It’s Got To Be Perfect

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Tonight’s the night! Her heart jumped and her pussy twitched as she crossed off the date on the calendar. As she prepared her morning coffee, Melissa noticed her hands were shaking. How on earth was she going to make it through the day? The anticipation could kill her.

It was just a day; but what a day — Jason would be here tonight. They would be together at last. No more “I love yous” down the phone; no more aching loneliness at the sight of other couples; no more solitary nights.

They’d only met six months ago and Jason had been away for three — so half their relationship had been conducted down the phone. It seemed like forever since she’d seen him, held him, smelt him. She could hardly contain her excitement, skipping to her room to check her preparations for tonight.

Oh, tonight. Only a few hours away, and such a night it would be. It would be special, it would be memorable, it would be perfection.

With a happy smile and a light heart, Melissa headed out the door to spend another day bored out of her skull in a dead end job, but today even that seemed like a wonderful idea.

She was busy for most of the day, but any time there was a break in the work, Melissa found herself dreaming of the coming evening. Her excitement built as the work day wound down — she had forgotten it was also Valentine’s Day, unconscious of the store displays in her private joy. Then she was reminded – just after 2pm, she looked up from her work to see an enormous bunch of red roses coming towards her. There was a courier behind them, but she could barely see him. Of course they were from Jason, complete with cornball verse:

“Roses are red
Violets are blue
Tonight sweetheart
You’ll be a woman too”

She blushed as she read the card, but a little thrill shook through her and settled deep within her, low in her belly, where it warmed and excited her. And the butterflies rose in her stomach.

Each time she looked at the flowers through the afternoon, the butterflies woke up, her nerves increasing; but the tickle down lower woke too and her excitement rose. By the time she left work she was a bundle of nervous expectation, staring at the flowers in her lap on the bus all the way home was almost too much for her.

She got off at her stop, barely containing the urge to run home to her little apartment. She noticed a couple of the older women on the bus smiling at her and some of the men openly leering – a pretty young woman with a big bunch of roses, the colour high in her cheeks, eyes sparkling, obviously excited at meeting up with her man. This was what Valentine’s Day was about.


Melissa had cleaned, tidied, lit candles and set the music. She had showered, shaved, styled, powdered and perfumed. She had dressed in the special outfit and was standing in a fever of doubt, desire and mild dread casino oyna in the middle of the room. Her fingers fluttered at each other and her eyes kept scanning the room, making sure everything was as it should be. She waited.

The sound of the old elevator stopping at her floor brought her eyes back to the door. She held her breath as the footsteps approached down the corridor. At the knock on the door she flew across the room, flung open the door and launched into his arms.

With some difficulty Jason caught her, juggling his bag and maintaining his balance just barely as she kissed him ferociously. He threw his bag through the doorway, freeing both arms now to hold his girl. God, he’d missed her and, judging by the welcome, she’d missed him just as much. He nuzzled the top of her head, breathing in her wonderful scent.

“Come on, baby, let’s get inside. You never know what perv is watching out here,” he murmured into her hair, only half joking. This building wasn’t overly secure and the neighbourhood wasn’t that great. Jason had spent half his time away missing Melissa, the other half worrying about her safety.

They’d never expected him to be seconded out of state when they took the lease, never dreamed she’d be alone here. Their only concern had been it was cheap and they could save while being together. It had been perfect. Then he got called away. Hell, he’d never even seen it with furniture — she’d had to move in alone, two days after he left.

He stepped inside, still holding her. As he moved into the room, she stepped away, nervous once again, watching his face; waiting for his reaction to the appearance of their home. She knew it wasn’t much, but she had done her best to make it pleasant.

Jason scanned the room, knowing she wanted him to look. He wouldn’t have cared what it looked like as long as she was there. But he could see her touch everywhere in the room and the roses in a huge vase, almost filling the table. He smiled, turning to look at his darling girlfriend.

His mouth went dry, his chest tightened and his stomach lurched just looking at her. He hadn’t noticed what she was wearing when she opened the door; he hadn’t had time before she was all over him. Now he saw. Spaghetti straps led to red lacy bra cups that thrust her tits toward him; a shimmery layer of shaped red satin fell from the bottoms of the cups, accentuating her waist and came to an end just below her hips. The red lace thong was clearly visible.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, darling,” she said, her eyes transmitting a mixture of wanton desire and mild apprehension. “Do you want to open your present now?”

The mixture of coy virgin in brazen slut lingerie was almost too much for Jason. He groaned and rolled his hips, repositioning his aching dick in his pants.

He knew he would be her first and wanted to take canlı casino it slowly and gently with her. He had been waiting for this moment for three months. They had intended to do the deed when they first got the apartment. He had been happy to wait until she was ready, although he desperately hoped it would be soon — the idea of living with Melissa without sex was torture.

“Oh, God. Melissa.” His hands were shaking as he reached to caress her face. “I want nothing more than to open my present.” He cupped her face and turned it up to his, his eyes searching hers. “Are you sure you’re ready? You don’t have to do this yet, if you don’t want to.” Her eyes remained steady on his.

“I’m ready,” she whispered. “Just …” Her eyes dropped then, her cheeks pink. She didn’t know how to finish. She so wanted it to be perfect.

“I know. I will.”

He scooped her up and carried her down the hall, to the bedroom. She had definitely worked to set a mood here with soft music and aromatic candles and — his eyes flew to hers, amused and vaguely shocked – black satin sheets!

She really had gone all out, and Jason was determined to make it as wonderful as he could for her. He lay her gently on the bed, and began a burlesque striptease for her, seeking to lighten her mood a little, as well as get rid of his clothing.

Melissa couldn’t help giggling as Jason tried to find a sexy way to remove his socks and succeeded merely in hopping off balance and doubled over around the room.

Finally naked, he turned to her, mock serious. “You’ll pay for that giggle, missy,” he growled and crawled onto the bed, nibbling and licking at her toes, across her ankle and slowly up her leg. At first she squealed, pulling away from the tickling sensation but, as he climbed slowly up her thigh, she became still, savouring the sensation, her eyes at first large and then gradually closing as the heat built within her. Her eyes flew open again as she felt him slide the thong off her legs and she sat up to help him remove the lacy bra and sheer overlay.

Then he continued his oral voyage, onto her belly and between her breasts to reach her face, caressing her mouth before slowly heading back down again, this time via her collarbones and onto her breasts.

She was making soft mewling noises as his tongue lapped around one nipple, his fingers gently stroking and kneading the other, and she squirmed under his touch. His other hand was stroking across her mound, lightly brushing the well trimmed hair and making little circuits around and up and down, making her gasp and her hips writhe.

Jason kissed her belly button and left her breasts bereft as he concentrated his energies between her legs, his fingers lightly flicking across her clit and back down to circle her soaking wet opening, but never moving inside. He knew exactly what he was kaçak casino doing, Melissa was sobbing and bucking under his hand, desperately trying to catch him out and push his fingers inside.

“Jason, please! I need it, oh please!” She flung her head from side to side, her eyes tight shut, her fingers digging into the bedding as the overwhelming need washed over her. She felt the weight shift on the bed as Jason positioned himself between her legs.

He carefully lined up his throbbing cock at her opening, easing forward just a little to spread her lips. Her eyes flew open at the sensation and locked on his face. Slowly he penetrated her, gently sliding in and out, going a little further with each thrust, until he felt the resistance of her maidenhood.

Melissa lay still, feeling him stretch and fill her, wider than anything before. Jason was shaking and sweating, keeping an iron control as he moved slowly within her, waiting for her to relax. He began lightly flicking his finger across her clit. She moaned and shuddered. He thrust forward, breaking through the resistance. She cried out and he stilled his movement.

“No!” she cried. “Keep going. Please, don’t stop.”

So he kept going, watching her face intently, pushing in and pulling out, gradually going further in until he was completely inside her. She was amazed at the sensation. She was full, stretched around him. She could feel his hot cock throbbing within her. It didn’t hurt, not exactly. There had been sharp pain when he penetrated her the first time, but that had passed and she was beginning to enjoy the sensation.

Jason felt her start to move with him and changed his thrusting pattern, moving longer and faster, taking his cue from Melissa. She was so tight and warm and felt downright delicious on his cock as it slid in and out of her. He has working very hard to stay under strict control, he didn’t want to ruin this moment — it could only happen once and Melissa had to have a good time.

She certainly seemed to be doing just that. He could see the muscle tension building in her and she was letting out little moaning whimpers in time with his motion, her hands gripped his back and her legs were now drawn up around his waist. Her moans became louder, her grip on him tightened, became almost convulsive and he felt her pussy clamp down on his cock as she cried out and went rigid under him.

Her release swept Jason away with it; his cock swelled as he slipped free from his control and thrust wildly, deeply into Melissa’s twitching pussy once, twice and then a third hard time as he pumped her full of his seed.

They lay together, panting and sweaty. Jason gently swept the hair from his lover’s face. “All right, darling?”

“Oh, Jason. Better than all right, so much better. Totally perfect.”

He leaned forward and kissed her sweetly on the forehead. “Happy Valentine’s Day, my perfect woman.”


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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20