Immoral Fairytales Ch.02: Black Dog

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***Thanks for checking out this series. The Immoral Fairytales series (four chapters) is a bit different from my normal stories. I wanted to try something a little more raw and naughty as opposed to a love story. Please be warned, the fairytales at some point may include BDSM, tentacle sex, mild mind control, mild reluctance, domination, gay sex, futanari (girl with a penis), water sports, and probably some other stuff. If that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea (so to speak), I promise chapters of other stories will still be released between chapters, so you may wanna just skip these.

It isn’t necessary to read them in order. You might enjoy them more if you do, but don’t let me tell you what to do. 🙂

If you decide to read further, I hope you enjoy.



Usually Forrest didn’t really care what his sister was up to. That wasn’t to say they had a bad relationship or anything, but he left her alone for the most part, he had his own problems to worry about.

His mother leaned over and watched the house across the street. The neighbors had finished moving in, but his mother still spied. She sighed, then leaned back, dropping the curtain.

“Ma, what’s wrong?” He knew what was wrong, but she was acting like she wanted him to ask.

“I’m just worried,” she said, picking up the curtain. “Your sister is over there a lot these days.”

“I thought you wanted her to get to know the neighbors?” he asked, rolling his eyes. He turned from her and poured Apple Jacks into a bowl. He neglected the milk, bringing the bowl to the table.

“That’s gross,” his mother commented. “Cereal should have milk.”

“Don’t like milk,” he shrugged.

She frowned, then looked back out the window. “Lily is different lately.”

He snorted. “Ma, Lily’s dating that boy, the green haired one Glyn. She’s not different, she’s in love.” Even as he said it, he didn’t feel it was quite the truth. But it also wasn’t any of his business.

“Is his hair really green? I couldn’t tell. I thought it looked like it was maybe blonde but pool chemicals made it green. Do you think he dyes it?”

Forrest shrugged, stuffing his mouth full of dry cereal.

His mother watched him with a frown. “Your dad doesn’t like them.”

He sniffed. “Dad doesn’t like anyone new. He’s very ingrained in his ways.”

His mother didn’t say anything and they sat there quietly for a few moments, his mother’s eyes on the house across the street and his mouth full of cereal. Finally she turned back to him. God, he didn’t feel the need the need to continue the conversation, but she didn’t want to let it go.

“How’s Annie?”

He flinched. “Ah, we broke up.”

“Oh. Ooooh. I’m sorry.” For her part, she really did look genuinely sorry.

“Nah, it was amicable and all. We just didn’t fit, and we both came to realize it.”

That wasn’t entirely true, either, but he didn’t feel like explaining it to his mother. She wouldn’t understand. “Oh. Well, I guess that’s as good as any breakup could turn out. She seemed like such a nice girl, though. How long’d you two date?”

“Three months,” he grunted.

“Hmm. Well, there’s plenty more where she came from. If you wanted, Linda at work, her daughter’s about your age. I think she said she was single.”

He picked up his bowl and left the table. “Ma! Maybe let the dust settle first?”

“Oh, sorry. I guess I’m not myself lately. You know, with Lily all… You know.”

He noticed a mug of tea on the counter as he put his bowl in the sink. He picked it up and smelled it, then wrinkled his nose. The mug was warm and comforting in his hands.

“What’s this?” He sipped it, not realizing what he was doing it until the acerbic fluid filled his mouth. He swallowed it down quickly, then slammed the mug down, sloshing the dreadful fluid onto the counter. He dumped the tea down the drain, rinsed the mug a few times, then filled it with water and chugged it all, trying to get the taste from his mouth.

“Oh, Lily’s tea. That boy of hers makes it, she loves it. Has some every day. Tried to get me to drink it, but the stuff smells god awful.” His mother shivered in disgust.

“Yeah, it tastes like shit, too.”

“Forrest! Language!”

“Sorry ma.” He put his bowl in the sink and headed towards the stairs. It was a rare day off, and he was gonna enjoy it by playing video games all afternoon.

“Forrest!” his mother exclaimed from the kitchen as his foot hit the first step. “You did not leave me an empty box of cereal on the counter, did you!?”

He flinched. “Sorry, ma.”

“Sorry? How about just don’t do it? How many times do you need to hear it before it sinks in? Don’t leave empty boxes, don’t put empty boxes away. Throw them out, recycle them! You’re twenty two now, Forrest. For heaven’s sake.”

She continued complaining but he climbed the steps two at a time. He already apologized, he didn’t have to stick around for the rest of it. He locked himself in his room, then put his headphones on and casino oyna started playing.

Time passed. His mother popped her head into the room after a while, letting him know she was going to work. He grunted assent, not listening. She hadn’t even been gone ten minutes when a hunger he couldn’t define distracted him. He ignored it, continuing his game, but it grew stronger and more distracting the longer he tried to push it from his mind.

Eventually he was unable to ignore it anymore. He went downstairs in search for something to fill the craving. He riffled through the fridge and cupboards, but not one thing interested him. None of it was what he was craving. It was beyond frustrating, and still he couldn’t even figure out what exactly he actually wanted.

After a third fruitless search through the kitchen he noticed movement outside the window from the house across the street. He moved closer and found it wasn’t Glyn who was outside, who he’d expected. It wasn’t too surprising to see Glyn working outside when Lily wasn’t over there. Instead, another man was on the porch, too big to be mistaken for Lily’s slim, tall boyfriend.

This was probably his father, though he’d had never seen the man before, so he didn’t know for sure. He was pretty sure Lily said Glyn had a sister, not a brother. There was no way the man on the porch could be a brother to Glyn, it just wasn’t possible. He wasn’t young enough, but he didn’t necessarily look old enough to be his father, either.

The man on the porch was huge. He wasn’t fat, he was pure muscle wrapped in deeply tanned skin, a thick coating of dark hair covering his arms. Forrest’s eyes drank in the man’s broad shoulders and massive chest barely contained in a tight navy t-shirt, then moved down to take in thighs that looked like they could crush a man’s head between them encased in a pair of faded jeans. He idly wondered if his legs were as hairy as his arms were, wondered how it would feel to run his hands over them. How it would feel to have hairy thighs pressing against his cheeks as…

He flushed, pushing the thoughts away. He forced himself to think about breasts, the way a woman’s ass filled tight miniskirts, anything to explain the growing erection in his shorts that didn’t include Mr. Gwilt’s body. Still, he watched his neighbor closely.

As if he knew Forrest was watching the man looked up and their eyes met, he swore they did. A wolfish grin crossed the man’s face and Forrest looked away quickly, flushing furiously.

Why was he blushing? He was in his own house, looking out the window. He wasn’t doing anything wrong. He forced himself to look back outside.

The man had his back to him now. He bent over to reveal a firm ass that filled the seat of his jeans to perfection. Forrest swallowed hard, eyes locked on those solid globes, hypnotized.

Boobs. Pussy. He was treading in dangerous waters, and he needed to stop. He shook his head to clear it, he needed to get a grip. This wasn’t him. He forced his eyes down, then closed them as he worked to clear his mind.

Once he felt he was in control again he realized was that he wasn’t hungry, not for food, though the craving persisted. Despite that, he still rifled through the fridge once more, just in case he missed something. Nothing caught his eye, though he’d been expecting it this time. The craving grew even more insistent.

He peeked outside again, but the man wasn’t there anymore. He swallowed down his disappointment.

No, he told himself, he wasn’t disappointed. He was relieved. Shit, no, not that either. It wasn’t anything. It was nothing.

He needed air, he decided after opening the fridge again two more times, then looking through the pantry and cupboards as well, still finding nothing to fill his craving. He needed some air. He slipped on his tennis shoes without socks, then let himself outside.

It was hot out, hotter than it looked. Central air was a blessing and a curse, he thought, as the temperature change instantly messed with him, making him feel slightly nauseous. He almost went back inside, but he still felt off. He adjusted his still half-cocked dick, then set out for a quick walk instead.

Half way down the block he had this feeling that he wasn’t alone. He turned around, but no one else was on the street with him, other than one car further down the block. He shrugged, then turned right onto Canal Street. There was a slight breeze, and he closed his eyes to enjoy the slightly cooler currents flowing around him. Something in the air caught his attention, just a hint, but it smelled good. Smelled like something that would fill his craving. Something… God, he couldn’t figure it out.

The hair on the back of his neck prickled and the feeling of being followed deepened. Not followed, hunted. He felt like he was being hunted. He turned around again, so sure he’d see something, but he was still alone. Still, the smell teased him, barely on the air, and his whole body felt like a rubber band drawn too taut, ready to snap canlı casino as his adrenaline rose.

Also, his cock had completely filled again, drawing his attention as it chafed against his jean shorts. It ached as he readjusted again before he resumed walking again, feeling unnerved.

After a few steps he realized he was being ridiculous. This was all in his head, maybe a side effect from Lily’s stupid boyfriend’s herbal tea. It did always make her more space cadet-ish, but he wasn’t feeling foggy and good in the ways it effected her. He was feeling anxious and starting to freak out a little. He walked faster, suddenly ready to be back at home where he could lock himself in his room until this, whatever this was, passed. He turned right on Cedar, moving so quickly he was almost jogging.

He turned back again, forcing himself to do it to prove to himself it was all in his head. He was being absurd

He barely suppressed a startled yip when came face to face with that wolfish grin. His breath stopped in his throat as hands closed over his shoulders. Big, strong hands, attached to strong arms covered in thick, dark hair, then to the wide shoulders he definitely hadn’t been admiring earlier. “Fuck!”

The man had hair so dark it was nearly black. It curled playfully around his face, though it wasn’t long enough to be considered shaggy. Mild crinkles around his eyes gave him a mature look, but he didn’t look old. He was fatherly. His smile didn’t appear friendly, but it wasn’t threatening, either. It was something completely different, and Forrest’s first instinct was to run. The man’s hands firmed on his shoulders as if he’d anticipated this reaction.

“If you run,” he said in a low, bassy growl directly into Forrest’s ear, his breath tickling the sensitive skin there, “you’ll make me want to chase you. If I chase you, I will catch you. Do you want me to catch you?” Those words made him shiver, made his body feel weird, but also good. Heat radiated from the man’s heavy hands down into his shoulders, trickling into his chest, filling it slowly.

He sucked in a deep, gasping breath. His lungs filled with the smell of the man and he knew immediately it had been a mistake. He smelled like a wet forest, like the morning fog, like the musk of a male ready to mate. He smelled like a predator. He smelled like exactly what Forrest had been craving all morning. He shivered and the man’s smile widened, showing off impossibly sharp teeth.

“What the fuck?” he gasped, trying to push the heavy hands from his shoulders. He didn’t try very hard, though. He couldn’t put much energy into it, his body secretly loved the heat that was slowly filling his chest as it streamed inside him from those big, strong hands. He needed the pressure the heat was building up inside him, preparing him for something great.

He looked up, the man had to be over six and a half feet tall. He was huge, and Forrest knew without looking that it was all muscle. He resisted the urge to trace his finger over a perky nipple pushing out against the navy blue confines of his tight shirt. Forrest swallowed hard, balling his hands at his side. He forced himself to look down, but his gaze got caught at the faded jeans and the bulge they did nothing to hide. He swallowed again, then forced himself to look at the ground.

The man chuckled, then released his grip and stepped back. Forrest frowned, catching himself from whining. He needed to get away from this man, he was dangerous. It was dangerous how much he wanted to taste the man, to discover if his skin tasted like the scent on the air, to discover if the inside of his mouth could finally stake his craving.

“I don’t believe we’ve met, but I’ve heard so much about you.” The man never stopped smiling, predatory and promising at the same time. His eyes were yellow, reminding him of a wolf he’d seen at the zoo when he was much younger.

He’d been really young, so maybe he mis-remembered it, or maybe he’d made it up in his head, but the wolf had locked eyes with him then and he felt like they’d shared a moment. This wolfish man locked eyes with him now, the old feelings rekindling.

“You’ve heard about me?” he squeaked, his throat tight. He wasn’t sure why this man’s presence had such a strong, unsettling effect on him.

“Your sister, Lily. She is a delightful young woman. She has nothing but wonderful things to say about you, Forrest.”

“Oh. Ah, yeah.” He nodded, then took a step backwards, away from the man. “Yeah. I should, ah-“

“I’m Conway,” the man said, holding out his hand. Forrest shook it automatically, his home training operating before his brain did. Conway squeezed his hand tight enough he felt the bones shift. Instead of scaring him or making him uncomfortable, it excited him. Conway squeezed long enough for the handshake to feel uncomfortable, then released it. He instantly missed the pressure and heat.

No, he didn’t. He pulled his hand away as if he’d been burned, then massaged it with the other. There was nothing about Conway that kaçak casino excited him. He swallowed hard. “I should be going. Nice to meet you.” He turned away from the large man, another mistake.

He made it six steps before strong, thick arms drew his body backwards, enveloping him within them. Conway’s body pressed against his, molding to Forrest’s backside as if they were perfectly paired jigsaw puzzle pieces. “I warned you not to run from me. It makes me want to chase you.”

“I wasn’t running,” he gasped.

“I want you to,” Conway whispered. “I wanna hunt you before I claim you, Forrest.”

He shivered at the words whispered into his ear, Conway’s hot breath on his neck. The arms wrapped around his torso squeezed and pulled him against the massive bulge in Conway’s pants. God, he smelled amazing. It filled his whole head with Conway’s manly and musky flavor. It made his head feel thick. He gulped it in, tasting it on the air, willing it to fill him completely. He smelled like sex, smelled like exactly what he was craving.

The thought had him struggling as his heart tried to rip itself out of his chest it was beating so hard. Adrenaline filled his chest, filled him with an urge to run. His head swam, thick with Conway’s heat, touch, and smell. He had to get away, had to escape or he’d be eaten, he just knew it.

“That’s fucked up,” he bit out.

Conway laughed, then shrugged. “Fucked up or not, I like it. I like the hunt. And, if you run, I’ll chase you. You’ll love every second of being hunted, I can tell.” He licked Forrest’s ear starting at the lobe, then bit down, his sharp teeth needling the sensitive flesh. “And when I catch you, Forrest Robles, I will devour you.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Mr. Gwilt. I hafta go now.” Forrest froze in his arms despite his words, battling his desire to run home and hide, and his desire to grind his ass into Conway’s solid manhood behind him.

He shook his head, he wasn’t gay. He liked girls. Boobs. Pussy.

Conway chuckled in his ear, then ran his tongue over the sore skin. “Do you like this?” he asked, pressing his hips into Forrest’s ass. He could feel the shape of the man’s massive member clearly, loved the feeling of it rubbing on his butt. The moan that escaped him set his face aflame.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he denied, breathing harder.

Conway bit again, sharper, harder. Forrest yelped in pain, but Conway held his bite for a few seconds before releasing again. “Do not lie to me. I will not tolerate it.”

“Yes sir,” he said before he knew what he was saying.

“Oh, I like that very much, Forrest. I like you.”

“I need to go,” he said, though he put no effort into escaping Conway’s arms. “I should, ah…”

“You smell wonderful,” Conway purred. “Only one taste of Glyn’s tea and you are so eager. So responsive. You don’t even need more, you are primed, ready, even without it.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he lied.

“I think you do. You want this,” he emphasized his point by thrusting his hips against Forrest’s ass once. “You always have.”

“I’m not gay,” he denied weakly.

Conway laughed. “Gay, straight, whatever. Those are meaningless words. Sexuality is fluid, desire is all that matters, Forrest. What do you want, lust for in the deepest parts of yourself? I think you want what I have, I think you’ve always wanted it.”

“I don’t.” It was a lie. It was the oldest lie he had, the lie he’d told others, hell, told himself so often he’d begun to believe it, too.

Conway bit him again, this time on the neck. He cried out before he could stop himself. “You make the best noises. Do not lie to me again, do you understand?”

He nodded then bent his head to the side to allow more room for Conway’s lips as they grazed the skin he’d just bitten. He licked Forrest’s neck and his whole body began to tremble. His knees felt weak. Conway’s arms were the only thing keeping him from falling to the ground.

“I can give you everything, Forrest. Come inside,” Conway said. Somehow they were standing feet away from Conway’s front porch. “Everything you’ve ever longed for in the darkness of night when no one else is around. The things you don’t even let yourself dream about. All you have to do is come to me of your own accord. Give yourself to me, and I’ll grant your wildest desires. Come with me, Forrest.”

Forrest looked at Conway’s house, then back to his own. It was so close. He could push Conway away, then run, he might even make it. It was so close, but it wasn’t what he wanted, not deep down. Conway knew somehow, as if he could smell it in him. “I shouldn’t.”

Conway’s arms around his torso relaxed, then one hand slipped south quick enough that Forrest didn’t have time to react as it grabbed his hard-on and squeezed tight. He yelped and Conway laughed.

“If you want to go home, you are free to do so, I promise I won’t stop you. But Forrest, I think you want what I’m offering you. No, I know you do, I can smell your arousal.” He licked Forrest’s neck up to his jaw and he couldn’t help but moan. “Let me chase you, catch you, mate you. I know what you need, and I can give it to you. All you have to do is say yes.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20