House Party Adventure

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I was in my last year of high school and I was at my friend Katie’s house. Katie’s family were away for the weekend so she had invited Mel, Alison, my girlfriend Sarah and myself for a Saturday night of drinking. We had all turned eighteen in the last few months, so buying alcohol legally was still a novelty to us. We had drunk a few each and were at the early, happy stage of drunk.

Mel, Sarah and I were talking at one end of the lounge. I excused myself to go to the toilet and when I came back the two girls just looked at me and smiled. “What?” I asked as I sat back down. Neither of them said anything. They just glanced at each other and started laughing. I noticed Sarah had gone a little bit red. “What?!” I asked again.

“Nothing,” said Mel “Sarah was just telling me about your big dick.” There was a moment of silence. I decided to play it cool.

“Oh right.” I said.

“To be fair,” said Sarah, “it is huge.”

“How did you get onto this topic of conversation?” I asked.

“Mel asked and I told her.” said Sarah, very manner of fact.

“How big is huge?” asked Mel.

“It’s about eight inches soft and just less than ten inches hard.” said Sarah.

“You know, you don’t have to tell her-” I began, but Sarah interrupted.

“Do you want to see it?”

Mel looked very eager. “Yes, I do!”

“Pardon?” I asked. “Do you really just want me to whip it out right here?”

“No,” said Mel. “we’ll go to Katie’s room; she won’t mind.”

Katie and Alison were both in the back garden having a cigarette. I was very glad they weren’t in the room to hear this conversation.

“That’s settled then.” said Sarah, getting to her feet, Mel stood up too. I stayed were I was.

I could feel myself getting embarrassed. I tried to think of something to say, some argument that would make the two girls sit back down for a minute. But I couldn’t. “Really?” I asked.

“Yep.” said Sarah simply. She reached down, took my hand and pulled me to my feet.

The truth is, I actually really liked the idea. I like being naked, and I really liked being naked in front of Sarah. It was the suddenness of it all that took me by surprise. Half way up the stairs I began wondering what Mel’s reaction would be. My size certainly took Sarah by surprise when she first saw it.

Mel opened a door and Sarah and I entered. Mel followed us in, closed the door and leaned against it. The bed was opposite the door. Sarah sat at the foot of the bed and Mel stayed at the door. I stood in between, side onto both of them, unsure of what to do.

“Come over here.” said Sarah. She pulled me towards here. As she was sitting on the bed her face was level with my stomach. She undid the button and fly on my jeans and in one fluid movement pulled down both my jeans and shorts. She looked at my penis looked up at me with a smile on her face, put her hands on my hips and turned me round.

I was now standing in front of Mel. She was staring at my big penis. It took her a moment to say anything and when she did it was simply “Wow.” Sarah walked round and stood next to her.

“I know.” she said. Both of them just stood and took the sight in.

Mel still casino oyna looked a little lost for words. Eventually she turned to Sarah and said “No wonder you’re always smiling!” I stood there, unsure of what to do or say. Mel then reached into her pocket and took out her cell phone.

“What are you doing?” I asked, a little nervously. Mel just smiled, pressed some buttons and lifted the phone to her ear. After a moment she spoke to someone on the other end.

“Katie,” she said “come up to your room and bring Alison. You’ve got to see something.” She hung up. I reached down to pull everything up.

“Oh no you don’t! Keep your hands by your sides. If you’re good you’ll be rewarded!” said Sarah.

“Yeah, you’ve got something worth showing off.” Mel added.

I stood there with my cock swaying gently as I looked around the room. I could hear the others coming up the stairs. I was suddenly nervous but, again, excited. There was about to be four very attractive girls focusing on my penis. The thought of it turned me on, but I was trying my best not to let that show.

Alison was first to come into the room. She opened her mouth to say something saw me standing with my jeans around my ankles and dick halfway down to my knees. She looked down and said “Well hello, big boy.”

Katie came in behind her. She looked straight to Mel, not seeing me on display at all. “What’s up?” Katie asked Mel. Mel simply pointed to me.

“Holy fuck!” exclaimed Katie.

“That’s some cock you’ve got on you there.” said Alison.

Katie turned to Sarah. “What do you do with that?” she asked.

“Well,” said Sarah “I do enjoy riding it, but it also spends a lot of time in my mouth.”

All the girls laughed. They were now all staring at my dick. Then the inevitable happened: I started getting hard. I had been fighting it for a while but I was feeling strangely comfortable with the whole thing now.

“Are you ok?” Sarah asked me. “You’re very quiet.”

“I’m fine,” I replied. “I’m actually kind of enjoying this.” I put my hands on my hips.

“Yes,” said Alison “I think we can all see that.”

I looked down. I was rock hard.

“Yes, sorry.” I mumbled.

“I was hoping that would happen.” Mel said. “Look at the size of it!”

“He’s been very brave and very well behaved,” Sarah said “I may give him a reward.”

“What are you going to do?” I asked.

Sarah didn’t say anything. She walked towards me, pulled my t-shirt over my head and threw it to the side. She put her hand on my shoulder and pushed me gently but firmly towards the bed. I heard Katie say “Oh, I like where this is going.” Once I was sitting on the foot of the bed I was pushed back so I was lying on the bed but my feet were on the ground. Sarah sat on the bed reached down and slowly started to jerk my dick. I felt my shoes being pulled off my feet and my jeans and shorts being completely removed. I heard them hitting the door. The rest of the girls sat on the bed to watch. Sarah slipped down between my legs so she was kneeling in front of me. Katie was at my head as she started stroking my hair. Mel was on my right. She reached over and held my cock near the top and started canlı casino stroking in unison with Sarah. I let out an involuntary groan.

“You enjoying this?” asked Mel.

“Fuck yes.” I managed to reply.

“It’s fat too.” said Katie out of nowhere. “Not too fat though. I’d love a shot on that.” I then felt a hand gently rubbing my balls.

“Let’s not forget about these,” said Alison “these are some size. Got a big load in there for us?”

All I managed to say was “Yeah.” I was lost in the moment. Sarah stopped. She sat up a bit, looked up at me and put my cock in her mouth.

“That’s the stuff!” said Alison.

Sarah was really going for it, more than I had ever known her too. After a minute she stopped, pointed my now throbbing member towards Mel and asked “Want a shot?” Wordlessly, I felt a new mouth close round my dick. It was a different technique; not better, not worse but different.

“Will we all get a shot?” asked Katie.

“Look at it, there’s plenty to go round!” replied Sarah. She then started licking the base of the shaft.

“I would just like you all to know,” I said “that I am having an excellent time.”

“I bet you are!” said Alison.

Both girls kept playing with my hard cock with their mouths for a couple of minutes. Alison and Katie were kneeling on the bed beside me, rubbing my chest and playing with my hair. Eventually I plucked up the courage to ask something that I had been dying to ask.

“You know,” I said tentatively “you guys are all having fun with my dick, is there any chance I could see some tits?”

Sarah stopped but Mel didn’t. She seemed really into sucking my hard dick. Sarah looked at both Alison and Katie.

“Well girls,” she said “what do you think? Should we show my man some boobs?”

“Fair’s fair.” said Alison simply.

“I would love to.” said Katie.

Mel stopped and sat up, wiping her mouth as she did. “Absolutely.” she said.

“Let’s do this properly,” said Sarah “back’s facing him.”

All the girls got up, leaving me lying on the bed wearing nothing but my socks. My cock was the hardest it’s ever been and I felt things were just getting better. I watched as all the girls stripped down to their bras. They then all took them off and put them on the ground in front of them.

“On three?” asked Katie. There all agreed. “Ok,” said Katie “one, two, three!”

They all turned around. To this day I am genuinely surprised I didn’t shoot my load right there. Here I was looking at four, hot topless girls walking towards my hard cock, all smiling ready to play. I was used to Sarah breasts, they were large with lightly coloured areolas. Mel’s were the smallest of the group, but very pert. Katie’s were roughly the same size as Sarah’s; maybe a little larger but with larger and more defined areolas. Alison’s were huge. I always knew they were, but the fact that she had a slim build meant they looked even larger. They bounced as she walked. I remember thinking that her bra must have to do a lot of work to contain those bad boys.

Sarah had motioned Katie and Alison to start playing with my penis. Alison took Sarah’s place while Katie sat were Mel had been. Sarah kaçak casino and Mel sat opposite them, Sarah closest to my head. She lent towards me. “Having a good time?”

“The best.” I replied as Alison as Katie started stroking my dick.

“You know I love your big fat cock, it’s nice to share it with our friends.”

“Uh-huh” was all I could manage in response. Alison was still tugging me off but Katie had just clamped her mouth round the end of my penis.

“So, who has the best tits?” asked Sarah.

“Everyone’s are amazing.” I replied.

“Well,” said Sarah “I know you love mine.” She moved over so her boobs were hanging right over my face. I knew what it was she wanted me to do. Sarah loves getting her nipples bitten, she loves it being done really aggressively, which I did for a couple of minutes. She started to moan with pleasure, I decided to reach and try and put my hand down her pants, but she stopped me. “Later.” she whispered and sat back up.

I looked down to see Katie take her mouth off my penis, she looked at me and smiled. “You’ve got a really nice dick. I just want to feel it in me.”

“What do you think Ben would say to that?” I asked, Ben was Katie’s boyfriend. “What do you think he’ll say if he finds out about all this?”

Katie looked down to watch Alison take my cock hungrily into her mouth as she took over jerking the bottom of my shaft. “He doesn’t need to know.”

Sarah lent over me again, her big tits were right at my face. I grabbed one of her nipples with my teeth and started sucking hard; the way I knew she liked. She started groaning quietly.

“I want to sit on your cock and fuck your brains out,” she said, “nice and hard. I love that big cock inside of me.”

This was too much, I had to admit defeat.

“Shit,” I said “I’m going to cum.”

Katie stared tugging faster and said “Fuck yeah, shoot that load.” Alison unclamped her mouth from my cock and joined Katie in stroking my cock vigorously. I came, and hard. I looked down. My first stream of jizz caught Alison full in the face. She screamed and pushed my hard cock towards Katie as I shot my second load. This splashed right up Katie’s big tits and chin as she hurriedly tried to get my erupting dick into her mouth. She swallowed the rest of my load. “I’m not usually a swallower,” she said “but for this cock I thought I would make an exception.”

Sarah leaned in and kissed me. “Well done, my big boy.” I saw Mel lean towards Alison and remove some of my come from her face with an index finger. She licked my jizz off her finger.

“Hmm, tasty.” she said. “Maybe we could do this again.” I looked to Sarah.

“I think so.” she said. “Would you like that?” she asked, looking at me.

“Umm, yes!” I said.

We all lay on the bed for a while after, just chatting. Eventually we put our clothes back on. The girls ran off with my jeans and shorts and stood at the bottom of the stairs with them “Just so we can have one last look at that cock swaying around before you put it away for the night.” said Mel.

The rest of the night was spent enjoying more drinks and chatting to each other. As we were all staying at Katie’s house that night it was very chilled and relaxing, but my mind kept going back to the events of the evening and wondering if anything like that would ever happen again.

I didn’t have to wait long to find out…

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