, and then herself. What a beautiful body. I could spend all night in her arms. I knelt down in homage in front of her supine body on the bed and put my face in that beautiful Mound of Venus, that cavern of joy. Her pussy gave out a delightful aroma of some unknown perfume. It was dying to be kissed. I got down to work and gave it my best. I sucked and licked her pussy in the best possible way I could. She shifted herself to lie on her side, presenting her gorgeous ass to my face. I kissed her everywhere, and then turned her on her back and mounted her. I put my cock into her inviting mouth and fucked her there, taking my cock in and out of her mouth.

She then got up on top of me and straddled me taking my cock into her cunt. Now began an extraordinary experience for me, something I haven’t known till now. Shalini, sitting on me with my cock deep in her cunt, was still and unmoving, but my cock was sliding in and out of her cunt, giving me immense pleasure. It was with her vaginal muscles that she was moving my cock inside her. She told me to roll her breasts with my hands; it gave me pleasure to do so. The light was shining on her body and face as she maneuvered my cock inside her cunt without moving her body, her face aglow with sensuality, smiling down at me. It was the most sensual and sexually arousing scene that I have ever experienced, this tall woman with her athletic figure sitting astride me with a smile on her face, with my cock moving up and down inside her and I squeezing her beautiful breasts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20