How We Met

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Alex looked at the application in front of him. Now where was this lass from? Oh yes, Antima a small tribal village in Indonesia. Why did that sound familiar? Then he remembered. He had been watching porn and saw a clip a researcher had made of tribal women who followed tradition and would suck the cock of any tribal man who put it in front of them. The porn had played like a documentary chronicling many types of footage of women in loin cloths sucking big hard dicks.

She couldn’t be from this place could she? Her qualifications for the job he was hiring for were skimpy but he couldn’t resist the urge to find out if it was true.

Alex asked me to join him and Tracy for drinks and I agreed whole heartedly. So here we are making small talk in a hotel bar. It was always hard to make friends. Garth and I are so different than anyone else around here, but we were willing to keep trying to connect with people. That’s how we came to arrange date for cocktails with Tracy and Alex. I’d been working at the Trillia Office for some time now. It was a small firm in the industrial area and Alex was the boss. Unfortunately Garth had to work late so I went on ahead and greeted our friends.

I was the first to arrive. I sipped my chocolate martini and put my full lips around the cherry as I thought about the day I got hired. It was a cool, crisp day and I was instantly attracted to the man with the sparkly eyes would stood before me ready to give me an interview. I thought he would let out a whistle when his eyes first roamed over my firm and ample curves. I knew I had that effect on men. He took me in, in one glance, and then smiled.

The questions asked during the interview were basic and not too difficult. At the end of the interview he asked me if I had any questions. I nodded my head shyly.

Then in a bold and dangerous move he asked, with a twinkle in his eye, “Your qualifications look good, but can you suck cock?” His smile said he was kidding but his growing hard on, indicated he was serious.

At that comment I slid behind his desk and lowered my shirt revealing my gorgeous tits. I rubbed his manhood through his pants. He undid his pants and pulled out his large throbbing cock. I stuck out my tongue as I had done hundreds of times before and felt him place his cock on it. Then he started pushing inside my little mouth, back and forth. My tongue rubbed against his cock every time he pushed inside me. Then I closed my delicate mouth around him and squeezed him in my mouth inhaling him ridiculously deep. Having sucked so many cocks had taught me a few things about what men liked and how to get them to release their hot wet liquid down my throat. He held my head tight and fucked my mouth like a man possessed. Before long I felt the wetness from his eruption land on my porcelain tits. I got up quietly and washed myself off in his private bathroom off the office. I looked back and observed Alex watching me scrubbing his cum off my tits through the open door with a huge smile on his face. His dripping cock echoed his jubilation.

My eyes lit up as I saw Tracy and Alex arrive through the door. We greeted each other warmly. We perched ourselves on the stools and animatedly shared stories from our past. Then the conversation turned to how we had met our respective spouses. Alex and Tracy revealed they had met at a sex club. Their story was graphic and exciting. Soon they started to look at me as if I was a piece of meat to devour and I felt rippling sensations beat inside me. I didn’t know how I felt about this development, but my body was telling me I was getting very turned on. I think it was my third martini and the sexual charge in the air that allowed me to share my story with them. I had never told anyone else my unusual upbringing, and how I had met Garth.

Garth and I met years ago when I was living in the canyons on a remote island in Indonesia where I was born. It was an entirely different life there than it is now, since we were rescued and given an opportunity to join civilization. What happened there wasn’t civilized, but it’s a culture my ancestors have nurtured through the ages. The tradition in the tribe was centuries old and gave honor and casino siteleri great rewards to the strongest and smartest man in our tribe. Garth saved me from him.

It all began in a place where time literally stands still. We had no means of calculating time, we were just that remote. On the day one of the female tribe members is born, the appointed Time Keeper elder, draws the shape of the stars and the position of the sun with a crude piece of charcoal in an enclosed chamber. Access to this information is only allowed by the elder who was appointed, the Time Keeper.

On the eve of the girl’s 20th birthday, the person who remembered the positioning of the stars and sun accurately as on the day she was born would be on this day allowed to challenge the Time Keeper. Each of the men was only given three chances each to guess the correct date. They were to anticipate the correct alignment of the stars, and thus her birthday to be able to win the maidens hand in marriage.

As I grew older I started to notice the men of the tribe looking at me hungrily. When I turned 18 the Timekeeper called me to sit beside her.

“Now my precious beautiful one, you will learn how to please a man, from now until your 20th birthday. Whenever a man presents himself to you, you will use your mouth to satisfy his need and remove his seed from his body. These men will be your teachers so will be able to please your husband when you turn 20. Learn from them my dear, and always say yes.”

I wondered if she told all of the men because from that day onward, they started coming to up to me and sticking their long cocks in my mouth. They would teach me how to suck them, how to please them, and how to create the fiery eruption that seared my throat. Some days they came back two or three times; other days five or six men found me and would use my pretty mouth to satisfy their desires. Often they would make me strip and bounce my ass up and down as I sucked them.

The one thing they were not allowed to do was touch me below my waist. My young tits got slapped and sucked and covered in their hot cum. Sometimes I enjoyed feeling the power of a strong cock erupting in my mouth, knowing I had the power to do that, other times my mouth felt sore and overly stretched by the big pieces of muscle that penetrated it.

I had to go to the river several times a day to bathe the men’s cum from my body and mouth. That’s where I happened along my secret cave. My secret hiding place; my cave of refuge. The place I would go when I wanted to hide from the world. It had been created in the canyon by some big birds. I continued to carve and tear away at the soft rock until it became bigger and bigger. During the two years before I turned 20, I would claim to be picking berries but would go to my cave and appreciate the solitude.

My long black hair, exotic oriental look and big eyes had always encouraged the men to look at me too long. I had the body of a gymnast with a strong arch in my back making my tush stick out when I walked or stood. As I grew older I looked at the men questioningly when they blatantly showed their attraction. After I turned 18 they would often corner me under a tree and bring me to my knees swaying their big hard cocks in my mouth. I would suck them and taste their sperm.

I sucked the tribal men, both of us knowing they wouldn’t be able to penetrate my tight virgin hole unless they beat the odds and won me as their wife. Sometimes I felt their frustration as they ripped into my mouth forcefully or covered my face in dramatic bursts of hot cum. The men honored the tradition but their glances assured me that they wanted more and more. Looking down at my budding body, the endless question kept coming to mind, over and over again.

When will it be my 20th birthday?

When will I become a man’s wife? What man will I take care of? Who will I bathe and sexually satisfy his every whim? Who will I find food and cook it for? I was lost in my thoughts when I looked up. I made a face and rolled my eyes. It was Ramos. The strongest and meanest of the tribe members. He had made me suck his cock and he’d touched my body many times. Ramos was often rough and would canlı casino hold my mouth still as he pulsed his release into the back of my throat while squeezing my tits hard.

As chief no family member questioned him when he stole me away in the middle of the night to satisfy his sexual urges.

“I’m going to fuck you on your 20th birthday and make you mine,” he often promised.

His timing and trickery had allowed him to possess 15 wives making him the ruler and chief of the tribe. Ramos was catered to continually by both men and women. Often the cries in the night could be heard from his hut as he claimed his masculine right with one or more of his many wives. His tastes were animalistic; his desires intense.

Ramos’s presence frightened me. He was so smart and astute that he was able to miraculously memorize each positioning of the stars to identify them at a later time. I often wondered if he had found a writing tool himself, but I had found no evidence of it. The sparse and often desert like conditions of our environment offered no such opportunity and surely someone would have seen him. I often dreamt of being rescued by one of my many male friends and suitors whose company I enjoyed from day to day. But the man I wanted to marry the most was Garth. Garth treated me like a precious princess in every way and I loved him. His cum was sweet and flowed down my throat like an elixir.

The day of my 20th birthday began like every other. The sun rose, the birds chirped, the winds hollowed through the canyons, and then there it was. The bong. The bong that assembled us all so we could witness a man’s quest to find a wife by announcing her 20th birthday.

We were all assembled in the tribe circle when the elder began to speak. He talked about a challenger and then I heard my name. Suddenly I became nervous and scared. Surely I couldn’t be 20 already. This man can’t be my betrothed. The thought suddenly scared me and I felt panic seize my soul. He was too big, he would hurt me. I visibly trembled as I walked to the makeshift podium. All eyes fixated on the Time Keeper who ceremoniously walked into the chamber after talking to the man who wanted to claim me.

When the Time Keeper returned, she put her hands over top of his, looked at me, and raised his hands with mine and hers to the sky, signaling his victory. As the tribe members yelled and whooped he grabbed my soft delicate skin roughly, kissed me hard, and threw me over his shoulder like a sack of flour. His mannerisms were vile; his kiss rough and uninvited.

I trembled once more and realized my life was over, that living hell had just begun. Garth was watching with a pained expression on his face. I looked over at him with pleading eyes that seemed to visibly tear him apart. His fists were clenched and tears were rolling down his face.

I started to cry. Garth came towards me then, pushing into the crowd.

Ramos looked at him with contempt asking, “What the hell are you doing lad? This morsel is mine to succulently enjoy!”

Garth kicked him hard then. His friends joined by pushing and causing a distraction. I took the opportunity to run. I was limber and prepared for this day. I dashed through the canyon at full speed eluding my captors with many twist and turns and then suddenly I was in my cave. I knew this day would come and I was prepared.

Days went by and I remained in my cave, wiling away the days and hours with imaginings. I had stocked my special hiding place with food and water so I could survive. I didn’t want to be married to Ramos and I would do whatever I could to save my virginity for the man I loved.

I usually had people around me, sleeping in the same hut with me, so being so isolated offered challenges.

I was during one of those boring listless days that I thought of Garth and felt a tingling ripple through me. The feelings in my body surprised me, and it then it happened again. My nipples became so hard they were almost painful. I touched them then, surprised at how good they felt. Then I put my thumb and index finger over top of them and pulsed them back and forth. The feeling was exquisite.

Wetness filled my pussy and kaçak casino an involuntary gasp escaped my lips. I breathed in and slid my fingers down my flat stomach and down my skirt to my pussy. When I found my clit I moaned loudly, surprised at the beautiful feelings surging through me. The faster I rubbed the better it felt. I felt an urge to put my finger deep in my pussy and I did. It felt so good. I started pumping my finger faster and faster. The fingers of my other hand found my clit again and worked in unison. My eyes were slits as the first orgasm overtook me, making me cry out my release.


I heard Garth’s voice from outside the cave.

“Garth I’m in here.” We greeted each other in a passionate embrace and quickly found refuge in the cave. Far in the distance Ramos saw us enter the hidden cave. Once safely inside Garth kissed me softly and held me close. Then he pulled me away from his body to look at me.

“Are you okay Mia? Did he hurt you? You’re all flushed, what happened to you?”

“I want you to claim me as yours Garth,” I begged of him.

“Take me now, I know you will be good to me and treat me well. Please pierce my flower and make me yours. It’s the only way. Claim me! ” I was shouting at him urgently.

There was loud noise then Ramos entered the cave. My voice must have revealed our location. He had clearly been drinking and look exhausted from the long walk to my hiding place.

“You, wench, you dare defy me?” He looked crazed and wild. Ramos’s speech was slurred and his footing was unstable.

He grabbed me then, grabbing my nakedness and pushed me to my knees. He unbuckled his belt and let loose his enormous cock while spreading my ass cheeks.

“Listen Ramos, don’t do this, let me be with her, she loves me,” Garth called out.

It’s no use Ramos said, “I have already claimed her as mine. We are as one now; she’s my whore to fuck as I please.”

“Ramos, I already claimed her; she has my seed inside her.”

Ramos looked at me and the flushed look on my face, imagining that this might very well be true.

Then he looked at Garth and demanded, “Strip! Let me see the cum dripping from your cock.”

I quickly scrambled to my feet out maneuvering the drunken tyrant bending over me with his pants pulled down.

In a flurry Grant grabbed me then and we ran out of the cave, my naked body exposed to the harsh outdoors. Branches whisked by, marking my body. Once high in the hills Garth put me down on the ground and kissed me sweetly.

“I’m sorry Mia, I wanted the first time to be special for you, but it has to be this way.”

With those words he removed his pants and showed me his pulsing member. Then he was inside me, breaking my barrier, claiming me as his, his hardness penetrated my pussy, taking my virginity. “You’re impossibly tight Mia,” he exclaimed as he poured his seed into me. And so the man I loved took my virgin body as I lay on the barren soil. It was then that Ramos found us.

“The marriage is not consummated without semen,” he yelled sputtering as he climbed up the rock towards us.

“I don’t trust you, Garth but I have always called you my friend. Prove to me that your cum is inside her and I will release my hold on this vixen that bewitches us all.”

Without skipping a beat, Garth’s mouth was on exposed pussy, his tongue inside me, scooping up his cum with his long tongue. He stood before Ramos and showed him his puddle of cum from my pussy.

Ramos appeared to change his tone and was suddenly amused by the situation. He had so many wives I must not have mattered at some point.

“Okay, Garth my friend, you have won this battle fairly. You may keep this delightful wench and claim her as yours.”

I felt so exposed walking back with the men to the village; my alluring body gawked at by all to see. Garth took me into his tent then and pulled a warm blanket over me and held me close all night long.

A year later some researchers happened onto our tribe. We convinced them to take us to North America by promising them our first year’s wages.

I worked as a waitress and Garth was a stable boy until we were finally free. When our year was up we searched hard to find good jobs to support us. It was an arduous task but we kept trying.

“That’s how I happened to meet Alex,” I said smiling at Tracy. “My resume was online, and here I am.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20