Hotel 3some Fun

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I spent time on the internet looking for a couple with a bi male who would like me to join them for some 3some fun. After looking for a few weeks, I found a couple that were seeking a bi male to join them for sensual, sexual fun.

I contacted the couple via email and we exchanged information and pics online. They were both in their early 40’s and I am in my mid 30’s. They both looked great in the pics; especially his cock. They liked my pics and we decided to set up a date to meet and have some fun. They lived 30 miles away and we decided on a hotel in their city to meet at.

The day came to meet. I showered and got ready to make the drive to the hotel. As I pulled in the drive to the hotel, I recognized her sitting in the lobby waiting for me. My cock began to get hard. I walked into the hotel and introduced myself. We shook hands; her hand was so soft and warm. I began to imagine her hand wrapped around my cock. We kissed each other on the cheek and she led me down to the room they had reserved. The room had a king size bed with a whirlpool in the room. This made my heart jump with excitement at the idea of what we could come up with for fun in this room.

She started by doing a strip tease for us. She was so sexy as she took off her dress down to panties and bra; neither piece leaving much to the imagination. The thong and bra that barely covered anything; especially her 38dd breasts. He was sitting in a towel and I could see it tent up as we watched. This made my mouth water at the thought of what was under that towel. I could feel my cock getting even harder inside my pants. I slowly reached over and put my hand up under this towel and began to stroke his cock. He leaned back on his hands and closed his eyes, letting out casino oyna a soft moan. She noticed this and did not want to be left out. She slinked over to me and unzipped my jeans, pulling out my hard cock and lowered her mouth to it. She slowly sunk down most of my cock, making me melt right there.

He took his towel off so I could better stroke his cock uncovered. Her head bobbed up and down my cock as she sucked around on the head. She would suck on each of my balls and licked her way back up to my cock head before going down on me, taking me all the way down to where her nose was right up against my pube area. I nearly came in her hot, wet mouth. It was as slick as a pussy and felt just as warm and inviting as one. This was getting me very horny. I could not hold back the warmth rising up in me. I leaned over and took his cock in my mouth, deep throating it all the way. I licked up and down his cock and licked at his balls. I kept his cock in my mouth as much as possible.

She decided to let up on my cock (which was a good thing since she had me so close to cumming) and strip off her thong and bra. He laid back on the bed to let me continue my oral satisfaction on him. She climbed on the bed and placed her legs on each side of his head and lowered her pussy down on his face. I took this time to finish stripping off my clothes. Now we were all nude. I went back to kneeling between his legs that were hanging off the bed and went back to orally satisfying his cock. He licked deeply at her cunt, lapping away at her already sopping pussy. He sucked on her cunt lips and dove his tongue into her deep opening, hot opening. She was moaning loudly, telling him to eat her hot cunny and drink in her juices. All of a sudden, she was tossing canlı casino her head side to side and let out a loud moan, cumming on her husbands face. She nearly collapsed as I helped her off his face and laid her down on the bed next to him. She lay there catching her breath as her husband cleaned off his soaked face with his towel.

Being prompted by her husband, I climbed on top of his wife and slowly began to enter her pussy with my cock. She began to let out a low moan as I pushed my cock in as deep as it would go. I kept the pace slow as the husband lay next to this wife, sucking and squeezing her tits. She now started to moan a little louder, telling me to fuck her deep and to not stop until I cum in her pussy. She then took her husband’s head and pressed it against her tit as he continued to suck on her nipple.

She then whispered something in her husband’s ear and he slowly raised himself off her tit and off the bed. I continued to pump my cock into her pussy and began to pick up the pace a little. She kept telling to me to fuck her and now was telling me to fuck her deep and hard. I did just that and was ramming my cock in deep and fast. She then told me to slow down and lay down closer to her body. As I did, her tits were bouncing against my chest, her rock hard nipples rubbing against my chest. I then felt something cool on my asshole and realized it was her husband’s hand. I looked out of the corner of my eye and saw that he was rubbing something on it. I then felt one finger enter me slowly and work its way around. Then he pushed another finger in; then a third. My muscles at firs resisted but then began to relax and the feeling of his fingers began to flow lustfully through my body. The heat in my own body was increasing kaçak casino along with the heat around my cock from the hot pussy I was still fucking. The husband slowly took his fingers out of my ass and replaced them with his cock. The feeling this sent through me is so hard to describe but it was one that felt tremendously wonderful.

He slowly pumped my ass after my muscles relaxed. With each time he pumped into me, I pumped into her. The rhythm of our sex was in unison. When he began to pump me deeper, I just plunged into the wife and stayed there. His bumps against me rock my body into hers deeper and with that movement, she moaned, as she knew what was happening and was very turned on by it. As our bodies heated up, I could tell it would be soon when I would cum into this hot, wet pussy. The wife began to moan and cry out for her husband to shoot his load in my ass. When he asked if that is what I wanted, I told him to fuck me, fuck me well, and fill my tight ass with his hot cum. Then the wife chimed in that I had better do the same with her pussy. I said I would more than be happy to.

I felt the juice building up from my balls and heading toward the head of my dick. I then let out a moan and grunt and sprayed shot after long shot of hot cum into this waiting pussy. She let out a loud yell as she, too, came and all over my spraying cock. I then felt the husband stiffen up his body and felt his cock surge and jerk in my ass and I knew then that he was cumming in my ass. I felt each load shoot as he as deep into my ass.

I lowered my face down and kissed the wife deeply, our tongues probing each other’s mouths. The husband lowered himself down and placed his face on my back. He pulled out of me and lay next to his wife. I raised myself off the wife and lay on her other side. She kissed us both and as she slowly stroked our cocks, told us to not get too comfortable as she had more in mind for us to do tonight. BUT that is another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20