It’s Your First Fuck Carson Tan

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Dear readers, apparently free speech is not free and aging copyrighted characters can cause problems at Literotica. So, to protect the innocent the names have changed. Please be sure that if you recognize some parts of this story as something you might have heard before on TV or in the funny pages, this recognition is purely coincidental. These characters are in no way related or styled after any other fictional characters, cartoon or otherwise. This story was originally submitted in Celebrities but no one has heard of Carson Tan, Larry or Spearming Sue until now.


“I tell you Larry, Spearmint Sue is driving me crazy with all her nagging. She knew who I was when she married me, I just don’t understand how she expects me to change.”

“Listen Carson, I think it’s just women, look at Marsha and me, she throws me out of the house for the least little thing,” Larry replied, shaking his head and taking a sip of scotch. “She even complains about my drinking… I ought to just tell her that booze is the only way I can stand her.”

Carson took a long, slow sip from his beer and then quickly threw down a shot of whiskey. “Ahh… yeah, this stuff burns, but it sure makes going home a lot easier. I only wish I could get drunk enough to change Sue into the Small Auburn-Haired Woman.”

“Oh yes, I remember her, I think her name was Hailey.”

“Yeah Hailey,” Carson replied wistfully. “If only I could be with her again.”

“Are you nuts Carson Tan? You were never with her, that girl was so far over your head you’d need a ladder to lick her shoes.”

Nodding at the bartender for another beer and chaser Carson replied, “I licked a bit higher than her shoes back then.”

“No way!”


“No, casino siteleri no possible way.”

Smiling he leaned forward and whispered, “Way.”

“You got into her panties?”

“I not only got into her panties, I went all the way with her. To be honest, she was my first time.”

“It was your first fuck Carson Tan?”

“Yes it was and I remember it like yesterday. Yeah, she was all hot and bothered about Schriber, but he was dating Linda at the time.”

“Yeah I remember that, he was always over at our house plunking on that piano. Fucking drove me crazy I tell you.”

“Well, I asked her to come with me to Linda’s twentieth birthday party and well, she came along. I didn’t suspect anything back then, but I have no doubt now she did it just to get close to Schriber. We spent most of the night tracing his and Linda’s footsteps. Schriber drank quite a bit in those days, so we visited the punch bowl every time he did.

“I was driving, so I stuck with cola and left the punch alone, but not Hailey, no she matched him drink for drink. Unfortunately for Hailey, Linda was also matching Schriber drink for drink and when Schriber asked your sister to come upstairs, she followed.”

“Schriber fucked Linda? That fuckhead, I ought to…”

“Larry, Larry, from what I heard nothing happened. That next week he had everyone at the Junior College calling her Iron-panties Linda.”

“The bastard, what an asshole.”

“Anyway, with Schriber out of the picture for a while I asked Hailey to go for a drive with me. I planned to go somewhere romantic, but wow, she was all over me, sitting next to me, rubbing my thigh as I drove. Hell, I headed to the place I knew the best… the baseball field.

“The canlı casino parking lot was empty at that time of night and so we went at it pretty hot and heavy, first kissing a bit, and then I got a little busy with my hands. I kept expecting to her to stop me, but no, she kept breathing hard and moaning. I went to slip my tongue in her mouth, but she kind of took over, her tongue going deep in my mouth. My hands were on her breasts by then and I worked at the buttons on her blouse.

“After unbuttoning her blouse, I went to work on her bra, but damn, I just couldn’t work it loose. She finally gave up kissing me, and reached behind her, unfastening her bra. Damn, her two beautiful breasts just flopped out at me. They were so beautiful I nearly came in my pants just then. I buried my face in them, sucking her nipples as I worked my hands into her pants. She even reached down to help me out, unzipping and opening her jeans.

“Hell Larry, all I ever did at that ballpark was to strike out and suddenly my finger is sliding into her wet third base. I wanted to take my time and enjoy it, but she peeled off her jeans and panties, opened her legs and said ‘Fuck me Schriber, fuck me.’ Well I unzipped and without bothering…”

“Wait, wait, what did she say?”

“She said ‘Fuck me Schriber, fuck me.’”

“She called you Schriber?”

“Yeah, I know, but I was rounding third base heading for home. I wasn’t about to let her little slip stop me.”

“But she thought you were Schriber.”

“No, she just made a mistake with the name.”

“Fuck Carson, she was so wasted she thought you were Schriber!”

“No, just a mistake.”

“Don’t you get it Carson?”

“Fuck Larry I get it!” he said angrily. “But kaçak casino good grief, I was about to fuck the Small Auburn-Haired Woman, now all grown up, and nothing was going to stop me. I slipped my cock into the most wonderful sensation I could ever imagine. The warmth and wet softness caressed my entire length and with just two pushes I came, shooting my hot come deep into her red-haired pussy.

“Not realizing how quickly I came, she whispered, ‘Take it out before you come, I don’t want any little Schriber’s running around.’ Hell, she didn’t get all that mad when I told her it was too late, she just cooed, ‘Oh Schriber,’ and held me tight.

“We then got dressed and I drove her home. When I went to kiss her goodnight she pushed me back and asked, ‘Where did Schriber go?’” I just shrugged my shoulders and wandered back to my car.

“The whole next week all I heard was how Schriber got her pregnant over the weekend.”

“Yeah, I remember that,” Larry said. “Linda was so pissed off, I don’t think she ever spoke to him again. Talk about fucked up.”

“Fucked up is right, all I could say after that was, ‘Rats!’”

“Whatever happened with Hailey, I mean the pregnancy.”

“Hell she wasn’t pregnant, I guess I… I mean Schriber, got lucky.”

“Did she every say anything to you about it?”

“Just one thing… one day between classes, she slammed me against a wall beneath the stairwell, grabbed me by the balls and said, ‘If you say one thing about you and me at the ballpark to anyone, I mean anyone, I’ll pull these fuckers off with my bare hands. You understand?’

“All I could do is nod my head as she squeezed hard. You’re the first person I ever mentioned this to Carson.”

“Well Carson, your secret is save with me you auburn-haired woman fucker you.”

They both finished their drinks and called the bartender for another round. It was still several hours before last call and they had a lot to drink about.

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