How Sex Saved Capitalism

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(All characters depicted are 18 years of age or older)

Mr. Wallace lined up all the girls against the wall for gym class. They slid their gym shorts down then put their hands on the wall. Their bare butts were pale, even the Latina and black girls in our class had pale butts, though they were more coppery than white. All the boys gathered close, ready to be assigned a partner. In the waning years of late-stage capitalism, the fertility rate had drop to a dangerously low .6 which meant only 6 out of 10 American women had a single child in their lifetime. The fertility rate was so low the population contracted, and the unchecked growth of the market collapsed horrendously. Millions of people lost their jobs. Drastic steps had to be taken to save the American economy. Pregnancy was now mandatory.

Every day in senior gym class, the girls were lined up, and the boys had to inseminate them. After two weeks, the girls took pregnancy tests and restarted the cycle if they hadn’t been impregnated. Several steps were taken to ensure the best possible results. Girls were given mood enhancers to increase their sex drives. The gym was kept warm to facilitate comfortable copulation. Mr. Wallace walked down the line, stopping at each girls to prepare her for penetration. At each student he would push two fingers inside her pussy and masturbate her until she was wet. Some girls would shuffle their feet uncomfortably, others would whine casino siteleri or gasp, sometimes the girls would orgasm on accident if they were sensitive. Emily would always whimper and cum when Mr. Wallace masturbated her. Girls were encouraged to masturbate frequently and copulate with as many boys as possible outside of gym class. Boys had bathroom breaks, but girls could take procreation breaks if they were craving a specific boy at the moment.

The boys were prepared too. It wasn’t hard to get aroused for a girl’s butt and pussy on display, but some of us were anxious to be in front of other boys and expected to perform. Ms. Monroe, the English teacher, had us line up. If we needed help, she would pull our shorts down and masturbate us until we were hard. If we were still too nervous, she would suck on our cock until we were ready. Sometimes a boy would get so excited he would cum in her face or hair, but she would just smile and wipe it away with a wet napkin.

For most of us, our cocks stood at attention like the rifles of soldiers ready to march into battle. Ms. Monroe helped the boys who were still soft. She knelt on her padded mat and played with their cocks until they were ready. She always smiled and always seemed eager to help out. Next to me, she knelt and took Charlie’s soft cock in her mouth. She was so dutiful, taking his full length, eyes smiling, looking up at him to be sure he was comfortable. Her lips were canlı casino so pretty wrapped around his cock.

Once Charlie was hard, she stood up and gave my cock a playful squeeze and fondled my balls. She liked to be sure we were hard and ready. Ms. Monroe was very popular with the boys at the school. Mr. Wallace, having finished masturbating each of the girls, blew his whistle, signaling for us to begin. Each girl presented for us, ready to be mounted and bred like an animal. Some girls had tiny, flat butts like a boy’s. Other girls had thick hips and fat butts. Below their butts, you could see the small fold of their pussies. Most the girls had a small, unassuming bush, but others had already started to shave.

Today, I was assigned Jennifer. Jennifer was taller than me and very curvy. Her fat butt stuck out like a ripe piece of fruit, and her pussy was covered with a little, brown bush. I walked up behind her and grabbed her hips. She trembled under my fingers. The girls weren’t supposed to know who was fucking them. By the end of the month, every boy had fucked every girl and vice versa. We rotated everyday to ensure the greatest chance of conception.

I pushed Jennifer’s hips down until I could enter her. Her pussy was very tight and warm. It practically hugged my cock. I started penetrating her, moving my hips like how we were taught at the beginning of the school year. Jennifer’s pussy felt so good squeezing kaçak casino my bare cock. Without thinking, I reached under her gym shirt and squeezed her breasts. Technically we weren’t supposed to fondle the girls, but no one ever enforced the rules. Ejaculation and conception were more important than anything else. Jennifer had great boobs that were warm and soft in my hands.

After weeks of inseminating girls, I had gotten pretty good I think. Jennifer moaned as I fucked and fondled her. Next to me, Emily cried out as she orgasmed from Charlie fucking her. Emily was the smallest girl in the class, and her pussy was really tight and sensitive. She came almost every time a boy fucked her. Watching the other girls get fucked helped me orgasm. There was a perfect row of bent over girls, each with a boy inside them. Condoms were forbidden.

Jennifer’s breasts swayed in my hands as I continued to fuck her. I tried my hardest to get her pregnant. I imagined my sperm flooding her womb and inseminating her. I imagined her belly and breasts swollen with pregnancy. Almost half the girls at our school were pregnant, and I found their bodies fascinating. I wanted Jennifer to be fat and pregnant with my baby.

I gasped and groaned as I unloaded a full load inside Jennifer’s unprotected pussy. I clung to her body, my face in her shoulders as I emptied my balls inside her. I stepped back and joined the other boys. At the end, each girl was pumped full of cum that leaked out of their used pussies like a broken faucet. I stared in fascination, each pussy ready to serve the greater good, each girl ready to take our cocks and give birth to a new generation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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