Hot Summer Night

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Summer break. It was the summer between my senior year of high school and my freshman year college. I didn’t hate high school. I had a lot of good memories with my best friend Don. We weren’t unpopular, but we were far from part of the “cool” crowd. We rarely got invited to parties, and even worse, we never had girlfriends. At least we weren’t the guys who got picked on by the jocks. I was actually a member of the track team, so I earned a certain amount of acceptance with the cool crowd. Just not enough to be a full-fledged member.

As I was lazing around, reflecting on my life, the phone rang.


“Curt, it’s Don. My parents are out of town all weekend. Want to hang out?”

“Sure, I’ll be over in about two hours. OK?”

“Cool, see you in a bit.”

I enjoyed hanging out with Don. He had been my best friend for over seven years. He was laid back, and never cared about his social status in high school. He could have been an excellent athlete, but never played on a team. Instead he always had a job after school. As a result, he practically had a mini-bachelor pad in his parents’ house. A huge TV, VCR, video games, and a top notch stereo system. Don was fun to hang out with not only because he had a lot of nice “toys”, but also because he was fun to talk to.

I showed up at Don’s place at 4:30, Friday night. We ordered out some pizza and decided to just hang out and watch movies. We headed up to Don’s room after we finished the pizza.

“What do you want to watch?” I asked Don.

“I don’t care. Go ahead and see if there is anything in the cabinet you want to see.”

I opened up the cabinet in Don’s room that stored all his videotapes. I checked out his collection of movies. Then I was a bit surprised to find a few adult videos. I pulled one out and looked at the cover. Don turned a bit red and was a bit sheepish when he realized he hadn’t hidden his adult videos. He was trying to figure a way to cover-up that he had it, but it was too late.


“Yea, I got a few. If you want to watch it, we can.”

“Sure, put it in”

Don had a nice big double bed. I lay down and propped myself canlı bahis up with a pillow. Don put in the tape and lay down next to me, also propping himself up with a pillow. We sat there watching the movie, commenting on the actresses. At first it felt a little uncomfortable. I had seen porno movies, but never watched one with another guy. But, I started to feel more comfortable. Don is so laid back, you can’t help but feel at ease around him.

“I’d love to do that to Angie Smith.” Don commented on a girl from school as the couple on the screen fucked.

“I’m a bigger fan of Leslie Harris.” I replied.

“Well,” Don laughed “We can wish all we want. It looks like it will never happen.”

“Yea.” I said dejectedly “Our sex lives weren’t the greatest.”

“You’ve had sex?’’ Don asked.

“No, unfortunately.”

“Yea, me neither.” Said Don. “Fuck, I’d love to try it.”

We looked at each other. Two horny guys alone watching porn. We could both see we had hardons under our shorts. We were both thinking the same thing.

“What are you thinking, Don?”

“I’ve never tried it. I want to try it so bad. You want to try it, Curt?”

“Um, I’m not gay. But I’m turned on. I’ve never tried it. What do you think?”

“Well, I’m not gay either. I’ll suck you if you do the same for me, Curt. You have got to promise me never, and I mean never tell anyone ever.”

“As long as you never tell.”

We sat there for a minute, not sure if we should go through with it or not. We were both nervous and turned on. We were both breathing hard. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. Then Don rolled over on top of me. I could feel his hard cock pressed against mine through our shorts.

“I’ve thought about asking you to try this before, but I was too scared.” Don said. “I promise not to tell anyone. It’s our secret.”

Don rolled off and started to get undressed. I hurriedly pulled off my clothes. We threw them in a pile on the floor. We were lying on Don’s bed, totally naked and hard. Don shifted onto his side and reached over, wrapping his fingers around my hard cock. I was breathing hard and shaking a little as Don slowly bahis siteleri rubbed up and down, jerking me off. Clear precum started to drip from the tip of my cock.

“Wow, I love it when my cock leaks like that too. You must be turned on.” Said Don

I could barely talk. I could only gasp, “Yes”

I just watched as Don rubbed up and down my hard cock. He gently squeezed my hard shaft and more precum oozed from the tip. It made it more slippery as he rubbed up and down.

“OK Curt. I’m going to try it.”

Don stopped rubbing and held the base of my cock. His thumb and forefinger made a ring around it. I was shocked as he brought his mouth to my hard prick. He started by licking the head. It felt incredible! Warm and wet. He licked up and down the shaft of my cock. All I could do was gasp.

Don brought his mouth to the tip of my cock. He parted his lips and slid my hard cock into his mouth, gently sucking as it slid in. I watched as his lips stretched over the rim of my head, down my hard shaft. It felt warm and wet. I could feel his tongue sliding over my cock as it filled his mouth.

Don’s lips slid back up my hard shaft. My cock was glistening from his wet mouth. He started to build a rhythm. His lips sliding up and down my hard cock, sliding his tongue against my cock and sucking as he slid back to the tip.

My nervousness went away as Don sucked my cock. It felt so good. I relaxed, watching Don suck up and down my hard cock. The bed made slight creaking noises as he bobbed up and down, and Don made sucking noises while I was breathing hard. I couldn’t believe we were doing it, but it felt so good. It turned me on to watch Don suck my cock. I was surprised how comfortable I felt doing this with Don.

I could feel my balls and cock tingling. I was breathing harder and moaning a little louder. My hips began to gently push up and down. I was getting close to cumming.

Don could tell I was getting close and kept sucking. His lips sliding up and down my hard, wet cock as my hips started to thrust up and down faster.

“Uuuuuuuuughhhhh!!!” I moaned loudly. I shot a long stream of cum in Don’s mouth. He jumped bahis şirketleri as my cum filled his sucking mouth. He flicked his tongue over my hard head as streams of cum splashed on his lips. White cum was dripping from his lips and chin.

“That was great!” I gasped.

Don got on his knees on the bed and leaned back, pushing his hips forward as his hands supported his weight. His hard cock was bobbing up and down as it throbbed. The head was covered with precum and it was dripping down his shaft.

“Oh Curt, I’m so turned on. Make me cum too.” Don gasped.

I knelt down in front of him, so his cock was right in my face. I was on my knees and balancing on one of my elbows. I started by jerking him off. My hand sliding up and down his slick cock. He was dripping lots of clear precum. His cock felt warm and hard in my hand. It felt wild to touch his cock. I could feel it throbbing in my hand, but I wanted to feel it throb in my mouth.

I brought my mouth to the tip of his cock. Tentatively, I started to lick the head. Circling it with my tongue. It had a salty, yet sweet taste. I slid my lips over his hard head, filling my mouth with his prick. I could hear him gasping as his hips pushed forward. I could tell he wanted to cum, and it wouldn’t be long until he did.

I was on all fours in front of Don. My lips were sliding up and down his cock. My tongue was sliding against his cock as it filled my mouth. I gently sucked as my lips slid back up his shaft. Up and down. Sucking and licking. He was moaning and his hips were moving forward and back. Don’s cock felt warm as it filled my mouth. I could feel it throbbing.

I bobbed up and down for a few minutes. I was surprised at how much it turned me on to suck my best friend. I could feel his cock getting even harder and pulsing. He moaned loudly as a warm burst of cum filled my mouth. I swallowed the first stream, and continued sucking up and down as he came in my mouth. His cum dripping from my lips, down my chin.

We were lying on our backs, enjoying the feeling of losing our virginity together.

“Curt, you have got to promise not to tell anyone about this.”

“Don, you have my word. What are you thinking?”

“How great that felt. How I realize how much I trust you.”

We fell asleep on the bed together that night. We both realized we had opened up a new aspect of our friendship.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20